Jan 18, 2020 Julia Kim’s Inspiring Spiritual Message and healing prayer in Naju, Korea

Jan 18, 2020 Julia Kim’s Inspiring Spiritual Message and healing prayer in Naju, Korea

Julia Kim’s Inspiring
Spiritual Message “The Signs from
Heaven signify the
Mystery of Salvation.” Praise Jesus! Praise the Blessed Mother! These days, I receive a lot of love. I go for continuous medical checkups, and the results say I have enteroplegia and intestinal obstructions, and my bowels are stretched,
swollen, twisted, and stick together. And I have herpes zoster,
paronychia, a complete bitter mouth, and excessive canker sores in my mouth. Now I can’t even drink a sip of water and I can’t release
stomach gas nor go to the toilet. The doctor said my treatment
was beyond his professional capacity capacity and recommended going to
Samsung or Asan Hospital in Seoul
(more advanced hospital). But I just came back home. Oh, how great this love is! Now that we are trying to work
for the Lord and the Blessed Mother in this world which is
nearly coming to an end, the devils are more actively
trying to pull people down who are
working for the Lord and the Blessed Mother. Therefore, we have to overcome this
unanimously regardless of what happens to us because the devils of division are trying to
defeat us to stop us from working for the Lord. The devil said, “If only we
get rid of that bitch (they mean Julia),
we would be victorious definitely. Let us kill her by
tearing her apart at all costs!” But would the Lord and
the Blessed Mother let anyone who
works for Them be torn apart to death? They will never
let that person be killed. The devils have tried various
kinds of attacks on me, such as
cutting my carotid artery and stabbing me. I was actually wounded and suffered. When we work for the Lord,
there are many things happening to us
that we don’t understand. So, whatever happens, let’s think ‘Oh, how much
the Lord loves me that I have to
go through these things!’ When the Lord loves us, something that
we thought would never happen, does happen. So we must not fight against these issues. What we have to fight against and defeat
are not human beings, but the devils and Satan. Since I couldn’t eat any food, I needed supplements or an IV.
But I just couldn’t. I tried to get an IV into
many parts of my body but
the vessels were ruptured. I tried to get an injection into
my leg but I got red inflammation. There are many inflammations of our
minds, which are on the verge of festering. So, for you pilgrims, I offered up this inflammation for
healing of all the inflammations inside of you! (Note : That’s why she’s sitting like this
because it’s hard for her to walk or lower her legs.) Blister appeared and grew bigger,
so I had to remove it. When taking it off, including
the one stuck to wound, I offered it up for all your
bad parts to be removed as well. Now I have a complete bitter mouth and canker sores all inside my mouth. These are all for the glory of
the Lord and the Blessed Mother! And for your spiritual and physical healings! I offered up everything for you pilgrims who
work for the Lord and the Blessed Mother, so may all of you be healed! Amen! On Jan 18, 1997, I went to a Mass celebrated by the
Archbishop at Mount Carmel Cathedral in Saipan. After I delivered messages,
I entered into an ecstasy and saw a vision. I saw lots of steel wires
fastened together with padlocks. Then, while we were praying, angels came down
with the keys and began unlocking the padlocks. When people repented and cried with contrition, the angels unlocked
all the padlocks that bound them. But a few of them remained locked. Why was this so? It means that a few of them didn’t repent. So today let us entrust ourselves entirely to Jesus so that through
His angels, He unlocks all the padlocks
that bound us, through our repentance. So I wish all the padlocks of your souls
will be unlocked today without exception. The Blessed Mother said,
“You will experience many obstacles
in working to make the Lord and me known, but, if you truly believe the Messages
of Love from the Lord and me, have trust
in them, and follow them as they are, you will surely obtain Heaven.” Yes, we have to enjoy heaven, don’t we? We can go to heaven after death, but if we are armed with
the Five Spiritualities while still living in this world, it’s heaven for us. So let us enjoy heaven while on earth. And, on Jan 18, 2002… Before, I prayed
(the Way of the Cross) starting at 6 a.m. I had already offered up all of my
normal three hours of sleep during that time. On Jan 18, 2002, because my whole body was in so much pain,
just like being beaten with a steel club, I couldn’t even walk.
So I crawled over to pray instead. But when I was at the 9th Station, my body which felt like being
beaten so badly with a steel club, suddenly suddenly turned lighter. This happened at 9:30 a.m. As it was 9:30 a.m when I got
to the 9th Station, how long it took me
to get there since I started at 6 a.m.! Three and half hours it took,
just to only get to the 9th Station. At that moment,
I was praying with my eyes opened, and saw the Precious Blood coming down
covering the Way of the Station all over. When looking in detail, I found a great amount
of Precious Blood from
the 7th to the 13th Station. When I went up to the 12th
Station, a lot of the Precious Blood
dropped onto the pavement. If blood drops from
high ground, it splashes, right? Scenes like these were
very much and clearly seen there. And after finished praying, I went down. Following this, I went back
at 5p.m. to collect the Precious Blood. The pilgrims who were with me all cried to see It. Then, again, when I was at
12th Station, the Precious Blood came down
from above, making a thudding sound. At that time, there were about 10 people. Several of them are here with us now. How surprised they were! The Precious Blood was
dripping here and there. And when we looked at one picture of It,
we found the words ‘J (Jesus)’ and ‘M (Maria)’. And another part of It became
so large and then disappeared in a flash. The Blessed Mother said “The signs
from Heaven signify the mystery of salvation.” And we have to truly feel the mystery of salvation. How many signs of love
have been granted in Naju! We have to follow the Messages as they are, but since many people do not
live according to the Messages, Jesus and the Blessed Mother
showed us these and those signs with Their most sublime,
and purest love countless times. For our sake, Jesus gave us the Precious Blood
from His Five Wounds, His Wounds
made by the Crown of Thorns, and by opening His Sacred Heart,
He poured down all of His Blood for us. And the Blessed Mother
weeps Tears and Tears of Blood sending down the Water of Mercy,
and nurturing us with Her thick Milk. Jesus and the Blessed Mother love us so much. If only we entirely follow
Jesus and the Blessed Mother, They will always be with us and
heal our souls and bodies as well. We are truly unworthy and trivial, but we must not underestimate
or overestimate ourselves. Because the Lord created
and sent us into this world, we have to cherish ourselves. We must not torture ourselves. But many people think,
‘I am really useless! I am hopeless!’ and think about death (suicide). But, we have to think,
‘I am a precious one because the Lord created me.’ So, as a precious person, we have to strive harder to do our best
working for the Lord and the Blessed Mother. However, dear pilgrims, we work in various different fields. We are spread out,
but we all are equal parts of God. Jesus is one, and we
compose every single part of Him. Each part should be truly united. ‘He’s like that. She’s like that. He does great works like that
but I can do only these things.’ One who washes dishes says, ‘He’s doing office work in a high position,
but I am just washing dishes like this.’ We should never think such things. How painful it is when we hurt even one finger? The whole body is pained, not just the finger. When my big toe was broken, I couldn’t walk. The doctor told me that big toes
bear 80% of the whole body weight. So, it is not only a problem of the big toe, but it influences the whole body. Imagine that your eyes are
hurt and bleeding excessively. Then, would other parts be alright? Would your ears be alright? Everything is connected. Dear pilgrims, we have to
treasure each and everyone. We have to cherish one another. And we have to be considerate
and understand each other. A head is one part, but there are many parts. The feet can’t say to the hands
“I walk very well but what are you doing?” and the hands can’t say to the feet, “I can
do everything with hands, but you can only walk?” Whenever I can’t put my legs down,
(due to pains) it is so uncomfortable. So every one of us is precious. If we get cancer in one part,
the whole body is sick, isn’t it? Someone who got breast cancer was
just fine until the second one was operated. And she was told to be careful
because a third cancer will connect her life. But later, her
third cancer occurred. She said that her head felt like
it was being squeezed in a spin dryer. She couldn’t eat. When one of her breasts was ill,
the whole body wasn’t normal. Many people think only about
themselves, not their community. I am not telling about you, but, ‘I am only doing this work, but they get to
dance in pretty dresses. They look so nice.’ Please don’t think like
this way, but have confidence! In your own work,
you have to do it with confidence! Every work is important to the Lord. What the feet work is different,
and what the hands work is different, and what work the eyes do is also different. What the ears work is different. What the mouth work is different. Then what happens when
an internal organ begins to rot? Also, what happens if a heart stops beating? The heart is crucial, and
everything else is also crucial as well. That’s why it is very important to work inwardly and it is also important to work outwardly. Some are volunteering
here and elsewhere too. Some are working for
the Lord living their married life. Some offer up their lives
entirely for the Lord. The young religious may think
‘Ah~ I would be happy if I got married.’ Well, among the married people here, if you have never thought
‘I wish I were a priest’, please raise your hand. Or, if you have never thought
‘It would be good if I was a nun’,
please raise your hand. (Nobody) There is nothing completely self-satisfying. At least, we who know
the Lord and the Blessed Mother, should graciously make use of
our talents given to each of us. Do not envy anyone, but think of,
‘What has the Lord given me?
What does the Lord want me to do?’ There are teams in our community. You shouldn’t try to override
the team leader just because you think
the leader isn’t good enough. You shouldn’t try to override
your regional leader just because
you think he/she isn’t competent enough. You should discuss it together. Regional leaders can do wrong,
team leaders also can do wrong. And, I too, can make mistake.
Everyone can make mistake. You’d better suggest an alternative way
with love, “Why don’t we do it this way?” You should not backtalk on one another. Dear pilgrims,
we have to watch our mouths. We should not spread maggots
from our mouths to our neighbors. So, let’s watch our mouths. You need to say what you need to say. But we should stop talking
about unnecessary things. We should never say anything
that can prejudice against each another. So let’s make sure that beautiful
melodies come out of our mouths so that we can even melt away the
maggots from other people’s mouths! Amen! In our daily lives, things can also become
disorganized like this (blanket), don’t they? Even though we did it neatly at first, but it can be crooked later on in our lives. If you notice it, you should
try to correct it without delay. For volunteers, the mind of
‘Offering up graciously’ is essential. Right? (Yes!) If you always try to accept
everything as ‘It’s My Fault,’ and offer up graciously, we can always be united with each other
in love with thoughtful consideration. Let me give you an example. In 1973, I gave birth to my second child. I was 27 years old. I raised all my children with breast milk. After about eight months of feeding, my nipples were
completely torn and blotted white. It was like a tendon all the way down. It was very painful for me. So when I did breastfeeding
for my eight month-old baby, I felt as if my entire
body was being sucked. I was bleeding in pain,
but I kept on giving money to my
mother-in-law as she demanded, and I even paid for her debt’s interest. I have told you that I had lived
half a year with only 4kg of rice.
(Rice is Koreans’ staple food.) I couldn’t eat properly. I couldn’t afford to go to the hospital. People thought I’m stupid. But I did my best
(to support my in-law’s family). If you haven’t experienced it,
you won’t understand. When a breast hurts a little, it’s
already painful to breastfeed a baby. But under my condition,
it was just too painful as if
it’s torn to the depths of my breast. In spite of the pain,
I fed him until his first birthday. After breastfeeding for a year, people said it’s no longer nutritious to
breastfeed for more than one year. I had breastfed also for
my first daughter for a year. So my mother said,
“Stop breastfeeding the baby.” So I stopped. The baby cried out really hard, and it
didn’t help at all by giving him anything else. So my mother said, “No way. I’ll take
over the baby and you get some rest.” As I had some time to rest,
I’d like to help my mother-in-law. So I went to my
mother-in-law in Gwangju
bringing my first born child with me. I had big breasts. When they were
swollen, the milk was flowing out
even though I tightened the flow. You know the breast pump. It cost only a few hundred krw
at the time, but I couldn’t even
afford to buy one. So I couldn’t squeeze the
milk out although I had to, which gave me so much pain
along with the pain of my nipples. My breasts swelled up to my armpit. When I went to my mother-in-law’s
house, she suddenly handed me rice and told me to soak the rice
and mash it to make rice cake. But it was already hurting me
a lot with my damaged nipples. When I couldn’t pump the
milk out, it hurt even more. I couldn’t raise my arms up. And after soaking the rice,
I had to smash it. I did my best. Tears fell down on my face. ‘If my mother-in-law and her
family can enjoy the rice cake, even if
I have to undergo pain, I will still do. Let’s do it even if my
arms are falling apart!’ “Semchigo” as if I was resting
myself. I did it with a happy mind. At that time, I did not know
is was to turn every moment
of my life into prayers. I didn’t know prayer,
but I just said, ‘Let all
bad things be crushed. Let the rice be crushed
as well and use it for
delicious rice cake.’ Suddenly, my mother-in-law
smacked the door and open it. “Oh my gosh! I don’t know how
a horrible bitch can take the gurgling
breastmilk off from a baby!”, “Oh my gosh, how happy
would the person be to have
a healthy daughter-in-law?”, “Oh my gosh, really!” She slammed the door with a bang. Oh, how hurt my heart
was at that moment! Every time I raise my arms and smash
the rice, breastmilk flowed down to the bottom. I had a lot of breastmilk in me. But I just couldn’t feed it to my baby.
While mashing the rice, I couldn’t stop shedding tears. Because it hurt so badly.
Think about it. If you had raised
a baby before, you’ll know. I had never given weaning food
to my baby for the first 12 months.
I fed him only with breastmilk. But when I was mashing it,
I couldn’t raise up my arms. Since my childhood,
no matter how sick I was,
I’ve always done my best. Finally, I made a rice cake
with red beans and gave it to them. The rice cake was well done. She and all the family
really enjoyed it. I stayed there to help my
in-law’s family until when my mother was
due to return home with my second child. I really did my best with
my love at my in-law’s house. That’s what I had been going
through, not losing my smile in
the midst of all the enormous pains. Then I came back to my house. I told my mother and my husband, “Oh, I had been at my in-law’s house
and received a lot of love from them.” Hearing what I said with a smile on my face,
my husband Julio and my mother were so happy. I didn’t know the love
of the Lord at the time. But the Lord said that He had
prepared me since I was young. Dear pilgrims, whenever you undergo
suffering, you should think, ‘Oh, the
Lord has allowed this ordeal for me!’ I’ve never told any story
about myself to others. But the Lord said to me,
“Let others know about your life. It has been so hard to find a soul like you.” That’s the reason why
I’m telling my stories to you. So, no matter what adversity we face, and no matter what sufferings we get into, we have to offer up these pains graciously. So, that was not because
my mother-in-law hated me, but because the Lord did it through her. That means the Lord put me to the
test and see how well did I manage it. As for you, please feel that
the Lord also sees how well you manage
when you encounter sufferings. Without that, we can’t manage it. Then we can’t help but become like the
same as the people in the secular world. But the Lord and
the Blessed Mother called us specially. You are here because you
responded with Amen to the call of
the Lord and the Blessed Mother. We should enjoy eternal
happiness in heaven escorted by the
angels on the last day, shouldn’t we? Without exception of anyone
among you! No one will be left behind! There is another important point. Even after we go to heaven,
there’s one more thing I need to say. Before my mother passed away,
I used to think everything will be
fine if we go to heaven. I didn’t know more other than this. However, how much space is there in heaven? There have been Saints who
went there since 2,000 years ago. But Jesus is only one
so He can’t be next to all of them. It’s just the same
like you sitting here, some are closer (to Jesus)
and some situate far from him. But whenever we offer up Mass for them, they gradually come closer to Jesus. Jesus certainly show this to me. No matter how well we do, including myself, we just can’t achieve 100% success as what Jesus
and the Blessed Mother want according to Their Will. But the important thing is to do our best. So, about the result of what I did my best… I did my best at my in-law’s house, right? And what would be the result? I had never been to the hospital for
my breast treatment, but I got healed. So, it was not only after I knew the Lord, but even before, I have
experienced a lot of these cases. I didn’t know the Lord at that time. He said that He chose and prepared me but I am so unworthy. What I’ve achieved is
only doing my best so far in my life. So when you do your best in your lives and in the work that is entrusted to you
by the Lord and the Blessed Mother, you can enjoy eternal happiness right next
to the Lord and the Blessed Mother in heaven. Let us all never become disappointed in any situation. When we are deluged with
tribulations, sufferings, and difficulties, but if we accept them
thinking, ‘Oh, Jesus loves me
this much!’ and praise Jesus, He will give you greater blessings. So, let us go forward in that way of life. Thank you. Let us meditate on the Messages of
Love from Jesus and the Blessed Mother. This is the Message of Love
from Jesus on January 1, 2007. “My beloved babies! When you make known the burning
Love in my Sacred Heart and my Mother’s
Immaculate Heart, you will experience pains, but always remember that if you
achieve unity among you and follow me, you will eternally rejoice by gaining me
even if you lose everything in this world. Also, remember that, all of you have also been
chosen as my Mother’s helpers through my little soul
who joyfully and most devotedly obeys me and my Mother. Do not forget that, if you display
the power of love and spread the
messages valiantly and heroically with total loyalty, Heaven will surely be yours.” Amen! This is the Message of Love from
the Blessed Mother on September 28, 2001. “My sons and daughters
who have been chosen! When you make
strenuous efforts to fully carry out
the mission that has been given to you, display the power of love more
strongly, and offer up a heroic loyalty, I will always accompany you and
sustain you like a person who never
falters despite tremendous difficulties. You will share love at the heavenly
table with me who loves you so dearly
and enjoy happiness on the last day. Therefore, always stay awake and offer up
graciously by turning your lives into prayers.” Amen! I wish the Messages of Love from the Lord
and the Blessed Mother be realized to all of you as proclaimed. Now, please close your eyes and put your hands on your chest. And if there is someone whom you have
harbored with hatred, resented, and not loved, let us offer all up at this time. Let us forgive them. Then, if there are the
padlocks that have imprisoned us, the angels will unlock them. Let us offer up everything graciously and practice the Five Spiritualities so that we may be filled with joy, love, and peace. Jesus, you’ve specially called us who are
unworthy and we are gathered here now. Today, please entirely hold us who are so
unworthy, in the bosom of Your Sacred Heart, and the Heart of the Blessed Mother. Let us be born anew again. Have mercy on us so that we can again
become simple and little souls as children. Please fulfill the Will of the Lord
so that we clearly realize the simple truth that even objects as light as birds’
feathers can sink a ship if enough are accumulated, and so in our humbleness,
we can successfully play the roles as
instruments to deliver the Will of the Lord. Please bless us infinitely
so that we, who are so unworthy, can harvest a lot of products
from the seeds that we have sown. We can’t do according to our will but for you Lord, nothing is impossible. So please make us, who are unworthy,
be Your instruments through which
You may perform the Miracles of love. So may the Lord be honored;
and may the Blessed Mother be comforted, and may all of us be grateful unceasingly. ♪♬ Lord who knows the sorrows of all volunteers ♪♬ Please wash away our past
painful wounds with the Precious Blood ♪♬ Please forgive this sinner who
wandered around with a conflicting mind ♪♬ The only ones who we can rely on
are the Lord and the Blessed Mother ♪♬ This sinner, who grumbled with sorrow in agony ♪♬ Have found joy by practicing the Five Spiritualities ♪♬ Every soul that was wounded by
those they loved and deluged with bitterness ♪♬ Only the Five Spiritualities becomes my rest ♪♬ This sinner, who has
volunteered with conflicting agony, ♪♬ When I accepted everything
as ‘My Fault’, I was able to offer it up ♪♬ By practicing ‘Semchigo’, ‘Amen,’
and ‘Turning our daily lives into prayers’, ♪♬ I’ll be healed with repentance ♪♬ and continue to arm
myself with the Five Spiritualities ♪♬ l’ll go to heaven with the Five Spiritualities~ ♪♬ Amen~!

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  1. Love you, Our Lady of Naju. Love you Mama Julia 💗plz be with us always, protect us from loads of temptations in the secular 🙏🏻 Glory be to the Lord and our Heavenly Mother

  2. Amen🙏
    Thank you mama Julia 🙆‍♀️
    The Blessed mother, arm myself with ‘the Five Spiritualities’ which is the pathway to Heaven. Amen.

  3. Dios te bendiga siempre madre Julia, hermana en Espíritu Santo gracias por interceder por nosotros los pecadores AMÉN

  4. “Whenever you undergo suffering, you should think, ‘Oh, the Lord has allowed this ordeal for me!’” Amen. I will try hard to follow the teachings of Mama Julia.

  5. Our Lord and Blessed Mother are using internet to call people around the world to Naju now for salvation!
    Darkness cannot beat the light pray for us sinners.

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