Intermittent Fasting Plan ‘Most Effective’ Method Of Intermittent Fasting Plan

Intermittent Fasting Plan ‘Most Effective’ Method Of Intermittent Fasting Plan

Today we will be talking about intermittent
fasting. the best and healthiest lifestyle ever so
I’ve been on this intermittent fasting for about 6 months now and I can tell you it’s
done so much for me. so what is this intermittent fasting that
everyone is talking about so if you’ve heard of the one meal a day two meals a day and
regular fasting. Intermittent fasting is basically those 3
things. It could be a trend a lifestyle but millions
are actually doing it right now and I can tell you from personal experience I love it
so let’s go over the one meal a day. It is without a doubt the best intermittent
fasting. It’s meant for those that are working long
hours don’t have time for their family or friends and want to get more time in their
life. The benefits include saving hours from cooking
and preparing you meals. your bank account won’t decrease so fast. Stuffing 3 meals into 1 can be uncomfortable
though so you will need to adjust. It may tale a couple of weeks or a dew days
to adjust but here are some simple rules. Eat anytime you want for only 1 hour a day. i would suggest you eat 5 to 7 hours before
bed so it digest good. If you eat after working out then obviously
you can eat more because you’ll be hungry so i suggest you do that. Exercise and then eat. Sitting or taking a slow walk after your meal
is the best thing you can do after eating the one meal a day because with the one meal
a day you’ll be burning the fat throughout the day. When in starvation mode the body will use
the fat and convert as energy so the pros of one meal a day is that after 16 to 20 hours
your human growth hormones will skyrocket up to 15 hundred percent depending on how
old you are so the younger of course the more. so you get this for free you know and intermittent
fasting reduces some, some things like oxidive oxidative stress and inflammation throughout
the body, potential cancer cancer and tumor growth, blood pressure and blood sugar levels,
risk of heart attack and nero degenerative disease, excessive body fat because of increased
fat oxidation, diabetes and insulin resistance, so intermittent fasting improves your insulin
sensitivity and IGF-1. It makes you more tolerant to carbohydrates
and allows you to regulate your blood sugar levels. Your human growth hormone will grow of course. Your metabolic rate will increase 3 to 14
percent. Your fat burning and oxidization which means
you’ll be using your body fat as fuel throughout the day. Cellular repairing detoxification, a process
call autophagy, clears waste and protects your cells against malignant tumor factors. Mental clarity and focus, you improve your
concentration and mental abilities because of increased BDNF levels and yeah it will
do a lot of good things to your body so just make sure you exercise during this so you
can get even more benefits. Now the bad thing about the one meal a day
is that you need to incorporate fruit and vegetables, most people don’t want to they
think that eating carbs and rice you know they get the full calories but you need to
consume your fruits and vegetables. you will be feeling pain when you first eat
a lot so maybe in the first couple of days eat only 90 to 95 percent full and no snacking
or drinking juices throughout the day you have to eat everything at once. So you will experience hunger pain throughout
the day for the first couple of days but don’t think about food just eat at one time. i would suggest 2 to 4 pm. Two meals a day is pretty much the same thing
as the one meal a day but you’re not gonna get you know increased HGH up to 15 100 percent
or max fat burning that is why I suggest if you do the two meals a day which i do. Do the within the 4 hour period. Eat at 12pm and then eat at 330 pm. That way you have a little time instead of
eating at let’s say 12 oclock and 8 oclock you know that’s too long of a period gap you
want less period gap so with the intermittent fasting you are able to drink more water which
is more healthier, healthier for you because that way if you eat 3 meals a day you know
yo’re already full so drinking water is well free. And it’s much healthier and it gives you better
skin and everything. Same thing with the second two meals a day. try to eat healthy food fruits and vegetables. Eat 80 percent full for your first meal and
then your second meal you can eat as much as you want and i’ve never had any stomach
pains with the two meals a like the one meal a day And it pretty much does all the same effects
and benefits as the one meal a day but just not as effective. so let’s talk about how much you save after
20 years. So i did some calculations so if you save
$100 for 12, i mean 20 years on the grocery bill you’ll save 24,000 dollars in about 20
years which is pretty good. Now the time let’s say you saved 90 minutes
or 60 minutes a day. you times that by one year and you do that
by 20 years you save about 11,000 hours if you do the one meal a day. because of grocery shopping you know cooking
and preparing a meal and I din’t mention the gas or going to the grocery store. Let’s talk about fating now. So you have 3 kinds which is regular fasting
which is not eating and then you have soft dry fasting which is when you can’t eat or
drink but you can wash your face and use water. Now the hard dry fating is no water period! one day of dry fasting is equal to 3 days
of regular fasting so that’s why I recommend that you dry fast so basically dry fasting
you don’t eat and don’t drink anything for 24 or 48 hours. It’s not very dangerous but I do recommend
that if you started out like I did my first time. You do this 36 hours at most or 48 hours and
if you’ve already been doing or on the one meal a day or two meals a day is even better. If you’re on 3 meals a day and you just start
out dry fasting it may be a little hard and make sure you take a big glass of water about
16 ounce before you start your 36 or 48 hour dry fast. So here’s the important tips. make sure you have someone with you all the
time. If you feel dizzy or something wrong stop
immediately you know. If your body is telling you that it’s not
feeling right stop immediately. i did it my first time I’m 26 I didn’t feel
any pain I didn’t feel magical or anything so it was basically the same so the benefits
of fry fasting includes improve health gut, enhances brain functions, eliminates toxic
waste, improves cholesterol levels, removes inflammation, and it kills the sickest cells
to make the healthiest and new cells. So that’s pretty much intermittent fasting. I would recommend the 2 meals a day since
it may be better. If you want to save even more money try the
one meal a day but incorporate dry fasting maybe once a month and you’ll feel great. I’ve been on this for 6 7 months now and it
has done wonders.

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