Jay-Z is Illuminati | God Vs Satan

Jay-Z is Illuminati | God Vs Satan

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button we all know that jay-z is a part of the Illuminati the Freemasons higher
ups but a lot of people think that jay-z worships Lucifer Satan the devil
especially because he made that song called Lucifer on a different album with
Kanye West ever since then – I can’t call him a
devil worshiper Big Al them symbolisms and stuff in his
videos you throwing up the rock you know I’m saying the Illuminati symbols and
stuff and people just just misinformed about the Illuminati and what they
believe it you know what I’m saying my folks is part of that Jay I really
don’t know a lot of I don’t know I know about it but I ain’t deep deep within
edge I’m sacrificing Oh bye and I ain’t
getting sacrificed you heard me so I got this jay-z clip we’re about to go over
jay-z right his Illuminati views on God and I just him but this how they really
think generally within the Illuminati and freemasons organization we’ve got to
get it poppin you know what I’m saying we brought about to open up the eyes cuz
it’s your boy captain ghetto once again I Jigga fans let’s get to it
I believe that there’s one God see he started the video letting you know that
he believes in a God so automatically you know someone believed in God you
wouldn’t think that they gonna worship the devil you know saying God is more
powerful than the devil if you believe in God so he lets you know already offer
it that he believes this one guy I don’t knock anyone’s prediction because you
know however you find God that’s a fantastic thing so what he saying is and
this is what the Freemasons and Illuminati believe see is this not of
religion is a bunch of religions in one group
you feel me because everybody and the Freemasons and luminaries believe in
whatever they believe in but they all come together because they believe in
want God whatever that God that you believe in it’s the same person that’s
why Freemasons be like it’s a brotherhood because you could be a
Christian he could be a Muslim and yeah I both could be freemasons called
Illuminati you feel me let’s go ahead and continue
about to get deep in this shit but I think religion has done more to separate
people and bring them together yeah cuz a lot of religions out here you know
they separate people no I’m saying the Christians don’t mess with the Muslims
the Hindus and Catholics and Judaism’s and the Mormons you know saying they
don’t get along these are the religions that supposed to preach you know saying
unity and Brotherhood and all this other shit you know I’m saying but uh nobody
out there rockin with each other everybody against each other so I agree
with jay-z religions put people against each other the people without reading
the Quran and people that read the Bible are really reading about the same person
basically what he’s saying is and I won’t know if he knows this in that but
you know the different religions was broken up based off of the one story you
know what I’m saying the God of Abraham Abraham had a bunch of kids and they had
a bunch of tribes and that’s why the Bible and the Quran it’s so similar
because it came from the sons of Abraham and they wrote about the same story just
with different people names you know it has the same courage does with different
names you know I’m saying that’s why he’s saying did you read about the same
character because in um changed it basically came from the sons of Abraham
and the god he’s talking about is the God of Abraham but I think we all
praying to one God see we all praying one guy yeah I don’t know how else to
explain this sunset and how if I get a cut you know a scab forms see is funny
to you how God put things and please foot you know what I’m saying for us you
know I’m saying as far as getting hurt in our body regenerates and heals itself
you know what I’m saying he bout to explain how my body is like this
computer that reacts to movement how my eyebrows
made to keep sweat from going in my eyes and you know what I’m saying he’s
getting real intricate in detail how to sweat that eyebrows stop the sweat from
getting it to your eyes you know saying he just basically talking about God’s
desire and it’s thinking about designing humans and how he loved us and stuffing
very easily saying you know saying he brush up god he don’t rock with the
devil you know I’m saying he made a song called Lucifer but people
don’t understand the concept of that song you know what I’m saying about on
Big Brother they got murdered after the song was about but jay-z don’t worship
the devil yah he with the Illuminati but he don’t worship the devil and let’s go
ahead and continue with the clip how everything works so perfectly no one can
tell me that two planets crashed and these things happen it’s very hard for
me to believe that I believe that everything that happens in life is there
to build character to be learned from is some type of
energy returning back to you see talking about energy returning back to unit
stuff bringing back to God and calm look because he believed in calm my own
belief in common you know base my life upon you know it’s worked out that way
for the most part but I don’t know she basically saying he lived his whole
life according today you know don’t separate each other through religion and you know he lived by God he didn’t work
of God you know I’m saying so hopefully just go ahead and open up your eyes and
stuff and you learned something new today you learning something new about
jay-z and you know you could probably tell some other people about jay-z make
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  1. C street me an you should fo a collab an let everyone know that the war on drugs was really war on poor inner city people the CIA kicked off the crack epidmic

  2. Gtv the only news channel you need.. who else bring real content like this. Yo c need send u a lil carepackage from out here n nor Cal

  3. Heaven and hell is a state of mind. U can make ur reality on either one. God is within all of us so we are all gods. Lucifer is the sun(son). Cuz Lucifer is recognize as the morning star. Don’t let that go over yo head.

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