HOW TO MEDITATE | How Meditation Unlocks Inner Wisdom!

HOW TO MEDITATE | How Meditation Unlocks Inner Wisdom!

What is Meditation, Mindfullness meditation, meditation, mantra meditation, guided meditation, why meditate wanted to talk to you today about
meditation how it’s impacted me different types of meditation and why
you should start meditating today as well
first and foremost for myself going back a number of years meditation was
something that I was just completely scared by because meditation to me and
maybe like yourself is all about or perceived to be all about stopping
thinking and have you ever tried to stop thinking stop thinking stop thinking try
not to think trying to think try not to think try not to think it’s just not
possible but the problem is I think this whole stigma around meditation has
started to really impact people and this stop they’re not meditating they’re
they’re too scared because it for some reason in their head they think they
just got to stop thinking not the case whatsoever I started meditating a couple
of years ago personally I’ve tried a couple of different methods I’ll go into
what I personally enjoy which is more mindfulness meditation but there’s also
guided meditations and mantra meditations as well just to name a
couple I’m sure there’s plenty more out there but these are the personal
experiences for myself you know obviously Google’s out there you’ll be
able to find some more more stuff out there as well and there’s plenty of
iPhone apps out there as well that are all about meditation is I think head
candy I personally use one called Insight timer which is purely just a
timer itself it’s just got that nice Gong that just stops the meditation at
the very very end so good anyway digressing back to the different types
of meditation so first and foremost the one that I personally like is
mindfulness meditation so when I’m sitting there or I’m laying there I’m
scanning my body that’s how I personally like to start my meditations I’ll start
with my feet just connecting with them and start to relax every muscle in them
in the foot and then start working away my way up my legs and as far as I get
now if I personally find a bit of an energetic Neagle somewhere or a bit of a
I don’t know just a knot or something just doesn’t feel right I’ll sit there
I’ll inquire into it I’ll start to you know ask what the message is because my
personal belief is that there is a message in all of our body this there’s
a reason why there’s something there there’s a reason why there’s you know
you got pain in your shoulder it might not even be your pain that’s another
topic I’ll go into another day but you know there’s something there maybe
you’re not honoring yourself enough maybe you’re not loving yourself enough
whatever it is there’s always a message there for you to be receiving and that’s
one of the things that I personally enjoy about meditation because that
allows me to kind of check into my body and just
understand what’s going on for it and at the same time release any tension that
might be going on because meditation is very very good at calming the nervous
system grounding you and of course being able to connect in with your intuition
as well and just being able to get that inner wisdom that is in everyone with
all of the the society being so busy and chaotic with cell you know mobile phones
social media everything like that we’re getting bombarded by with so much stuff
it can be very difficult to to be able to connect in with your intuition so
meditation is crucial I believe in this day and age because we have all of this
external input and just we’ve been bombarded by so much so it’s key to be
able to sit still and just listen into yourself another thing that that showed
up for myself was that going back kind of digressing a little bit but I used to
be a people pleaser the thing for me and what I experienced in that and what I’ve
learned through meditation is I’ve been able to distinguish what ideas are mine
what I truly want and what I don’t want versus before before meditation for
myself is it like I would just go along with the idea because it was a great
idea and I would be sometimes feeling resentment afterwards because I realized
that that’s not actually what I wanted to do that was their idea wasn’t mine so
I’ve now through meditation being able to get to know who I am on a deeper
level and understand what my core values and core beliefs and desires are and
things in life so meditation is so much more than just sitting there in you know
cross-legged and being um you know it’s much more than that when it comes to a
guided meditation you’ve got iPhone apps and all you could
just Google and YouTube or something like that for guided meditation and in
essence what it’ll be is some nice background music and avoid somebody’s
voice and they’re just gonna be guiding you they’ll probably even start with a
body scan themselves actually you know body scan connecting with your breath
start to be able to feel that air going through through your nostrils down into
your lungs and coming back out and just being connected into that the whole
purpose of that is to really bring your attention away from your thoughts now
yes you’re going to be drifting back to your thoughts on occasions but the
intention is when you do start to get carried away with whatever thought
that’s going on maybe you thinking about what it’s gonna be for
lunch or dinner or that to do list whatever it is when you start to drift
away with that the whole idea is to bring your mind back to the connection
with your body your breath or the guided meditation at the time or in the case of
a mantra meditation you’ve got a specific word that means something to
you now I haven’t dived into it too much I’ve done a little bit of it and the
word my mantra was actually given to me and I think that’s the way that it works
for most mantra meditations like Transcendental Meditation and there’s a
few others out there as well when you’ve got that mantra in essence is the same
as bringing your attention back to your breath instead you hold the thought of
that mantra in your mind and that is what your focus point is so when you
start to drift away you bring your mind back to that mantra and as say the end
of the day meditation is not about stopping thinking it’s a process of
calming the mind it’s a process of calming the nervous system grounding
yourself being able to connect in with to your intuition and really just deeper
connection with yourself and meditation over time you will start to increase the
the I guess the the space in between the thoughts and you’ll be able to drift
down and on the space and the energy and just allow whatever’s there to come
through for yourself so start meditating today I challenge
you and it doesn’t have to be long 1 minute 3 minutes whatever it is ideally
work your way up to a 20 minute meditation I personally the 20 minutes
is a bit of a stretch for me my sweet spot is either 8 minutes or 12 minutes
12 minutes for me I tend to get a deeper meditation I guess because my body is
starting to relax in the first couple of minutes and I don’t quite get into that
depth in an 8 minute meditation but an 8 minute meditation is still great heck
I’ll even meditate for 30 seconds while I can on the train or something like
that just to be able to connect in and relax and just breathe and just allow
whatever stress is going on in my body at the time to just dissipate because we
are not the stress we have collected it but just observe it and allow it to pass
go and grab insight timer it’s a beautiful meditation app that is
as I said it’s a timer but I think it’s got some guided meditations in there as
well and just give it a go absolutely give it a go now be cautious
if you’re gonna lay down or you’re gonna try and meditate before you go to bed
you’re gonna end up falling to sleep so don’t meditate while you’re in bed
because your conscious mind or unconscious mind is aware that bed means
sleep so do it sitting on the couch or do it sitting on the floor or laying on
the floor or something like that to be able to just relax your whole body and
not being in a place where the mind is gonna want to just drift away so give
that a go write a comment below I’d love to hear what your thoughts are about
meditation and how it’s impacted your life I know for me through the tough
times in life over the last couple of years it’s really helped to keep me
grounded and keep me balanced and keep me sane more than anything else so go
and give it a go give it a go and then today if you’ve got any value out of
this go and like it share it and comment What is Meditation, Mindfullness meditation, meditation, mantra meditation, guided meditation, why meditate

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  1. Awesome video! I used to be apprehensive about meditation too. I grew up in a religious household and thought it was a sin. But now I've learned to embrace it and, when I do it, I release all my anxiety… which feels AMAZING! Anyway, I like to use this guided meditation video… It's a little over 17 min long… Enjoy!

  2. You are absolutely right! Not thinking and do meditation is hard for me and as much as I love meditation just did it a few times in my life:(…I'm going to start it today!! Thank you Brett!!

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