Open Your Chakras With This Short Prayer

Open Your Chakras With This Short Prayer

To get the most out of this prayer, sit in a
comfortable position, relax your body and allow the words to wash over you. Make it
your intention for the words of this prayer to be your own. A Psychics Prayer. I ask that my
crown chakra be open to receive intuitive information from the universe.
I asked my third eye chakra be open so that I can see all vision
with crystal clarity. I ask that my throat chakra be open so that I can communicate
clearly and articulately. I ask that my heart chakra be open so I may receive messages with
love and relay messages with love. I ask that my solar plexus chakra be open so that I may
speak of these visions, impressions, guidance and truth with confidence and
without the fear of being wrong. I ask that my sacral chakra open so that I may embrace and
accept others as they are, without judgment. I ask that my root chakra be
open so that I may stay grounded and offer practical and spiritual advice and
guidance. I ask that angels and guides surround me during this sacred time. I
ask you to protect me from any spirits that would want to cause confusion. I
invite all beings of the light to be with me now and it is with a grateful
heart that I think you for being here now.

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  1. Your videos are so beautiful and helpful. I hope you'll forgive my mentioning, but "chakra" is a Sanskrit word, and "cha" in that language is a hard sound, pronounced as in "chocolate." Maybe you are already aware of this, and you are certainly not the only Western-born chakra expert to pronounce it with a soft sound, but just pointing out.

  2. I like it I like it. And you put the colors to coordinate with each chakra you pray for and guided meditations don't seem to do that, they just have one picture. But one mistake you made the solar plexus orange and the sacral yellow and it should be the other way around

  3. Thank you for this prayer, I repeat the prayer to myself, it’s a great prayer. I pray with this before I do meditation and before I go to bed. It relaxes me. Keep up with the good work. God bless everyone.🌞

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