Largest Local Market in Istanbul | FATIH WEDNESDAY MARKET

Largest Local Market in Istanbul | FATIH WEDNESDAY MARKET

Many travelers when they are visiting
a new country they feel excited and curious about those new places they will
discover and this is why in this episode we will show you one of the local
markets and the biggest one here in Istanbul today is Wednesday so today
there will be one local market in the Fatih district close to Sultanahmet then we will go visit that one. Going to the wednesday market or “Çarşamba Pazarı” in Turkish in the district of Fatih is reachable from the most touristic area such as Sultanahmet. Remember that the main bus stop and the closest one to Sultanahmet is the one in the port of Eminönü from there you can always take
the bus number 37E, 36KE or 336E After 20 minutes maximum you’ll reach
the bus stop called Fatih and you’ll get off the bus there in just a couple of
minutes away you can find the market Before or after visiting the local
market within the area we can find other interesting and historic landmarks to
visit and see. Another side we can visit is the Fatih Mosque which is next to the local market it was finished in 1470 and it was
commissioned by the conqueror sultan Mehmed II. Here the tombs of sultan
Mehmed II and his wife can be found and people can visit them as well. As I mentioned before the local market
will be set next to the mosque and is the largest market in Istanbul. This market only sets on Wednesday from
early morning to about 6 p.m. Here the locals come to buy different products
such as clothing, foods, home decor and much more. Literally we can find
everything and the most fascinating thing to see is how acting and bustling
the place is. Going to a local place as this one is a
great opportunity to get to know more about the culture of this country.If you
really want to get to know the local life of Istanbul then coming to this
market will give you a whole experience I promise you, you won’t regret it. This was our day here in the in the
Wednesday market here in Fatih district in Istanbul which is very close to Sultanahmet and Eminonu as you can see it was a whole experience here with the
local so if you are that kind of traveler that would like to explore
more and live and see how the locals live then this is a a great opportunity for you to come and check it out. Here you will find
everything about food, clothing, bags everything that you can imagine, even
things for home. So hopefully you have liked this this video and if you enjoy
it then don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel see you next time bye bye

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  1. Cada vídeo tuyo que veo me da más ganas de que lleguen mis vacaciones e ir a Estambul, gracias por todos los consejos y planes Bery.

  2. @Bery Istanbul Tips – Please check the location of market in description….that given location is so far from Fatih

  3. Es asi como lo describes una experiencia fascinate ver la vida local en vivo y a todo color !!
    Regresaria cada miercoles 💕💕😍😍😍😍

  4. Hola Bery!! Como siempre un placer ver tus videos!! Realmente quienes viajan uno, dos tres días a esta maravillosa ciudad sólo ven la punta del iceberg….Este video me pareció fabuloso! me encanta recorrer los lugares que son significativos para el pueblo local, espero que nos puedas ayudar a descubrir muchos otros y disfrutarlos la próxima vez que visite Estambul. Agradezco infinitamente que te tomes el tiempo de hacer estos videos y compartirlos con nosotros . Abrazo enorme

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