My University of Florida PaCE Program Experience

My University of Florida PaCE Program Experience

Hey, what’s up everybody? My name is Jeana Fraser. I am a senior public relations major here
at the University of Florida, and actually four years ago, around this month, I
was accepted into the UF pace program. So if you are accepted into the UF pace
program, congratulations on being a Gator! You did it! It’s a huge accomplishment. I just wanted to take the time to tell you
some tips and tricks and just how to have a good experience. Starting off in the UF pace program four
years ago and I got into college, I didn’t really think of, I didn’t really
contemplate live still living in Clearwater, Florida, where I’m from. I knew I definitely wanted to move to
Gainesville, and especially because I knew other Pace students, I knew that was
something I wanted to do to get a college experience and still be able
to get involved on campus. I actually was in pace for the full
two years, the full 60 credits. And I remember I actually was able to
transition after three semesters, but I actually got an internship and
Gainesville, um, the spring of my sophomore year. So I actually stayed in the program so
I could get the benefit of taking those online classes still and not having
to be tied to campus all the time. When I got into pace program, I definitely
moved to UF because I wanted to still get involved in a lot of activities. I also was able to be in a sorority, make
a lot of friends and connections through there. I got into the campus diplomats
organization and through all these organizations I actually was
able to meet other PE students. And I knew I wouldn’t have gotten that
experience still living in Clearwater. So I was very happy I decided to move here
and be able to make friends in the pace program and then not in the pace program
because in reality, everyone at UF is taking online classes, especially
business and journalism students. So I know when you get into the pace
program, you aren’t able to live in traditional housing. So I actually talked to my parents and
talk to some other Pace students, former pay students that were the year above me
who lived in the luxury dorms right next to campus. And I was able to live in that and I truly
wanted to get that dorm experience, like being able to meet other people,
being in the common area together. And I was actually able to meet a lot of
other Pace students to study with for my classes and whatnot. And actually the people who were taking
the traditional classes on campus, I was able to study with them cause it’s usually
most of the time, the same content living in luxury dorms gives you, you know, that
college field at first year freshman feel and you’re really able to still
get that in the luxury dorms. I knew a lot of other Pace students and
just traditional students in general who lived in Ivy House, a luxury dorm,
literally just steps away from sorority row and it was a great experience
for them, just like I had. They were able to have that dorm
experience as a freshman first year. Thanks so much for tuning into this video. If you got into the UF pace
program, congratulations. Go Gators. It is such a big accomplishment and
something I really treasured four years ago. Again, go Gators! Congratulations.

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