Making up Missed Fasts – Saad Tasleem

Making up Missed Fasts – Saad Tasleem

Assallaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh! Welcome to episode #4 of preparing for Ramadan. In the previous episode we talked about Those people who don’t fast during the month of Ramadan or those who are excused from fasting. In this episode we are going to talk about making up those missed fasts. Now, as a general rule a person who has fasts to make up Those fast must be made up before the start of the next or the following Ramadan. So a person has 12 months to make up those fasts. Now what happens if the next Ramadan has arrived and that person has not made up their missed fasts? In this case we would say, either someone didn’t make up their missed fasts and they had a valid excuse
or they didn’t have a valid excuse. When we say valid excuse we’re talking about things like Travel and illness, so the travel took up that year and they were unable to fast. Or their illness or sickness lasted a year; it took up that year and they were unable to fast We’re talking about things like
pregnancy and breast feeding. Those type of valid excuses In this case, the person is not blameworthy in the least. They simply make up their missed fasts as soon as they’re able to do so. As for the person that didn’t have a valid excuse So it was out of negligence. They got lazy or whatever. This person must also make up their missed fasts as soon as possible. But, on top of that or added to that they should also feed a poor person for every fast that was missed and wasn’t made up as well. Now this is the opinion of the majority of the madhahib. And it seems to be the safest opinion in this matter. And Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala Knows best! Second issue! What if someone dies and they had fast to be made up And they never made them up? Once again we would say either they weren’t made up and a person had a valid excuse or they didn’t have a valid excuse. Now as for a person who was unable to make up their missed fast with a valid excuse, then there’s nothing that needs to be done for this person, and that’s that. But, the person who didn’t have a valid excuse, Then their family members can feed a poor person on their behalf, for every day that was missed. Also what is recommended is that they walī, or the guardian of the deceased, make up that missed fast on their behalf. This is based of the hadith, The Prophet (Peace & Blessings be upon him) mentioned in Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim In which The Prophet (Peace & Blessings be upon him) said: ‘That the person who dies and there was a fast upon them…’
(meaning the fast that they had to make up) ‘That the person who dies and there was a fast upon them…’
(meaning the fast that they had to make up) ‘…then their guardian fasts on their behalf.’ Once again, this is the safer opinion.
And Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala Knows best! Alright! I’ll see you in the next episode insha’Allah ta’ala!
Take Care! Wassallaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!

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  1. What if I miss a fast because I have an exam and it's really hard , should I make up this fast and feed the poor afterwards

  2. Can you make up he fast you missed on long days on short days? For example, Ramadan in the summer has long day, so if you miss a few days can you make up those in the winter (if that's the soonest you can make up for the days you missed)

  3. Salam brother. In Sha Allah this Ramadan I'm going to be during Itikaf and was wondering if you could make a video about it. And what's supposed to be done. This is going to be my first Itikaf In Sha Allah and I'm a women. It would be great to have some tips.

    JazaKalAllah Khair

  4. Assalam o Alikum. i wanna ask what if a person is ill and is unable to fast and also don't have enough money to give food to someone for that fasts than what should one do?
    Jazak ALLAH

  5. As wr wb Jezakellah khair brother
    my questions 1)what if the next ramadan starts before making up what I missed in the last ramadan; what is the kafara for this?
    2) Can friends or cousins make up for a deceased person?
    Jezakellah again

  6. Assalamu'alaikum wrwb. I suffer from a chronic illness and a few years ago I had undergone two surgeries both on separate years that fell under the month of Ramadan. My mum had fed poor person on my behalf for the two years I couldn't fast. Alhamdulillah I am much better now, but I was wondering if those fasts that I had missed for those two years are obligatory upon me now?

  7. asalmalaikum I just saw this very helpful video. If someone could please answer my question I would be highly appreciative. Years ago I used to not pray my prayers. (now i pray my salah) but because of family pressure I still fasted for most years but didn't really makeup my fasts after ramadan was over. since 1. I fasted but didn't pray salah at all… wouldn't my fasts technically not be accepted? and 2. Does that mean I'll have to start fasting every other day in order to make up for that AS WELL AS the fasts I had to miss because of menstruation.

  8. Alsalam Alaykum, i fasted all day yesterday and then i couldn't eat because we had fish for Iftar which i cannot eat, and i fell asleep on accident and woke up after fajr's athan, so i didn't eat ANYTHING, i feel exhausted and hungry, can i not fast?

  9. can someone tell me about the black ring the sheikh wearing ? is this a thing ive seen omar sulaiman wearing it as well

  10. I came to listen but i end up solving a puzzle on your shirt…… didn’t end up listening …. InshaAllah I’ll replay and listen this time!

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