Pausing and Reflecting on Unstoppable – 1st Quarter of 2019

Pausing and Reflecting on Unstoppable – 1st Quarter of 2019

– I’ll be honest, I kinda struggled with this week’s episode. Not because there’s any bad
news, but like, I’m like, I’m just like I was exhausted. We just finished opening
up pre-orders for the book, the orders are starting to come in. Thank you for ordering and supporting us for those of you that have. We are putting the final
touches on the cover, so the cover’s coming together. You can see all my notes are over here. And we tightened up all the chapters, got all the quotations down. I’m exhausted, and so I
figured I’d just do an episode off the cuff, no script. I just wanted to update you on life. (happy music) What’s up everybody, this
is TK, and you are watching another Unstoppable Sunday. Here at Unstoppable Sunday, we
spent 30 minutes every Sunday to ask ourselves these two questions. Number one, where am I? And number two, what do I do next? All of this is designed to help us lead a more proactive life. And every Sunday I come
to you with an episode, and we’re on the theme of how do you live a more proactive life. One of the things about
living a more proactive life is every three months, at
the end of every quarter, I kind of pause and reflect on all my big goals for the year. And I keep a little
spreadsheet with my key goals, and there’s a red, yellow,
green for each of the goals, and so it kinda takes off of that. So I figured in today’s episode, I would just talk to you directly, and just tell you what I’ve been up. January, February, March, it’s like April, and oh my god, life is
so incredibly different a-ha, over the, since the three months. So I made a little list to just to kinda walk you through it. Number one, I left Marketo and Adobe. So, for those of you that
don’t know my backstory, I started out at Bridgewater. It’s one of the largest
hedge funds in the world. After three years there, I quit and I started my
own company called ToutApp. We pioneered the sales engagement space. We raised money from Andreessen Horowitz, Jackson Square Ventures, some of the best venture capital firms in the
world, I got to work with them. And then we sold it to Marketo. Marketo was backed by Vista, which is one of the best
PE firms in the world. I got to work in Marketo for two years, and then we sold Marketo to Adobe. And we told to Adobe in November, and then I stayed for three months to make sure everything was
getting integrated properly. And eventually I came to a
point, I’m like oh my god, like I was like 27 years
old when I started Tout, and here I am, 36 years old and like I need to like go do something else, I can’t just, like I need to take a break. And so I left, not for any bad reasons, it was more like, it was just time. It was nine years of starting
a company, selling it, helping sell the next company. It was an insane ride, and so in January I integrated my teams and I left. And right after I left, I flew to D.C., and I became an uncle. So Roman Kader was born
to my brother Shahed, and his wife Nav, and it’s just like the
most amazing experience ever in my entire life. And we have a WhatsApp group where we share pictures of him everyday, and he’s been growing, and he’s actually visiting here in Dallas, and it’s just the best thing ever, and that’s been one of the best parts about my life, especially
during this downtime. It’s awesome, it’s the best thing ever. Number three, I finished writing the book. So the funny thing about the book, it started off as the guide, last year. And then it went to Bali. If you missed that episode,
you can check it out here. I kept writing in the book. I think we were ready to
ship the book in February, and then we pulled the plug
on it, we’re like nope, it’s not ready, we need to add more. And so I ended up actually going back and adding more chapters to it. And so the book is finally
done, it’s all written. We have pre-orders opening and
people are ordering the book. We have ads running, it’s gonna go live and
start shipping next week. I’m so incredibly excited to
get it out into people’s hands. I feel really good about it, you know, there were a lotta projects
where I’m like I don’t know, I’m like scared what
people think, I’m like, I poured my heart and soul into this, and I feel really good about the book, I’m excited about the book. It’s called How To Punch The
Sunday Jitters In The Face. As you can see we’ve been, we’re still tweaking the
cover page a little bit, with like this is what I look like after I practice Unstoppable Sunday. I don’t even know if I
can recreate that face, but that’s what I look like. After my nephew was born, I
then traveled a little bit more. As I was writing the
book, I went through D.C., New York, Miami, Dallas, L.A., and I realized that it
was time for a change. I had spent the last eight years primarily being in San Francisco. Parts of it, because I was an
exec team member in Marketo, I had to like travel around quite a bit, so I lived in London, I loved in Sidney, but San Francisco and
Dallas like became my like two core areas over the
last two years, really. I just needed a change, and I went through all
these different cities purposefully to figure out alright, where do I wanna spend more time. Crazily enough, I just loved Dallas. I had some property here from 2017. My parents moved out here, I have a little bit of family here, that are really close to me. I met other non-tech people
here, and it just felt right. So I got a place in Dallas,
and you can kinda see, like I’ll do a Cribs style video. This is gonna be Unstoppable
world headquarters. I’m like I wanna do some
events here for Unstoppable. So I’m like super pumped about it. In terms of Unstoppable,
like we’ve been on a tear, we’ve been doing these
Sunday episodes every Sunday. The book is done, and as you know, I’m on a mission this year, I wanna help 1,000 people
lead more proactive lives. And so as part of that, in terms of what we’ve
had this year so far, we’re about to hit almost
14,000 followers on Instagram, we have nearly 350 people
subscribing to us on YouTube, and at this point, almost
four to 5,000 people have downloaded the
guide, which is amazing. Like I’m super pumped about it. And that was part of the reason
why I accelerated the book, because the guide was good, but there was so many people getting it, I’m like I need to give ’em more. This is the kind of strategy
we’re gonna be following, you can look forward to it, so if you wanna impact 1,000 people, and we want them to
practice Unstoppable Sunday, we do the YouTube video, we do the Instagram, we
syndicate it all over. And then from there,
the book is coming out, so I’m super pumped about the book. If you haven’t gotten it
yet, there’s a link below, go get the book, it
starts shipping next week. And then we actually have
an online course coming out, which I’m really excited about. It’s our 45 Day Beast Mode Course. We just wrapped up a batch that just did, it was about 11 of us that
did a 45 Day Beast Mode. I’m kicking off another one, so we’ll be doing a recap on that. And then finally, we’re creating an app. Obviously my business is software, like that’s how I made my money, that’s how, what I did
over the last 10 years. Actually longer, I’m like
if we really wanna get 1,000 people to actually
be more proactive, we need some software in this. I started coding again and I created the prototype of the app. If you practice Unstoppable
Sunday, and you want access, early access to the app, shoot me an email [email protected],
and I’ll hook you up with early access. Between the book, the course, and the app, I think we stand a chance at actually impacting 1,000 people. Like I feel good about that strategy. Man I’ve been hearing
from people over email, and when I meet them, on
people watching the episodes. So thank you for like
watching, and following. If you’re getting value out of this, please hit the like
button, please subscribe, that’s how we know this is working, and it spreads across your networks. And also just like write into
me, [email protected] I really wanna hear from you, tell me what episodes we should cover, what topics we should cover, what you thought about the book, if you want early access to
the 45 day course or the app. Hit me up, I wanna connect with more of you guys that are out there. So that’s been like the three months. A couple of other life
updates, like really small, I’ve been prioritizing my personal health over the last nine months,
like really really. So I’m down 30 pounds,
actually I’m down 35 pounds. If you don’t believe me,
go watch a video from like, I dunno, just go watch the first video, or like nine months ago. I feel great, I like, it’s just awesome. Also I went to a Tony Robbins conference, and walked on fire. I did that in between my move
from San Francisco to Dallas, to this place, and that was amazing. So overall, like I’m taking
a little bit of down time, it’s been a crazy nine,
10 year run, with ToutApp and Marketo and everything else. I’m focusing on giving back, and with Unstoppable, really
excited about the strategy we have in place, and
meeting new people in Dallas. And so if you find yourself
in Dallas, hit me up. I will also be traveling
through L.A., San Francisco, and New York in the coming months. And then I’ll be doing
an Asia tour, hopefully. More details on that soon. So anyway, that kinda
wraps up this episode. I know this was different, like not trying to teach you something, I’m just kinda giving an
update on Unstoppable. Thank you for being
part of this community. Thank you for supporting us, thank you for hitting the like buttons, and thank you for subscribing,
and thank you for sharing. Go check out the book, if you haven’t yet. I’m super pumped about it. If you want early access
to the app, or the course, let know, [email protected] Or just like write me an email, tell me what you think about this. Thanks for letting me kinda
just like talk to you, like this, instead of doing
the script and everything. My brain’s fried and I just
wanted to connect with you guys. I didn’t wanna skip an episode, but like I didn’t have
enough juice in me (laughing) to like teach something today. So hopefully this is okay. Most importantly, I’m still
looking to be practicing Unstoppable Sunday, I hope you do too, take 30 minutes and ask yourself where am I, and what do I do next? And remember, everyone needs
a strategy in their life, and in business, but yours
needs to be unstoppable. I’m TK, I’ll see ya next week. (happy music)

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  1. Hey TK,

    This is highly motivational and you are like my mentor now!! This is really awesome and helpful!! I am just having little hard phase of my life and you are helping me in fighting it as well!!

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