In God’s Arms

In God’s Arms

Hello my friend! I am Rev. Walker with Our
Scripture reading today is from John 1:12 ‘But to all who received Him, who believed in
His Name, He gave power to become children of God, who were born, not of blood or the
will of the flesh or the will of man, but of God.’ God bless the reading and hearing of the Scripture
today. Only God can make this year fabulous, awesome,
and fantastic. God forgives our sin and gives us justifying
Grace. Now I heard about a family in the Bahamas
that had a fire in their home. Black smoke was everywhere and it blinded
everyone in the house. And so, they joined hands to go down the stairs. The smallest was at the very back, the last
one, the daughter. And on the way down the stairs she let go
of her sister’s hand in front of her and she cried out, “Daddy, I can’t see you Daddy!” And her father responded, “Jump daughter! You can’t see me but I can see you. Jump!” God can see us even though we cannot see God. We have had a caring heavenly Parent who has
never taken His eyes off of us during all of our lives. And He is with us now. God stands now. Even for those who do not know Him and He
says, “Jump! Jump to Me!” God gives us life and He does not just stop
there. To all who have received Jesus Christ and
believed in Jesus Christ, to them He gives the power to become sons and daughters of
God. And so we begin our relationship with God
by jumping into God’s arms, and by justifying Grace. We pray for others to come to the Lord Jesus
Christ just as we have ourselves because our lives have been changed, we have been transformed
by God’s abundant Grace– God’s loving acceptance of us just as we are. He takes us, accepts us, and then we go forward
with God. We are in a community of Christians all over
the world and we need one another and we cannot grow without one another in Christ. You know, we do not fully grasp that aspect
of the fellowship of the Holy Spirit until we are together in community. There was a recent article in the paper in
which a poem was shared with us, and it says this: God who formed your frame, made you
a perfect whole, and made the bodies health, depend upon your soul. Author unknown. As your soul is cleansed and transformed by
the Holy Spirit you have health in God. It is a structure. It is a structure within you that is formed
within your soul. There was a man who was on a construction
site and as he was supposed to tear down the large lot of trees to build a house there
he noticed that there was a birds nest sitting in one tree and he put the ladder up there
and climbed up and looked. There was birds eggs in that tree and so he
had his construction clear out the trees, all except for that one. And then he waited. And then he came back and put his ladder up
to the tree and he looked inside of that nest and he found that yes, the eggs had all been
hatched. All the birds had flown away. And yet, there was a scrap of paper kind of
woven into the nest and he pulled it out and read it to himself. It was a Scripture. It says, ‘Cast all your cares upon God for
He cares for you.’ Knowing that He cared for these little birds
he thought about how God cares for Him and he was transformed within his soul with the
caring of God as God looks out for us even greater than we can look out for others. There is a Scripture in Romans 8:28 it says,
‘For we know all things work for good for those who are called according to God’s purpose.’ My friend, each one of us are children of
God and we are called to Jesus Christ’s purpose, Jesus Christ’s Way. We are called to know Jesus’ stories, His
Promises, His Parables, His directions for us, and to know this by the power of the Holy
Spirit which lives within our souls and makes us whole. The Holy Spirit gives us enthusiasm, shows
us the way ahead as Jesus uses us into the way ahead and we have a surety in Jesus. Even though we may not see the long view,
we are in the short view with Jesus and it is much better because it allows us to trust
and it allows us to love and it allows us to place all our hope within Him. And as we do that, as we are Christians together
in this community by the power of the Holy Spirit through, we are loving
Jesus together. We understand that Jesus is the awesome Son
of God that not only walked this earth but was Resurrected and then He lives within our
hearts and within our minds. We worship a living Savior. And we jump into Jesus. Let’s pray together: Thank You Heavenly Father
for your concern over our lives and Your concern for our futures. We thank You that You have been waiting and
wanting us to be Your very best in You. By the power of the Holy Spirit may we know
and share with others understanding of how Great You Are. And may we share our Savior that has been
given to us. We pray this in Christ’s Holy Name, Amen. Go my friend with great blessing through Jesus
Christ as you look into your future jumping into Him and seeing the Way ahead. Amen.

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  1. Thank you for the message today! Such a story, I can become discouraged, but i know if i reach for the hand of my father, life is greatly more peaceful. Oh how my life has transformed because of Gods grsce!

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