My Top 10 Calming, Tranquil Home Tips to help with Relaxing, Balanced Life/ Mature over 50

My Top 10 Calming, Tranquil Home Tips to help with Relaxing, Balanced Life/ Mature over 50

Aahhhh, the end of a long day
hey Hurricane…. are you like me and at the end of the day you just want to kind of
go aahhh…. well I guess the big question is is your home tranquil, is it peaceful or at
least do you have a room where you could be comfy and relaxed and that sort of thing.
Well I decided to share with you my top 10 things that I have that really make
my home just much more comfortable a place where I can really relax and I’m
gonna share them with you in just a minute so my number one thing to add to your
home to make your home a little more comfy…..oh I just love these beautiful
white, cotton, terry you know spa-like towels, these are just fabulous and when
you have…. I don’t know about you but when I have my bath time
it’s me time definitely me time and these are just so wonderful and cuddling
and cozy also don’t forget the hand towels as
well and also face cloths and if you’re lucky enough to have more than one
washroom in the home which fortunately we do, that room where you take your bath
can have all of these nice things… now the one thing to remember though is
don’t go throwing in your whites with you know pairs of jeans and all that
sort of thing, make sure that you wash them, I put in a whitening boosting I
guess it’s some kind of a little pod in with my my washing and it’s just keeping
them so really looking like new so don’t forget to do that you don’t want to have
grey towels you want to have white towels. So my number two item while we’re
on the subject of having a bath, when was the last time you took a bubble bath….are
you ever watching those movies and this lovely movie star is sitting in a
million bubbles and maybe drinking champagne or something which is probably
not a good idea but anyway she’s just she’s in the lap of luxury, well I found
some bubble bath and it is just amazing it smells like, smells like lavender and
it is incredible for those days when I do have the time to make myself a bubble
bath I’m going to use this one and hey lavender helps you sleep at night as
well. So my number three calming comfort item is this Himalayan salt lamp
now I bought this at a craft show but oh by the way I will in the first
comment I’m going to link back to my blog where I will have either exactly
the same or similar items to what I’m talking about here and if you wanted to
get something and you didn’t want to go to a craft show or whatever and you
wanted to get something from there we actually make a little bit of commission
on that so thank you very much for that that really helps us with our videos, but
back to this salt lamp so why did I buy this thing well first of all it’s real
Himalayan salt it’s carved out of the salt so it’s kind of pretty I don’t
know it’s different but also what it does is it puts negative ions into
the air and it’s supposed to purify the air. To get specific I read about it and
it’ll actually take the dust particles and solidify them somehow I’ll make them
drop to the ground so we don’t breathe into that so that sounds good
also it also helps with body stress it also helps to put you to sleep
apparently now I’ve had this for I think about a year now and I put it on about
an hour before I go to bed and I actually do think that I’m sleeping a
little better with this so who knows it’s one of those things that you can’t
prove but I’m not taking mine away cuz I like it and besides that at nighttime I
just have that little light on and it’s kind of romantic. Alright so for my
fourth calming item you might notice that I was sort of joined by a little
animal here yeah okay anyway so this is my fourth item here and it’s a little
diffusier and what you do is you put some water in it, I’ve already put the water
into it and you put essential oils, now make sure that the real essential oils
because this is natural…. put about five drops of this in and this one here…
this is lemongrass it’s so amazing so I’m just gonna put that on I don’t know
if you’ll be able to see it but we’ll just click it on there and pretty soon
you’ll see some steam coming out of it. It is a way also to humidify the room, I can already smell that the lemongrass is… if you’ve been to a spa and you walk
into a lot of these spas they’ve probably got about 20 of these going
because you can just smell that lemongrass it’s so comforting I just
love it but other things sort of see it here now to starting to go…. the other
thing that I like to use in this is… if I’ve got a cold I was using I had a
really bad cold not too long ago and so I have the essential oils of eucalyptus
that went into that, also again for the sleeping lavender and this one here I’ll
try to find something similar for you attached to the blog but this one here
has an automatic shut off so I don’t even think about it at night by the
morning it’s done and I’ve had all that moisture into the air so as you can see
this is doing a really nice job right now with the the steam and I’m sleeping
with a little bit more moisture and I just love it I think it’s really healthy
for you too. So my number 5 thing to make sure your
home is comfy and lovely is music. Have some great music. Hey Bill I’m talking
about you now, my wonderful Bill he took about two or three days and he took all
of our CDs, he picked out the ones that he thought I would like the best and he
put them on an mp3… mp3 player here and we also purchased this really nice sound
system as well but but also if we take a little close look on some of these
playlists that we have Bill has B&H music well that’s Bill and Heather music,
baroque, Christmas music, classical music This is 70’s 80’s 90’s music and the 2000s the
new millennial so do this…. you’ll be just so happy because depending on your mood
and what you’re going for if you want to relax it’s spa music, if you want to have
a really nice Italian dinner maybe you’re going to listen to some tenors
singing some music in a different language, but this is a go-to item for us
and we just love it. So my sixth tip to make your home really comfy and cozy too,
our candles. Now for dining these were given to me from my grandmother I just
love them they have such sentimental value, but for
dining even though these are old-fashioned I put them on the table….If
I can get that one lite and of course that’s just standard old candles, but we also
live in a cold climate in the wintertime so this one says “baby it’s cold outside”
and I love putting this candle on because it actually is scented like a
fireplace burning so that’s really kind of cool. Now….aaww you probably
can’t smell it over the camera anyway it’s really great, now the thing about
candles is that they do kind of really make you relax
so the one thing that I’m doing now is when you’re finished with dinner of
course you’re gonna blow this out when you’re finished with you know this
you’re gonna blow that one out but for nighttime if you really are just sort of
cuddling up on the couch or something these battery operated ones are
fantastic and watch this watch this little baby go
it actually flickers like a real like a real candle now you can’t really get the
amazingness out of one little candle but if you did have them all sort of lined
up on a fireplace or in a bedroom or something
like that they even have timers on them so you don’t even have to get up and
turn them off after seven hours or six hours or whatever they turn off by
themselves, so candles baby! So my seventh tip to make a home a
little more tranquil make you a little more tranquil too are teas….now hey you know
I love Bills coffee he makes an amazing French press coffee and I’m gonna put
the link up there because it’s just fabulous but sometimes after a long day
or maybe before I go to bed I just want to have a cup of tea and if you’re one
that likes herbal teas, I love herbal teas, but I also like other flavors as
well so I’m just going to show you something here…..this little baby is…. it’s
called flower angel and what that is, I’m just gonna pour some water in it, is a
flowering tea and I was also….hopefully this works okay, we’re just gonna let it
sit there for a few minutes because it’ll take a few minutes to start to
open up but let’s just say that you have some friends over maybe you got your
girlfriend’s over and you just want to unwind, it’s also nice to have a little
box of tees and so there’s all kinds what I’ve got here
vanilla, pear, orange jasmine, lemon and lavender, mountain oolong and Darjeeling,
so it’s nice to offer up different kinds of teas and these also come in some
really nice boxes as well as some wooden boxes, what other teas do I have, I’ve got a
blackberry tea…..of course your standard green tea and hey the antioxidants in
green tea are just fantastic so look up the different kinds of…. you want natural
organic green tea but they’re just incredible so green tea, look at this one, iced wine tea, who would have thunk it and of course one of my favorites, organic
buttered rum tea who would have thunk it but in all seriousness this is probably my
favorite I get it at the the local tea place or you can also get it online and
it’s cream Earl Grey oh my gosh you know what I know you can’t smell it but instant relaxation with that one and
don’t forget that the lavender teas and I think the chamomile teas as well also
help you to sleep Ok so lets see how our flowering tea is doing here and as you can see it’s actually making quite a nice flower and this would be wonderful
if I had a girlfriend over and I serve tea like this it also smells great it’s
gonna make a great cup of tea Teas….oh one more thing I don’t know if I
can find this for you but I found this amazing tea it’s kind of like a thermos
and you put your tea in there but you put the tea leaves in there and it
actually strains out before you drink it I have this up at my desk and or if I’m
going out someplace just twist that on and just start drinking your tea I
sometimes have to leave it open because it lasts so long hot and they say six to
eight hours it’s going to keep your tea hot so I’m really gonna try to find that
online for you so….. just do it up to a tee! So my eighth tip to have a comfy
tranquil home is add a little greenery you know going into a greenhouse you
just I don’t know you just feel so refreshed and there’s a really good
reason for that because real plants in a home I don’t know whether they call them
breathing but they kind of take in our carbon dioxide and they let out oxygen
and I know oxygen is a good thing so hey bringing those plants….. this little baby
here has been with us for over 20 years we like water it once a week
that’s all and this one over here we’ve had for a while, now I also add a few
fake plants as well, if you can believe it, this one right here it’s a fake one
and of course this is more for decoration but another fake one, now
another thing we should add besides the plants, add some flowers. You know all the
different seasons all the different times
maybe for Easter and I don’t get the cut flowers I usually get them in a little
bit of a potted planter of daffodils for Easter or maybe a nice bunch of
tulips for the signs of spring…..the fall some beautiful orange or rust colored
mums and don’t forget the poinsettas, the
real poinsettas for Christmas time they’re just absolutely beautiful and
you know what? You deserve it! So my ninth item Oh more than one item
actually, is you know, put some fun things in your home, have a little bit of touch
of whimsy so I’ve got this saying that’s right near our front door and it says, ‘a
reminder some days are simply meant for playing’
now isn’t that the truth don’t you just agree that we work work work or we’re
busy helping our family especially our elderly parents and we just stopped stop
playing and why don’t we just get back into
doing that so some of these whimsy things will really help so take a look
at this guy here…. we got this guy before we even got Hurricane and as you can see,
oh there’s…. Hurricane are you sniffing him you usually don’t care but hurricane seems
to think he’s okay and he’s just he’s just a funny old dog and he any holds
whatever you know when people are over he might hold their drinks or something
like that actually he had a baseball cap on him earlier today somebody left at our home so and I love frogs I don’t know I just
like frogs, so I always find these cute little frogs, these have a couple of
little battery operated candles you can get them small as well so I like
that and even in the kitchen I’ve got some
funny-looking chefs in the kitchen not real chefs but pictures of chefs and you
know gadgets like this little I think it’s a chicken but a little chicken that
slices your hard-boiled egg so if you’re in a store and something calls out to
you and says hey I’m lots of fun just buy it, buy this little gadget buy
something for the yard I got frogs and salamanders going up the walls on our
deck and all that kind of thing and flip-flop pictures make it fun, and smile,
smile more. So my tenth tip and hey by the way if you’ve got some ideas put
them in the comments below and and let’s all share maybe some other tranquil
things that you do to make your home more peaceful more comforting but my
number 10 is clear the clutter. You know I really try in our home not to have a
lot of clutter, now don’t look at my garage but we’re going to do a video on
our garage one day but really just having clean lines in a home really
really helps there’s a little Hurricane in his usual perch there, looking
out the window and guarding us but as far as clearing the clutter is
concerned it really helps that there’s this thing called Fung Shui and the Fung Shui is
basically just a clearing and it just it just helps the good energy to come in so
if you believe in that that’s another good reason to clear the clutter but
most of all I mean do you really need to have three weeks worth of newspapers or
all those old magazines that yes I’m going to read them one day but you just
never do also 14 different appliances on your kitchen table you know counter you
just don’t need them and I think it really messes up your mind when you
looking at messes all the time so anyway that’s my idea hey Hurricane, Hurricane no I think he’s gonna stay guarding the
window there so oh no here he comes, hello do you want to say goodbye to everybody
yeah so with that thank you very much and I hope that this video really helps
you to really go ha and I should say aahh and just relax and enjoy your home a little
bit more and talking about enjoyment we’re enjoying all of our subscribers
commenting and talking to us it’s inspiring us to do more videos and if
you want to subscribe there’s a button down there somewhere and come on and
join us and in the meantime keep it awesome keep it tranquil keep it comfy
and we’ll see you later. Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join us on our

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  1. Hi, it's Heather… here is the link to my blog where you can find some of the comfy things in the video

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  3. Heather I agree with everything you do for relaxation. One other thing though is my home is a home of harmony. There is no place here for rudeness, arguing, or anything of the like. I’m certain you would agree. I think we are a lot alike….that must be why I love you so much!

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  6. Absolutely fabulous! ! I love this.
    I've got crystals in my home too. As I feel they keep me " grounded". But the amethyst I am told aids peaceful sleep so I have a gorgeous amethyst cluster on my lamp table. I've got a Himalayan salt lamp too.
    Can't wait to see what you're up to on Friday. Lots a love from the UK ☺

  7. HI Heather,
    Thank u for welcoming us into your home/sanctuary. I thought you did a super job in
    your introduction complemented by sitting in the relaxing chair with Hurricane by your side
    with a pretty bouquet of tall wht flowers on the side table.

    I thought some of the tips were unusual which I liked such as the Himalayan salt lamp, etc Would have liked to hear that Hurricane added to your tranquil environment too. Thought
    it a great reminder that you added having "fun" to the mix.

    Heather you looked beautifully put together in your purple jacket & striking belt. I would have
    expected a more casual outfit but if you felt comfortable then that's all that matters.

    Enjoyed seeing all the tips that u enjoyed using including the wht. towels, robe, music, etc all
    of which helped to inspire me. i find it relaxing for someone to rub my scalp or to read me
    a story.

    No cleaning your garage first before we have a peek!LOL

  8. Our friend got us a big salt lamp for Christmas & I have it in the living room & it is on all the time. I just love it. It acts like a night light when I wonder around the mobile at night….lol
    I really love it, a unique gift.

  9. I think you may have forgotten the most important thing! Your yorkie, Hurricane! Mine is a toy poodle named Roxy. Studies show that pets help keep your blood pressure down. As we get older, a dog reminds us to get outside for fresh air and exercise! And, pets can be quite entertaining! Roxy does something every day that makes me smile and/or laugh! Adopting a pet is for life! Make sure you can have a pet where you live. Do your research to find the pet that best matches your lifestyle!

  10. Hi Heather, be careful with the Essential Oils, some can be very bad for pets, just look them up on the internet, I was kinda shocked… but almost everything you showed here I have as my stress relievers too ! Great video !

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  13. I've read a ladies animal got deathly sick from some of the diffuser oils. Just check which are ok. I believe frankincense is one that affects animals. You've got some great pampering ideas. I want to try the flowering teas. Oh my buttered rum tea sounds delish. Please let us know where to get the tea straining go cup.Thanks

  14. Very good video, Heather! I was wondering if those salt lamps really work. Good to know! I have a diffuser too and love it! I have a health condition and can't drink most teas, the flower one is beautiful though, it would make a good mothers day gift. I bought myself some wireless ear buds and listen to music and YouTube videos through my phone. At night I listen to meditations to fall asleep. I love your sweater in this video. You look awesome ☺

  15. Hi Heather, wow!!! Awesome video. You said once before that great minds think alike, you were so right. I have most of those things in my home. I plan to purchase a Himalayan salt lamp, thanks for the summary of it. I just love, love,LOVE that doggie tray, & the glass tea pot with the flowering tea; it's so chic&a little romantic. I also love your message board. So far, that kid in me hasn't disappeared; I won't let that happen, LOL!!! Smile more, that I do; I've got the smile lines to prove it:). We've got our cat Heathcliff, here. Heath is AWESOME, we all spoil him. Heathcliff is a cat with plenty of character & intelligence. Hi Bill, hope you're well and hello handsome Hurricane. Always a pleasure Heather, keep up the good work. I think that I'll make my own message board with that saying, if you don't mind.:)

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  17. Thanks Heather for the great tips,on how too make your home, more cozy and relaxing!I also love white towels and lavender bubble baths! Us women need to do more things,that relaxes us! I have never tried the lemon grass,essential oil.I will have too buy some! I also love candles,and tea! You have a great collection of teas! I hope you, Bill and Hurricane have a great rest of the week, and don't forget too play!πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈβ€οΈ

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