Microchipping Humans🔴RFID Chip Implant | 666 Mark of the Beast (10)

Microchipping Humans🔴RFID Chip Implant | 666 Mark of the Beast (10)

Microchipping Humans – Mark of the Beast | RFID Chip Implant- 666 the future of surveillance is hiding in
plain sight at the Baja beach club in Rotterdam Holland this may look like a
regular party but it’s no normal club the Baja has an elite group of special
VIPs who are different from other clients they need no identification and no cash
to buy drinks food to enter the club all they have to do is offer up an arm
to a scale and tonight twenty-one-year-old rio nice
shootin will be joining the in-crowd I just do
it because that’s more comfortable they will bring you drinks and food instead
of you go to the bar together but before he can party reality has a doctor’s
appointment he’s getting an electronic chip implanted in his arm it’s called
radio frequency identification an RFID chip is a small device that transmits a
radio signal that’s read by a scam in 2003 the Attorney General of Mexico
and some of his staff received RFID implants inside their bodies to allow
them access to sensitive areas while it’s not yet commonplace Rio knees
doctor has implanted nearly 100 ships at first I have some doubt of course
because you are putting chips in healthy people healthy young people but I think
it’s it’s the future each tiny chip has a number a scanner
connected to a database can instantly reveal who the person is and much more
technically there’s no limit to the information the database can hold this
is the needle I’m gonna paint Blanca Cuba the chip itself is little larger
than a grain of rice it will remain inside Rio knees body for the rest of
his life or until he undergoes surgery to have it removed Romney will need an
anesthetic before the procedure the chip is implanted just millimeters
below the skin if it goes in too close to the muscle
the muscle could be damaged and Rowney will feel the chip when he moves if all
goes well you won’t even know it’s there Anthony plows the procedure is over in seconds and now
it’s time to party although others have to pay cash of the entrance and when
ryona arrives his name and number instantly identify him as a VIP member
of the club he makes his way to the VIP deck and uses his implant to buy a drink the Baha is a glimpse of a not so
distant future already some people have chips with critical health information
something that soon everyone will have a chip that will identify that and allow a
new form of surveillance then I saw another beast this is the false prophet
coming out of the earth who had two horns like a lamb you might underline
that like a lamb but he spoke like a dragon he exercised all the authority of
the first beast in this presence and causes the earth on those that dwell in
it to worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed he survives that
assassination attempt he performs great signs verse 13 so he can even make fire
come down from heaven on the earth and the sight of men and he deceives those
that dwell on the earth by those signs what she was granted to do in the sight
of the Beast telling those who dwell in the earth to make an image to the Beast
who was wounded by the sword and lived he was granted power to give breath to
the image of the Beast that the image of the Beast should both speak and cause as
many as would who would not worship the image that the Beast would be killed any
report claims that brain implants used to treat neurological disorders could
become vulnerable to cyber attacks our t correspondent has been following this
story Dan Cohen what are you here if a chip implanted in the human brain used
to control people sounds like a scene straight out of science fiction that’s
because it is the stories we’ve been hearing they are
really inspirational Microchipping Humans – Mark of the Beast | RFID Chip Implant- 666 is completely safe sure it is but a group of scientists is warning
that scenario isn’t far from becoming a reality new research published in a
public library of science journal indicates that scientists have been able
to help paralyzed people use digital devices with nothing but their thoughts
they just look at the screen and think about moving a cursor and they’re able
to work the device using an electrode array system called brain gateun two men
and one woman paralyzed below the neck had electrode grids implanted over part
of the motor cortex a part of the brain that helps control movement when they
looked at a computer tablet and thought about moving a cursor the implant
actually picked up those thoughts then sent them to the virtual Mouse compared
with the tablet which actually executed what the people were thinking about
these were just store-bought tablets – not something fancy rigged up for the
lab so the people were actually able to use the tablets using nothing but their
thoughts they were able to browse the web compose and send email text play
music and mourn the woman looked up information on how to take care of poor
care she also ordered grocery one of the male participants was excited
because we could actually text his friends and be funny with them actually
conveying his sense of humor easily the other purchase have been called the
interface simply amazing the research represents a breakthrough in that they
used store-bought unmodified devices this is how far we’ve come that we can
actually implant devices in the brain so that we can control regular computer
tablets with our thoughts obviously the implications for people
who are paralyzed are huge but it’s also a pretty huge step for Humanity in
general just another step in the growing field of neural implants scientists are
now working on implants that can boost our memories help manage psychiatric
illnesses and so much more Elon Musk says he’s about to announce a product
from his company neural link that will make anyone superhuman capable of
competing with any artificial intelligence the melding of the human
brain to computer brain is only in its movie and is found to keep growing in
today’s crazy world a lot of people are expressing fear and dread about the
future I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that these are changing
tonight and most people fear or dread change itself personally I welcome it I
love change and progress and growth no matter how scary it might be but if
you’re one of those people experiencing some kind of existential dread right now
then take heart soon there might be a neural
plant that can help you with that 4:16 this is a big one he causes all both
small and great rich and poor free and slave to receive a mark on the right
hand or their forehead and no man may buy or sell except the one who has the
mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name here is wisdom that
him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast for it as a number
of a man the number is 666 researchers from the Kaspersky Lab and the
University of Oxford functional neurosurgery group released a new report
claiming that brain implants could be used to steal spy on alter or control
human memories the technology is called deep brain stimulation it’s a brain
surgery procedure that involves implanting a neuro stimulator into the
human body it sends electrical impulses to specific targets in the brain for
treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders like Parkinson’s disease tremors
depression and of compulsive disorder the researchers
have laid out different scenarios that they say could be exploited
among them are an attack on an online management platform binocular with
surgical teams sensitive data and treatment procedures could be breached
they also say hackers to tamper with insecure or unencrypted data transfers
manipulation of these networks can cause pain paralysis or the theft of
confidential personal data the need for a backdoor is a way to allow doctors
access in emergency situations also poses a security risk as does unsecure
behavior from medical staff using default passwords the report warns that
new threats resulting from these scenarios could include the mass
manipulation of groups during planted or erased memories of political events or
conflicts while repurposed cyber threats could target new opportunities for cyber
espionage or the theft deletion or locking of memories for example and
return for a ransom well the researchers say these kinds of scenarios are still
twenty years away they’ve called on cyber security companies manufacturers
and healthcare companies developed methods to prevent the possibility of it Microchipping Humans – Mark of the Beast | RFID Chip Implant- 666 you

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  1. Some people believe in "The Mark of the Beast" while others just believe in the continuation and advancment of our technology.

    Either way, its no secret that many governments have been researching forms of poulation control, as there are many Conspiracies out there on the subject.

    Whatever you believe in, whether it be the Mark of the Beast, or simply new emerging technology.

    I fear that our future will look something like this:

    Now you can conveniently manage your life with this new revolutionary RFID Microchip. Accepted everywhere.
    Just tap and go.
    No lines.
    No waiting.
    All of your data in one place.

    Dont worry, all of your important data is stored on the chip. This includes, but is not limited to

    – You’re credit score
    – You’re criminal history
    – You’re rental history
    – You’re medical history

    and all of you’re other miscellaneous data needed for everyday activities.

    Because "Convenience" and "Identity Protection" right?

    Maybe they could convince people this would a good investment with ploys like these:

    – Find your lost children, or you’re grandparents suffering from Alzheimer’s. You can easily locate them with this multi function, gps microchip implant.

    – Find your lost pets with this microchip implant.

    – Having a busy day?
    All you’re needs are just a tap away.

    Sounds good in theory…but wait for it.
    This where it takes a dark turn.

    Fast foward 15 years or so later, after everyone has recieved their FREE Microchip Implant, and everyone is blown away with how much more convenient everything is.

    You start getting this monthly notice on your phone as a text message alert. (Your smartphone could be synced to your microchip, thus the text message alerts)

    “Please make a monthly payment to keep your microchip implant services activated for another month or subscribe to our 12 month Package”.

    Why do you need to PAY to keep your microchip active?

    Here’s the kicker.
    Here’s what they didnt tell everyone about the microchips until they were positive everyone has been chipped and databased:

    – If you cant afford to keep your microchip services active, your microchip shuts down, your auto injected with poison and you die.

    [The end of Poverty]

    – If you commit too many crimes, the judge court orders you’re microchip to be turned off, your auto injected with poison and you die.

    [The end of all known Crime]

    – If you consume too large of quantities of drugs or alcohol in a pre-determined span of time, your flagged as an “abuser” your microchip is turned off, your auto injected with poison and you die.

    [The end of all known Substance Abuse and Addiction]

    With a system like this is place, there would be zero poverty, zero violent crime, and zero drug addiction and chemical dependency.

    So would that make the world a Utopia?
    Or more like a future dystopian civilization of emotionless drone slaves?

    There are probably a million configurations of how they could use and program these microchips, and they could essentially reduce the worlds population by half in only a few years with a system like this in place.

    Honestly, I think people will eat this shit up. I think people will LINE UP to be microchipped because people are inherently sheep. And only after its too late, will they learn the true nefarious purpose of the microchips.

    It will be the next big tech gadget, and they will advertise it and present it in the same way as they do with the newest iPhone, or the Newest Samsung phone
    or the newest way to protect yourself from identity theft.

    It would bring about a whole new meaning to the word Slavery.

    What do you think?
    Do you think the advancment of technology, or a supposed Mark of the Beast could look something like this?

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