Lenten Life Series: Seeing Christ’s Love | lent reflection

for most of my life I didn’t need to wear eyeglasses and then when I got to be about 40 I know it was hard to read screens and to read books so why didn’t I examine sure enough I needed to wear glasses of all of our senses we value our sight perhaps the most think about what life would be like if we weren’t able to see we would have to figure out a whole new way of operating this weekend in the gospel we have a wonderful passage as a theological masterpiece it’s the story of the man born blind jesus meets this man and what he do for me helps him me heals his sin he restores his sight how does he do it he spits on the ground he makes money rubs it on the man’s eyes and sends him to go wash the pool of Siloam he anoints his eyes the church continues this healing through the sacrament of the sick Jesus allows the man to see the great church father Origen said this to be holy is to see with the eyes of Christ I love that Lent allows us to see a certain way to love as Christ loved to speak as he spoke and to act as he acted more often than none we walk around blind we bump into things and we are in need of that healer the story the man born blind is our story it’s one of gradual conversion this is going from darkness to light it’s becoming who we are meant to be ultimately it’s a story of being able to see to take the advice of origin to be holy is to see with the eyes of Christ may we do that this lift

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