Palestinians: What will happen to the Israelis when you take back Palestine of 1948 (Israel)?

Palestinians: What will happen to the Israelis when you take back Palestine of 1948 (Israel)?

If Palestinians take back all of Palestine
(what is today Israel) what happens to the Jews? Ahmad
Nablus They would be spread seperated to other countries spread to other countries around the world So they would be thrown out Of course They can’t stay? No, they can’t stay Why? Because this is our land Even the ones who were born here? Of course Even the ones who were born here Even the ones who were born
here before 1948? No, those ones no They can stay Pretend I am Israeli and my grandmother was born
here before 1948 Can I stay? Yes, you can stay But that is most Israelis No no, not most Israelis were born before 1948 Many Israelis Okay but it is not most Maybe half a million at most I don’t know how to find the numbers but ok Let’s start with this do you believe in a one-state
solution or a two-state solution? All Palestine
Palestine I will ask this When there is Palestine
1948 Palestine all of it, all of Palestine when that happens one state What happens to the Jews? We will throw them out You are going to throw me out? Anas
Khirbet Abu Falah You are going to throw me out?
Yes Really?
Why? We are now Facebook friends
(he just added me) He got his ass whooped We are now Facebook friends
You are still going to throw me out? He is a witness He was walking and they (Israeli soldiers) caught him Ask him what they did to him? They started hitting him with their guns They hit him so hard They took him and tortured him
for real, for six months I didn’t even believe it when I saw it I just came from America
I wasn’t here for a couple of months and when I saw that in front of me what are you going to think of Jews
and the Jewish army after that But he knows me now we sat here and talked for an hour You still would throw me out? You guys (Jews) took our land You guys kill us
and you guys burn us You would throw Roi out too? He said there were Jews before 1948 We let them in
We welcomed them and everything and then… Can they stay? He says no Zionists Hold on There is a difference between Jews and Zionists No there isn’t There is a difference between Zionists and Jews
No There is a difference between the concepts
but I am saying… Everyone (Israeli Jews) think they are a Zionist It doesn’t mean the same thing it means to you So who can stay once they take Palestine? No Jews? Not one Jew Even the ones who were here before 1948 Yes even (the ones) before That’s his opinion I don’t want to be your friend on Facebook Speak to the hand So what should I do? So what should we do?
What should Roi do? Where is he going to go? To Canada He is not Canadian No one will let me in
any other place My grandparents were in Iraq and the Muslim people killed and the Muslim people killed
them in Iraq in 1940 and they ran to here and I don’t have anywhere to go The Musllims (did that)?
Yes I don’t have anywhere to go He said they could have run anywhere else Now no one will take me He said everyone go back to
where there origin is from Can you name some Jewish people
that have two generations that are here? Most Jewish people I know Two generations? More even, a lot
Their grandfathers, grandfather You guys literally have no traditions no culture
It’s sad honestly That’s what you see… No no no
That is…I will stop this If Palestinians take over all of 1948 Palestine Gus
Turmus Aya they take back everything What happens to the Israelis?
What happens to the Jews? They will be like the Palestinians
who are right here right now What do you mean?
There will be an occupation? Yes Yes, you think? No, there won’t be Is that what you want
or what you think will happen It won’t be an occupation
because that would mean someone from the outside
coming in and taking over them but it would be us reclaiming what is ours So they (the Jews) would be our guests Do you think they will be equal? They will have to go by Palestinian law Do you think they would be equal? Would they be equal? They wouldn’t be equal but they would probably be given equal rights What’s the difference? To be equal is like saying are the native Americans equal to the
immigrants that come to the United States That’s the same thing So the Palestinians are like the Native Americans and the Israelis now are like the others that come into the US or like everyone who came in on the Mayflower That’s how they would be The Israelis are like that Well that is what they are like the Europeans (in the US) That’s what they are, yes Even though they were here before? Who was here? The Israelis Where?
Here They weren’t here before Of course they were
No Jews were here before No they weren’t Well Jews yes
but not the Israelis What’s the difference? There was no Israel It doesn’t matter
They are still the same people There is a big difference Why? Because Israel…
When was Israel established? That’s a country There was also no France 300 years ago, but there were French people So that goes back to Zionism Jews were here before
Zionism didn’t exist They lived happily among
the Christians and Muslims and there were Jewish Palestinians like there are Christian Palestinians and Muslim Palestinians So Zionism came in and it just made them think with their Zionist ideology that they are better than everybody else and they used Judaism as an excuse
to justify all the atrocities they committed against the Palestinians a lot is forgotten right now as time passed by and people decided to overlook it That’s what you think happened? That’s what I know happened Because there are a lot… How do you know that? Because you are saying what Jews think Because you have Palestinians
who live in Lebanon and Jordan in refugee camps all over the world and where did they come from? They didn’t just pop up out of nowhere They had homes, they had towns They existed in what is known as Palestine and then they were kicked out No, I am talking about that
Zionism says Jews are better and how did you phrase it? Well Zionism is racism and they look at… As long as you are a Zionist
you could be from Poland and Russia you are welcome to come into
what they call now Israel and you can have everything you want you get an apartment You can get all the stuff you can get in any modern place like the United States
or Europe I assume But you could be born here and be a Palestinian and you don’t get any kind of right You can be killed and whoever
killed you won’t be held accountable Like what happened in the village over here not so long ago
in Kusra a whole family was burned alive the father, the wife and one of the children
One is still recovering right now What happened to the guy that did it? They haven’t caught him yet They did, they caught one of them They gave hm 30 day probation No, it’s not what happened It doesn’t matter (for this video) That’s what the news said A guy was taken into custody for six months but there is no proof that he did it yet That’s what they want to say of course How hard could it be when you have actually more than a few radicals in that area that are known
to do this kind of stuff They could catch him if they wanted to Getting back to So the Jews would stay if all this becomes Palestine again the Jews would stay Yes they could stay So they just wouldn’t be thought of as native Well they could stay It doesn’t really matter if they are native or not I live in California I wasn’t born in California but I am an American citizen I get the rights like any other
American citizen gets There would have to be a law that would be equal to everybody Now whether that law is going to be The next quetion is who is going
to enforce that law The current Palestinians I think that is very hard for them
to impliment that kind of law Why? Look at the laws implimented right now there is a lot of corruption going on Just like there is corruption in
other places, in other entities It’s ideal but now is not the right time Is that the goal? The goal right now is for peace to exist to stop the killing and then start step by step The only problem is that it takes too long It is taking too long and a lot of Palestinians are killed in the process Haitham
Hebron What do you think of the two-state solution? The Palestinians refuse this Because it is my land and it is my ancestors land How can I give it to someone else? So if he takes back Palestine of 1948 what happens to the Israelis? They can leave Where are they going to go? Where they came from? What about people who are mixed
and they are from different places? Whoever created the problem should find the solution
It is not my responsibility Palestine is my land If Palestine gets back all of Palestine what happens to the Israelis or Jews? Khalil
Ramallah They will go back to where they came from What about for one who is a quarter Polish half Yemenite and a quarter Iraqi? I mean he is mixed Yes yes What if he is mixed Polish, Iraqi and Yemenite? He has to go to wherever he came from originally whether it was Iraq, Yemen or… He has to go back
Yes What if his family was here before 1948? In that case then he would have the right
to be a citizen in the Palestinian country not the Israeli country When Palestinians get back Palestine of 1948 which is today Israel What happens to the Israelis? Haneen
Hebron When or if?
Either one is fine For sure the Israelis will be destroyed because Palestine is not their right Destroyed as in killed? They should be killed yes Because what was taken by force
can only be… retrieved by force Taken back by force Because Israel is a very powerful tyrrant and I am sure that God will for sure God will destroy them If Palestinians get back all of Palestine what happens to all the Jews? Raada
Ramallah Just as what happened to the few
million Palestinians (in 1948) the same thing will happen to the Israelis They have to figure it out because just as they made us go everywhere they have to do the same thing Even the ones who were there before 1948? and their descendants As to my knowledge, they are the Samurites Samaritans But there were also Jews here There were 600,000 Jews I don’t know about this All I know is that Jews came in groups and then they came all at once First they came gradually and then they came all at once If Palestinians take back all of Palestine what happens to the 6 million Israeli Jews? Mahmoud
Nablus They should all go back
to their countries of origin because they have come from different countries What about the ones who
were here before 1948? We didn’t have any problem with
those who lived here before 1948 If most Israelis today have at least one relative before 1948 can they stay? We as Palestinians agreed that we would have the 1967 borders and the Israelis didn’t agree to this the Israeli government is still building settlements on the lands they claimed they gave back to the Palestinians He didn’t answer the question which Israelis can stay The first ones that were here
before 1948 we have no problem because we have the Christians we have the Samaritans we have the Muslims and even those who were born here in 1950? If we would go back to
the original numbers of the Jews we would find they are a minority originally The majority (of Jews) who are here
have come from abroad When the Palestinians take back
all of historic Palestine what should happen to the 6 million Israeli Jews? Group of women in their 40s and 60s
Nablus Whatever happens to them, happens
we don’t care Can they live here? Yes they are living We will think about it Younger woman said she would think about it Older woman said… Did she ever have a Jewish neighbour? No, no We never had a Jewish neighbour My sister used to live somewhere in Nablus and had a Jewish neighbour They would visit each other
and be good friends they would also share food together and they were living safely Where was this? In Nablus So she was married to a Palestinian Yes If Palestinians take back historic Palestine what happens to the Israelis? Rinad
Bethlehem They are not supposed to be here in the first place So what happens to them? They should go back to whever they came from? they are originally immigrants and they should emigrate back
to their original countries What if they are mixed? Perhaps this is something more political and bigger than me I am not sure We used to be mixed (with Jews) before (1948) and everything was going fine but everyone should know what is theirs The land is ours and
they are our guests Then okay

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  1. Thing is genetically they have done tests and Turkey, even Spain, Italy the genetics with muslims, Jews and Christians are more or less identical.

  2. I am Muslim from Pakistan, I believe that both should live in one state and make equal rights for all citizens.And the history tell us that whenever Jews faced any unjust and aggression then it was Muslims who protected them and gave them shelter.

  3. Now everybody can understand what Israel is fronting. Before any talks about Palestinians, they have to
    Join humanity first. In the last 30 years the Palestinians rejected any peace proposal, what can you learn
    From it. Their only acceptable solution is to trow all the Israelis into the sea. It’s part of their writen constitution.
    So if this is the situation, that they don’t even consider living in peace with Israel, and daily they send terorist to kill
    Israelis, send a lot rockets, than what is the only posability you ask, they want to destroy Israel, but the Israelis want
    To stay alive, than what can be done. For Israel it’s a matter of staying alive.
    The Palestinians are or stupid or naive in best case, do they really think they can Winn Israeli army.
    No Arab country are beside them. So they are damned to leave forever with stupid dream that a part of the Palestinian
    Leader feed their mind. And in this endless time, instead leaving in peace under a peace agreement, they will remain
    In their situation. From time to time, battle will occur, when the terorism will increase, and the Palestinians will remain
    In their condition.

  4. If these people are at all representative of the general opinion, then one must wonder why on earth we are even trying to still work a two-state solution.

  5. Its very easy to politisize this survey question…before you do that..i suggest you make a background check first about what r they really facing in their homeland (palestinian) can give an accurate data first from a renowed legitimate source about whats really going on..and than you can start questioning the palestinian my view for the palestinian people..they r really "traumatized" about what happen in their homeland..thats why most of their feeling in the way we see in this dont expect that they will express them self like normal people do..its a dumb thing to questioning people that r suffering..their (palestinian people) not stupid enough..not to know who r the ones that have to blame about whats happen to them

  6. Butthurt pro palesinans are ignoring the calls for genocides and focusing on how corey is biased (like every single media on earth )
    When you guys watche aljazeera you also complain hw he interviewer is biased against israel ?
    So hipocrites

  7. You feel out of place then YOU leave we are right at home since our four fathers, Avraham was granted this land more then 4000yrs or so ago
    Our history is proven through historical findings, where are theirs!!!!!!!! Bloody greedy that's wt they are they have plenty countries they can go back to, we have one and we are not given it up!!!! Hypocrites they are the one invading every countries with false pretexts of so call "war casualties" bla!bla ! Bs there r everywhere claiming the world is theirs and israel is no different then all other countries pests by them!!

  8. Everything is owned by Allah(God). That includes Palestine/Israel. Stop fighting over land that doesn’t belong to you in the first place and just live in peace.

  9. Both sides seem to lacking diplomacy and/the concept of it. It's okay to disagree or dislike people and still show civility, dignity, and respect for eachother. That one guy in the 5 minute mark seem to grasp that. That lady was batshit radical though, a civilised person wouldn't think about an option like that or act/voice that opinion.

  10. When you say theres a difference between concepts, can you clarify for me who are those jews we saw holding up signs saying 'We are anti-zionist' and 'I am jewish and anti-zionist' what are they jews or zionists since you say they are the same…

  11. I understand how Palestinians have a greatest hate towards israelis… Some other's opinions is that they welcome Israelis as immigrants if Palestinians reclaims its lands, others says they don't like to welcome them, unless if they have their parents or ancestors already live here before 1948…

    But the most disturbing opinions what i hear in this video is that, that Muslim woman in 13:00 says that "all Palestinians should be destroyed and killed in the name of God" well i was wondering what is her allah gonna react about what she said about having a hatred towards human being that belongs to other group or races…

    Well i don't like her opinion, that makes her a hypocrite as well, and that makes her antisemitic because she said she wanna destroy even the jews… Just like how the Nazis did back then what they did to the Jew. Somebody must say that muslim woman @ 13:00 are humans like her… 😐

  12. This is propaganda.Most Arabs and Muslims of today are laid back and lazy People who are more concerned with making money and living their lives.They have no desire to destroy Israel irrespective of what nationalistic slogans they utter in support of Palestinians

  13. Hey, the evil, Zionist's didn't ask themselves where the Arabs would go, they just VIOLENTLY FORCED them out and MURDERED MANY!!!

  14. This idiot doesn't even know the history of how the Zionists stole Palestine! Here is a short documentary made by honest Israeli scholars who show the FACTS! In 1878, the total population of Palestine was 462,465, Muslim and Christian Arabs = 98.6% and Jews = 3.2%! WATCH and see how the Arabs were SCREWED out of their homeland!

  15. Something wrong with u journalist or so called whatever make ur mind clear before asking question or know the answers n fact before asking

  16. 90% of the Jews that were in Palestine before 1948, flooded in from all over Europe! In 1878, the Jewish people represented only 3.2% of the population! The rest were Muslim and Christian Arabs! WATCH THE VIDEO!

  17. First you say there's is a difference between Jews and Israelis and then you say to another guy there is no difference "they are the same people" wtf

  18. "What if they were mixed" !! That guy is exporting to us Arabs a problem that we didn't create and didn't ask for in the first place. Jews kicked native Palestinians out of their lands and they didn't even have any other place to go to and no body asked them "what if" . At least mixed isrealis have two or three options to go back to! I think it's also very fair and civil of these Palestinians to agree that original Palestinian Jews and their descendants who lived there before 1948 – and didn't just come from abroad as part of an occupying force – are welcomed to stay and live peacefully. Very balanced responses in majority.

  19. Asking an occupied people if they take back their land what is going to happened to settlers / occupier expecting them nice to settlers popular is just stupid. You were too biased asking questions

  20. Why are you talking to these people the way you are? I was getting interested in your videos and then you go to Palestine and talk like that. This is probably the last video I will watch.

  21. The video should have end with the that interview at 4:47 because that is the cold hard truth.. interviewer got schooled but being an Israel citizen as usual that arrogant traits is still ingrained in his blood.

  22. If My Aunt had Balls she would be My uncle…that will Never happen …Palestinians will loose more on continous basis..

  23. The interviewer is biased and got schooled!!! Lame go get a job cause you suck at what you currently do! Shout out to the Palestinian who educated him

  24. dont mind brother..
    any tine you jewis and cgrustan pepole research in quran?
    you should reaserch islam Quran..then you all understand ..what is islam and muslim..i am requests you pllease you research quran sharif..
    you isreal pepole think islam religion fake..i give you challenge read Quran sharif..reaserch Quran sharif. are you can do it?

  25. 4:32 I guess palestinians are dumb af they can't even look into history when Jews have heritage on that land for 3000 years plus even before the times of PBUH. Muhammad and Jesus Christ.

    Also they said that Israel didn't exist then explain why in the Bible and in the Quran they called the people who lived there "people of Israel" and "the Israelites" I'm not being biased to the Israelis or the palestinians. I believe if both can Co exist it would be good for both of them

  26. How can he say that almost all Israelis have at least one family member that was in Palestine before 1948, that just doesn't make sense when they were brought in from all over the world. If all the Jews vacated the lands and properties that they have stolen from the Palestinians then they would have nowhere to live would they. If someone came and threw me out of my house and made me live in a tent in the garden for 70 years; that doesn't mean they have a right to live in my house for ever, just because they have been there a long time. Allah will bring justice to the land of Palestine not politicians.

  27. Israelis today are similar to the European invaders who invaded Native America during the colonization of the United States of America…..Zionism is Manefest Destiny in Palestine and Israel….A Palestinian is not an Anti-Semite….This is similar to judging Native Americans as Anti-Americans…The enemy (Satan) of God and his children manipulate man and woman into false judgment towards his/her brother and sister.

  28. It will NEVER happen. Israel is for the Jews. What is going to happen will shock the World. Many people will die.

  29. Help Us Brother! DO KASHMIR Belongs To The Kashmiri Pandits After They Were Expelled, The Answer Is Yes! The Same Thing Happen To The Jews! They Were Expelled From Their 👈 Homeland! Is INDIA Occupying Kashmir They Say Yes! Even Though The Answer Is No! KASHMIR IS TO INDIA WHAT LONDON IS TO GREAT BRITAIN OR BEJIN IS TO CHINA! Or Even Samaria And Judea Was To The Jewish People! Where The Samaritan Woman Encountered Yeshua By Jacob's Well In Samaria! ( THINK FOR A CHANGE)

  30. I grew up in a very jewish house hold and there is a difference in zionist and jew..real jews believe zionist have damned good jews by taking a home land ( which is not theirs) before the second coming… Thats from muriel shlomo leaon manuel all family members have stated..they left just before 48…and will not participate in defying gods true words…wander until the 2nd coming or be damned forever

  31. Those who want Jews to be thrown out are the ones severely mistreated by Israeli forces and thrown out of their own homes to facilitate the settlers

  32. That interviewer is a liar. He said it's most Israelis that are descended from pre 1948. There were roughly 500,000 Jews in 1946 in Palestine. Since 1948 3 MILLION Jews have immigrated to the lands formerly known as Palestine. I'm glad the Palestinian man stood his group. That means if Palestine got their land back then 3 million Israelis should leave Palestine.

  33. Yeah they're going to throw you out. You just LIED to the other guy. Israelis lie, kill and steal. That isn't what the real Jews are all about. They are good People. You have lost your faith by going to Israel. Maybe what you need to do is to go back to your FAITH. The Jews before 1948 lived in PEACE with the Palestinians. The Israelis abuse them.

  34. No everyone doesn't think they're a Zionist. Real Jews say they are NOT Zionists and that in fact Zionism is against the Torah and against Judaism. He's lying.

  35. if palestnians lived under the chinese they would have been eradicated long ago. Han chinese dont play!! just look whats happen to uighers tibetans many others. palest leadership has been the worst enemy of the palest pp. like arafat who stole billions$ his wife has mansion in france. Israel is great because it fights for all israeli nationals. palest leadership fights to steal what belong to the people

  36. 'There is no distinction between jews and zionists' lol keep the agenda going so you can accuse anyone of antisemitism at any time.

  37. Israel has the older claim. A remnant of jews will survive after they are betrayed by the evil world. Jesus christ is God and he is a jew. NOBODY can stop his return someday. Certianly not allah or the NWO.

  38. Jesus will not be defeated by mortal man nor Satan, yet he and all his NWO thugs will try to defeat the King of Kings. Ultimate stupidity. They will be utterly crushed and cast out with the serpent Satan/ allah into the lake of fire.

  39. Excerpt from the new book: LAST NATSARIM

    YEHOVAH is a transliteration often used for the Name of our Father, and this study will help develop a better understanding for those trying to learn more, and refine how the Name used to sound using only the four VOWELS. Definitions of vowels and consonants are given in this video:

  40. this is like a civil war because at one point all palestinians, syrian, iraqis, jordanians, lebanese were israelis under one KINGDOM OF ISRAEL AND JUDAH. i see this as a war between israelis who know and remember who they are vs israelis who have forgotten.

  41. European colonisers will just have to go back to Poland, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine…….. that's what they do to illegal immigrats in Europe, send them back to the countries of origin!
    Ps. Israel didn't exist before 1948!

  42. The ultimate goal of the so called Palestinians is the annihilation of the Jews, period! Arafat concluded that when he addressed Arabs in his language! So their 2 state solution talk is a farce, and these Muslims know it! This interviewer is biased as a Jew, and rightly so! His interview is fine! Thank you for this enlightening piece, as it is important for the world to understand this, if the world truly had an interest in truth, which I don't believe it does! God bless!!

  43. 0:44 that's wrong.. jews were only 5 or 10% back then and yes he gave the correct answer.. jews who lived there before conflict deserves to stay there with successive children and so forth

  44. It's not Palestinians, it's the nature of Muslims, no wonder Qur'an is full of hatred for Jews, there's no element of God in Islam.

  45. The Bible says Judah is scattered, sold into slavery and God will gather them as a people from the 4 corners of the earth & bring them back to their land. The
    jew-ish ppl their cannot say they endured the curses of Deuteronomy 28. So what about the Hebrews/negroes DNA can prove their connection to Israel. They are the ones who fit the true description
    Of God’s chosen, not the so called converts they who say they are Jews but are not the Bible calls imposters from the synagogue of Satan.
    Now b4 I get attacked about being anti Semitic- this is impossible because the fake jew-ish converts are not a Semitic people to the land. Shalom ppl!

  46. Lol.. Palestinians are such big time losers lol.. I completely support Israel and their one state solution. Throw all these Islamists out of Israel

  47. Oh my, the interviewer gets really worked up and seems to be really hating on these people answers, plz do not let him interview any palastinians

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