Peace Out Guided Relaxation for Kids | Jaime’s Introduction

Peace Out Guided Relaxation for Kids | Jaime’s Introduction

Hello – Jaime here.
Welcome to our new place called Peace Out! In Peace Out we go on adventures. Just like
we do with yoga. Only these adventures happen in our minds.
Peace Out is your very own series of meditations and relaxations made just for you.
It’s easy. All you do is listen and let your imagination take care of the rest.
You can use Peace Out whenever you need to. To give your brain a break, to get ready to
do something like perform or play a sport or just to chill out and enjoy a daydream.
You can even use it to help you get to sleep at night.
Try it at home maybe using headphones or with your whole class at school – it’ll make
you wiser, happier and stronger and super calm so you can concentrate like a zen ninja.
So that’s what Peace Out is. Have a go and try it for yourself.
This is Jaime saying Peace Out!

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  1. I love this, a great adjunct to your yoga series, blessings to the creative team, keep evolving, keep sharing for you are the change you wish to see in our world and you are all so Inspiring xx Ren

  2. My 5 year old son and I absolutely love this Peace Out series!!! Please add more! We do them every night ❤

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