Letter From COVID-19 A Message To Humanity (by Danilo Calabrese, turn on CC for English subtitles)

The author is such a great person that he didn’t consider signing the script to avoid autocelebrating I have been reflecting very much these days trying to make sense of all this because, there has to be a meaning to this absurd situation that we are forced to live I imagined if the virus could talk and imagined what it would say through a letter if it could These are the words I was able to put on paper Ciao, I am COVID-19, many of you know me as Coronavirus yes it’s really me, Sorry I didn’t properly announce myself but I wasn’t told when I would arrive and in what shape and force I would present myself to you. Why am I here?.. well..Lets say that I was tired of watching your degradation instead of your evolution I was tired of watching you destroying yourselves with your own hands I was tired of how you are treating our planet I was tired to see how you treat each other I was tired of your abuses, of your violence I was tired of your wars and your interpersonal conflicts and of your prejudice. I was tired of your social envy, your greed, your hypocrisy and selfishness I was tired of the little time you dedicate to yourselves, and to your families I was tired of the very little attention you give to your kids I was tired of the superficiality.. I was tired of the importance that you often give to superfluous things detriment to essential ones I was tired of your obsessive research for the best dress.. or the latest model of the smart phone.. and the most beautiful car, just to look accomplished to others I was tired of your betrayals I was tired of your disinformation I was tired of the little time you spend communicating with each other I was really tired of your constant complaining when you are doing nothing to improve your lives I was tired to seeing you fight over silly reasons I was tired of the constant brawls among those who govern you and the often poor choices made by those whom are supposed to represent you I was tired of seeing people insulting and killing each other over a soccer game I know, I will be hard on you maybe too much But I don’t look at anyone… I am a virus My action will cost you lives but I want you to understand once and for all that you have to change path… for your own good The message that I want to convey is simple I wanted to highlight all the limits of the society you live in so you can eliminate them I purposely stopped everything to make you understand that…from now on, the only important thing that you have to focus all of your energy on.. is simply one.. LIFE Yours and the ones of your kids.. and what’s necessary to protect it, to cuddle it and to share it. I wanted to lock you at home as much as possible, Isolated.. ..far away from your parents, grandparents, kids and grandchildren so that you understand that what’s really IMPORTANT is … A hug, the human contact the dialog a hand shake a night out with friends a walk in town a dinner at a restaurant to a run at the park to get fresh air From this gestures everything has to restart You are all the same, there is no distinctions among you I proved that distances don’t exist.. I traveled miles and miles in a short amount of time without you even noticing it I am just passing through.. ..but the feeling of unity and collaboration I created among you in a short time should last you for eternity Live your lives as simple as possible Walk.. take deep breaths do good to others because good will always come back to you with interests Enjoy nature Do what you like and what makes you content Create for yourselves conditions in which you don’t have to depend on anything When you will celebrate, I will be gone, but remember not to be a better person just in my presence. Goodbye, SHARE THE MESSAGE WITH YOUR LOVED ONES Music – Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard
The Gladiator Sound track Video by Danilo Calabrese, English translation and subtitles by Matteo Mazzullo

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