Not great at following God’s advice? | Pastor Steven Furtick

Not great at following God’s advice? | Pastor Steven Furtick

God did not just say he would guide you
he said in Psalm number 46 that he would be our guide that’s better because if
God gave me guidance I know something about myself I’m not good at following
it so when Holly and I talked about directions she’ll say you know you take
a left and then there’s a fruit stand and then there’s a cow and then there’s
a thing and then there’s a building and then there’s a store and then there’s a
porch swing it has a red porch wing It has an American flag draped over it she knows all these details and stuff that I don’t recognize and then she’ll look at me and she sees my eyes glazing over and she’ll be like you know what I’ll just give you the address and that saved our marriage
it’s I’m serious I have no say this is how bad it is when I was a teenager I
would not go get my driver’s license not because I didn’t want to drive but because I could not find my way around monks corner what is there to find in monks corner there’s
a Walmart and there’s a high school I couldn’t find it was so bad my dad my
dad had to make me go get my driver’s license he walked in the house one
Wednesday it was his day off it was summertime I had turned 15 months ago but I wouldn’t get every time he would ask me
you wanna go get your license because I’m sick of driving you around every
time he would ask me do I want to go get my license I would tell him no it wasn’t
that I was scared of driving I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t find my way
around so I just kept putting it off in one Wednesday he walked in it was his
day off it was my day off I worked at I had a summer job at the my first job was
at Pet Rest Crematory and Cremation Service okay I started from the bottom
for real don’t look at me like I was glamorous and I was I was in my guitar
my room playing my guitar he walked in and said today’s the day we’re going to
get your license I’m sick of this and I wasn’t scared of the driving test I
should have been the woman that was sitting next to me for the driving says
she was so mean the car kept cutting off every time I try to start my dad’s Jimmy
y’all remember the Jimmy mile every time I would try to stop every
my dad my dad’s car was such a piece of crap when you try to start the car and
put it in reverse it would cut off and so I was trying to back out of the
parking lot of the DMV I couldn’t get the car out of the parking lot and every
time I put in a reverse it would cutoff and the woman let me do it three times and
she says sir in the history of my experience of 135 years administering
these tests I’ve never done this but get out the car your test is over you failed
in the parking lot my dad came running across the parking lot he’s sweating my
dad’s a big old guy sweating waving his arms give him another chance ma’am give him another chance I forgot to tell him this cars got some issues you can’t have
the air conditioning on when you have it in reverse y’all didn’t grow up driving
these kind of cars I know you’re gonna be MW on your 16th birthday I had a
to make it where is he going with this I think a
lot of believers have been given license to live in the fullness of the promise
of God but I don’t trust my sense of direction and so God said I see you you
look like a sheep I see you turning left instead of right so I’m going to guide
you the Lord is my shepherd the Lord has – a good thing he’s my shepherd because I am bad I mean I am bad at finding my way so he
said that he would make me lie down in green pastures way man I don’t know
anybody make me do anything live a little while and you will want someone
bigger than you wiser than you stronger than you just stop trying to shrink God
down it into a formula that you can manipulate and you will come to the
point where you’ll say God have your way in my life make me lie down in green
pastures David said he leads me beside still waters in that cool he restores my
soul he leadeth me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake yea
though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death wait a minute we were
just talking about still waters and paths of righteousness how did we end up in this valley of the shadow of death but sometimes the paths of righteousness must pass through the valley of the shadow of death so that you can go
through situations that look like seem like and feel like they are going to
kill you but you get to the other side and you see a table that is spread of
provision in the presence of your enemies if there is one thing I believe
it’s that goodness and mercy have been following me all the days of my life and I will dwell that is one thing that keeps me from going crazy I know
God is guiding my life I really have come to the point where I believe that I
can’t always tell you where but I know who the Lord is my shepherd and I found
out that he will use circumstances that he did not create he will even use
confusion to guide me to confidence so so the children of Israel prove this to
you okay they come to the Red Sea they’re confused but God put a cloud
here it is before them this is Exodus 13 21 they’re not in the wilderness yet
they’re not out of Egypt yet they’re in-between there 15 years old they’re
about to get their drivers license they don’t know where to go so look look what
God does by day the Lord sent a pillar and it went ahead of them and it is a
pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night because God will not
always look the same way in every situation and sometimes you miss him
because you are looking for him to appear in the form of a method and so
you come to something I’m gonna turn my back so this just gonna be between you
and God wave your hand if you’re going through something right now that you do
not fully understand right it’s called being alive so now they’re coming to this this
transition point and they don’t know where to go because they can’t go back
to Egypt but they don’t know how to get across the sea so God gives them a cloud
and watch what the scripture says go back to 21 I want to make sure you don’t
miss this sometimes I go too fast on that and we miss stuff he sent them the
clock it went before them to guide them God’s positioning system so wherever I
go God went before me that sounds so simple but thousands of
you don’t believe that yet you believe that the good things that are happening
to you are the result of the guidance of God but I’m telling you that God was
using the chariots of Egypt and the whip of Pharaoh to make sure that they kept
moving so goddess driving them from behind and leading them as he goes
before them say that law god is my guy Saint like the devil might have been
pushing you around lately let him know God is my guy and even if it’s the devil
pushing God is the one who is pulling me into the purpose all things work
together for the good so I need a guide and so the cloud went
before them and it showed them the next step to take in the cloud it led them I
need the Lord to lead me I need him to lead me to speak these sermons we’re all
in trouble if he doesn’t lead me to preach sermons I heard somebody say
something in church one time they were talking about being led by the Holy
Spirit okay and you probably heard that before
that God led me sometimes Christians use that to say the craziest stuff all
religions do some religions will will commit acts of terror and say that they
were led by God to do that one thing I heard early they they were taking an
offering in church I grew up in church but it wasn’t personal for me then you
know like it was a religion it wasn’t a relationship
but when my relationship with God became real because only you can decide that
they were taking an offering one day and the person taken the offering they said
this phrase they said just give today as you feel lead and that was only like 17
years old but I knew well that’s not gonna work
as I feel laughs because I mean let’s just apply that feel lead to other areas
of life okay if I ate what I feel led to eat there
would not be enough denim in these United States of America to circumvent
my waist slide if I exercised when I feel led to exercise it would be once in
January in once in May when I thought about looking good in a bathing suit and
then I would decide I already got my wife who cares and I would never hit the
job if I hit it when I felt okay try this tell your kids when you feel led to
go to school try that with your employer I wasn’t feeling led to what have you
went to work when you felt led to work but we will subjugate our relationship
with God to our feelings now notice the cloud didn’t ask the children of Israel
do you feel like moving today would this be a good time did I catch you at a bad
time and God doesn’t consult their mood see
if they feel like moving I don’t have to feel it not being led by my feelings I’m
led by my priorities hey thanks for watching make sure to click the
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  1. I used to be so hungry for His word and sermons like these would get me excited, wanting to see what God has in store for me. But, lately I just don't feel excited about things anymore. I feel like I've forgotten what it feels like to be happy. I used to enjoy soaking in His presence, but now it seems like all I have is a feeling of emptiness 🙁
    nothing excites me anymore and I really hate that I'm feeling this way.

  2. God bless you Pastor Steven, this truly was a blessing to listen to, thank you. Truly a timely message that I needed to hear. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  3. Amen brother!!!! We should never be led by our feelings that's the flesh. Thank you Lord that You guide me beside still waters and restore my soul and even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death He is with us. The God we serve. 😍😍😍

  4. Wow! What timing for this message! GOD just gave me revelation on the next direction. Well that's confirmation!…lol…

  5. If only my parents had pushed me to have gotten my license back in high school, I certainly would've been a lot more independent but they were and still up to this day, scared that I'd kill them or something. Haha long story but yeah. I'm 30 years old and I still haven't gotten my license yet and I'm so sick and tired of being stuck in the same place I've been since 18, I'm praying to God that I finally get it this coming year and not let another year pass me by anymore. God willing, I need to let go of all my fears and just trust Him in the process.

  6. "God was using the chariots of Egypt and the whip to lead them." He not only leads you but He pulls you. Thank you so much for this message.

  7. I needed this.. perfect timing!! I’ve been going through some things for awhile now.. but i know God is always with me ❤️

  8. falcone 2525gmail Facebook invalid reversed back back reversed back returned blocked reversed exchanged returned back

  9. Always watching your videos from Mindanao Philippines! Thank you Pastor for all your great sermons. It moved me every sermons! Hallelujah!

  10. I am only 10 years old and God told me to watch this video, it helped me to figure out how to understand the power of the Lord and that every thing happens for a reason. Pastor please respong to this

  11. ya who feels led to go ye into all the world an preach the gospel to every creature.. its not about feeling led, its about taking up our cross…

  12. GOD is my GOD my Father my redemption. Thank you JESUS Christ for everything Amen Amen hallelujah

  13. I was scared to do something but i did it anyways an it led me to my victory god is here god is real god is alive in side me just if i would let him take all control

  14. I just feel blessed when i listen to Pastor Steven… I pray the Lord hears my cry.. I dont always know who i am.. But i believe God can do so much more beyond my imagination…. Thank u

  15. Drove my grandmas Monte Carlo brakes were scrubbing love grandma but the car didn't love me my brother got to take test in a mustang well it's all good

  16. The spirit is,willing but flesh is weak pray for me Steven that my mind body spirit heart obtains more expediantly The Will of God and His voice I trust have Faith and belief totally but yet my mind is not as strong as it was pray renewal of the mindset of Jesus Christ I so want to follow He does have great and mighty as well blessings for myself and all His I love God mind heart soul and strength with all I am been through some mental and spiritual battles but yet as I have knowledge it's just turbulence before destination I believe this to be true always we serve omnipotent omnipresent all powerful God God bless in Jesus Christ name merry Christmas early thanks for the exhortive message you're truly a blessing from God

  17. words cannot comprehend HOW MUCH the Lord has spoken to me through THIS PASTOR… always at the right place always at the right time… I dunno how my God does it, but this is the God, my Lord I proudly serve!

  18. I failed both my driving exams but passed my pilot exam the first time. Life is oxymoron sometimes! Great message, came here because I know I'm a punk sometimes 😂

  19. Thank you for that awesome message change the game God is my creator Jesus Christ people will not help you my experience God well guide you through this world just ask. Thank you God for the Gift you give me Humility and my purpose💜🙏🇺🇸

  20. Needed this on this 5th day of January 2019 because I am confused on where He is taking me with what He has me doing!

  21. Wow! Pastor Steven Furtick, you are truly anointed by God. I was surfing the net and I saw your video, I ignored it but the Holy Spirit told me to come back and watch it so I did and since then I have saved most of you videos because the help me to start the day with Hope and Faith. Thank You and May the Good Lord bless you

  22. What the cloud represents,means? Somehow I dont get it. The cloud represents God himself,thats why it says the cloud guided them?

  23. I’m Praising of ya Pastor Steven Furtick! I’m seriously God Anointed ya to preach his gospel to all people and I’m encouraging by ur sermons always!!

  24. The part about God using circumstances He didnt create in a way that can benefit us definitely helped me. I really needed to hear that.

  25. Hi Pastor Steven.. I'm Irosh from the Philippines, been watching your videos. But I have question and i know you can be the one who can enlighten whatever is bothering me now. Pls email me, [email protected]

  26. Amen i need word from the Lord today and everyday and please pray for me because my presents going to so much things it's hard from me to sleep at night all i can do praying and ask God to help me with my faith and believe that everything will be okay because God would not put on us more then we can take i love you guys 🙏

  27. I love to listen ur sermons Becox I learn my whole life as past present n future making me reminds n strong for future

  28. Too all you who put thumbs. Shame on you. I hope someone praying for you lost sheep…
    This pastor i heard twice & ever message speaks to my life & my spirit. Worldly people would not know this. Woe to you…

  29. This man carries a real message! God help him stay on his riotous path he has been such a great voice in my head lol.. I want to say, at work I listen to music, books, preaching… this man truly helps me thru each week… Praise God for the people able and willing to throw in a line!

  30. Perfect message for the season I am in!! Thank you Pastor Steve!! I am learning so much and I share on Social Media like crazy and have even gotten my skeptic hubby to watch you!! You rock Furtick!!!

  31. He is talking about being obedient to the Lord's spirit. (Being led, is not about your flesh what your flesh feels like giving but what the Lord lays or impresses upon your heart.)

  32. Pastor Steven! I so love your heart for God and His people! I am challenged many times by your sermons!! Thank you tremendously! Donna

  33. I signed up for my drivers license yesterday. I’m 19, in my country you can start at 18.
    It’s gonna take 32hours of drivers school and 18hours of driving to get it

  34. I am the women born with a veil and 10 stars upon my head written in the Old Testament Revelation Chapters and the archangel Gabriel asked the devil for aide into stealing 7 stars from my head about his Muhammad and the Quran of whom take side counsel from fallen angels of false gods between serving Our Heavenly Father and his commandments Love thy God with all thy strength and do not worship false gods or idols.Christ taught us of Our Heavenly Father and his Holy Spirit in full filling that law

  35. Our Heavenly Father said he will Judge and he called it Judgement Day depending on who you take counsel from between serving his commandments Christ said even the ones who Pierce him will know his Vengeance of the Roman's who would use the crucifix cross on anyone who oppose Roman laws of whom gave Christ a Thorn Crown

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  37. Our Heavenly Father told us of false gods of fallen angels who wanted to be worship as gods reflecting on the Earth of multiple religions of rebellious angels

  38. Thank You Pastor Steven For Being Obedient and Delivering God’s Word!! Much Needed And Greatly Appreciated! May God Continue To Bless Your Ministry! I Can’t Wait To Visit Your Church! 🙏🏽🙌🏾

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