Israelis: Who is Jesus to you?

Israelis: Who is Jesus to you?

Tel Aviv The Christian prophet Do you want to add something? No, he’s doing a good job The prophet, the God for the Christians He was a good man
May God rest his soul He was a rightious man Like our Moses You need to repect them
Like there is Mohammad and Jesus there is our God and Moses our teacher He was a good man We went to summer camp together Neta
Tel Aviv a cousin No, I don’t know I guess for me he is nothing He is someone for people who
consider themselves Christian but for me he is nothing People outside who are religious Christians They don’t understand how Jews,
this is my impression They don’t understand how Jews live
in the land where Christianity was born and don’t know much or
don’t follow Christianity So they asked me to ask Israelis
who is Jesus for them what is Jesus to them,
why don’t they believe in Jesus I don’t look at Israel as a Jewish state
I look at it as the country I was born in and I love it because I grew up here
love the people and I got used to it I don’t look at this country as religious
because, thank God, it is going in the other direction I am not religious at all So you are not religious so… I have alot of family that are
but I am not religious Who is Jesus for you? Liora
Shaare Tikva Jesus is the founder of the Christian religion I think what they are asking is
why we Jews don’t believe in Jesus that he is the Messiah I am a religious woman I believe in what Judaism gave us Jesus arrived thousands of years after He was a Jew who went to a different religion founded a different religion Yakir
Tel Aviv Who is Jesus according to Judaism?
What status does he have? Jesus was born to a Jewish mother So in principle, he was a Jew and the Christians took him as their leader they claim he wasn’t born from a mother… You mean a father
They say his father was God But we know he was born from a father Where do we know this from? It is discussed in the Babylonian Talmud Really? What is written about it? She was with someone
I don’t remember the name It is written she was with someone
(son of Pandera) Her husband’s name was Joseph I don’t remember his name
(I checked: son of Pandera) I am also not an expert But does Jesus have a specific status in Judaism? In Islam he has a specific status as prophet I don’t know the Quran
I don’t know his status according to Judaism I assume they are asking because they want to know
why we don’t believe Jesus is the Messiah Can you speak to that? Why don’t we believe what? That Jesus is the Messiah Why should we?
Why would we believe? What is the explanation that he is the Messiah? I don’t know. I am not Christian.
I can’t tell you I am sure they have their reasoning
But why do we think he is not (the Messiah)? I can argue with you so
you tell me your opinion I have no idea I should have prepared myself
with better information Sorry Christians, I have no idea But what are the reasons he can’t be the Messiah?
What needs to happen for him to be the Messiah? He is not the Messiah They say he is the Messiah, maybe
because he wasn’t born from a father and came straight from God
I don’t know I know Jesus came from Bethlehem
from the family of Jesse (King David’s family) But other than that I don’t know But for Judaism, that is not the Messiah So who could be the Messiah? No one knows He who knows, doesn’t say
He who says, doesn’t know What does that mean? He who knows, doesn’t say He doesn’t reveal who it is Whoever says they know who the Messiah is
shows that they don’t know But as Jew, I always thought there were signs…. There aren’t that the Messiah has to be X, Y, Z… No. No one knows. So how will we know when he is here? It will be good. We will know Hannah
Jerusalem A figure for people who cannot
think on their own It is a story for people who have
not been taught critical thinking Do you think that about all religions
or just about Christianity? Yes, I do Who is Jesus from the Jewish perspective? Eran
Naharia There is a part of the Gmara about Jesus ???? That he was a student of the Rabbis
but he was a heritic He went on a path away from Judaism He believed that the Messianic period had arrived Even though the Messianic period
had not arrived Anything to add? Why don’t Jews believe that
Jesus is the Messiah? Because the redemption hasn’t arrived If the redemption had arrived, there would be
no need to work and do the commandments But Judaism says that we still need
to fulfill the commandments because no one here lives in total joy so it is clear the redemption hasn’t come yet Who is Jesus for Jews? Jesus?
Yes He is part of Christianity
He is not connected to us at all Why isn’t he considered the Messiah? He is not connected to us
We believe in the Torah We have our own laws
given to us – Jesus was a Jew
– A Jew that became Christian They live in a fantasy that he walked on water He believed in the cross We have the Star of David
We have our God in heaven We believe in the Torah that
God gave us at Mount Sinai We don’t believe in Jesus
He has nothing to do with us We have no connection to Jesus We have the Torah to believe in
The laws, everything is in the Torah Who is Jesus for you? Ruth and Gideon
Jerusalem Jesus is the founder of Christianity That is not exactly what happened in history
but he is thought of as the founder The actual founder is Paul What about Paul?
I didn’t hear you He was the true founder of Christianity What is this project for? It is my project I study and teach conflict studies
Why we fight Outside Israel there are alot of myths
about the conflict, Israelis and Palestinians More about Israelis, much more So I tell people to send me questions
and I will ask people on the street I work for an organization… I work in an organization that gives help
to pregnant women with financial difficulties and some people came in
I think they were making a donation and they said they were Christians but they were living in Israel for many years and they asked me if I am a believer and I thought for a minute
and I said “I’m a Jew” and they stopped asking I think there is an automatic assumption that they
can’t figure out why we don’t believe in Jesus If we believe (in God) at all maybe you can explain Why I’m a Jew? Why Jews don’t believe in Jesus
Christ as our Lord and Savior It’s not our tradition
We have our own tradition which is very ancient and very… ingrained and part of it is not believing in Jesus Do you know why Jesus is not the Messiah? We have a different picture of what the Messiah is The Messiah is something that will
happen in the future and it’s going to fix the world
the world will be as it is supposed to be when the Messiah comes and that hasn’t happened yet so It’s pretty simple But the stronger answer is that
it is just not in our tradition Who is Jesus according to Judaism? Yehoshua, that created everything Jesus, of the Christians Yehoshua, the Jew God who created everything Rabbi Yehoshua… Jesus had a Rabbi that did this
with his hand he thought it meant “to leave”
but the Rabbi meant “hold on” until I finish praying and he didn’t understand
and thought he was being rejected So he left and created everything
He created a new religion That’s what you learned? It is from the Gmara (Talmud) It is from the oral law sadly they don’t tell most people Who is Jesus for you? Dean
Tel Aviv I think Jesus is the post-modern form of Judaism I will say it in Hebrew Back then, Jesus came and did
something very sensational He cancelled out everything (until then)
Kept “Love thy neighbour as yourself” Love God with your heart and soul It was a fusion, a total change from the ways of Judaism which is
very firm and decisive and then came Jesus
who was all about peace and love and abundance That is what Jesus is for me I don’t look at all that…
Religions for me in general isn’t something that is… It’s more about stories and insights and good deeds and not about facts Jesus represents for me that
post-modern way the change, post-modern
is something that returns it is not just in this era it was a 1000 years ago
and 2000 years ago It is a reflection of Judaism but
doesn’t have to be so resolute So then why don’t you believe in him? I don’t believe in anything
Also not… I don’t believe at all in people I believe in nature I believe in Karma But not in people, not Moses
not Muhammad and not Jesus In my view, they are just symbols Who is Jesus for you as a Jew? Eliav
Moshav Rinata That’s a long story
How much do you want to hear? You want the whole story or the short version? I don’t know. Someone who is Christian is asking and they want to know who is
Jesus to the Jews In principle, Jesus was a priest, a great priest In the Kabala, it says that they were in some sort of temple all the important people were there They would carry the true name of God on the bracelets, rings they knew God’s true name and Jesus was one of them But when they left the temple they were told to wipe their minds and then they could leave to be
with the rest of the people Jesus, though….
Hold on, I have a customer So they had to leave the temple
and to cleanse their heads of the thought of the true name for God
The Divine Name and the story says that Jesus left with the Divine Name on him He got powers from it divine powers By the way, Jews say he walked on water He really walked on water
it is not that we don’t believe in that but it is because he knew the Divine Name and he stepped in the same spots
where in the past the twelve tribes of Israel stepped on the Jordan, there are twelve
large stones until today you can see the twelve
stones if you dive and that is where he walked In principle, Jesus was a Jew who preached for love and peace and for him, that what was important If you ask my opinion He led a following that today is huge group but he didn’t give them many tools like the Torah He told them to love they neighbour and preached love and peace
which is excellent I don’t want to minimize it So what tools do you think they are missing? The Torah, the secrets how to work it Terrific, you love that guy
you make peace with him but you need to know how to work within that Which tools? Where are they? They have a Bible In the interpretations more It’s because of that, that the Gmara
(oral traditions) were written after Jesus 1600 years ago and in that, there are many tools other than that, there is a book called… I don’t remember its name
by Yehuda Hanasi I think Kuzari
(Yehuda Halevi) In the Kuzari, he compares all the religions It’s amazing and he tells all the stories about all of them How each is connected to each other Yes So in principle, Jesus was once a Jew So therefore every Gentile (goy)
was once a Jew too Meaning, anyone who converts to Judaism
is only returning to Judaism That’s what I think It is the same way. Like there is the
way of the Native Americans, meditation In the end, all these things bring
us in the same direction One God, as they say

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  1. I dont wanna disrespect anyone Belief……I was taught God , Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit all my life…..I've read the King James James Bible which I've learn means " BASIC INSTRUCTION BEFORE LIVING EARTH" and this Book has Power like know other Book I've read. How can I not believe in Jesus with so many Experiences I've had when I call on him for help in very Difficult situations in my Life from Death and Changing my hard Sinful ways that I dont practice in anymore. God is my True Living God above Wooden Carving, Dogs , Cats, Sun, Moons, Humans,Glass, Metal, Buddha Statues which has no life in them… thing is for sure we will die and we will meet our Creator again an will have too give a Account of our ways…..just like everyone else they will serve what ever God they have been taught or believe in and know one can change there mind. IM DOWN WITH GOD, JESUS, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT FOR LIFE!

  2. Hence proved who is anti christ our Quran we have a chapter called Maryam and mention many miracles of Jesus pbuh but still Islam is anti christ 🤔 get a life

  3. We muslims believed in Jesus, David, Yousef and Moses but we are against Antichrist (Dajjal) which only followed by jews

  4. There wasnt Christianity before jesus so stop calling Christians forcefully made him a Christian leader…just as you believe in moses Christians believe in Jesus and I in JESUS pbuh, MOSES pbuh, MUHAMMAD pbuh and their creator ofcourse…

  5. I like the way that guy says Christianity was created by Paul. every day I thank Allah for making me a Muslim and as Muslim I love all the prophets and messengers starting from Mohammed and Jesus Moses and Allah peace and blessings be upon them all amen

  6. dont mind brother..
    any tine you jewis and cgrustan pepole research in quran?
    you should reaserch islam Quran..then you all understand ..what is islam and muslim..i am requests you pllease you research quran sharif..
    you isreal pepole think islam religion fake..i give you challenge read Quran sharif..reaserch Quran sharif. are you can do it?

  7. It's an irony likewise that Christians do not know themselves why the Jews do not recognize JESUS. That why Apostle Paul cautioned the Gentiles Christians, 'not to be proud and be wise in their own conceit'. Some Christian commenters here acting the same and giving a self false account, who should have learned better not to do so.

    Sorry, but the joke is on you Gentile Christians, and not on the Jews who do not know Him. You do not know Him better either your MASTER and SAVIOR, when you should, supposedly possesing the HOLY SPIRIT and they don't. As JESUS disciple us that we will recognize them by their fruit. Apparently, you've not been disciple by the All Scripture = HOLY BIBLE, because by your fruit will be evident whether one abiding by. Nor the man of GOD who is placed head of you is disciple himself, therefore the fruit he bears is evident.

    Time to repent and be disciple by the ALL SCRIPTURE = HOLY BIBLE, therefore your testament is of the truth written within. The written truth is, GOD have consigned the Jews to disobedience. Therefore the Gospel went to the Gentiles, and until the full number of them come in. As in regards the Gospel they are enemies of GOD, and that is why they do not recognize JESUS, even today majoritively. i believe they will, when the two witnesses in the future will minister to them from Jerusalem.

    And one may ask, what about the Jews who perished not knowing the Gospel at all?

    As Apostle Paul's testament to the Roman church (the roman catholic church have no connection nor are taking after them at all), and likewise all the other churches to be aware. Even though in regards the Gospel the Jews seem to be enemies of the only true living GOD. But nevertheless, in regards election they are beloved, for the sake of their forefathers. As how GOD have consigned them to disobedience for the Gentile's sake. But in the end HE will show them mercy, as HE have shown us Gentiles mercy through the Gospel, period

  8. 1st : Jesus PBUH came to abolish the law.
    bible =
    “Think not that I came to destroy the law or the prophets; I came not to destroy, but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass away from the law, till all things be accomplished” (Mt. 5:17-18).

    2nd : they killed him but no.
    Quran =
    And because of their saying (in boast), "We killed Messiah ‘Isa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary), the Messenger of Allah," – but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but it appeared to them [the resemblance of ‘Isa (Jesus) was put over another man (and they killed that man)], and those who differ therein are full of doubts. They have no (certain) knowledge, they follow nothing but conjecture. For surely; they killed him not [i.e. ‘Isa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary) عليهما السلام]’: But Allah raised him [‘Isa (Jesus)] up (with his body and soul) unto Himself (and he عليه السلام is in the heavens). And Allah is Ever All-Powerful, All-Wise.[1]

  9. i like the last man who ended with the statment there is only one god ,and most jews see jesus as a jew a man (the people who lived with him who know him the most)so why you are claiming he is god?

  10. Jesus Is A Prophet Of Allah S.W.T Which Come To Earth On "Bani Israel" (The Nation Of Israel) Before Prophet Muhammad PBUH He Came Back At The Time Of Al-Mehdi And Your Jews False Massiha "Dajjal" Jesus Kill Him And Every Single Person Who Stand With Him Then Jesus Destroy The Cristians Cross And That Day All Other Religions Regret That Why We Are Wasting Our Whole Life Preparing For The Missahiya Who Can't Even Stand Against One Man Who Is Called Jesus We Muslims Love Jesus He Is From Our One Of Beloved Prophets And By The The His Name Is "Isa Ibn Maryam" (Son Of Maryam"

  11. The Jews are waiting for the Antichrist. Not the messiah. The true Anti-messiah is the Jews messiah and all the other false religions of the world. He will try to establish “world peace”. But in reality it’s Satan’s plan for total world domination.

  12. 12:26 I keep coming back to this video and I want to know WHERE this info is? Like where did he learn this? I seriously can't find it anywhere.

  13. Just like Adam was born without Father and Mother similarly Jesus(PBUH) was born without father, and marry is his mother. We muslims believe in Moses and Jesus to be the mightiest messengers and prophets of Allah

  14. John 16:12-14
    – [ ] 12 “I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. 13 However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come. 14 He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you.” 15

    Who is Jesus (PBUH) talking about ? Obviously Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
    Of all the religions and faiths in the world, which faith has made it an article of faith to believe in Jesus and glorified it a lot ? Obviously Islam.

  15. Being a Muslim… All prophets of Allah Almighty having for them greatest respect … Prophet Moses PBUH and Prophet Jesus PBUH both were the Mighty prophets but the Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the last Prophet of Allah Almighty..

  16. Jesus is Son of Mary, Word of Almighty Allah, he is the Messiah, he is pure as his holy mother, He is Blessed the day he was born and Judgement Day. His birth is a Miracle without father, like Adam without father and mother Peace and Blessings Upon Him, he's messenger of Allah like Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, Salomon and Muhammad PBU them all.
    But he is not the son of God neither a part of Trinity. We believe in him, in all his miracles and in his mesage. Thanks to God Allah.
    In same time I feel sorry for the jews because they all are victims of corrupted scriptures by their first rabis, most of them know the truth but they hide it, but God Allah Knows everything, He Knows what they did and what they're doing. Hamdulillah muslims believe in all holy prophets and messengers we don't reject none of them, I'm happy I love Jesus Christ and all muslims are his followers insha Allah…

  17. Joshua was a Jewish that chosen by God and through his suffering gave blessing and redemption to the Christians as part of repairing the world to belive in god and his rules to fulfill the vision of God. joshua was Messiah of the Christians in his time until now (Messiah in Hebrew is: משיח it mean all so מושיע=savior) . so the Jewish and Christian belive the same god and when we stop to think who is right and understand that we have the same purpose to choose to belive in god and And stick in free love and stop fight for religion and think what we have in Common the real Messiah will come!
    god bless every one 🙌❤

  18. So all these God fearing americans send money and weapons and all kinds of support to a people in Israel who think nothing of their prophet, many even despise him?? I think the irony is lost by america, who thru bad education, et al, dont even realise this basic Fact. the crafty Israelis have and still do manipulate american thinking quite easily. American establishment are puppets to money/ jewish banking systems.

  19. " I believe in nature and karma " powerful !!! If you follow these laws you will never go wrong.Everything else man made !!

  20. While watching,I feel pity to them. I am so thankful and blessed that I love and believe Jesus Christ. He saved me multiple times and I received personal miracles.

  21. As a follower of Christ, I want to thank you for making this video. It was interesting to hear their thoughts and reasons for why they don't believe in Yeshua..

    I pray that in doing this, that it stirs the hearts of not only these people, but you as well, to seek Him and find the truth.

  22. That's y its called the synagogue of Satan or Saturn thats there gd and I'm a screw and even i see through the Vail lay over our eyes im to be killed for telling this to any non jew about that they no longer follow the Torah or honor the Sabbath they practice inversion so what's bad to u is holy to them that's what the sabbtian's who follow sabbitie zevi Believe in he was born in1666 and taught redemption through sin he is there messiah thats y they say jesus means nothing to them they worship molec and Ba'al baphomet with the burnt offerings of babies in exchange for wealth power and control and privilege they aren't the chosen people anymore they broke the covenant between them and the all mighty God and his Torah long ago i spit on them for the betrayal .

  23. Chapter 19 Mary سورة مريم – Maryam: Verse 19

    قَالَ إِنَّمَا أَنَا رَسُولُ رَبِّكِ لِأَهَبَ لَكِ غُلَامًا زَكِيًّا

    He said: "Nay, I am only a messenger from thy Lord, (to announce) to thee the gift of a holy son.

    Chapter 19 Mary سورة مريم – Maryam: Verse 20

    قَالَتْ أَنَّىٰ يَكُونُ لِي غُلَامٌ وَلَمْ يَمْسَسْنِي بَشَرٌ وَلَمْ أَكُ بَغِيًّا

    She said: "How shall I have a son, seeing that no man has touched me, and I am not unchaste?"

  24. For those who don't believe in Jesus and who don't accept Him as messiah shall suffer the same fate of the Jews they had faced during Hitler's persecution. Six million precious Jews life was lost and if the wrath of God comes upon Jews then u will face harsher than that. So, dear Jews all over the world accept Jesus Christ as ur Messiah before its too late.

  25. I don't under stand them. Jesus came to them, He preached to them, He did miracles, God for told in the Old Testament about Him. But they shunned Him, they turned their back on Him. So He sent His disciples to go out and preach the Gospel to the Genitals and we welcomed Him with open arms. He was not a Christian Prophet, He was a Jewish Messiah.

  26. to believe is to endure. in this instance, enduring watching people so far away from Him. I hope one day they will see the Light and accept Him in their hearts…

  27. The term “Anti Semetic” according to Jews is a trick used yo keep people from exposing evil things the Jews have always done towards others that they ought NOT DO. An Anti Semite is an innocent victim of the Jews who is defending his/her life, freedom, wealth from Jews who are known for centuries for impoverishing non Jews. Especially Christians.


    I noticed Israel does not have BIG BOX CORPORATIONS THAT DESTROY MA AND PA BUSINESS’S like we have in America, most all OWNED BY JEWS ((And CRYPTO JEWS )) used as WEAPONS OF WAR AGAINST US.

    They are a Parasite nation

  28. Yeshua commanded to obey Torah. There were bad influences in history after the first messianic jewish followers were killed by catholics, they tried to change the Way of following Torah, and have unfortunatelybeen successful. When i prayed to HaShem to tell me more of who Yeshua is…He put Torah on my heart. There is no separating the two and those who have are wrong.

  29. Notice how they call him Yeshu and not Yeshua as it should be. They purposefully omit the 'a' (ע) because Yeshua means "salvation/deliverance" and they reject Jesus as savior. Yeshu is said to be an Hebrew acronym for "may his name be obliterated".

  30. 1 Corinthians 1 (WEB) – 1ይ ቆረንቶስ
    22: For Jews ask for signs, Greeks seek after wisdom,
    23: but we preach Christ crucified; a stumbling block to Jews, and foolishness to Greeks,
    24: but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God.
    25: Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

  31. Pensiero critico? Mi verrebbe da dire da ex cristiano… senti chi parla… hanno 9000 comandamenti, c'è un comandamento per ogni cosa che devono fare… tra poco hanno un comandamento anche per come devono respirare, e parlano di cristianesimo, certe affermazioni fanno quantomeno ridere…

  32. As a Muslim, I am strongly opposed to the girl's idea who says Christians believe these stories even if they are not real. She forgot that Allah (God) gave special properties to his prophets who had miracles. This is the sign for us that God is one and only.

  33. Jesus, SA is the prophet who the Creator sent in order to remove the Divine Right from the hands of the Hebrews. After that time, the only remaining line in the Sayed (family descending from Adam, SA) were the Ismaelites. In modern times, Divine Right remains and shall remain until the end of time in the hands of the Shia Muslims. And THIS is exactly the bitter truth that the "Jews" do not want you to know…so much so that they don't even tell their own people. They are so bitter about it, they hope to exterminate the Shia from the earth…and hence their blood wars with Hezbollah and Iran. This is also why the Israeli government sides with the Sunni Gulf states because they both have so much bitterness about their loss of Divine Right.

  34. The truth it’s because both groups are far too extreme one says he’s God one says he’s nothing they have yet to discover the middle path…..

  35. I am a Christian. I don't know who asked you this question, namely why don't Israelis believe in Yeshua (not Yeshu, it's a misnomer) as the Meshiach. But I know a lot of Christians, and none of them are that ignorant. Hopefully it's just an exception. The lady at the restaurant had a very reasonable answer to the question. The difference between Jews and Christians in the view of Meshiach is that Jews believe he comes once and does everything at the same time (he kicks butt). Christians believe that the Meshiach comes in two stages, the first as the Suffering Servant cf Isaiah 53:9, to take the sins away from his people (and the world), and then there will be a great ingathering of believers in Israels God, and after God has gotten as many followers as possible, the Meshiach will return to kick the butts of the wicked and reign on the thone of David and all the nations will come up to worship at Jerusalem.
    Strictly speaking both Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism are offshoots of Second Temple Judaism. Rabbinic Judaism is the one they call "Judaism" these days. They were competing sects of Judaism. Most of the Rabbis came to reject the Messianic claims of Yeshua and his followers, and wrote some commentaries in the Talmud against it. Over time, Jews came to define themselves as following Torah and not believing in Yeshua. Actually, other than Karaites, most Jews just follow the teachings of the Rabbis, which is supposed to help you follow the Torah better. Actually, as a Christian, I can acknowledge that the Rabbis have much good to say. I profoundly respect my Jewish friends. I only differ on the interpretation of the Tanakh in how it describes the Meshiach. I think Yeshua fits the teaching of the Tanakh perfectly.

  36. They are of there father Satan they rejected him when he was on the earth and they still reject now they killed the son of God and if Jesus came back they would kill him again these people will never change

  37. Reading through comments, I believe Christians and Muslims have much more in common than we care to acknowledge. We gotta stop fighting each other and realize who the real enemy is. Love and peace to all humanity ❤️

  38. when the TORAH came people were supposed to believe as they did….after that when BIBLE came people were supposed to believe in jesus nd become christuan as jesus was also from GOD and in the end came the QURAN which confifms TORAH BIBLE nd ZABOOR but there are still jews nd christians sticked to their old believes….no one bothers to study QURAn the last messege from God

  39. Why did Jesus say that He was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel (Matthew 15:24)? This is the answer Christian did not want hear all the lost cheep live in Israel now listen to the first girl carefully there is still true Jews out side no believe in Israel as government by the way only Islam praises Jesus not by saying he is good by mention his 25 time in the book of Muslim his mom the only woman mention by name and without father and he did not die or crucified and he come back near the end of time and he save everyone , all Muslim should follow him in his lead , the lost cheep in Israel like always follow Antichrist , you should wake people go read and look for the truth and follow your heart not what the lie to you all your life

  40. The scientists whom unveils that the cloth that Christ was buried in was not from this earth one part and the second part wss from this earth. Explain that. Isreal look and behold the messiah coming is at hand we are now in chapter 7 of revelations. Get your heart right. He is the son of God. How dare you deny him. God gave you the land of isreal after wondering in the wilderness for 40 years. You still yet deny that you are God's chosen people. Wake up from your sleep ol isreal. The time has came you see the truth . Wake up!!!

  41. Jesus' Is My Lord of lords, My KING of kings! My friend! My Brethren! WRITTEN BY Wesley Frazier Yankton Sioux Tribal Member but Also A Servant of Lord Christ Jesus! I have Longed To EMBRACE THOSE Apostles, Prophets And Those That Sincerely, HONESTLY WERE CALLED FOR His Purposes! Amen, And Amen.




  45. I need one supporter or job to visit my lord place. please give me one support my brother? when I see your video so I am very happy to the see of my lord and bible place. please give me one support I have no computer and net, so my contact of (Christ, c/o, Azit Biswas, Gollamari Christian Colony, w-25, Khulna, Bangladesh. +8801635497558)

  46. There’s a gentleman by the name of Frank Schaefer who used to be an Evangelical Christian and a Right Wing member of the Republican Party. He basically stated that American Evangelicals support Israel to push their own agenda of setting the table for Jesus’ return. He stated that the reason President Trump supported Jerusalem being named the country’s capital was 1. A return favor to his Evangelical constituency who basically put him in the White House and 2. It was to fulfill biblical prophecy. So the American Evangelical movement is a driving force on how the US deals with Israel.

  47. Wow the guy at 10:32 has been heavily influenced by Eastern thought. He could be grafted into Hinduism or Buddhism tomorrow if he was feeling frisky.

  48. Sabbatia zevi look him up!! He influenced Jews everywhere in the 16th century. He claimed to be the Messiah, many jews believe d him..he was a Satanist. Funny how he is not spoken of? Ask that question

  49. The Talmudic zio Jew is a satanist and the slave master of all humanity!! Long live all who resist there evil agenda including Jesus Christ as well as other religious and political leaders and revolutionaries who had the decency to stand up for there people against international Jewry.

  50. And this is why Marx claimed that "religión is the opium of the people" and i say both religion and multiculturalism are opium, the center of confusion and kaos.

    This is why a race should not encroach upon the territories of another race nor should one race try to impose their lifestyle or their cosmovision on another. This is what the fool Abraham did. The first colonizer, illegal, murderer, etc, probably the devil in the flesh or his minion and vessel

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