Inside Fred Meyer’s distribution center amid coronavirus shopping frenzy

Inside Fred Meyer’s distribution center amid coronavirus shopping frenzy

We’ve got all hands on deck, all of our
workers as you can see behind me probably right now are working and
they’re working long hours everybody’s really committed and working with a
sense of purpose to make sure that we get goods out to our stores as quickly
as possible for our customers really our priority is to all get aligned to making
sure that we’ve got the goods going out to our stores and so we’ve got all hands
on deck, our stores are working hard they’re working long hours, our truck
drivers are fully committed and driving along ours is needed and as you can
probably see behind me we’ve got all the folks at our distribution center working
really hard and we’ve extended their shifts wherever possible
to make sure that we can get goods to our stores for our customers well
clearly some some products are moving a lot faster than others but we do have a
lot of product coming in I mean you probably see some behind me right now
that’s a is coming in at a high velocity and going out to our stores on those
daily deliveries generally speaking our stores are getting deliveries every day, they’re gonna vary by the location and the type of deliveries that they get, but
we’ve got goods going out all the time to our stores, so I would say generally
every day we’re getting something out to each store

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  1. Thanks dude on the tv i have to order stuff when i get back to work tommorw and i need the toliet paper re ordered and send extra because that particular product can be negotiated sense its a common grocery item. All my customers want it back to the way it was before with regular shipments. 😁

  2. Gets to the shops for the waiting greedy guttses with families going in one at a time ending up with loss of toilet paper, pasta,long life milk and all of the paracetamol and if it’s like here in Australia, all of the fresh meat off the shelves😣🇦🇺

  3. The sad side to this is that distribution centers are full of drug addicts because they are in so much pain from the job. That, and the company pushes the standards making everyone run all day. So a lot of the workers do oxy and coke to get through it

  4. What people don't realize is stores operate based on an average need for goods. If the demand suddenly outpaces that by too much then they can't keep up. Not like they can wave a magic wand and have twice as much stuff shipped. The warehouse have goods and there is no risk of a major shortage. The shortage is because people panic, not because the goods don't exist. For instance there are toilet paper factories in more than 40 states making the stuff. We also don't import the vast majority of our food.

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