LSee Challenge – 1st Episode – Intermittent Fasting + LCHF – PART 1

So 1st measurement this morning in fasted state. 3, 2, 1… Oh… 0,2! First week with just one meal per day,
at night, so just dinner. We took our first measures at 11h30.
Check them out : First day, Philippe, 56 years old,
1,70 m, 71,3 kg and 10,4% of fat. Cyril, 31 years old,
1,76 m, 78,7 kg and 13,5% of fat. Julia, 22 years old,
1,65 m, 63,8 kg and 26,2% of fat. And me, Guillaume, 30 years old,
1,78 m, 77,5 kg and 12,2% of fat. First week, second day
and the first morning ketones measure. I am fasting and following our keto diet. So it’s 0.2 mMol/L of ketones in my blood. Day 2, having just a meal at night. Cyril, Julia, Philippe and I are following
the same diet. It’s low carb high fat (LCHF). In fact the hardest isn’t fasting,
which is not too difficult for me. But the most difficult is not to feel full and not to have a large plate
of pasta, rice, or a consistent food. So that’s why we are feeling tired sometimes. But it’s just how I feel, it’s quite annoying
and at night I want to eat something else. But let’s see the results we will get… I decreased! I am at 0.4. I don’t know if it was
the Diet Coke, or the tea… Maybe it’s because of the push-ups… the exercise. No, but after sports our levels should get higher… I know, but Philippe got a lower level
after exercicing as well… I am still fasting… It’s been more than 24 hours
without food… now I’m starting to to feel VERY hungry. I checked my ketones levels before and after my meal. 0.2 mmol/l. I think that the glass of red wine
before the meal had an impact ! Henri is cooking an omelette with cheese for us. With roquefort, comté, sauce au bleu,
maroilles and spices. No no no… And this is for the food, check that out! And this is for the chef! This is the meal I’ve been waiting for all day long… I am starving. And the meal is delicious. I loved it! Hey FatKiller! Do you want to check the results of the 1st week (Intermittent Fasting and LCHF)? Click here and subscribe to our channel! The results will be available next week!

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