Miracle of G.O.D.TECH and a Request for Funding

Miracle of G.O.D.TECH and a Request for Funding

Hello my name is David John Jeffery. I’m
the writer, producer and director of the film G.O.D.TECH. We’re currently looking to
raise one hundred thousand pounds to finish off this film and the reason why
I’m coming to you today is because we’ve started a campaign that hopefully we can
raise that money within 30 days but before I start on that I’d like to tell
you a little bit of history about how this film started because it’s quite
interesting for those who don’t know. I’ve been a Christian all my life. From
the age of seven I was saved. From the age of twelve I was baptized and
somewhere between the age of thirteen and sixteen I fell away from God but got
back to him at sixteen and when I was 16 I got a dream and I dreamt about a world
in the future where everyone would be microchipped and they wouldn’t be able
to buy or sell anything unless they had this microchip and when I woke up, I think it was a time while studying the book of Revelation and it
related to vaguely into what was written in Revelation 13 where it talks about a
time where you can’t buy or sell less you have a mark on the hand or on the
forehead, and because I had this great idea I thought I’d write it into a
book and I wrote the book when I was 16 and then when I was older in 2009
Barclaycard brought out the first swipe card technology and I was a bit worried
that my dream, my book, was gonna actually come true
so I thought it’d be a good idea to write it. So I rewrote it because at the
time I wrote it on a typewriter and then I rewrote it up on the computer and then
I self-published it because my parents had a publishing company and they said
they weren’t really interested in the book at the time, that my idea that I had
when I was a kid, so I self-published it and then they took it away and they
really liked it so they decided to publish it professionally. So they
published it and within the first weekend it got to number two in the
Kindle charts for religious science fiction. So then we’re moving forward in time, so I’ve had this book published and I had a
few situations in my life that led me to not have a job and not have a home and I
was homeless for a little bit and then someone gave me a couch to sleep on so I
ended up sleeping in there on their couch for about three to four months. At
some point in that term the council wanted to find out how many people were
staying at this guy’s house and he told me I had four weeks till I had to leave
the house so I was in a bit of a bad place at the time. I hadn’t been praying
or following God in any way shape or form and I was a bit desperate for a
home and a job so I prayed to God in a moment of desperacy and said, “Look, I
need a home. I need a job. Please help me God”, and at that particular time when
that actually happened, God said to me very clearly in my mind, “Make a film of
your book”, and I, kind of, didn’t believe it was from God. I thought that was all
in my mind, even though I don’t know where that came from,
so I carried on praying, and a few days past, I just kept getting this urge to
make a film of my book and I thought, okay I’m gonna call God’s bluff and I
said okay, if this is God actually talking to me and telling me to make a
film of my book, because that’s the only answer I’m getting right now, okay I
don’t have a job. I don’t have a house. I don’t have any money. How can I possibly
do that? And I, when I was younger, wrote a few theater plays so I converted
my book into a theater play and then the first scene was just a whole bunch of
news readers reading the news, at that time. So I put that together in a scene
and I advertised for actors for free and I advertised for makeup artists and the
camera because that’s all I knew at the time. I didn’t know all the things
about sound and everything like that so I managed to get a cameraman (there’s a
story behind that but I don’t want to share that online right now but it was a
miracle in itself) who would do this for free and he’s been a friend ever since. I
managed to get a makeup artist for free and I got a bunch of actors
for free. Now on the first day of filming only one actor turned up so I was stuck
and I knew I’d be struggling to make this film with only one actor so I got
him to do as many scenes as I possibly could and, sorry scenes, I mean shots,
and then I thought, okay that’s the weekend over, great and my prayer, I’ve
answered what God told me to do. I’ve started making my film but the weird
thing was I got this really strong feeling inside at that time, nothing’s gonna
happen until I actually finish that scene and I’ve done a bunch of shots and
I didn’t have enough actors so I thought, okay, okay, the following weekend I’ll go
and re-film it and I’ll get some more actors in and I did and at that
particular time I had a whole bunch of actors who came in and unfortunately I
didn’t have enough parts for the amount of actors that turned up so I had to
whittle it down and I got my favorite actors out of it through, you know,
because seeing their look whether they could act and things like that and then
I finished off that scene which was great. Also, at that particular time,
there was a girl called Victoria who prayed with me because she said she was
a Christian and she prayed that also God would answer my prayer. The next day I
got a phone call from a company who said to me they would like to offer me an
interview and I hadn’t really put my CV out there. It was on a few job boards. It had
been out there forever and they said that they’d just see me on a job board and
they thought I had the skills they required and they wanted someone to be a
Novell and Active Directory Project Manager and, if anyone doesn’t know what that
is, it’s a very high-level IT Project Manager job, something I wasn’t qualified
in at all. I’ve done a bit of project management that that was through National Health Service
systems and it wasn’t Novell and it wasn’t Active Directory, so I couldn’t work out
why they want to interview me but anyway I went for the interview and at the time
they gave me a 20 question quiz and out of all the 20 questions I only knew what
one question meant and that one question I actually got wrong
so I thought I’d already flunked. I didn’t think I was gonna make it so I
went for the interview and they seemed to like me and I went home and
then the next day they called me and said we’d like to offer you the job and
being an honest kind of guy I said to them, you know, I thought I flunked the test
and they actually said, “What test? We don’t have any tests!” And I said, “The
tests I did at your job interview!” And they said, “Oh it must have been
something Human Resources were doing. It’s nothing to do with us!”
So I was really amazed. I said, “Well I also I don’t know anything about Novell or Active Directory.” And they said, “That’s fine we can train you.” And I said,
“So what is it you liked about me?” and they said, “Well we like the fact you’ve
done customer services in the past!” Which I thought was a really bizarre reason to
give me an IT Project Manager job but I accepted it on quite a high salary which
I felt, wow! I got an answer to my prayer. So then I thought to myself oh maybe God
actually is in this. Maybe making that film did mean that I’m gonna get a
home and a job. You know, I’d mean that’s what I prayed for and that’s what I
got so I thought oh I feel a bit more confident about getting a home and the
time I was living in Stafford, in Staffordshire, in the UK. So I said okay,
went to the estate agents and they said what’s your budget and I said I
have no budget which is the truth and they thought I had lots of money
from that and I did kind of imply it so I mean I don’t blame them really so they
start looking at houses and I looked at a two-bedroom property. In the end I
found one in Stafford that I really liked in a place called Castletown and
went for this house and loved it. The rent was not very much but it
had a high deposit and they said right so we need the deposit and I said I don’t
have any money and they said oh we thought you had money. I said well I do
because I have this job and it’s at the end of the month that I’m gonna get paid a
serious amount of money and I’ll be able to pay the deposit and I’ll be able to pay
for the house. I’ll be able pay for everything with this job. So they were
like, oh okay, well we’ll have to talk to the landlady
and I only had a week left really untill I was going to be thrown out the house
so I thought oh I’ve lost this one but I’ll hope that I’m going to get this house.
I looked at other places but I wasn’t accepted anywhere else. That was the
closest I got to getting accepted. So I got to the end of the week and the guy said
it’s Saturday now he’s gonna have to throw me out the house
and I said oh well I’m sorry I’ve got nowhere to go and he says, “There’s
nothing I can do. You’re just gonna have to live on the street from now.” So I was
really depressed and he said what about that house that you were going for in Stafford in
Castletown? And I said why they never got back to me and he said why didn’t you
try giving them a call now? And I had tried throughout the week but failed so
I gave them a call and I got through to them and they said oh we’ve been trying
to get hold of you all week we took down the wrong phone number for you. The landlady has said that you can move in today if you want and you can get the
first month free of any rent and deposit, so a free accommodation for a whole
month if you sign the contract which I was really happy about. So I got a job
and I got house and because I have such a high paid job at the time I
really felt what God was trying to say to me was that he wanted me to finish
this movie. So I didn’t have any movie experience and I started filming very, I
would say now, it was more a rogue filmmaker, not understanding how the filming
trade works or anything I had to really think on my feet. I made up call sheets. I
did some research to some casting call sheets, did a little bit study. I actually
studied a couple of things at the Open University to help me along and it was a
really weird time if I look back now. I would have never made the movie with
that kind of experience but I met a girl at one point called Susanna who had
a degree in filming and she was gonna be a supporting artist or she could
have could have called herself a very, very small role in G.O.D.TECH, very small
speaking role and she was really excited about, well after speaking to her,
she was very excited about the film and she wanted to come on board as an, if
you like an, advisor and also first assistant director. I asked her to be a
first assistant director because I seriously needed one and she really helped
the production. She gave me some amazing advice and just changed the flow of it. I’m re-auditioned all of our cast.
We got a professional camera work in, professional studio work. I worked out
about sound. I learned about image, cinematography, all the things which I
was… I had a bit of history. I’ve been a DJ in the past, been a photographer in
the past, so it wasn’t like I didn’t understand image and sound but she
helped me pull it all together and make it professional and now we’re at a place
where we’re ready to do the final production, getting the last
bits filmed out and getting the post-production done and we want to get
this film out as soon as possible. It’s been delaying for about eight years
and that is because we’ve had some people drop out. We’ve had
cinematographers not understand the vision, when they’ve seen something
Christian in it they’ve shied away and thought well I don’t want to get involved in a religious film and it’s not really a religious film it’s actually quite true
to today and everything that’s happening in the world today is happening in this
film right now. I don’t mean to go on about it but you know microchipping is…
Wow! There’s microchipping all over the world right now. In Sweden, we have the train
networks and also we have some businesses who’ve got their employees
microchipped, ‘voluntarily’ at the moment. There was a while ago a nightclub in
Manchester which was exclusive to people who had a microchip in their hands. We
had the children in Iowa were microchipped for attendance. This is an interesting
one. It was a while ago, about maybe five or six years ago. Probably five years
ago in Iowa, came out in the news that these children… Basically the school had
decided to microchip all of the children without permission from the parents
because they were told if they could absolutely prove that the children
weren’t truanting then the government would give them more money so they
rolled out a microchip scheme to try and stop children from being truant because
then they could track on a little screen where they were at any time. Obviously
the parents were up in arms and then it hit the news. So these things are
happening all over the place and unless we actually stand and release something,
a film of some sort, that will hit the cinemas, that really will change people’s
perspective on what the government could do in the future, I think that they could
end up just doing it and we’ve lost the whole argument and the whole case, if you
like. Now obviously we are not going to know exactly what’s going to happen but
it’s a great exposure and for people who believe that the microchip is
the mark of the beast, this is the way forward. We already have distribution from
a massive distribution company. I’m not able to say on camera who they are but
they’ve agreed to internationally distribute the film to cinemas. I’m gonna
have other people on board. We will be going to the festivals. This film is
going to go out everywhere. I’ve got also in place DVD distribution and cable
networks distribution. Everything is in writing and in place. All we need is the
final funding and that’s where I’ve created this funding campaign right now.
If you aren’t getting this through the funding campaign, you’re getting it through
the YouTube channel or whatever then I’m gonna put a link underneath this video
of where you can go, where you can send details of your contact. I’ll give
some email addresses in the description so you can contact us and
we’re just going to get this film out and we’re going to get it made. So if
you’re interested, please give on the links that I provide. Please, this
video is actually going to be on the funding channel itself, so if
you’ve seen on the channel, please give as much as you can, even if you were to
just give $10 or £10 it’s perfectly fine. I don’t mind how much you give to
be honest because over the conglomerate of everyone giving, we’re
going to make all the money we need to make this film work. Obviously if we
get over a hundred thousand then we’ll be able to get better effects in,
but a hundred thousand is the bare minimum we need right now so that’s
that’s why I put that out there, to be fair. It’s actually a hundred and two
thousand but who’s counting? We are really excited to get started and I
really hope that you want to join us and you want to get involved in this
a brilliant thing that’s going on. We’ve got web pages, Instagram, Facebook, like
whatever you can, promote whatever you can, you can get us on LinkedIn as well
the various social networks. I don’t know them all, to be fair. Just look for godtechmovie, one-word godtechmovie. Just search for that. Google search for
that. Okay you can Google search my name, David John Jeffery. I’m out there
on Google everywhere. You can’t miss me! We’re also going to be doing some
campaigns in the UK. If churches want us to come and do photography or
videography, all money that’s raised through this means is going to go to the
film so anyone who brings me in and for work and says oh yes I want you to
photograph me preaching or whatever I’ll do that. All the money paid to me will go
into the film and that’s how we’re gonna make the money. That’s how we’re gonna
raise a hundred thousand. Okay so it’s not just through this channel it’s going
to be through work. Anything I can do. If you challenge me with something and say
I’ll pay you X amount of money if you were to do this, if it’s got a contract in
place and you are happy to do that then I’m happy to do that, obviously
within a Christian reason. Okay? So yeah, please get on board
and let’s make this thing and let’s make history! Thank you!

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  1. While i like the premise, and idea i want to caution you on 2 things, keep a wide birth from "face encyclopedia" its deep CIA and the image spoken of, at least i believe in part, 2nd if you are serious about this and i hope you are, look into what happened with greystate and its director and team and be aware and on guard.

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