Neil deGrasse Tyson reacts to report of asteroids barreling toward Earth

Neil deGrasse Tyson reacts to report of asteroids barreling toward Earth

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  1. The world will end as it did before as the days of Noah it shall be in the end! God will end us not a prediction from man!!

  2. Oh lord pray for these people they turn to man for understanding not You! As they did in the days of Jesus they will again in these last days so very few will have everlasting life praying for the lost!

  3. Hey kid, how about get an education in the bible, it tells how this will all end.
    Then turn on your mom's station and you will be able to see the words of the bible being played out in our lives.
    deGrasse knows about as much about the way the world works as a cockroach, roach might know more.
    Space isn't real kid. It's porn for nerds.

  4. Humans are here temporary for a very short time and by the way they conduct themselves it will not be long. Even the mighty dinosaurs are gone.

  5. If a really, really big one hits us no matter where on earth, it will clear up the homeless problem in California, the black lives matter problem, the AOC problem, the corrupt police and corrupt politician problems, and it will clear up my chronic acne problem. So what's wrong with that? Hhhmmm? Bring it on.

  6. "Gimme money or a big rock from space will crush you." – gotta love the fear porn being sold as an inspiring future.
    How wonderful that we all get educated in Snake Oil Salesmen techniques.

  7. All the people in the comment section hoping it hits liberals/ democrats are all 40-60 years old. What a bunch of old bags

  8. I used to like prof Tyson alot more 15 20 years ago, he seems to have lost some humility over time. I used to see him as someone who wanted teach. Now I see him more as someone who needs to show how much smarter he is than us "laments". "I can see it, you cant" pomposity.

  9. It's all there is to do is achieve great personal goals and try to beat the freeze and the laws of physics themselves. Humans are awesome. Let's not be so negative and spread this discouraging view of life and space exploration. This guy is on here to give meaningful information that is NOT so debatable like you're used to. You could just get off the show since the universe could freeze.

  10. Neil deGrasse Tyson is nothing but a con man. No asteroid has ever hit earth. Him asking for money to prevent it from happening is just Criminal.

  11. The Universe is expanding which makes the earth cool. So there is your answer for climate change!
    How does he.know that we will cool. How is he sure the sun wont go super nova.

  12. “Who better to ask about this phenomena than Neil Degrasse Tyson’?”

    Who else hates this guy? Like is he even a scientist or a celebrity?

  13. Lies. We who know the truth…… Stay strong in truth and don't let these non-knowing non-believers and so called scientists have you think differently. They don't even know what to believe and somehow have all the answers… ME THINKS NOT.

  14. Doesn’t matter, I have it on very good authority that we’ve only got 10 years left because of climate change anyway.

  15. Only the Asteroids described as Ludicrous Speed would give me concern. You know, the one's coming so fast, it's not funny.

  16. NDG: “There’s an astroid heading our way and we have no idea how to dodge it…”

    Interviewer: “Great. Tell us about your book. My son loved it.”

    Me: 😐??

  17. Bad news is asteroids will wipe out mankind. Good news is it will wipe out all graft and corruption. Good luck to the new dominant species. Just remember the smartest species ever to live is humans. The stupidest species to ever live – surprise! it is also humans.

  18. So, no data, on speed, mass, what the asteroid(s) might be compost of, or possible day of collision, this video, it's just a waste of time, just like anything of fox that I've ever seen.,.

  19. Let me get this straight they want us to spend a few 100 trillion to avoid temperature going up 2C over a century & with uncertainity if that's even catastrophic.

    But nobody is concerned about if we have defensive capacity against NEOs, which are proven to have whiped out all live on the planet atleast twice.

    OK then!

  20. Asteroids hate soy. By my calculations it will hit California, Washington and Oregon and that is good since the earthquakes are not doing their job.

  21. Yeah man, asteroids coming right at us….at which time of year though because i thought we were doing laps around the sun? Or are the asteroids using aim hacks?

  22. If I knew this was gonna happen you wouldn’t catch me on the news or writing a book I’d send out a tweet telling everyone and go on a week long bender

  23. They've moved from weather to an asteroid issue on ways to control the world. Notice the need to add no funding and global cooperation statements.

  24. He doesn't know how the universe started and how it will end. No one does! It's all speculation…sorry anyone who is a scientist that claims this should give back their degree

  25. Tyson is an idiot who failed his dissertation 7 times before paying someone else to write it and mailed it in. His claim to fame being a black "astrophysicist".

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