Moving to Mexico for sure MR 805 reported live from Ensenada Mexico

Moving to Mexico for sure MR 805 reported live from Ensenada Mexico

Guys come on. Sorry Forgive me how rude of me. My name is Adrian First I come in peace. It’s important that you know that My favorite planet is the planet Jupiter. It’s also very important that you’re aware of that fact We’re driving in a Tesla for anybody that cares For anybody that does not care I’m riding a bicycle. So whatever works for you. Um guys, I Won I Did the anger thing I walked away Oh what so we security? You know what it is guys. I think it’s my science So I’m walk around All right, so cut off so I look like I was a jogger what I was gonna say I Guarantee you I should probably do this. Actually. I’m filming if I had a white motherfucker blond hair Fucking Jerry crew and little ass shorts with no shirt on running through there, you know looking like these training for a marathon You think they would have told them anything? Fuck. No, they probably give my cup of water Racist motherfuckers and the worst day and one other cut cheeks was Mexican. I told her you’re fucking sorry. You’re a sellout man You’re stereotyping Mexican people that show people you know, she did she freaked me out Cuz you know how she was true and she’s a little scary I give her credit credit you man for flicking off a bigger that takes the balls. I’m hopefully this man Goes on their stupid me talk shit to you. I was dope actually shut up girl. Let’s say no. Ladies. Can I enter chickens? In jail or so guys in all seriousness though, this is like the nail on the coffin guys I’ve I’ve had about twenty to thirty incidents guys and sixty days That’s ridiculous. I love this country guys. This country gave me everything I have they gave me an education I believe it gave me the ability to be a critical thinker and let me learn about the universe everything guys, you know III sincerely do love it, you know on Santa Barbara in my own town I know that I love it like a person I’ll give you an example When I left Santa Barbara guys, it broke my heart I literally what was suffered from a broken heart for like six months I had broken up with some Oh sad, you know, I really was like a breakup but I’m happy. I’m here in San Diego, Chula Vista Chula Vista is a lot cooler guys to be honest I don’t get these problems in Chula Vista except for the target. But that was I guess that was understandable They thought I had stolen credit cards I’ll kind of over it. So when I remodel my condo guys, I spent thirty thousand over budget, right so for about two weeks I was broke there was like three cars that worked out of like eighteen cards, right? So here was a target sliding sliding Eisley Believe they pried out the cartridge stolen rights. Nothing racism era later. It’s Mexican. I’m Mexican has nothing to do with race It’s a hotter present the card that they thought I stole them Yeah, so the guy asked me to leave and yeah, I was like, all right, bro I’m just trying to buy this and then we got into it. You don’t mean my temper so So, yeah guys I’m going to move to Mexico, but I actually know I’m going to start visiting Mexico Moving would maybe not be too smart Start visiting more right? I’m gonna get my passport I’ll experience crossing the fall Which is not fun next so maybe crossing the border will make me change my so I’m gonna ease into it I’m going to learn from my experience of being a spaz. Usually I’m spastic spaz this sickle but uh, Lucia Loves me already. I will expand on it. So it may do it specifically. Yes eskimo containers on plastic or Philippakis, it’s black ice particle Fantastical heyward, I bubbled guys. I don’t know I can’t do a live against our bubbles. That’s the whole point of it this is the only reason I do a live podcast guys, so bubble it up for me on this person ACR so again, I would like anybody in San Diego to reaffirm that is sticky and Honestly wearing a shirt in this weather is moronic you might as well. Where are those plastic garbage bag guys? Look, I’m fucking sweating and I have the a/c on guys right imagine outside. Why am I yelling? Why do I talk like this? Why can’t I know? You know why guys and my my my friend told pointing this out to me kind of embarrassed me Yeah that comes from Cena Aloha. So in Sinaloa, bro, we talked with her. Yeah, Leah nature Sounds that were threatening each other, but we’re just talking about breakfast right? I Had not realized that translated over to my english language Because it’s kind of obvious that it would but I hadn’t really thought about it and no one ever had the nerve to tell me This particular grow that I’m speaking to right now. I just met her but One of the things I do like I really like about her is you know, she respects yourself She won’t let herself be disrespected. So she values herself. Obviously she values herself that means she’s gonna value me, you know because if you don’t value yourself You won’t be able to value other people, you know, you just get a given problem So I can’t tell I can tell I believe right? I’m gonna see I believe she’s a very mature woman and that’s what I need. I need a woman man. I I’m dating I’m not allowed but some little girls and by little girls guys. I’m not 12 year olds Don’t fucking turn me and I’m not that looking weird Hollywood guy By young girls that to me that’s 25 to 30 guys Thompson. Oh, no, 25 25 to 29 to me either 25 or younger I should say 25 to 18 is I always sitcom girls. I won’t count women. They even act like it, you know act like little girls some of them Not all you ladies don’t Be sending me nasty messages. All right, guys, so two videos today the synthetic grass I’m going to do one in Mexico. So there’s gonna be my first video Mexico. I promise it’s gonna be within a week specifically, I’m gonna hit the wanna Revolution guys if you’ve never been there, I’m gonna write a donkey butt naked guys with cowboy boots on and a hat And tune in for that or actually mark it on your calendar. So you make sure you don’t watch it So make sure you tune out so you not see that traumatize yourself. All right, guys Beautiful in San Diego, California I always want to say this three years ago myself Adrian. Unfortunately I decided I wanted to take my life I wanted from a suicide. I was positive that that’s what I wanted to do because I was a lot of paying guys After thinking about it For a long time for a day almost guys I realized I had never loved myself, right? And his dumb as it sounds guys not loving myself was the primary reason I wasn’t happy I thought it was like chemicals right? Like they tie John on to be in all my all my chemicals are messed up but no guy love is a temple and Love helps you produce dopamine serve so many other things that we need to make this happen Um, so I did that guys, I went to therapy. I took medical marijuana. I’m gonna go take it right now. Whew, and medicine So guys I want the same for you I want you to do it faster than I did because I was a drug addict for 20 years I had no like guys for a year had a $10,000 a month cocaine Shoutout the chapel. Thanks for having it up mom. Oh Did I tell you guys I met Pablo Escobar’s nephew in Los Angeles? Yeah, guys I can’t tell you what he was doing I don’t want to mention it because he’s actually his life is a danger. He said most of his family Obviously, they can’t go back to Colombia. They can go to Medellin specifically, but even Colombia other countries too dangerous He said most of his family and I’m saying this kids already known I’m not putting them at risk He said are in Europe and him and a couple other guys came to the States because they like it Mostly they want to come to the States because as you know Pablo Escobar has a lot of enemies in the United States, too He did a lot of business here. He killed a lot of people in the states. A lot of people don’t know that So there’s a lot of people that wanted revenge right since he’s not around they’re gonna ticket on his family So a shout-out to the holy man much love, bro You know, don’t worry. You’re gonna be safe Your whole life man. You live a happy life. Just know keep protecting yourself, man. All right guys. Have a wonderful day Love you guys very much Please subscribe or comment if you like it if you hate it If you want to slap me if you want to kiss me, whatever bad Guys or girls? Ah

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  1. I was watching one of your videos cuz I saw you were in my neighborhood close to my house , so I was gonna subscribe then I realized I was already subscribed , so I was wondering what made me subscribe to you in the first place , I started watching your past videos and I skipped a lot of video titles until I saw your PTSD video about treating your PTSD and how you got it . I suffer from a severe form of PTSD , I've been shot twice at different times in my life and been through a lot of violent incidents . My life is perfect now except for my condition . I've been sober for almost 4 years now , I do take medication for PTSD . We are about the same age and I'm a comedian all the time cuz laughter is the best medicine . I was gonna ask you about the red flashing lights as treatment for PTSD and how has that been working for you ? I've been married for 20 years now and I have a 19 year old daughter , I almost lost my marriage from drinking every day all day , so I went to Mesa Vista treatment center for PTSD and alcohol abuse detoxification , then to McDonald center rehabilitation , that was almost 4 years ago . I've never been in the military , I get asked that every time I see a doctor or a therapist or I discuss my PTSD with someone , I'm sure you get that Question too . Take care , be careful . Peace

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