How Should Christians Respond to #MeToo?

How Should Christians Respond to #MeToo?

As a Christian church, how do we
respond to the #MeToo movement? I’m a guy who lives with three females and I cannot imagine how
my heart would be broken if anyone hurt any three of them. And if God has a fatherly heart
that’s way more compassionate than mine, when any of his daughters gets hurt, man, our first response as
Christians should not be to critique a movement or wonder if
there are false accusations. I think just to listen and to have – to know that,
what is it – is it one in three or one in four women will be violently
assaulted before their eighteenth birthday? I mean, according to the odds, I’m living with three women, one of them, statistically in America
that’s happening to. So when Jesus looked at the crowds, I think in Matthew 10, it says
he had compassion on them. Because they were like sheep
without a shepherd. And I think compassion. I think we should – 1 Corinthians 12 – “weep
with those who weep.” I think we should stand up and
we should fight and defend. Now are there false accusations in our world? Sure. Remember Genesis 39? Potiphar’s wife accuses Joseph of rape and sexual assault and he didn’t do it. Does that sometimes happen? Yes. Yeah, sometimes people
lie about things, but if I’m walking into a situation
and like that’s my gut reaction to things? Man,
I’m really going to wound and hurt someone who
might have really been hurt and needs a Christian like me
to show intense compassion. So I think we should weep,
I think we should mourn, I think we should be happy that a lot of the wickedness that’s happening in our culture and that powerful
people can get away with, it’s being exposed. So despite its many, many flaws, I’m very happy that we’re taking some sins way
more seriously than we used to. If you want to see me
get kind of ticked off, tell me how great our country
used to be 75 years ago. Christians do this all the time, right? Things are going to crap in America. Well, I’d be really glad if I was
a black woman now compared to 75 years ago. When many, many people went to church and racism was 50 times as bad, like don’t – no, no, no. Sin is sin. Every cultural era has
to battle its own sins and it’s really good that we’re starting to realize some of that, especially
as a Christian church. So let’s take the side of
those who’ve been hurt and oppressed and damaged. Let’s stand up for truth but let’s
be filled with grace, too.

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  1. I'm not exactly sure what the "Me To" movement is all about but I for one am proud to be called a Christian. Although I still sin and am full of sin, I know in my heart that Jesus died for my sins and I have been forgiven for all of my sins past and present. Thank You Lord Jesus for a Debt I can never repay.

  2. God bless you. Thank you for helping to cut thru the noise of the world and remind us to love one another. Religion and Politics each address, “then how shall we live”. I choose to live as a forgiven child of God, mind you I need continual reminding so I go to church, I interact with believers and I reach out to nonbelievers, that’s plan A. Some days I get way down the alphabet but then I start over again as a forgiven child of God. Donna~forgiven child of God

  3. I'm not highly religious, but I did have two friends reputations destroyed post-Anita Hill and just saw another get fired within a day of being accused. I do know this:
    Sharks don't care about the morality of the blood in the water.

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