How could a non-Muslim have fasted for a month?

How could a non-Muslim have fasted for a month?

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  1. you did alot for islam and sharing your experience helped so many people to know the islam and discover it in its correct image…thank u

  2. Hi ,Jay Kim!Today i happened to meet your videos and somehow cannot help writing!Feeling that there is a divine reason behind, I begin with the name of Allah (Bismillah)… If we could love Allah ,it is because Allah loves us…If we could fast or do prayers or such things ,it is because Allah lets us …Because Allah puts the need and wish in our hearts , then we need and want to discover Allah…In some aspects , when you are thirsty , it is because the water wants to get into you and be a whole with you…Just think of your cells…When you want something , each of your cell wants it ,too! You decide something, and then your cells are ready for your decision!!!
    Allah says "I am your RAB".One meaning of "Rab" is "teacher".That means Allah teaches us and gives his messages to us through everyone, everything everywhere ,every event….We could see his messages when we remain in contact and openhearted….I am not the one to judge you or say anything to you but I must admit i am impressed the way you are open hearted, so i have found the courage to share something about Islam…Actually it seems that I write to you but most probably i myself need to remind these things to myself again and again and feel Allah…..So I thank you for spending your time to read this…

  3. izlerken imani eksiklerimi bana fark ettirdiğin için sana ve bu videoyu karşıma çıkaran Allaha şükürler olsun
    beni her insan normal bir konuşmasıyla duygulandıramaz

  4. You should met to Ahmet Batman. I think he is good person and Muslim. May be he (or you) invite to your country.

  5. ما شاء الله عليك نور الإيمان دخل قلبك ربنا يثبتك على الحق ويتم هدايته لك وتكون من المسلمين وتقدر تقنع أهلك باسلامك

  6. And I think Allah introduces you to Himself. He wants you to know him. I'm sure you've questioned why you've been through this miracle…☘

  7. انا مسلم منذ ولادتى واعيش فى مصر اشعر بالغيرة من حب الله لك فهو اختارك من العالم كله وهداك اليه كيف وصلت للغاية من صيام رمضان بهذة البساطة والسهولة والسرعة اشعر انك مسلم منذ ولادتك واعلم جيدا واحس بهذا داخلى انك ستكون مسلم رائع وقدوة طيبة لكل الناس فى كل العالم واعلم انك ستقوم بشرح القران من وجهة نظرك وبما سيفتح الله عليك به فانت قادر على ذلك وتستحق ان نتعلم مما اعطاك الله من علم كل سنة وانت طيب بمناسبة قرب عيد الاضحى

  8. I was very touched by your words, praise be to God for the grace of IslamI was very touched by your words, praise be to God for the grace of Islam

  9. ماشاءالله تبارك الله الله يكثر من امثالك 🙏 فاهم الإسلام صح كثير من المسلمين المولودين بالفطرة على الإسلام 🙄يطبقون تعاليم الدين الإسلامي غلط و يفرضون أفكارهم على الآخرين على أنها صح احس ان المسلمين الجدد هم الي يدرسون الدين الإسلامي بطريقة صحيحة و يطبقونه صح 🙏 الله يهدي الجميع ان شاء الله

  10. I'm really happy for you Jay, i was here since the first videos so I'm truly happy with your evolution haha, you did great Jay, it's nice to see you in such a good shape haha, I'm excited to see more of your journey ~ 😁💜💚
    Fighting ! 😁💪💜💚❤🇩🇿

  11. أنا أشعر أنك مسلم بالفطرة اهتمامك بالإسلام و المسلمين أخي الكريم نحنُ جميع أبناء أبونا آدم و أمنا حواء نتمنى لك الهداية إلى الطريق المستقيم اللهم نور قلبه

  12. Oppa!! I don't know will you read it…But I want write it….Oppa!!Today I want to say to you Oppa! Because I'm so sincere now, like you. In this world, Muslims aren't happy because of 'some people' (you know what I mean).We believe we are going to be happy in hereafter. Already Our Prophet (pbuph) is saying it. So we have patient…As a Muslim we want you being Muslim. Of course, we don't force you. But please trust us ( I mean, we are behind of you for everything that true about Islam).We always encourage you.Everywhere, every time, our heart with you…. Don't forget Allah love you…We love you.♥️♥️

  13. may Allah help u and bless u dear we all with u be happy and do what u think is right for u i know its is not easy but u r doing it love u lot and love from Pakistan

  14. Jay kim, it is clear that Allah wants you to come to be muslim, you are so blessed to be one of the few people like that, I hope one day you can become Muslim even if it is on your death bed (please live a long life I need your videos), I will pray for you and hopefully Allah can accept my dua and also all your Muslim fans duas as well, because I know your a good person inside and the littlest thing can bring you closer to him. I cannot wait for the day I see a video saying you reverted to Islam 😁

  15. May allah guide you always to the right path and may be steadfast in that belief . I will pray for you always now .

  16. Ramadhan is best.. Idk why ramadhan gone so fast every year.. i miss ramadhan..the greatest month every year is ramadhan

  17. wait, you said you try fasting for the 1st time and you did full month right away without any fail !!? awesome !!
    when the 1st time I start fasting, my mom said, it's okay if I want to do it half-day if I can't handle it, but you are awesome =')

  18. You have faith and patience Jay so you can and more than that you are a wonderful person Jay God bless you,We're with you jay ☺🌸& we love you🌸🌸,fighting jay ✊🌸

  19. Alhamdulillah. Everything what you said means Allah loves you and wants to help you to be in a right pahth. Insha Allah you will follow this journey until the end of ur life.

  20. I got curious about your journey, so I watched your videos. In this past few months I really got lost and I’m doubting myself for being me but while seeing this video I got reminded, Alhamdulillah. This may be simple vlog to others but for me this vlog reminds me how lucky I am for being a muslim. Thank you for sharing a verse from Qur-an, it helps me more to get near to Allah. Alhamdulillah :))

  21. Bismillah..
    Daud kim… Cobalah belajar puasa sunnah dihari senin dan hari kamis. In syaa Alloh ketika datang bulan ramadhan puasa tidak akan seberat itu untuk dijalani karena kamu sudah terbiasa puasa di hari senin dan hari kamis. Semoga daud kim selalu di rahmati dan diberkahi Alloh

  22. I'll pray for you in my prayers ❤️❤️and Inn shaa Allah next Ramadan will good for you
    May Allah bless you 💚 💚 💚 💚
    Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 💚❤️💚

  23. When we fast Allah gives us taqwa . That's what ALLAH says in the Quran and that's the purposes so you again Taqwa means fear of Allah, etc etc…

  24. Masya Allah, you are so so amazing, tour concluaion about ramadhan is so… I event never think about that, thank you for yiur sharing

  25. You are very good human ☺️ I am proud of you Daud Kim ☺️ because you are Muslim 🧔👳 and I always pray for you and Allah bless you ☺️ all-time , I am Muslim, love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩

  26. MashaAllah may Allah bless you! Btw if you still read sahih international translations you can try the other translators as well. those are much easier to understand.

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