Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan: How To Prepare For The Day To Lose Weight – Weight Loss Tips

Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan: How To Prepare For The Day To Lose Weight – Weight Loss Tips

it has it going this is alek with the change your life diet i’m here sharing my weight loss tips with you so you can lose weight fast now today I want to talk to you about my intermittent fasting meal plan and in particular how to prepare for the day to lose weight check this out if you can see we’re stuck in traffic a little bit left the house with family to go out and we’re not exactly sure when we’re going to eat exactly and you know I’m getting a little bit hungry but what I always always do is I carry around some snacks with me Karen an apple maybe I always always a container of nuts with me for snacks on the go you never never want to have to get in this position during the day when you’re really hungry and you had nothing to eat and get really damaged because during a day there is no reason to allow yourself to go hungry you can pretty much snack as much as you want during the day so try to have nuts fruit girl of ours you’re Burt handing with you you know it’s no big deal to like leave a banana or nuts or an apple around your your car or your work environment during the day or at home just have plenty of snacks around with you so that just might tip the day and hopefully i’ll be eating showing thanks driving squaring up so i hope you enjoy the video please like subscribe leave your comments and questions and make sure you check out my website change your life it just might change your life thanks right so I dropped off the wife and kids we’re going to cheesecake factory you know it’s our favorite restaurant and you know she wants to go that you know how it is guys you got it you got to go where the wife wants to go right and it’s a sunday and it’s one o’clock in the afternoon and of course they’re really busy so it’s a it’s a one hour wait and you know i’m already hungry but you gotta wait around an hour but luckily luckily somebody planned ahead i got my snacks with me so I have a little snack before you go have lunch not going to spoil your appetite I just don’t believe in you know going hungry when it started and there’s really no reason to so does not today thanks

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  1. Welcome back these videos help me a lot love the change your life diet, keep doing you!! And o got a question can you eat anything on intermit fasting and still lose weight or nah ?

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