Novel viral Infection – How to Boost your Immune System (STAY SAFE)

Novel viral Infection  – How to Boost your Immune System (STAY SAFE)

hey guys Kriben Govender from nourish
me you organics I’m going live to my Facebook group called the gut health
gurus and also going life to my gut health gurus page so I really wanted to
make this this video and guys if you’re not joining in live I’ll repost this so
you can actually watch the the actual content but what I really wanted to talk
about today is the situation around the co vid 19 and it’s something that I’ve
been following for some time initially I was admittedly a little bit dismissive
thinking that it’s kind of kind of gonna blow over and we’re not having to worry
about it but Kovach 19 now has become quite quite prominent clearly in the
media and the way people are reacting but hey guys welcome to all the guys
just joining in right now so today I’m gonna talk about my extreme anxiety that
I’m feeling right now with the whole kovat 19 situation so firstly I have an
experienced digestive issues for years but at the moment I’m feeling so anxious
about what’s happening is that I’m actually experiencing some digestive
issues and digestive discomfort and it just it highlights the point that it
doesn’t matter how much you do in terms of diet stress is such a massive driver
of digestive health so all the stress and anxiety around this covert 19:4 my
family particularly is causing some digestive distress and I’m having to
work a lot harder in terms of my stress management practices but today what I
wanted to do is it’s it’s pretty much gonna be a presentation type format I
want to talk about the current situation with kovat 19 the impact of stress how
gut health kind of fits in this whole picture the importance of
mitochondrial health and then I’m gonna give you some nutritional takeaways and
also some some lifestyle takeaways to really help you and your family and guys
I’m not a medical doctor I’m not a medical expert by any stretch of the
imagination I’ve got a background in food science and also in microbiology so
I will speak to some some really actionable tips on how you can actually
protect your family as best you can so firstly let’s explore what what is
corvid 19 so Kovach 19 is a novel a novel virus or viral pathogen that’s
impacting the world and at the moment in my lifetime I’ve never seen anything
like this I think for most of us in a lifetime it’s it’s unprecedented and
whilst the the virus is is not going to impact us that the vast majority of us
substantially it seems to be impacting those who are are already sick and also
those who are perhaps a little bit older or immuno suppressed so we I’ve watched
the story very carefully and so it’s gone to a point now where the virus has
become a pandemic so this means that it’s it’s spreading throughout the world
and my feeling is it is going to impact hey guys
my feeling is it’s going to impact most of us I’m just going to see some
comments popping up but yeah so feel free to leave comments if you want me to
tackle any particular information and if I can get to it so it’s becoming a
pandemic meaning that it’s going to reach most of us so it’s going to reach
most of us and what the government’s are trying to do at the moment is they’re
trying to you’ll hear this buzzword flatten the curve so rather than having
a large volume of people getting infected with this virus and then
creating a huge amount of burden to a healthcare system they’re trying to
spread out the the infections so that the health
care system can much better cope with the stress of having an influx and it
does raise some really interesting social questions hey Arthur and so what
it’s going to do is is it’s going to create a huge amount of social and also
some moral dilemmas in the healthcare system because so picture a scenario
where the hospitals are full up and you’ve got potentially sick people with
Co vid covet virus covered 19 virus and then you’ve got a person that’s coming
in with a severe trauma at a you know from a car accident or something like
that or someone that’s what cancer that’s in a critical condition
the sheer congestion to the healthcare system is what’s going to be a massive
issue so I can see Stephanie captain will just left a comment thank thank you
Stephanie I’m still unsure if I should be keeping my children at home from
school I can because I’m a stay at home mom see if I can do this I’m not sure if
people can actually see this yeah that’s Stephanie’s question so I will get to
that in a point in a second so let me continue on so the the social and
economic impacts are gonna be the biggest problem that I am potentially
seeing and what I’m doing as well is I’m self trying to self quarantine as much
as I can because what we don’t want is the infection to spread and particularly
start to impact the the older parts of the population because they are the ones
or it could be mums expecting moms or children it’s like
it’s just yet getting getting that sort of social distancing impact
sorry social distancing strategy to just isolate ourselves to essentially stop
the the rapid spread of the virus so social and social distancing is very
very important and I’m to answer your question Stephanie I’m definitely
keeping my kids at so all my kids are upstairs we’ve pulled
them out of school we’re just keeping that social distance more so not for
ourselves because I think we’re in that part of the population that’s not going
to be that severely impacted it’s merely merely to stop us from spreading the
virus to potentially elderly people and immunosuppressed so we just I’m doing
that more so to protect others but I’m not sure with you saw my first part I’ve
I am extremely stressed I think society as a whole at the moment is just we’re
going through this we’re going through this this social anxiety that’s really
impacting all of us like you know at a subconscious level because we see things
pop up on the news on the news yesterday and someone got stabbed in one of the
supermarkets and then we see you know people fighting over toilet paper and
and then Society slowly degrading down so it’s it’s so disappointing because I
think it’s so important that we all band together and support each other and help
each other through this rather than being you know self-centered and and
just thinking about our own families let’s band together as a society and
each do our part to help us get through this extremely challenging phase in
humanity it’s really unprecedented so that level of stress that I’m feeling I
this is for the first time that I’ve experienced digestive discomforts
substantially for for many many years and it’s pretty much because of stress I
mean it’s it is so so it’s the stress in my gut you know it’s just because I’m so
worried about my family and that’s why I’m so stressed out and it’s definitely
impacting my digestive health so I really have to focus a lot more on the
mindfulness and not stressing out not being reactive but really responding to
these challenging situations and I encourage all of you and that’s why one
wanted to make this this video because we’re all extremely stressed out and I
just wanted to give you some strategy and which we’ll go through in a sec on
how you can actually mitigate a lot of the risks of this kovat 19 varus so
stress management it’s so important you know spending time with in mindfulness
whether you have a meditation practice I think yoga would be if you can do yoga
at home that’s fantastic but I think a lot of the yoga classes
are going to be shutting down or limiting classes because of that social
social distancing policies and lock downs and whatnot that we might be
seeing coming pretty soon and then moving on to the next point which is gut
health guys remember the gut is like 80% of your immune system so all the things
that I’ve been talking about for so long so so so long about gut health is now
more important than ever before because just getting all the basics of gut right
gut health right is so important so it’s very very simple
you know eating really it’s good good food good water and good air you know
really simple really really simple eat clean as possible minimally processed as
much as you can chemical free all those basics are so important I won’t go into
the gut help because I’ve been talking about gut health for many years and you
guys can go into my blog posts and podcasts and whatnot and have a look at
the all the information I put out on gut health so the next point is I just want
to highlight just one particular thing which i think is so important and that
is the importance of milk kefir so milk kefir is a really simple – easy and easy
to make product I mean it’s so easy you get some keffiyeh grains and you make
the kefir grains you make the KIFI at home I mean all you need is milk you
know it’s like so easy to make at home kefir grains milk and you’ve got this
beautiful immune immuno modulating capacity of kefir
and so you can screenshot and read this study in your own time but just in
layman’s terms keffiyeh has all these functional peptides in there that
actually through studies now studies emerging this is an older study this is
in 2005 but it it just starts to demonstrate the the ability of keffiyeh
to lower inflammation in the body so what happens and I’m not a medical
expert by any means but my understanding on how this virus actually impacts us is
that it causes blood hemolysis and and also an extreme immune reaction because
the body is trying to kill the virus and get rid of it so a lot of people are
impacted by this term that you might start to see percolating it’s called a
cytokine storm now cytokines are just basically in simple layman’s terms they
are the way that the immune cells signal to each other so your B cells or T cells
your T helper cells all these these cells communicate so they produce these
these cytokines that other raised inflammation or lower inflammation so
with keffiyeh it has the ability to actually it’s anti-inflammatory so it’s
it has the ability to actually temper down the immune system and just dial it
back a little bit and that’s the very basic layman’s explanation of how
keffiyeh works so just think viral viral impact pathogen body is increasing
oxidative stress increasing this this this information to actually knock out
the virus and then in severe cases with a with a an immune system that’s
dysfunctional or or immunosuppressed you get this cytokine storm where the body
just the the inflammatory response is really out of control and then the body
starts to attack itself and then you see all these lung-lung type dysfunctions
starting to happen certainly blood hemolysis so blood cells being destroyed
and eventually you know shop being short of breath not
being able to breathe and then ammonia and this is the the pathology of how
this virus actually attacks us so hopefully that gives you a bit of
insight and why milk kefir is so important now the next thing I wanted to
talk about was the importance of mitochondrial health and you were you
were seeing the post like I I really flogged I flogged mitochondrial health
to death because in my view from the science that I’m looking at and I’ve
literally read like five papers a day I’m very very close to the literature
and what’s happening in the health space especially now with this covert 19
situation so if you think you’ve got health that sits here so that’s the at
the gut level so the way science is evolving is we’re going even deeper
we’re going down to a mitochondrial level so you think about the gut cells
the gut epithelial cells the layer that the lining in the gut very thin take a
piece of hair cut it in half it’s just thin layer but within those gut cells
are these organelles called mitochondria and mitochondria are just little small
small little organelles for one of a better word that they’re inside all the
movies got cells and they’re inside every cell in the body aside from red
blood cells which don’t have mitochondria they use a different
pathway to create energy but the prime function of the mitochondria is to
actually produce energy so it’s like the battery of the cell but it has all these
other other amazing things and what scientists now are discovering is that
these little mitochondria are bacteria so many many potentially billions of
years ago a cell swallowed up a bacteria so it’s it’s an endosymbiotic bacteria
meaning that it lives inside the cell and and they’ve just become now part of
the cell so but what’s really important is they they’re the energies in this so
this colonic cells in the gut and every single cell in the body is using
mitochondria or mitochondria is producing the energy but why
mitochondria are even substantially more important than just energy is they
produce something called deuterium depleted water again I’m not going to
sidetrack too deeply down that so that’s one important point of mitochondria and
the second most important thing your scientists now have discovered they
produce melatonin so melatonin is the master antioxidant in the body so as
these mitochondria produce energy they also create oxidative stress so and that
oxidative stress in the form of hydrogen peroxide and all these other byproducts
reactive across or reactive oxygen species the mitochondria developed a
system where they can produce melatonin the sleep hormone but also a master
antioxidant to almost neutralize a lot of this Ross that’s being produced in
the energy production state but how important is that if they’re producing
melatonin they’re very very substantial for sleep and I’ve been struggling with
sleep with all the stress but just notice the quality of my sleep has been
terrible because I’m just having this level of anxiety that’s going on at the
moment so that’s why that’s why I bang on about mitochondrial health is because
gut integrity and gut health is pretty much driven by mitochondria so this is
how it’s the the next layer deep and why I’m having this this particular
discussion talking about covert 19 is I’m gonna open up this a couple of
studies just to share with you so so again I recommend you screenshot this
and read it for yourself so which one should we start with first okay we’ll
start with this one here so mitochondria and organelle so this is
pretty recent 2018 mitochondria and organelle of bhakti
origin controlling information so you can go and actually listen to my podcast
with Roland pankova keep on mitochondria and in very basic layman’s terms
mitochondria are the very first part of the immune system so I’ll just read this
quickly for you okay so what’s the important part here okay
this organelle of bacterial origin has not only been tolerated by immunity but
also also has been placed as a central regulator of cell defense in intact
cells mitochondria regulates cell responses to critical immune response
engagement so basically what this is saying is that mitochondria are
signaling to your immune system so they’re actually activating your immune
cells they are the danger so you can see here it says here where they act as
danger signals when recognized by the innate immune receptors so innate the
innate immune system is just it’s like all your phagocytes so they detect a
pathogen they just go to it and swallow it up and get rid of it from the body
and then you have the adaptive immune system which is your b-cells and t-cells
and all these other type of adaptive cells that produce antibodies and
whatnot but this is the signaling system because it is there bacteria it signals
out so they’ve got these systems called Pam’s and damps essentially they’re just
their pattern recognition systems so they are the sensors sitting in the gut
and all the cells and they’re sensing out danger and then they are activating
the immune system and this is why it is so important for you to maintain very
good mitochondrial health and you know there’s lots of things you can do it to
maintain mitochondrial health I mean there’s there’s things like you know
boosting up your vitamin C there’s all that thus getting sunlight exposure red
light therapy determined pleaded water
basically anything that helps these little bacteria that inside the cell to
thrive and perform at their optimum will will potentially result in a much more
robust and stronger immune system because you want these guys the senses
to actually be working adequately and efficiently right so now one of the one
of the most important asset to some nutritional advice in a second and talk
about some more cutting-edge science but one of the one of the easiest ways to
modulate mitochondrial health is is actually is it’s a concept called
sickness with Missa tee or you hear something along the lines of circadian
rhythms and whatnot and that’s pretty much just getting our bodies and all our
cells lined up with the with the Sun and in this way this is one of the most
fundamental parts of actually of improving your mitochondrial health is
basically just lining all the body and the body’s clock so there’s a clock in
the brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus which is the master clock in the
body and then that signals to all the other the other cells in the body but it
also signals to the microbiome so having this this clock system working properly
is so important and the easiest way to get this system working properly and
optimally is to wake up in the morning and literally spend a little bit of time
in the Sun and so when the sunlight hits the eyes there are these there’s these
compounds in the eyes and the skin called melanopsin and these are the ones
that are signaling or detecting light so they detect blue light and say from the
blue light from the actual Sun coming to our bodies then this then regulates all
the secretion of the different hormones and the body but but one of the most
important things of discovered through my research is it
actually modulates the gut microbiome so I’m gonna share this with you guys okay
there’s a couple of studies here this is an amazing study this is very recent
this I think it’s a came out a couple of months ago when rhythm meets the blue
when rhythms meet the blues circadian interaction between the mahabharata–
gut brain axis so I very quickly summarized this this so what’s happening
you can see in this diagram the super charismatic nucleus so it says rhythmic
rhythmic suprachiasmatic nucleus firing and melatonin synthesis so how does the
body know what time it is again I mentioned sunlight say sunlight hitting
the eyes in the morning is a signal to say that’s awesome
this is Wendell’s comment see if I can bring this across Linda so what’s
happening here is when the Sun hits the the eyes it it gives it gives the cue to
what time it is and then that secretes cortisol so this is the enzyme to wake
you up and get you going and whatnot but the most important part of this story is
that it signals when the body is going to produce melatonin and what the
science is suggesting is that if the Sun if you get that sunlight exposure say at
7:30 that means that melatonin secretion is going to happen roughly 12 hours
later so at around 7:30 p.m. is when the body is going to start to secrete
melatonin but it needs that sunlight exposure to actually work properly and
guys you’ll feel this you know like if if you’re jet-lagged you feel terrible
because again all these hormonal systems the gut microbiome it’s all out of whack
so that’s a good a good indication there’s also a concept called call
social jetlag so when you when you go to work every day there’s almost well at
the moment it might be different you might be working from home but in normal
circumstances you work you wake up at the same time to go to work you normally
have a st. that’s very similar schedule of what time you have lunch so it
creates with Missa tee so you’re doing things almost at a very similar time
every day but then you get to the weekend and then some younger people
might you know end up going going enjoying the nightlife and whatnot and
sleeping very late at night or or maybe you sleep in a bit longer on the weekend
and again this creates something called social jetlag and this is when it’s
again it’s very similar to jetlag but because your your regular schedule was
out of whack the hormone secretions now are out of whack the gut microbiome is
out of whack as well so how does how does this this mechanism of rhythmicity
your circadian rhythm actually modulate the gut microbiome so you can go and
read this study in your own time but basically it’s happening via the immune
system so you can see here you can see in the in the actual diagram you can see
a b-cell you can see dendritic cells and you can see cytokines so what’s
happening is the our own innate immune system and an adaptive immune system has
the ability to go and potentially kill some certain types of bacteria so this
is the way the body and this is what the study is suggesting is the way the body
actually modulates the gut microbiome based on circadian rhythms it’s via the
activation of these immune cells through through almost epigenetic pathways that
then the body actually goes and kills off certain types of bacteria and
modulates it to a certain way and this is what we call in microbiology a
steady-state so it’s trying to maintain homeostasis so
hopefully that makes sense so this is why you know it’s all linked
mitochondrial health gut health the gut microbiome through all linked because
again what is actually controlling those immune cells
it’s the mitochondria the mitochondria are the conduit between the genes or the
nuclear genome the mitochondrial genome is totally separate and it’s the bridge
between the body and the microbiome so hopefully that makes sense on why I
think mitochondrial health will be one of the most important revelations in
science coming up in the next few years so really important to maintain healthy
micro micro mitochondria apologies okay so hopefully that made sense now where
do we go next the nutrition advice okay so again basic nutrition advice is guys
eat super super clean like this is more important than ever before to really
avoid processed foods like the plague I mean processed foods are highly likely
to be high in sugar and sugar is one of the most damaging compounds to your
immune system very very impactful on the immune system then in terms of your
basic vitamin requirements and a couple of years actually hormones so the first
one is vitamin C so make sure you’re getting adequate levels of vitamin C so
vitamin C can be through berries it can be through things like chemical which is
amazing Kakadu plum you’re all the the citrus
fruits broccoli all these things have substantial amounts of vitamin C content
the next one is vitamin A E which is again you don’t want too much of it but
a nice way to get vitamin A and E which we’ll talk about d both these are
hormones the best way to do it is through
something like a cod liver oil so cod liver oil is vitamin A or your Warfel
for people that plant-based something like carrots so you can google on and
and find out exactly what the best sources of vitamin C vitamin A ah
vitamin D the best way to get vitamin D is sunlight exposure now there’s a great
app that you can download it’s called D and this deep minder so
what it does is a giri locates you wherever in the world you are and then
it gives you rough approximations of how much firstly when to go outside because
vitamin D production is all based on the Sun hitting your skin but it has to be
at a certain angle so the time of day really matters so this D minder app will
tell you when to go outside and then you can set it on the app and workout you
can actually target how much vitamin D you want to produce so d3 is the
important one color factor all so and then just spend some time outside press
the app see if you target in a 3,000 IU or 2,000 and whatever it is press Start
on the app and it’ll tell you roughly how long to stay outside it’s very easy
it’s very easy to get vitamin D in summer but Heather’s raise a good point
here when it’s not sunny what do we do so something like cod liver oil is great
so it’s very pure very natural that’s the second best thing if you can get
sunlight using something like cod liver oil or or beef livers or some sort of
offal is going to be a good way to get your vitamin D up but ultimately the
sunlight the D minder user demander app spend some time in the Sun you don’t
need a huge amount of time it’s literally a couple of minutes you know
five minutes so it’s not going to create any risk in terms of
no damage to your skin from the Sun or if you’re worried about cancers and
things like that it’s very very minimal exposure especially if you’re getting
the exposure early in the morning to offset then getting the exposures around
that midday time so it’s almost you know waking up with a Sun cod liver pills are
absolutely fine Heather yep and then this is Linda’s question yeah look if
you’re gonna take a supplement just make sure it’s color factor or d3 which is
going to be your best best option that’s but for everyone else you know get get
out in the Sun and I’m gonna share this study with you guys okay so this this
highlights why I think it’s so important to actually get out in the Sun so you
can see in this study relationship between vitamin D gut microbiome and
systemic autoimmunity so I’ll just very quickly read this this
blurb there is increasing recognition of the role of the microbiome plays in the
state of health and disease microbiome studies and systemic autoimmune diseases
demonstrates unique microbial patterns inflammatory bowel disease rheumatoid
arthritis and just make lupus blah blah blah
where where there is no single bug or pattern that characterizes multiple
sclerosis autoimmune diseases tend to share a predisposition for vitamin D
deficiency which alters the microbiome and the integrity of the gut epithelium
barrier guys how important is that you want the science in this review we
summarize the influence of intestinal bacteria on the immune system
explore the microbial patterns that have emerged from the studies on autoimmune
diseases and discuss how vitamin D deficiency may contribute to
autoimmunity what is covert 19 covert 19 is
auto-immunity it is the cytokine storm and immune
system that is out of control dice it is free sunlight is free that is
like the the most amazing thing that you can do is actually go out and spend time
in the Sun okay so hopefully that makes sense and why I’m saying sunlight is so
important for your vitamin D so you use the D minder app spent some time in the
Sun in the morning midday get some sun exposure
I literally forced my children it’s practically verging on child abuse to
get out in the Sun in the morning and I literally get them to take their shirts
off and get in the Sun and shine sunlight in the morning gets sunlight in
their eyes midday I get them out we literally have our lunch out in the Sun
shuts off to get maximum exposure especially being darker skinned as well
it’s a lot harder for us to absorb vitamin D so we need a little bit more
so and finally the next important thing for viruses is zinc so zinc is is pretty
well known how important it is to get zinc and the other one is Amiga three
fat fatty acids so the best way to get zinc I think for my family is zinc an
omega-3 is oysters we eat tons and tons of oysters say minimum two dozen oysters
per week for my family tons and tons of zinc which is antiviral
and also omega-3s which is absolutely important for gut function the immune
system all that jazz okay right there’s one there’s one watch
out there’s this one watch out not many people know about the impact of vitamin
C or the detrimental impact of vitamin C in high levels in
certain parts of the population so a lot of a lot of information that’s coming
out on the Internet at the moment is top up of vitamin C top and primacy vitamin
C is the panacea vitamin C is going to save the world vitamin C is using China
to knock out Kovach 19 blah blah blah blah blah vitamin C is not for everyone
so I just wanted to highlight this point in certain parts of the population and
it’s actually a fairly high part of the population that they have they have a
polymorphism polymorphism is just a a it’s almost an adaptation in a gene so
and this is my problem this is this is why it’s so important to me because I
have this particular polymorphism and it’s called glucose 6-phosphate
dehydrogenase deficiency this is extremely extremely common it is the
most from my belief I think it’s the most common gene polymorphism that
impacts millions of people and it’s literally it’s a defense mechanism
against malaria so a lot of people that are only malaria zones have this
polymorphism so now if you’re in really hot and tropical parts of the world most
likely you have this polymorphism and the only way you can test for it is to
get some sort of genetic test I’m just about literally because I’ve been
thinking about how dangerous vitamin C is for my own clients in my nutrition
practice and I wanted to have a very quick diagnostic tool to work out
whether people have g6pd deficiency I’m actually just about to bring in some
very cost-effective test kits literally it’s like almost a drop of blood and
then it tells you whether you’ve got g6pd but why is g6pd so important you
can see this study effect of high-dose vitamin C infusions
this is 2017 so not that long ago effective high doses vitamin C infusion
in a glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficient patient so vitamin C
supplementation is generally regarded as benign there has been a resurgence of
interest in the general medical community regarding the use of vitamin C
most notably in the care of sepsis which is look pretty much multiple organ
failure bacteria and viruses in the blood system why shut down nonetheless
caution must be taken if whatever this word is physiologically vitamin C
supplementation is being administered as it should be considered as a medication
just like any other we present a case of hemolysis hemolysis is literally the
destruction of red blood cells what happens with covin 19 destruction of red
blood cells what are the primary function of red blood cells to shuttle
around oxygen in the body so you can start to see how dangerous this could
potentially be with someone with the g6pd deficiency issue and then being put
on a high dose of vitamin C infusions in this case they were treating rheumatoid
arthritis arthritis but this is well before the whole co-head issue was
happening so that is just the watch out so before we go out and dose ourselves
with vast quantities of vitamin C III very much and highly cognizant loves
having this g6pd deficiency to not go overboard in my vitamin C and certainly
sticking to food base sauces sauerkraut berries citrus broccoli things like that
far more safer for someone with g6pd yes so if you’ve got any questions Arthur
have you looked at quercetin not particularly you say is there any
anything that’s burning Arthur that you want to that that I’m missing in terms
of quercetin yep so if there’s no other questions I’m just about ready to wrap
this up so again in summary we’ll just quickly summarize firstly come come help
each other we’re going through a crisis this is unprecedented we haven’t seen
this most of us in other lifetimes help each other share your resources share
your toilet paper fantastic time to start the gaps diet
Stephanie absolutely amazing time to start the gaps diet again I haven’t
touched on all the 101 stuff yeah this is Arthur’s comment here
quercetin to knock down cytokine storms you know definitely if it’s having an
anti inflammatory response why not just like the milk kefir why not if it’s it’s
a new food source I think quercetin is very high in capers so capers is a nice
food source I tend to be more food based in my approach rather than supplements yep that’s great it’s definitely
definitely start start on your guest journey 100% checkout quickie cooking as
well Jo written lovely lady she’s got lots and lots of recipes and ideas for
the gaps diet stress you know help each other taking up a mindful mindfulness
practice like meditation is amazing if you could gut health 101 OSDs Heather
oysters cod liver oil liver supplements all also important off awful collagen
bone broths you know all these things that can help the gut is going to
bolster up your immune system because 80% of the immune system is in
the gut gut health 101 listen to the gut health gurus podcast and just delve into
the information on how to improve your gut health because that’s where you
start start to learn quirky quick key quick cue i ah crack ego quirky cookie
yeah yeah that’s it that’s it Stephanie’s got it right quickie cooking
me so check out quickie
he says she’s a lovely lady with all the recipe ideas the gaps the gaps book is
amazing as well so start to look look after your mitochondria get your
sunlight exposures in the in the morning the middle of the day consider low
deuterium water you know water we’ve got this brand called Lodi it’s very
cost-effective it’s a nice way just to take pressure off the mitochondria
because deuterium is one of these substances that could be highly highly
damaging to the at mitochondria the way mitochondria work is they have literally
an ATPase at the end of their it’s called the electro electron chain
transport and literally got a spinning engine and deuterium is one of these
compounds that can literally break these engines so certainly look at anything
involved in deuterium depletion we’ve got a guide on the Navy website if you
go to learn under ultimate guides there’s there’s a guide on determine
where you can learn all about deuterium and how to set some dietary strategies
red light therapy all that kind of stuff to help with deuterium depletion to help
with mitochondria the nutrition advice see ad and zinc vitamin C the hormones
vitamin A vitamin D from the Sun super important and finally no one is talking
about with Missa tee you know with Missa tee is one of these things that really
no one is talking about in terms of gut health
everybody’s flogging eat more fiber to death
but I I’m with crews I’m a dr. Jack crews I don’t think I think I think that
the dietary impact on gut health and the microbiome is perhaps the easiest to
measure you know you take something you eat food you test the poop and you can
work out you know what’s going on what is it done but things that are
really hard to measure like stress or sleep or sunlight exposure these things
are really hard to measure and maybe there’s a slight bias to thinking that
diet is the only thing that’s important but I think equally is important is all
your lifestyle practices stress management getting adequate amounts of
sleep and to me the most important thing is sunlight exposure in the morning and
at midday on your body and in your eyes because I showed you the studies vitamin
D from the Sun literally could be modulating you got microbiome and it’s
free absolutely free and pleasing and please guys think about this is a really
good point from Stephanie I think you think about all the really vulnerable
people in our society you know people that are expecting mums children elderly
people before we run out and hoard food and buy up all the toilet paper just
think about how much we need Vic think about maybe two weeks you know and start
being sensible just in cases or lock down so just think about two weeks
there’s no need to panic and stock your fridge is full of food just think enough
for two weeks and toilet paper at the end of the day you can have a poo and go
wash your bum in the shower it’s not the end of the world but certainly think
about the more vulnerable people in our society and let’s band together as a
community and help each other as much as I we can
so guys that’s my take on unco vid 19 hopefully you found some value out of it
leave a message in the comments below if you want further explanation or links to
studies and whatnot but until next time be safe be be merry be prosperous be
well in this extremely stressful time let’s band together and be mindful no no
let’s try not to react and let’s respond in kindness gratitude in love thank you
so much guys

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  1. I also believe that if you're getting your D3 from the sun , not to wash or shower for at least 48 it can take that long for you to absorb the hormone , as it will wash off …not sure how true this is , but sounds feasible

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