New Teacher Reflection Video

New Teacher Reflection Video

I think what’s motivated me about
becoming a teacher at Northwest Rankin high school or Rankin County School
District is basically the dedication that the district has to the students on
their commitment to family and just overall putting the students needs
before and their education before everything else. It’s gotta be the
students from where I was before to where I am now the quality and the
motivation behind the students is just phenomenal for the job that I’m doing I think just the people the other teachers here. they have been really supportive here. the
administration has never really supportive and of course the kids are
just a joy to be around every day. What has motivated me to continue teaching in Rankin County is all of the support staff on an off campus and also the
resources and technology and professional developments that are
offered. There’s been a lot of things that motivated me to return to teach here again they’re in the county school district. I grew up in Brandon so
it’s always felt a special place in my heart here and so getting to come back
and be a teacher now being on the other end of things has been just a great
experience and just the community of everyone here and so they’re so
welcoming it’s just been great. What has motivated me to say in this district is the collaborative climate when I got to this district I heard all about the
mission of bringing everybody strengths together and everything that I’ve
experienced in this district has been so evident of that mission everywhere I go
and everybody I encounter is so driven to help teachers and students be
successful and it’s just a positive climate to where when I made the
decision to move to Rankin County it was strictly because of all the great things
I’ve heard about Rankin County I’ve heard about the teacher support that the
district provided I’d heard about the level of rigor with the curriculum that
was evident in Rankin County and so it was an easy decision it was just more
nerve-racking to try to get on here, but it was really an easy
decision. The decision was made and as soon as I was offered the position. Returning for next year one of the things that motivates me to say in Rankin County is
the fact that I always feel that anyone that I work with is willing to help me
at any time if I have any kind of questions. As a new teacher at first
Rankin County there’s a lot of development for their new teachers which
when you’re in the middle of it it does seem a little overboard but looking back
you can see how it makes an effect in how that little extra time that they
take out and give you a break to kind of recuperate and reflect it does make a
difference as the year progresses. As a returning teacher what has motivated me
to return teaching in the school district is the community feel I really
enjoy working out here Rankin County everybody’s so hospitable I love the
students that I’m able to work with not only teach but only coaching aspect as
well so I’m excited about the opportunities and resources that are
available here. The feeling of acceptance and that if I have anything that I need I can find it easily they’re all those people that are willing to help me. One of the best things about our RCSD is the community. The sense of community, but
also that everyone wants to learn that everyone has a sense of learning and
developing in their profession I’ve enjoyed the opportunities to
collaborate with people all across the district I’ve gotten to write with
teachers and administrators some students curriculum specialists from
every zone in this district which has helped me to see different perspectives
of teaching and bring them back to my classroom and build relationships that
will carry me in the future when I need help with teaching. I’ve enjoyed the people I work with and the outcomes and the students that I
teach as you can see I love this district first of all I
wasn’t nervous when I first came but it was just new waters new territory but
I’ve enjoyed most being a part of a district that truly truly truly loves
his teacher and loved it loves a student the structure and development that has
been devoted to me in the time that the veteran teachers and the district have
taken to really ensure that my first year went well has been the best thing
for me it’s been something that I feel has really helped my teaching both in
the classroom this year and moving forward for my future development. I’ve enjoyed meeting new teachers and actually have us a support system here
at the school and teachers just given me that encouragement that I need on some
days when I could overwhelm and actually just meeting and reconnecting with the
students. I’ve really enjoyed the resources that we have been provided here with our school district we have curriculum specialists and technology
departments they’re always available to come out and help us in any way that we
need and so just having that stability and just support system has been great. what I’ve enjoyed about my time teaching in Rankin County is the high expectations
that are set for the teachers. Rankin County has so much to offer that makes teaching of appealing number one importantly it is the resources the
resources that are available you have technology for every student to take home. Makes teaching much more convenient for teachers less you know
making copies of different things it’s just ease of access just a great
great opportunity great environment teaching is always surprising it’s never
a dull moment the craziest things happened and good ways and
slightly more negative ways I guess it’s never a dull moment, but really I think my
coworkers are probably what’s the best part for me As a new teacher, the Brandon High School
faculty has gone above and beyond they are constantly introducing
it to new people they’re not afraid to say hey my name is fifteen times because
you’ve met five hundred people in the first two weeks you are here. So one of the
most wonderful things about working here is that you have the administration to
support you you have the community that supports you but also the students who
are so willing to work with you and learn with you as you go. My favorite thing that we did for new teachers this year so we had a professional
development day for new teachers and that was awesome for me because it made
me like sit in a room with other people and say I’m not the only person
struggling with this there are tons of other people that are going through the
same thing right now we’re all having the same struggles and we’re all going
to get through them together I think administration and just people
in the office have been really supportive my first year and just
offering help and advice at every chance that they could
and that’s made me motivated to come back to the same district next year. Rankin County so appealing to me because it’s home for me I’ve been here my whole
life always been in Rankin County it’s just there always seems to be a bit of
excitement in the air about teaching everybody’s so willing to learn more
things that can make them better teachers and it’s just an exciting
environment that I love to be a part of the mentor program was it was a great
start getting someone that you as a new teacher can access right away with any
of your questions and then really just the department at Northwest Rankin has
been so welcoming and really has an open door for anything that you want to ask
and it’s been a phenomenal way for me one to not only make friends but to to
develop professional colleagues and mentors that I feel I can talk to even
going forward. I would definitely say there are two things that really go over my life one thing is is iron sharpens iron so
one person sharpens another so one thing about me personally is that you know
sometimes I’m hesitant to ask for help but it may be a private they don’t know
but I would say lean on the people in your building because that’s something
that they enjoy that’s something that they want to do and I can honestly say I
have met the best people in this building and I could ask them any
questions and I talk a lot and so I could ask a million questions and I
never one time felt like I was getting on someone’s nerves
I never one time felt like I was just being incompetent or whatever the case
may be I felt like they genuinely wanted to help me. What Rankin County has to
make teaching here so appealing is the support from the administration
and the support from the colleagues that I have here. The most appealing thing the
Northwest does for me is the one to location and the overall atmosphere of
the school that makes me want to come back. Rankin County has a plethora of
resources and unlike anywhere I’ve ever been anytime I need help I can call
somebody who has a way to help me with my instruction I’ve been given resources
that could help me far beyond what I could ever come up with on my own
I’ve been given professional development opportunities I’ve been able to hear
speakers like Ron Clark because of the opportunities this district has provided just to keep a level head it’ll be tough
okay you’ll cry a lot but there are also be days that will motivate you even to
work even harder to to be there for the students and all you can do is love your
kids and build a relationship with them that’s words of encouragement with new
teacher coming into the school district I would definitely tell them to number
one just don’t stress out okay as a new teacher you want to have a
perfect days but you’re never going to have perfect days over and over and over
so just try to prioritize and secondly time management is highly important use
the time that you have to plan ahead and just bring your best effort every day. I would say the good days outweigh the bad days maybe not in a number the first
year but in how much they’re worth. My biggest thing would be to just time
management is a big key and then just don’t stress everything will get done
there’ll be time for everything and just don’t stress about it because I’m a big
stressor and I’ve learned that so just everything will get done. I would say don’t be afraid to ask for help. I think coming in May sometimes we get scared to
speak up and admit that we don’t know everything but everybody in this
district has been so willing to bend over backwards to help me get started as
a teacher in this district and they continue to go above and beyond to help
me every way they can say if you need help ask for help and you will be given
the whole world. I would definitely say for any new teacher that expectations at Rankin County School District are high, but you were given the
materials that you need and the support that you need to meet and exceed those
expectations. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
I think one of my biggest struggles at the very very beginning of the year was
feeling pride about like I want to be good at this on my own your coworkers
are here for a reason and they are more than willing to help you and we’ve all
been there so we know exactly what the struggle is at the beginning so not
being afraid to ask questions and it will definitely get better you will get
the hang. I would tell a new teacher entering the district to never be afraid to ask questions or ask for help whenever needed and get involved in
your school community as soon as you can it gets it gets better everybody tells
you how hard it is that first year and it starts off quick and before you know
it you’re in April and it’s it can be tough and there’s gonna be ups and downs
and you just got to keep trying and keep trying to stuff keep doing what you know
how to do even if it doesn’t work the first time tweak it and try it again and
until it works and you know what you can do as a teacher and people have told me
that and that’s helped me get through I would encourage a new teacher by saying
always do your best each and every day because you are you’re a mentor a lot of
kids look at you every single day and you impact the community daily. I would say that you’re you know at first I kept saying like I teach first grade and I
teach six and seven-year-olds but really like I teach Austin and I teach
Annabelle. You teach individual students that are created with purpose
and with uniqueness and when you see them for that and for
who they are it changes the way that you teach them because you’re no longer
teaching these robots who are just a certain age group you’re teaching
individuals who have different talents and different strengths and needs your
support and your guidance in so many different ways.

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