Marianne Williamson – Coronavirus Meditation

Marianne Williamson – Coronavirus Meditation

Hey everybody, I want to talk to you
about the coronavirus, not that you’re not already talking about it. It’s hard
to believe that in the year 2020 anybody has to defend the notion of the
body-mind connection but there does seem to be some confusion among some people.
Some people seem to think that if you pray, if you apply principles of
spirituality that somehow you’re not honoring science and nothing could be
further from the truth. The whole issue of integrative approach to health has to
do with a focus on the body and the mind and the spirit. On the level of the body
we all know what’s going on because the news is everywhere around us and I
certainly support all of the efforts that need to be made, many of which
should have already been made in this country anyway. We need to develop a
vaccine. We need to develop and to disperse kits that have to do with
testing and of course we need to develop all needed treatments. We need to make
sure that all of the people who are working with the virus are protected as
they need to be. All of those external issues are true. They need to be
focused on. But that’s not why I am making this video now. I’m making this video now
having to do with the spiritual aspects of our healing and our prevention. And so
I want to talk to you about the fact that the panic around the coronavirus
today is actually debilitating. Yes, we have a problem on our hands and yes, we
need to give all necessary support to doctors, to scientists, and to political
leaders to make sure that this is handled in absolutely the best way in
all of our countries and we want to support all the people who are working
very hard right now throughout the world to do what they can on an external level.
But there are many things that we can do on an internal level as well. Now, what I
want to do now is a meditation with you because what’s happening is that the
panic that we’re all being thrown into, the fear that we’re being thrown into,
actually decreases the functioning of our immune system because that fear
actually blocks some of the very needed energies that we need right now in order
to prevent and in order to heal. So, if this is valuable to you, I recommend that
you do this meditation. I recommend that you do it in the morning.
I recommend that you do it at night. You know, one of the most powerful things
that you can do for your health. It’s a practice, of you might call it
“mindfulness” as applied to health. When you wake up in the morning, no matter
what your practice is, take a moment to see white light poured over your body
and I’m going to now lead you through a very specific meditation to help you
really take in as deeply as possible everything that you can do to enable
your own immune system to drink in, as it were, the benefit of spirituality. Now,
some of you are Christian and some of you are not. Some of you will see the
image of the divine physician in terms of Jesus. Some of you will see it as a
light, as a guide, as an angel. Whatever you see, whatever your subconscious mind
brings forth, that will do. Okay? So, just want to make that clear. In a
way, this can be done from a Christian perspective, it can be done
from a non-christian perspective, but whatever it is, bring in these images
because these images have a literal effect on your subconscious mind and
your subconscious mind has an effect on the functioning of your immune system.
Got that? Okay. Now, if you’re in a car obviously do not close your eyes, but if
you can, if you’re home, if you’re someplace where you can do this, take a
deep breath and close your eyes. Now we see in the middle of our mind a little
ball of golden light and we watch this light as it begins to grow larger and
larger until now it covers the entire inner vision of our mind and we see for
ourselves within this light a beautiful temple and we see a garden that
surrounds the temple and a body of water that flows through the garden. We see
that the inside of the temple is lit as well by this same beautiful golden light and here you are. Now, with your mind’s eye, see in front of you the
divine physician, the infinite healing power of the mind of God. Some will see this in the person of
Jesus, for some this is an angel, for some this is a concept, for some this is a
light. Whatever you see, whatever is true for you, that’s correct. And now, see this image and see in front
of this image a white marble slab and now see yourself lying on this slab,
lying on your back but when you lie upon it it is not hard like marble, it is soft
and it is warm and it is an otherworldly comfort and now see the image of the
divine physician as he, she or it lifts their hands and from their hands there
now radiates over your body infinite protection, infinite power, infinite light and infinite love. And now, see two angels standing above
your head and pouring forth into your head a divine elixir of light. Watch and
feel as this light now enters into your brain, pours through your head, pours
through your skull, your cranium, even your hair, moving now into your eyes,
every bone, all of the blood, your ears, your mouth, your nose, watch as this
elixir of divine light moves now into every bone, through every organ, through
every muscle, moving now into your neck, pouring forth now into all of the
muscles, all of the bones, down into your spine and see every cell and every
muscle and every bone and every artery and every vein now as this light moves
into your torso, drink in this light and as it does so, every cell is invigorated,
every cell is bolstered, every cell is filled with healing light as this light
now moves into your shoulders, down through your torso, actually see and feel
as this light fills every cell of your being, rising up to receive it, moving
down through your upper arms, allow yourself to feel every muscle relaxed as
every cell drinks in this power, this light moving down through your elbows,
your lower arms, your wrists, your hands, your fingers, every cell relaxing
now, the torso being filled with this light ,your breasts, your heart, your
thyroid, your hypothalamus, your lungs, your pancreas, your liver, your stomach, your
cervix, your penis, your vagina, your buttocks, your colon, every cell, every
organ, every bone healed, infused with light, with protection, with healing, with
healing, with healing, with healing. The light continuing down now into the thighs, into
your legs, your entire body filled with light into the thighs, into the knees,
into the lower legs, into the ankles, into the feet, into the toes, every bone, every
muscle, every organ, the body now filled with light and now we pray in the name
of one who is most holy, in the name of one who is the divine physician to you,
Jesus or any other, we now command all dis-ease, all dysfunction, of cell or
consciousness to go back to the nothingness from whence it came. We place
the coronavirus, that which is active within any body, that which is existing
in the world, we place it in divine hands, we pray that it be dissolved, we pray
that it go back to the nothingness from whence it came, we pray for divine
healing of all those who have contracted the virus, we pray that the immune system
of all bodies be bolstered that the virus cannot become active in
our systems, as the light of all that is good true and beautiful, the Christ light,
the Buddha light, the light that is the light by whatever name so impress
itself upon our bodies, upon all bodies upon the body of humanity that every
cell of every body becomes so filled with light, the light pouring forth now
beyond the skin, infusing the skin and moving beyond the skin, that our bodies
are repaired and replaced by light, that every cell of the body be renewed,
transformed, healed and imprinted with the perfection of the divine. Allow yourself to feel this healing active and present within you. Think of at least three other people for
whom you wish this healing light to pour forth. We say a special prayer for all those
doctors, scientists, political leaders, agency leaders, international leaders. May
they be aided in their work, may miraculous breakthroughs occur that this
virus might now transform into the nothingness from whence it came. And now with this healing light within
you and upon you, we give thanks and we say “Amen.” Go wash your hands.Thanks.

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  1. Are you are so right. This video is right on time. Hearing about all this all day long is not doing me any good. So I tried to meditate a few times. Just cannot seem to settle down. And obviously universe is telling me to settle down.

  2. What the hell?

    Geeze… the human species is in such a depressing fall of intellect and is just blatantly in a mass decline of retrogression!

    I mean, the vast majority, since the predominant use of the Internet, have become extremely gullible, naive and madly asinine.

    We were once a breed thriving with intelligence and progression, and have now become extreme simpletons within only 2 decades.

    I never thought I'd live to see the day where the Earth's societies would rapidly become similar to the movie, Idiocracy. I know it may sound like a corny analogy, but it is a most judicious statement with merit, no doubt!

    It's only in its infancy, which is an appalling and frightening notion, to say the least!

    (SMH 😔)

  3. I'd like to be able to say I'm part of the reason you get attention as a politician, but that wouldn't even be close to fair. It was always all you, and you know what you're doing. You're helping so many more people than you know, regardless of this epidemic. I'm only ministering to you, expecting nothing, because your role is underplayed, as is your beauty and womanhood. If you fail to influence much publicly, continue to meditate in private, because you are not a dim light, or I would never have seen you, which has little to do with your physical form. You are blessed, my love, and I am none other than Cassiel, so I should know. Continue to feel your love. It is an incredible gift to humanity, as if you were a manifestation of Calliel.

  4. you are absolutely right .. I am a physicist. I have added your youtube on LinkedIn.

  5. I prefer the video that satires you. Your penis, your cervix, your vagina, your buttocks I can't believe you said all that 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Fear doesn't block necessary "energy", it releases hormones that induce stress and weakens the immune system. It's not spiritual, it's chemical.

  7. The peeling paint on the wall behind her is giving me anxiety.
    Maybe's she's in an underground 1960s fallout shelter?

  8. This is insane. Imagine if she became president. "Let us meditate for Hurricane insertnamehere". Please just fucking stop with this bullshit, we were way smarter as a species 30 years ago

  9. Marianne, i love you so much. Thank you for all that you do in spite of the reaction that you get. This is such a lesson for me, thank you

  10. My advice to you is stay away from potential vectors, as this is something that no amount meditation will mitigate.
    Increase your vitamins C, D & K intake.

  11. Before beginning this meditation, see brilliant white light permeating through and radiating from your body. The guided meditation begins here: 3:48. May All Beings Be Well, Protected, Wise, Prosperous, and Happy.

  12. ‪“May miraculous breakthroughs occur.”

    I appreciate this integration of science and spirit at this time. Thank you for your bold stand ✨🙏✨

    To our medical researchers who are working so diligently to find treatments, thank you.

    To our local, national, and global governments being challenged in unprecedented ways to organise around the care of the populace, thank you. ‬

    ‪To the populace pushing back at the governments, seeking better, more widespread humanitarian and compassionate management in every place it is needed, thank you. ‬

    ‪To the individuals doing all they can to make adequate provision in the face of the unknown for themselves, their families, and their neighbours, thank you.‬

    ‪To those generously sharing knowledge of kitchen cabinet immune boosters, thank you. ‬

    ‪To those saying prayers and lighting candles for our world, thank you. ‬

  13. I needed this today! Thank you! You helped me be assured that as long as we are strong physically and psychically that we will be okay. I also used your prayer words as a basis for my own white candle spell/prayer. Many thanks, love and blessings!

  14. The nothingness from which it came?! Wtf are you talking about. It came from eating animals and NOTHING comes from nothingness. You are a fraud and a phony… manipulating so many fools to believe in you. Go away, Marianne 🤮

  15. Interestingly, I found out from my Chinese friend that they had a Corona virus epidemic 10 years ago. How is it that the media didn't blow it up back then? Could it be that it was not a time of elections in the US that time around? That Marianne Williamson wasn't leading these honest, powerful conversations? That Bernie Sanders wasn't mentioning a "revolution" that means cut out the ones that got used to taking advantage but happen to represent all the major establishments and media? Maybe it serves some people that the US population is scared to go to vote?
    So, the Chinese are just doing what they did the last time- wash hands, try to stay out of crowds, my friend's father temporarily closed couple of restaurants, and in about 2 months the ones that got infected will either get better or die and the virus dies with them.
    … Nice meditation, thank you!

  16. Marianne is a symbol of Devine inspiration. Her voice is soothing. I'm going to put this meditation into practice. She's correct in intertwining the Science and the Spiritual. After all our Almighty Father is the Great Scientist of all Creation. Jesus is the Great Physician. They are us, and we are them. Start believing.

  17. Wonderful Marianne. Your healing energy is felt from Australia. I commit to doing this meditation morning and night as I feel so protected and filled with healing energy after having listened. Thank you x

  18. Thank you Marianne for such beautiful meditation. This is just what we needed! Good bless you! 🙏🙏🙏

  19. Thank you MariAnne. I felt that beautiful deep healing. You are such a shining angel. Love you 🤍🤍🤍

  20. Look at the wall behind her. It’s preventing me from being able to focus on what she is saying. And the way she keeps moving her hands and arms around is really agitating me.

  21. Why does it look like she's in a school basement sex dungeon for a porn, and she's in the kooky guest starring principal role?

  22. This could have been your candidate Democrats. We could have had daily prayers for our colons and buttholes.
    But noooo… You went with the Old Senile Guy and Old Commie Guy. 🙄

  23. Thank you! I really needed this. I've had so much fear and anxiety and after your meditation I feel more at peace.

  24. Why did her eyebrows raise at 9:14 for “penis”, but no other body parts? She must have really visualized it!

  25. I really wish she and Andy Yang were still in the race. FUCK ALL the other unoriginal, ABSOLUTELY clueless candidates !!!

  26. So many dumbass Westerners in these comments having absolutely ZERO clue on what meditation really is and what it can really do for your mental and physical health.

  27. Thank you Maryanne that was amazing. Namaste 🙏
    May we also send this Golden light out to the fear-mongering energy going on in life lived.

  28. You Were Meant
    All of This:
    it is preparation for walking in the world
    as Light.
You have been found now,
and the running of many lifetimes 
is over.
So as each layer of dust
is wiped clean from the surface,
the You
you have known
must disperse.
    Let this Light become
    your Speech & your Silence.
    Let the grief
    that has lived you
    pass away.
    Let the people
    who love You
    Love Themselves.
    Let the Earth shake,
    the Stars burn,
    the Skies break
    when You do:
    as painful as this part is,
    You were meant to know your Light.
    – Em Claire

  29. "I FLOOD THE CELLS OF MY BODY WITH LOVE" thats part of the prayer i use daily for myself.

    Amen and Amen again….. Thankyou Marianne for leading us with this powerful meditation / prayer!!!

    Love, Blessings and Healing to all our brothers and sisters globally ❤️❤️❤️

  30. Thanks for this healing Miriam. My penis and colon is now cleansed…….. because I washed my ass with a hose

  31. If only Marianne wasn’t dressed as if she was at a business meeting ….fortunately, one doesn’t look at her while she is talking ….it is a good visualisation Meditation …Thank you …the other feed back I would like to give in case she does another one …Marianne needs to go slower at the start ..people need a little longer to really be in that Temple of Light before they can really be there.

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