HOW TO Meditate – River Walk Meditation – Tao Chi Kai

HOW TO Meditate – River Walk Meditation – Tao Chi Kai

Walking Meditation. What is it? Some times it is known as River Meditation. Basically what it means is just to.. ..As you are walking or as you are moving.. .. Just look with your eyes, horizontal to the horizon.. ..And just keep looking, straight ahead.. And as you can see.. …there’s so much things happening right NOW.. ..there’s all these different flowers,
different colors, different shapes.. ..but if we just continue going and not giving
any attention to anything.. ..the picture just unfolds.. ..It’s continually unfolding.. ..It’s only if we pay attention to something and give it attention.. when every thing.. when we get distracted.. – and if this was a microscope – we could go looking even deeper, deeper and deeper.. ..and then what happens now is we get stuck in a loop.. .. but if you just.. ..BEHOLD.. ..So it’s a practice to allow you to.. ..Let go of judgement.. ..Let go of attatchment.. ..And especially to do with thoughts that go through our minds.. ..So you could practice Walking Meditation
or River Meditation where ever you are.. ..Just look ahead.. ..It’s so much easier when
we practice it in nature.. ..Because in the cities we are continually distracted or
forced to pay our attention to many things.. ..But if you go in to NATURE.. ..You’re
freed just to.. ..BEHOLD.. ..So I highly recommend.. River Meditation AKA (As Known As) Walking Meditation ..And you can do things like just watching
your breath as you’re walking as well.. ..You can become very aware of your feet
on the ground.. ..If it is nice weather and it’s not too cold and you don’t mind.. ..You can take your shoes off and walk barefooted.. ..And there too, you will also notice that the ground beneath you.. ..Is constantly changing.. ..The more you practice this.. ..The more you will be able to find the centre of your being.. ..So in Chi Gung or in Tai Chi.. ..We call this area the Dan Tian.. ..It’s the lower Dan Tian. ..And after a while, the more you practice it.. ..You will realise that.. ..You’re really just floating in the
air and it’s your limbs that are.. ..allowing you to move.. ..The more you
practice Walking Meditation you start to realising.. ..That the scenery — every thing
that you can possibly behold.. ..Is just always forever unfolding.. ..It’s like a never ending story.. ..Some cultures that practice meditation
because they believe that it helps them.. ..When it’s time for them to die.. ..So rather being scared of what’s going to happen.. ..When we practice
meditation while we are alive.. ..We are able to behold what is taking place during the death process.. ..And also so what can possibly happen after.. ..So the more you practice it, the more you become “MINDFUL”.. ..Or you become in a state of MINDFULNESS.. ..So you become aware that you are not your thoughts.. ..So I bid you farewell and may this video
greet you well, where ever you may be..” Subtitled by Tao Chi Kai #ridingthewaveoflove

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