How To Become An E-sports Legend Through MEDITATION

How To Become An E-sports Legend Through MEDITATION

In the fast-paced world of competitive
online gaming, it’s hard to gain an edge over other players and if you’re like me
you’ve tried countless methods to climb to the top of the e-sports ladder. Just a
quick Google search reveals tons of articles and videos providing guides on
how to improve your rankings in nearly every popular game in the e-sports scene. What I don’t see is anyone espousing the remarkable benefits of meditation and
mindfulness practice in online gaming. To briefly qualify myself I’m currently
sitting at silver 3 in CS:GO, silver 5 in League of Legends, silver 1 in Heroes
of the Storm, and bronze in Clash of Clans. You are probably thinking that’s
not a high rank at all…and you’re right it isn’t. But my higher power didn’t put
me on this earth so I could raise my ELO rating, he put me here so I could reach
higher levels of consciousness regardless of whether or not I suck at
Counter Strike. Let’s do an exercise together. Find a comfortable chair and
sit upright with your chin parallel to the floor set a timer for 5 minutes and
remain seated for the duration. Do not continue this video until you
have completed the exercise. All done? Congratulations you have just
reached level 2. Level 2 congratulations. The eSports life has its benefits and so
does meditation. Girls love peaceful dudes and you don’t
want to just be winning games, you also want to be smashing that pussy your
higher power wants you to have literal hordes of pipin’ hot yoga babes
swarming your junk at all times, and I want to help you get there…with
meditation. Let’s try one more exercise. This one’s a little shorter I promise.
All you have to do is close your eyes, hey you’re not closing them. There we go.
Listen to your breathing Feell the air pass in and out, in and out. Now open your eyes, what do you see?

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