Manifestation Meditation – [Guided Meditation] Create Your Reality As Godself, Female Voice

Manifestation Meditation – [Guided Meditation] Create Your Reality As Godself, Female Voice

Meet your powerful consciousness. Your
consciousness is more powerful than you know. You have the most powerful creation and manifestation tool right here in the
center of who you are. You think you are a human but you are far more than that. You are eternal God self, alive and awake
in it’s dream, and nothing is out of your reach. All possibilities exist for you and you
are only limited by the limits you put on yourself. So take the limits off. You are
a wizard, an alchemist, eternal self, which is far bigger than any reality. You are
here to dream and create. You are creator being. You can create a magical, beautiful, and
interesting life path. All you must do is tap into the deep resources within
yourself and learn how to use your consciousness in a masterful way. This is
only the beginning, an introduction, but you can go far deeper into this
knowledge of the true creator being that you are. All you must do is go deep inside and explore who you really are. It’s time now to let go of all the
human dysfunction. Heal it quickly. Don’t linger in the pain and suffering. It
is elementary compared to what you can really do with your consciousness and
with your life. It’s time to let all that go now and truly embrace your power to
create a beautiful experience in this world. Let all that fall away and let’s go deep
into your real identity. Your consciousness is huge, a phenomenon. You are just visiting this idea of being a human for a little while. You are
godself here to explore the idea of creating in
a physical reality with precision and focus. Harness your ability to work with
physical reality in a masterful way. You are a multi-dimensional phenomena that
has only just begun to see what is possible with your
consciousness,human or not. It is only magic until you know the laws
of the universe, so begin to learn the natural laws of consciousness and it
won’t be magic anymore. You may have suspected all this time
that you are a powerful creator being, but you haven’t been to access it yet If you are listening to meditation such
as this one, you are ready, ready to take your power back from
places you lost it. You are ready to take your power into
your own hands and use your power to create a beautiful life and a beautiful
reality right now. You are a creator being.
You are Godself, a part of the vastness of all that is, and
it is time now for you to learn how to use these skills in a bigger way than
ever before. So take a breath and go deep within yourself, falling deep into the center you are, falling, falling deep, falling deep into the center of your
being. The universe is not outside you. The
whole universe is inside you and to reach these levels of awareness is an
inward movement. It is falling deep within, an inner movement. So fall into yourself, into the universe
within you. Find that point of light
the god spark at the center of who you are, moving into the singularity inside you. This singularity comes before all
realities, forms and creations. This is a place within that is not subject to this
reality or any reality. This is the part of you that ventures
into realities for experiences in consciousness and creation. This part of you is untouched by any
reality and always retains its identity, it’s perfection, it’s masterfulness. This is deeper than a soul, deeper than a monad, deeper than any form or mental construct. This is pure consciousness
that is at the center of all creation, right here in you. Meet the eternal self within you, the powerful Godself being that you
really are. All the creation particles around you are
awaiting your assignment, looking to you for what your desire to create. Don’t think about the form that you want
to create yet. Look at everything as energy. The energy underneath reality is
what you are going to work with right now. Breathe and drop deeper, falling
deeper into the center of who you are, finding your throne room, your place is power deep inside that is
within you, this Creator self at the center of it
all. You are underneath reality now, surrounded by all possibilities, even
more than you can imagine underneath the foundations of the
physical world. This is where all manifestations come from. All creations start as ideas and
imaginings in this Godself being that you are. Observe all the creation material around
you as energy, waiting for you to assign it to a manifestation in this reality. Creation material is a willing
participant in your imaginings. Sit in your power. Sit in your wisdom
and get comfortable with being the master
alchemist that you are. Look for the energies, look for the
movement, look for the activity in that which is underneath reality. Don’t forget to look behind you, above
you underneath you, and to the left and right
with your 360 degree spherical vision, which is how your eternal self really sees things, every direction at once. Begin to direct the energies, the
movements, the light, as a master artist or
architect would. What is it that you would like to create? What is it that you would
like to see manifest in physical reality? What would you like to see manifest in
your life and in the world? Just feel it right now. Don’t imagine the physical form in this moment. Just feel it, because right now, in
this moment, we were working with the energy underneath physical reality and form. Move your paintbrush like an artist and
splash light, or sparkles, or colors where you want them to land in your life or in the
world. Direct creation material like an
architect would and watch as creation material rushes to manifest your desired
creations in physical reality. See these creation particle energies
moving up into physical reality from this place where you sit underneath
reality, where you are deciding what it is you want to manifest, directing it
into being. It is a cooperation between you and
creation material. See all the particles of creation that want to be part of what
you manifest coming in with a desire to be part of what you are creating. Creation material is waiting for you to
give life and form to it, so begin to play with these particles of
creation and see what you can do. Move the creation material around with
your energy, your breath, organize reality the way that you would like it to be. Here we go: (ancient language) Imagine all these energies moving around
you and you form them and direct them into being, into the world of form in some
way, with a beautiful structure, playing with
this light and energy that is underneath creation. Now gather all the particles of creation
that are coming to you and resonate with you and want to be part of your creation. Send them now into the world of form,
physical reality, with a great surge of energy, desire, belief, and gratitude that
they want to be part of your creation, saying thank you for their cooperation
with your dreaming Godself desires, to manifest something
beautiful. Now whssshh,. into the world they go. Physical reality literally begins to
rearrange itself to accommodate that which you are sending in to manifest, making space for it, making way for it, rearranging itself. The physical reality world is 99% empty
space and only 1% matter. It’s an astral world, so it is more liquid and malleable than you
realized before. Watch physical reality move to accommodate your manifestations. Creation material underneath reality is
here to be of service to your consciousness. So take this power that is your heritage
and be a good director, a good alchemist, a good Creator. Create with precision,
masterfulness and consciousness. No longer are you unaware of your power
and status as a creator being, so use this awareness of who you are with
responsibility and precision. No longer are you just a human, being
thrown around like a leaf in a river, bumping up against rocks as it tumbles
around in the current. Now you can steer your life and your reality the way a
masterful creator being does. Don’t be surprised if your spiritual
powers begin to awaken in physical reality when you work with creation
material at this level. Don’t doubt yourself anymore. Doubt is a
child’s play mind game as you always lose. Bypass it now. You are a powerful
creator being, and people will think you are magician,
but you will know that you have simply discovered the real secret that has
always been waiting for you. Your ability to move physical reality in ways you
never imagined before, it’s right here, right now, and it’s yours for the taking. It is your heritage and who you are. This is just an introduction to your
true abilities and your true consciousness. This is your true identity. Meet the powerful consciousness that is
deep inside you. Spend more time with yourself here and get comfortable with
this creator Godself being that you are. Learn how to use your powerful
consciousness in ways you’ve never imagined before. Now come back into your human form. Feel your body in a new way, a way you
never have before. Your physical body is a temple, a vehicle for this divine being
that you are, walking in the astral world that physical reality really is. This reality is a dream that is in the
mind of Godself and you are part of this vast being. No more pretend to
yourself that you’re simply a human who has no power in this world. Take your power now and meet the
powerful consciousness that you are. We have world to change and your
creation energy is needed here in this world. Now create, create, create, create, create… and dream well, precious Godself that
you are. Dream well… Om Shanti, Namaste

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  1. oh you people ! my friends of the universal fraternity of the human race ! let drop your supposed differences ! we are all coming from one single source of life and intelligence !! it cannot be otherwise ! common sense ! and consequently there is ONE from which everything started ,and it has to contain necessarily absolutely anything that exist , that has existed ,and that will ever exist !! so you are never lost but always connected to reality which you can rediscover by starting your journey towards divinity and your originel state of universal consciousness ! start to listen to this inspiring and guided meditation .don't think just Realize !! Realize !!

  2. I'm so glad you all like it, it's a powerful meditation! It's only the beginning, but this is a big step in the right direction for going waaaaaay beyond the law of attraction. This is much deeper than that. I'm going to be teaching an advanced manifesting course soon, and this is just the beginning! I've been using these methods for many years, and it's worked great! Law of attraction is a start for those just beginning the spiritual path, but it goes a lot deeper than that into the true knowledge of being a creator being. With this meditation I often experience weightlessness and move into another dimension.

  3. This is SO powerful! I feel the energy with each and every deep breath, there is a pressure within my pineal gland that is guiding me to transform and manifest. Thanks you so much!

  4. It when I get to a void I tend to grapple back to reality. tethered to the infrastructure of Mother Earth and the good and bad upon it.

    Maybe we can enhance the good and diminish the bad, it's not rocket science, after all. We should practice on the TRS that's hammering FLA and try to calm down the destructive action here. Note this time: I'll try it now! 09:23 UTC SAT 9/9. See what we get.

  5. Iluxid dreamt on accident last night and ot was amazing. I was at my practoce field the marching Im in uses tp practice. At first it started put as a normal dream. Then it started to "harden" like it was a reality. My eyes were open because even though I was in my head I could still feel my eyes open and my eye lids flixkering up and down. I was like "this is awesome!" I ran to thw practice field and my teenage horominal instincts kicked and I tried to imagine a naked woman 😂. I think when I tried that, that is when I lost my grip pn reality and I slipped into a real dream that now I dont even remember. After all that I realized Your physical body is not who you are. It's yoir psyche. Ypur conscious. Your mind. Im planning to try lucid dreaming again with a little help from my phone as a sound totem.

  6. So this is all total bullshit and metaphtaical science is just under educated people trying to justify their shitty existences by using mysticism and religious dogma.

  7. psilocybin is this times a thousand..or just try to remember what it's like to be in a dream. The true self. It doesn't make sense not to exist.

  8. Well now, just an hour ago, I was on a walk talking to the Univ. and telling it I was ready for something MORE NOW. I come in and open my computer and here it is. Wow what a blessing! I AM so READY~ Yes, this OPENED me up more and this is what I'm asking for. I've done the other, been there done that; so READY to move onwards and upwards~ Thank you! I'm adding this to my 'daily to do' list. PRIORITY~

  9. Coming from a Christian background, now seeking answers and new to mediation’s and loving it. This particular meditation video scared me. Is this safe?

  10. just meditated with two moldavite stones in both hands, damn it was so intense, I compeletly drove out my physical body and couldn´t even tell in which direction I am circling..I know and feel that my desires manifest! I use my power to create my own reality! thanks for this guided meditation, you have such a beautiful and calm voice. Keep doing that lovely soul

  11. Se vi va date uno sguardo a questo sito, tratta di meditazione e io l'ho trovato davvero molto interessante! 🙂

  12. जीवन खुशबू देता है🌷जिना ऊसी का जीना है जो ओरो को जीवन देता है ।
    प्रेममयी Loving प्रणाम

  13. Just started doing this meditation twice a day how long does it take to see these results, i find myself struggling with focusing on the meditation, how much practice would it take to become power conscious?

  14. Thank You So Much for Sharing this Homecoming! I LOVE it and Intend to Listen Often, Love, Grace, Light and Blessings to You, 🙏❤🌎🕊

  15. Thank you so much dear Christine for this wonderful audio, juste can i ask you please to write the text because im foreign and i dont understand clearly few parts…. thank you so so much 💙

  16. Not even listening to this. And it is very deep powerful,do I doubt about my God Jesus Christ because I know I have had religious experiences that I in my mind can’t explain them but I know he gave us a powerful mind

  17. I don't understand Why NOTHING POSITIVE HAPPING my health terrible and I still haven't got my apartment I'm next on the list I GET SO LAZY CAMT GET UP TO GO TO CHURCH I'm sick of crying …it makes me go to sleep and I have crazy dreams that's scary
    ..but other then that nothing good is happening

  18. Loved it!! And so what i needed!! I’ve had tons of Magic in my life but not when i was trying so hard to manifest something. I just learned it was because i was trying to do it outward instead of INWARD!! Thank you for this lesson. I will be listening to this again! Namaste

  19. Beautiful. The truth is so deep, if man wants to be ignorant how will we go forward. The answers are ther but it takes our spiritual journey to find ourselves. Take a step forward and explore your inner peace. Thank you for this Christine

  20. Christine Breese PhD is the founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences and Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center Get on her email list at the University for announcements of her free live youtube events and retreats possibly in your area.

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  22. This is amazing I've only been doing this for a little over a week the difference I feel in myself is incredible. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and anxiety and just doing this in the morning before I get up and at night before I sleep has helped me so much thank you Christine Breese

  23. My lady congratulations on a almost hypnotic calmness .bless you.
    My teacher wishes to add if I MAY?
    That fight or flight within ,is simply the way evolution pushes thru and demonstrate s it's ability in the human body:by the free will given to each to all become decision giving humans expression.
    The lord's conscience within is decided into three parts.My teacher explained your mind is not capable to decide as this is one?(everything).my teacher said the heart or gut is the wisdom decider..My teacher explained that if you fall you will taste fear?If you follow your mind's eye and inner voice you heart Will energ-eyes(energise)your inner voice is that we fight ? resulting in then takinh it out on others or oneself?
    your stomach is the wisdom of ideas decisions goals(gut feeling)!but it is also a dark place to be when we develop mental illnesses?.I suffer because the scales in my mind are of BALANCE..what is the meaning of balance I asked my teacher….."Eat this for this is my body"
    low energy then? I asked.
    "no" he replied "history repeats itself"..I said I'd get him some anti acid tablet's for him.;-) clean your teeth and speak well."I wouldn't want anyone to taste fear?YOU STAND UP AND BE PROUD PLEASE

  24. Thanks for creating this meditation video Christine! It is a phantastic experience listening to it and getting deeper and deeper. Love you and your work!

  25. See that We are all brothers and sisters , even as children of the same creator. Now begin to visualize your future, and reality with your mind. As you practice this concept you will draw that reality towards you. Your mind will create a creative plan of action when you are willing to hear yourself. When you see your plan in your mind, do not be afraid. Commit and begin your first steps to move towards that vision. Be at ease knowing that the purest part of yourself gave you the authority to act. When you act with vision and purpose you are Truly a god.

  26. Such a beautiful meditation in so many ways. Had to share on Twitter. First time I’ve done that. Thank you for your generosity. 😍🙏🏾

  27. I come across this tonight it sounds really positive wonder if it would be something that you could play why you are sleeping so your sub conscience couldn't learn how to do this because if you do that with your sub conscience the rest of the body will heal that is the trick many people can't do

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