Guided Relaxation Meditation For Stress Relief And Healing

Guided Relaxation Meditation For Stress Relief And Healing

we’ll start a guided relaxation here and the
purpose is to provide relief from tension relief from thought and relief
from worry sit comfortably in a relaxed but upright posture you want to sit tall
without effort or strain breathe softly through your belly if you
have a tight belt you can loosen that if you like and you can keep your eyes open
or you can close them whichever you’re more comfortable and for right now just
allow yourself the luxury of a few minutes just to relax and feel good this is just for
you and let all the worries of the day this fall away take all the burdens and all the
worries that you’ve been carrying carry them
you’ve been carrying on your shoulders or on your back just set them aside just
put them down just for now it’s okay they’ll still be there if you want to
pick them up later then open your mouth slightly and put the tip of your tongue
behind your front teeth then you take a really deep breath fill your lungs all
the way in as much as you can and then slowly let the breath out through the
teeth with a whooshing sound make it a really really long out breath
and take one more breath like that all the way in and then let it out very very
slowly then close your mouth breathe through
your nose slowly and relaxed breathe through your belly and let it
expand comfortably with each breath while the shoulders stay relaxed
as the breath expands your belly let it continue a little bit up into the chest
just a little bit you don’t have to fill your lungs all the way
and breathe in and out slowly i’m going to count for you i’m going to breathe
count to four on the in breath and five on the out breath so breathe in one two
three four make a short pause and out one two three
short pause and one two three four and out one two three four five
so continue that about the same rhythm practice that for just a couple of
breaths unless you have the rhythm down now you
want to add a positive emotion to this you can think of something that makes
you happy pick a flower a child of puppy a situation anything that works for you
or you can just be happy for no reason at all and that’s called bliss is when
you’re happy for no reason whether is joy in the mirror state of
beingness just focus on the breath and how you
feel and if there’s a thought or an emotion
or attention then just let it drift away like a cloud in the sky
so just keep letting the thoughts drift away
and when a thought comes back up which it will don’t beat yourself up just
acknowledge it let it drift off and return your focus to your breath
feeling good peace and joy
is your natural interstate there’s no effort involved you don’t have to do
anything just relax and just be the peace
with every in breath we can breathe in a subtle joy
with every out breath you let go more tension
so with every breath allow yourself to find deeper the bird
levels of relaxation allow yourself to believe that this
well being can get better
notice your breath again and notice how your entire body expands
ever so slightly with a breath the entire periphery of your body
grows and shrinks with each breath now can you imagine how the inhalation
fills your entire body not just the lungs but everything that expands is
filled with air and then can you imagine that when the
air leaves your body it leaves behind nothing but space by your entire body feels like space as
you breathe out then imagine or visualize all the space
around your body the space in every direction around you so the inside of your body is all space
outside your body is all space then try to imagine that the space
inside your body is continuous with this space outside your body how the continuity of space inside you
and outside of you obliterates the edges of the body so in this moment you’re one with space
you don’t need your body just allow yourself wonderful experience just being
one with space can you imagine how fast you are as the
space inside you extends in every direction just allow yourself the luxury of
resting in this moment as the space and the peace that you are just rest as the silence that you are and then can you allow yourself to
accept this moment just for now not five seconds from now or five minutes from
now just this moment right now can you accept it and just let it be exactly
what is can you welcome this moment
and realize how complete you are how in this moment you don’t need anything there’s nothing that you can’t cope with
in the present moment there are never any problems right now
in order to find problems you have to think and travel by thoughts to some
other imaginary moments that they don’t exist right now everything you need is right here right
now in this moment and this is the best moment there is because it’s the only moment there is can you feel that this is the best there
is nothing can ever exist at any other time
than right now and right now all as well so remain relaxed in this moment but
allow yourself to start feeling the presence of your body notice feel the
presence of your hands feel the presence of your legs and realize that your body consists of
cells trillions of cells it’s more than just a group of cells or
a bunch of cells it’s the community of cells
a wonderful intelligent perfect community just working for you
every one of those trillions of cells can create another perfect healthy cell your cells can be in a state of fear and
protection or they can be in a state of love peace and healing your cells are listening to you they’re
listening to your thoughts they’re determining their behavior and
their state based on the thoughts you broadcast so take a moment and send them a message
all this broadcast that they are perfectly safe your cells want to relax and join you in
this moment of well-being let the broadcast radiate and vibrate
after every single cell in your body can you feel the tingle
can you feel the cells vibrate then can you imagine that your heart is
the broadcast center imagine a warm golden light magically appearing in your
heart and spreading throughout the body the warm golden light feels so good and
it’s making everyone of yourselves get all warm and relaxed you’re getting so
relaxed now you’re starting to relax even at cellular level the wonderful
healing energy is filling every cell as they let go of tension and toxins yourself becoming clean strong
all tension fear is gone replaced with peace courage energy and enthusiasm the
cells are energized but there’s no effort on your part your cells know what
to do all you have to do is relax and breathe your cells don’t need any help
they just need you to get out of the way and then relax and all the wonderful little cells know
exactly what to do that’s what they’re designed for it is
built in growth and healing
relax and breathe then bring your attention back
to this room and the chair you’re sitting in take a few breaths a little bit
deeper let yourself slowly return to the physical world and allow yourself the
possibility that you can take this wonderful feeling with you as you move
into the rest of the day and know that there is no shortage of peace you can
access it as often as you want move your head a little bit stretch a little bit
move your fingers wiggle your toes open your eyes take a new fresh look at life how many people found some sort of inner
place you haven’t seen before or it were a deeper relaxation and some peace at a
better level good so what I did here is there’s lots of these programs and tapes
and things I made this one up just based on ideas that I’ve gotten from other
places and things that work for me so when I lie in bed at night take five
minutes and I just watched my breath and I tell myself some of these things I
picture myself I ask what what sort of broadcast would my cells one right now
when they want one fretting over tomorrow or would they don’t want to
know that all as well and one that really works for me is to think of this
moment just accept this moment just for now and this is the best moment there is
because it’s the only moment there is and as soon as we think oh well you know
that’s not really true because yesterday I had a really great moment no because
that’s history the only moment is now and as soon as you’re comparing to
something you’re judging if you can get yourself to the place where you feel
this moment right here is the best there is because it’s all there is then that
that really gets me that that piece hope this has been helpful welcome any ideas
or suggestions about what you liked or what didn’t work and I’m planning to
make a CD of this that will make available awesome so thank you so much
for coming and where you see you next time

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  1. If you are ever interested in working together I would absolutely love to incorporate your meditations with some of my nature content. I would of course give you full credit in the title and link to your channel. Let me know and I'll shoot you my email adress

  2. This was my very first meditation exercise and I became somewhat emotional at about the 10:00 mark. My mind went to a new place and it was very nice. Thank you. I am now quite interested in more practice.

  3. Could you please update or redo this for audio technology purposes for those with hearing issues like tinnitus?

  4. First off thank you for your tireless work you do to bring health to the masses. I have watched over 100 videos, in the few months that I have found you. I don't even recall how I found you, I think I have a thing for "berg" my top 3 of my top 5 are You, Dr. Berg, and Dr. Bergman. Anyway, you are the only one who seems to have and or take the time to give me personal feedback, God Bless you and I am forever grateful. I have trouble with my spine, arthritis, I have seen a chiropractor for 20 years and have some relieve, going every 3 weeks, for the past 2 years. xray show a natural fusion in part of my spine, 2 years ago I had 2 now I am up to 3. I also have nodules on my finger joints, best I can tell called Heverden's and Bouchard's. was tolerated until recently they are giving me more trouble, pain has increased, and now seem to be coming and going with the 3 joint, where my hand connects to fingers. I hope you continued to read this far, I know it is way too long…. do you know, since I could not find any documentation can long EF help, do you are any of your followers have any suggestions and or feedback????

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