Morality without religion | Frans de Waal | TEDxPeachtree

Morality without religion | Frans de Waal | TEDxPeachtree

Translator: Lalla Khadija Tigha
Reviewer: Ivana Korom This morning our first presenter is doctor Frans de Waal

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  1. I actually thought the other one will refuse the grape lol… But I'm happy he reported similar results happened in other experiments

    Brilliant talk!

  2. In my view this is about "morality" and not about religion.
    Christian religion is quite simple: in respect of God, love each other. And start loving the poor and weak, knowing you will not get anything in return.

  3. Life in general never ceases to amaze me. A very simple lesson, and yet, one that seems to be missed by the general public. I hope we as humans, will learn that cooperative behavior will allow humankind to grow and evolve into the higher beings we might become.

  4. I'm not focusing on what isnlandretreat was telling your. But I will tell you this: Bible talks about Christ. He came to give his life so you can be saved from any sin you could have, by defeating death. Also, in its mercifulness, gave you decision to accept him, or not. You can still be moral, but it is easier that someone without Christ transgress human laws (and God's laws). The benefit of believing in him: eternal life. (continues)

  5. So, if you think that when we die, we'll be only worms' food, at least people who believe in Christ would've been "moral" people (as anybody else). But if afterlife is true (supposing is for you to reasoning. I'm convinced by faith), then, your decision will have consequences, bad or good. Our role is to speak of Christ so that nobody have excuse of ignorance of him (remember that it was a personal decision) when God asks you whether you believe in Christ or not, thus chosing heaven or hell.

  6. But this ain't what the video's talking about so I'm gonna finish here.
    PS : Good video tho. A must watch.

  7. D'aw.. refused grapes til other got grapes.

    More 'human' than some I humans I know.

    We should stop using 'human' and 'humane' as a way to describe morality.

  8. I don't really get his point, morality is something that requires reason; this all seems like projections of humans on the behaviour of animals.. Morality is a self-reflected proces, if not we were to repeat our behaviour without the posibility of change

  9. Is it really? Or are you kidding yourself? Religion is tool used by those in power now to divide and manipulate the masses. They need a scapegoat so thats where the minorities come in. Muslims, GLBT, non-whites etc… all to distract you from the REAL issue.


    The USA was founded as a secular state which is clearly seen in the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights and underscored many time by the founding fathers. Here is the beginning of Article 11 from the Treaty of Tripoli that was initiated by George Washington, finalised by John Adams and was unanimously approved by the Senate:

    "Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,— "
    Get it now?

  11. Maybe by continuing this discussion about Humans evolving from chimpanzees will support the many who continue acting and reasoning like them. ◘ could it be that maybe we were created from the same CREATOR? ,and other animals have similar brain capabilities as us humans?. I Refuse to accept the fact that mankind is a product of Evolution. Accepting this idea of so called "morality" does not provide answers to subjects such as : RACISM , last time I checked Darwin's theory only supports natural selection and the belief of one (oganisms/race/species) being superior to another.. THIS IS NOT SCIENCE THIS IS INDOCTRINATION

  12. All morals are derived from the 10 Commandments. Don't let these liars confuse you. There is no morality without God and his Commandments.

  13. This is a great talk but I think his research cannot lead to what he's trying to accomplish. Religion serves to provide a rational reason for morality. Being moral isn't just about being good to others, it's about being good because you think it's how it should be, because it's 'the right thing to do'. It sounds pretty undetermined and unscientific, but that is why morality is such a big philosophical problem. His research is useful but I don't understand how it could establish morality. The biological reason for such a behavior is probably because it provides a higher chance of survival, but morality cannot be backboned with such reasoning, since being 'moral' for your survival isn't actually moral.

  14. "It the those charged in our society with ensuring a level playing field don't start doing that,we will return to primate logic,so justice is re established!'

  15. Start at 5:50 The one on the right did not get it all, although he did try to. At 5:53 you can see the hand of the one on the left grab some. Not all. And left him a small amount to take of his side.

  16. 15:02 THIS is why it's none of your business what the person who works with you gets paid to do the same as you do. Or regardless of labor. HUSH..HUSH.. Or you get this…

  17. Many millenia ago, a caveman took a shaft and applied a point to it. With this spear, he could kill his dinner. Even better, he could kill his enemy. With sufficient numbers of these weapons, he could terrorize entire tribes of his enemies. Until , of course, the enemies copied the design and built lots of them. Then Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) ensured peace. Many millenia later, some other cavemen from the scientist tribe, took a different shaft (an ICBM) and attached a different point (a nuclear warhead). Now, cavemen could kill their lunch, themselves, and everything else on the planet. Mercifully, MAD has saved him. Can cavemen be good without God? The question is irrelevant. Caveman, in any millenium, can only be good with MAD….. even on a small scale. Eliminate all deterrents and the Really Big Question presents itself: WILL caveman be good.

  18. A certain percentage of humans; at least 10%, do not feel empathy. They become salesmen, con-men and CEOs. I guess the military and police have an over abundance as well.

  19. Jesus is the Way the truth and the light, those who follow him will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life, science has a very limited methodology when it comes to discovering the nature of our reality because it is limited to the scientific method, which relies heavily on quantifiable observation. Science does not dive into the topic of dreams, emotions, etc. because these are spiritual things that cannot be measured in a scale or seen through a lens, we have to be careful not to confuse science for God, science is a tool of mankind, God is the one who gave us a brain to understand the nature of the physical world through our human discoveries, but he also gave us a heart to understand the spiritual world through his living word found in the Bible.

    If science is the most credible and reliable choice for determining the validity of our theorized reality, and if such tool which we have put our faith on was designed to achieve a collective overall progression for humanity, then why has the progressive evolution of present day science correlated with a regressive devolution of present day humanity? The problem is not the world, its us, the world is molded by our mental foundations, ethics and morality will always be subjective if we base them on our carnal opinions, but if we base our ethics and morality in the living word of God we will never fail. A wise man once said, don't judge by theory, judge by results, because a bad tree cannot bear good fruits, neither can a good tree bear bad fruits, therefore by the fruits shall one be judged.. this man was Jesus Christ, God who came into the flesh to free us from our sins and the power of death.. if the heart of man changes, the world changes, no science can remedy the effects of an undirected mind, only the living word of God can..

  20. These studies are amazing! Such eye-opener of how social behaviors evolved and about mammalian brains.. this all will be accepted common knowledge at one point in Humanity's future.

  21. Interesting – except the conclusion that animal "morality" must have evolved. A creator who created both these species with a tendency to empathize seems more plausible to me. Why would an atheist suppose that empathy is good (an absolute)? Moral absolutes presuppose a moral law. A moral law presupposes a law-giver. Who is this objective law-giver, if not God?

  22. Yeah, kindness isn't the idea that makes humans separate from other animals. It's the fact that we are self-aware enough to know that kindness is better than meanness, and that good is good and bad is bad. For an animal, the only difference is how good the animal feels after doing something, whether moral or immoral.

  23. Really not morality; not reciprocity, and not empathy. It's blatant selfishness: devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one's own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others.

    They 'do' to receive benefits for themselves. Their behavior revolves around the end game of what they get out of it, not the other.

  24. You begin with the assumption that morality is evolved, then interpret everything that animals do as proof. Hmmm. Morality is a far more complex question than these experiments have any hope of answering, but it appears they are well funded so I'm happy these people have work. I guess the claim implicit here is that chimps and monkeys alive today are what humans were earlier in our evolved history. I suppose it's silly of me to point out that the behavior of humans today will give one a lot more information about what morality is and how it works, and the difference between humans and all other primates is not "closer than you think". The difference is staggering if you are thinking accurately at all, and particularly in the category of morality, a word we all can use (and derive from looking at the symbols m-o-r-a-l-i-t-y) to describe something no other animal can even imagine. Those chimps aren't on the verge of existential poetry. Observing human behavior certainly provides enough information to call into question the idea that morality, whatever it is, is purely the end product of natural and undirected forces of evolution. He was joking, but I hope he does not dismiss the philosophical contributions to this subject if he hopes to understand morality.

  25. Equality is not a real value but Equity ( other name for Justice) is an universal value. So what you call inequality is in fact inequity or injustice.
    Equal ity is the mathematic sign equal (=)
    And there is nothing equal to an other thing in the real world except words and numbers.

  26. religion teaches us not to kill, not to steal …etc, yet it happens everyday. if there is no religion, people will behave better because we are smarter, is this believable? i just don't like science views. if i were a bad person of the future in a day religion disappear, i may list kill, steal, … etc or he is like T-rex i'm gonna kill the tyrant …and people will blame religion although it's just a poetry. the force behind all crimes never disappear, where people hold firm to the feeling that they are absolutely right and others are worthless. i gave 80% of mind listening to all sides religion or science but the generator to life is my 20% that i saved for personal analysis, this will be my escape.

  27. Morality with out religion is like. A law with out a cop to enforce it,
    A court to try you for breaking it
    A jail to be held in if found gulity
    By the court you dont have after being arrested by the cop that wasnt there to arrest you for breaking the law.
    What you going to do make it politically Incorrect to not follow morality which there is no religion to Define just simply what's popular at the time.

  28. If you just act upon a feeling, you're likely to cause a lot of damage. If you act upon a feeling of empathy, without a cognitive foundation, you are not acting morally.

  29. As a Chinese and a non-religious person, I always find it puzzling how westerners think that religion is necessary for morality. No, that's ridiculous.

  30. What is really real? It is real when we could feel its existence. According to the author, we are really insignificant according to the "modern science," however, as insignificant as we are, and if we could feel the presence of the Creator, or the Divine Being who is invisible, then we really are significant. The author spoke of the Entanglement Theory in which two particles are separated by a large distance and yet they could till be entangled or connected. God spoke of the In Theory in which we should connect with God as being in God, He could interact with humans from a distance and with so many at the same time through the power of Love. "Beloved, if God so loved us, we also must love one another. No one has ever seen God. Yet, if we love one another, God remains in us, and his love is brought to perfection in us…. God is love and whoever remains in love remains in God and God in him. John 4:11-16 —  So, if God is invisible and if we could love or feel God's presence, then God is Real indeed.

  31. Los humanos unos pensamos unas cosas y otros otras,entonces quién tiene la verdad?, Por eso es necesario una verdad suprema fruto de un amor incondicional,de Dios.Saludos

  32. Pero se necesita una verdad suprema fruto de un amor incondicional,de Dios.Lo digo con el máximo respeto.Saludos.

  33. The base is all off Religion has noting to do with God morality does – Without understanding this the public probabilistic educator LOL will lead you!

  34. I heard something about a study where monkeys would go days without food because they realized if they pressed the lever that dispensed an apple, it also gave a shock to another monkey. Is this true? Humans, on the other hand, can be easily coerced to do dispense electric shocks without need.

  35. In my shallow understanding of Christianity, all of these fairness pursuing behaviors by animals as well as humans would be the perfect description before the our soul is saved. The whole point of Jesus Christ redemption is selfless giving. Which means something is unfair on me, but I would willingly lose to let you gain. This transformation of attitudes toward others is called born again, spiritually wakening. This gives us life purpose of put others in front of ourselves. Without this spiritual awakening, we want things to be fair, when it doesn't, we become aggressive eventually, human are not much different than animals. Having said this, surely Christians a lot of times don't behave better than any non-believers. Yet a true Christian is someone choose to follow Jesus Christ and working towards the direction of being gracious in the face of unfair situation.

  36. Entertaining video, but bees and ant colonies have done more with less. This video does not prove atheists can be moral anymore than it proves humans transcended from apes. Without the laws of jesus human morality standards will keep declining as we " evolve" into a more modern society just as the bible predicted. Jesus said in Matthew 5:28 but I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultry with her in his heart and 1 John 3:15 everyone who hates his brother is a murderer; and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. It's not the actions of morality that are important but the intention of the action. Anyone can fake a good deed and not mean it but God knows the thoughts behind the action. The fact is if you teach a person they came from an ape that is about as far as they will aspire to be and the human race proves that to me every single day of my life.

  37. Human races biggest scam people care. Do a test. Ask anybody. I mean anybody anything. Most will say I'm busy if polite large majority say fk off bro lol

  38. I saw this with my cat. He wanted me to feed the cats that live outside. He also wished me to help him share his food. His cohorts were not as enlightened as he.

  39. If we are just animals why would we need morals or even be concerned about it? All animal life isn’t concerned about morality. Out of all animal, fish plant and bacterial life etc We are the only creatures that seem to mess things up because many of us are not moral and there is so much family breakdown, and hurt feelings. Maybe we should stop thinking we are just another animal.

  40. Soon the planet will really have global warming when the world decides to worship Sunday and do away with the 4th commandment note that the 4th plague is the scorching sun fools you are need to repent while you are alive

  41. I think you'll find that these "positive tendencies" are either current or legacy traits related to survival. This whole idea of animal morality is far off the mark. If we can look at animal behavior and say that it's good, then we must have another standard for "good" so that we can compare the animal behavior to the standard. If we have such a standard, then let's use it and forget about animal behavior.
    Morality has to include motive, doing the right thing for the right reason. The whole industry of "con artist" is based upon doing the right thing for the wrong reason, i.e. kind acts that build confidence that is then used sometime in the future for the purposes of theft.

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