Petrichor Musings Signature Soap | Cold Process Soap Making | Royalty Soaps

Petrichor Musings Signature Soap | Cold Process Soap Making | Royalty Soaps

– Hello everyone, welcome
back to Royalty Soaps. Today we make the
Petrichor signature soap. It is the soap that rather encapsulates the entire collection. If you wanna learn about my
inspiration for this collection you can go watch the first
video in this March soap series, I will link it now in the upper right hand
corner of the screen. Look, I got it right this time. This particular soap was inspired by a very gloomy photo that reminded me of a Bronte Sisters
book cover, right here. This is what it looks like,
doesn’t that lady look woeful? Don’t you think she has
something on her mind? I want to know what it is. I’m nosy like that. I see people walking away in bonnets and I’m like what is
she thinking up there? I pulled the color palette
directly from this photo and while hindsight 20/20, I
might change one of the colors in this soap. I do think it captures the heart of the Petrichor collection. So, without further ado
let’s make some soap. Okay, you guys I have
all of my oils blended in this large container. If you want my recipe
that I’m using today, I have it linked for you down
in the description box below. This is the recipe I
use in all of my videos, for all of my soaps,
unless otherwise specified. It’s at room temperature which for me is about oh 85 to 87 degrees Fahrenheit, I would say just by feeling the sides, that’s how you know you’ve
been making soap a long time when you can feel the side
and be like oh you know, 88.2 degrees. (laughing) Got my lye water solution,
I’m just gonna pour that straight into the oils, right down the side of my
container so as not to splash. And here’s a helpful tip,
if you’re going to put a lid on your lye water solution, which I always recommend
people do, put that lid back on after you get all of the lye water out. That way if this gets knocked
over because now the container is really light, you’re not
gonna have like little sprinkles of lye water getting on anything. Okay, so now I am going to blend this up until really light trace. Like just past emulsion, it’s
gonna take about 10 seconds or so on high speed using
the Cuisinart stick blender. (upbeat music) And now I am going to
pour all of this soap into five different buckets. Oh my gosh, so many buckets. So, these are from the Dollar Store, and I can’t wait to show
you guys the color flight that I’m gonna be doing
today, I really hope it turns out right
because looking at micas in the container is not
the same as looking at them in your soap, they can
morph, your fragrance oil can turn them colors, more often than not, they look a lot better in the soap. But sometimes they look
better not in the soap and just in their container
or in melting pore ’cause you’re not dealing with the high PH of cold process soap making. Got a scrapey scrapey my container, we won’t be returning
back to this container. So I’m going to get literally like every single gram out of here. I’m a very religious
scraper, I scrape till I can scrape no more. Excellent, now as they typically
do with my layered soaps, I’m gonna be removing four
of these and we’re gonna work one layer at a time. Oh, this battery is at
the perfect consistency, everything’s going right today. Now, for the first layer. First, let me show you guys once again the reference photo for this soap. We’ve got the Navy and all the Greens and a little bit of purple. So the base of the soap I’m
going to make the darkest color. So this is going to be a dark Navy Blue. I have Ultramarine Blue
mixed with Black Oxide in this container, I’m
gonna give it a little blend with my mini whisk here, (mini whisk roaring) just to make sure that nothing has settled at the bottom. Also, we have tried so many many ways. This is the one that we
have found is the best. It’s on Amazon, the
battery lasts the longest and it’s very, very strong. I don’t know how you got
a two-for-one like that, like with super long lasting battery life but also like the
sturdiest and the strongest but yeah highly recommend this one okay. Let’s pour this straight
in and I am gonna scrape my containers because I want
this to be a very pigmented. This is three parts Ultramarine Blue. One part, Black Oxide
will be very mysterious. All right let’s blend this up. (upbeat music) It’s perfect. (laughing) Now the camera might be
making this look Black. But it’s not, I promise it’s not. It’s just a really dark blue. And the fragrance oil I’m
using today is proprietary, meaning it’s a secret sauce blend. This is my River Song fragrance. So if you enjoy the River
Song Diamond soap body lotion or perfume oil from Royalty Soaps, you’re gonna love this soap
’cause it’s the same scent. All right let’s blend that
up with our stick blender. (blender roaring) All right, let’s pour this
first layer into our mold. These molds are from Workshop Heritage. They are my favorite
mold supplier right now, because they do wooden molds
that have silicone liners that’s so hard to find. And then I’m going to scrape
out half of this container. Get right in there. And then I’m going to leave
the rest of this in here for a decoration on the top of the soap. I don’t want this to be
like super structured layers but I also don’t want it to be
like really, really textured, I just want a little tiny bit of texture. So I’m just gonna wiggle it around while it’s at this consistency. That’ll do nicely. And we can move along to the next color. Admittedly, this next color might need a little bit of tweaking. (laughing) Now this color is
Ultramarine Blue mixed with, I Dream of Purple,
that’s a Mad Micas color. It’s like a Lavender color. So we have sort of a Blue toned Lavender. This matches hopefully, the Lavender Buds on top of the soap. And because I have a better feel for how the fragrance
oil acts in the soap, I’m gonna go ahead and pour it
in before I mix in the color, I found it rises just a tiddly bit. And because it’s a very aquatic fragrance, I’m not surprised. Beautimous, let’s blend it up. (upbeat music) Oh gosh I’m quite pleased,
I’m not gonna change a thing. It matches the lavender
buds nearly perfectly. Okay, let’s pour it into our mold. This one’s even more
runny than the last one. How is that possible? I don’t know (laughing) but I’m grateful all the same. Oh my gosh, what a luscious color? I think I’m not gonna
scrape out this bucket ’cause I love this color. So I want to put a lot of it on top. All right, wiggle around
that top blubadoo blubadoo, uh swirling is fun. Let’s do that. Okay next layer. Now this is the layer
that combines the Greens with the Blue Purples. It’s also consequently the
one I am least sure about, this is Mint Julep from Mad Micas. I’m gonna blend this one in
before adding any fragrant oil ’cause once again I’m not
sure if this is exactly the color I need, I
might need to lighten it a little bit with TD. Let’s see how it looks. (upbeat music) Actually, I love it as it is. (laughing) Excellent, this one’s a little thicker. So let’s move it right along. I make big apologies if
you guys can hear a mower in the background. There’s nothing I can do
about noisy neighbors. (laughing) Smear it around, yata taa. Y’all know what time it is? If you said time to the
next layer, you’re right. This layer is just Chromium Green Oxide. And I’m, I know this is
gonna be exactly what I want. So I’m just going to go ahead and add the fragrance oil straight to it before blending up the color. Blending time. (upbeat music) Time to pour. All right, let’s get
that next Green on there. Greens especially Greens
with Oxides always get a little thick for my particular taste. I’m gonna scrape this one out completely ’cause the next color
is close enough to it that I don’t feel it’s going
to enhance the top very much. wigglety gigglety. All right bo pu pu,
texture that top a little. You know what I love about texturing, you can do it different every
time and it doesn’t make a lick of difference. Last layer who-ho. Poor last little bucket,
it’s been so patient. Kinney is laughing at me
over there in that corner but I don’t care. The final color is a blend
of the Green we just used, so Chromium Green with 3 Olives Martini, that is from Mad Micas. Let’s blend it up, last one. (upbeat music) Looks perfect. Okay, let’s pour. This final layer I wanted
to be like a Fern Green. It’s very very similar
to the one underneath it and in future batches if I decide to, I might add a little you
know TD or something to it. Who knows? It might lighten a little over time, you never really know
until you cut the soap and sometimes you don’t even know then. Sometimes you have to wait a week or two to see the final colors. Go tap this down on the ground. Oh that is a back-breaking chore. Now, I’m going to put on
the little bits of soap that I saved. They’ve gotten to be
quite thick but I bet with a little Elbow grease. (laughing) I can still mix it into the top. Whoa, that went way too deep. (laughing) I’ll have to be a little more careful. All right, let’s see what
I can do with this soap. Looks like not too much. (laughing) That’s the way the cookie
crumbles sometimes. (upbeat music) Well I’ve had better ideas
but what you gonna do. (laughing) Let me tap this down on the ground. Honestly, top down that looks,
that looks a lot better. (laughing) Let’s get our Lavender Buds. Now these Lavender Buds are from Amazon. And they are the most
potent Purple Lavender Buds I’ve ever found. A subscriber recommended
to them to me like a year and a half ago and I’ve never looked back because they’re so gorgeous. (upbeat music) Well, here you have it. The Petrichor soap. This bottom color is everything
I dreamed it would be. And honestly so is the Purple. I have some thoughts on
the green but I will wait to draw final conclusions until
I’ve actually cut the thing and seen the inside. Cutting the soap with Natasha today, she is my high top soap cutter. She’s all the way from Russia. So let’s go ahead and
poke some soaps out here. So this is what they look like on the top and this is what they
look like on the inside. So as you can see, there
is a significant difference between the layers and these Greens. I’m a tweaked slightly, I
do like the way they look, I like this green on the top a lot but I kind of think I might
change this Lighter Green to an even Darker Green. I didn’t use enough colorant
in it and it kind of did some funny looking things on this layer. But all of the other layers are great. It’s just this one that
I might end up changing and making a little darker. You might use some more
of the Chrome Green, I’m really pleased with it though overall. And it smells so nice. And you can see now, I put
so many Lavender Buds on it, here they all are down here. And then each one of
the bars has you know, a normal amount on there. (laughing) In total though, I do feel
like the whole concept of Petrichor and the emotion
and the feeling I was trying to capture with this collection
is summed up with this soap. I think it pulled in all
the colors that I wanted and I’m really pleased with it overall. And I just can’t tell you
how good the smell is. I wanna show you guys what
I do in between loaves. So I’m gonna cut another one. When I pull up the arm
here on my soap cutter, the wires are still dirty,
they still have soap on them. Then I take a wet sponge. Let’s see if I can tilt
this so that’s not at such an awkward angle. (laughing) And then I wipe down those
wires between every single cut because anything left on the
wires will be transferred to the top of the next soap loaf. And it just doesn’t look as good so, between every single loaf
we cut at Royalty Soaps, we always always, always,
always clean those wires. Because if you do say a Black soap, and then you leave all
the residue on the wire and you cut a white soap
next, all that Black soap is gonna sit on top. It’s just not gonna have a
very professional look to it. And then unless I’m filming
all the little bits and bobs that get caught in the middle right here. Those don’t necessarily have
to be cleaned every single time as long as they’re not
obstructing the wires. Now one of the things that I would like to see improved on this
particular cutter from Goodspeed is these valleys in between
the wires need to be deeper in my opinion. Because there’s not a
lot of room for the wires to go down. So on certain harder soaps
that I’ve had to cut, I’ve really had to push
and the wires haven’t gone all the way through. If the valleys were
deeper and the wires had to push down further, you
wouldn’t have that problem. Now, I should say I’ve been
able to cut all the soap. There’s not any soap that
didn’t get cut eventually. But, I’ve had to work a little harder, it could easily be solved but that is my constructive criticism of an ideal soap cutter. Let me tell you though
what has been so nice, is the clearance allowance
on the top of this cutter. I have been able to cut all my high-tops as you guys have seen, absolutely
no problems whatsoever. It has been so nice, I’ve waited years for something like this
and the fact that even with shipping from Russia, it’s cheaper from any supplier here
in the United States. Man, you can’t hardly go wrong with that. I do have an affiliate code
for this cutter down below. Now, it’s not an affiliate
code for the entire shop, I just have affiliate codes for Etsy, because I’m part of rewards
style and rewards style light is multiple platforms. And one of the platform’s
they’re partnered with is Etsy and Goodspeed is an Etsy shop. So if you’re a soap
maker that’s been looking for a multi bar cutter which by the way, is always an investment, no matter what. I have never seen a high
quality multi bar cutter that wasn’t over $100 okay? So, they’re always an investment. Okay, so the question of
today is a functional one for our Petrichor soap. I would like to know, would you guys like to see a compilation of all
of the soap making equipment that I recommend both for beginners and for people with businesses? I would probably break it
up into two categories. Hobbyists and business
owners, if you’re interested in seeing a video like
that, please let me know. I know a good majority of
you guys who watch my videos are only watching it for
aesthetic soap making reasons and aren’t super
interested in business tips because you don’t plan on making soap. And that’s totally cool. So go ahead and take that poll up in the upper right hand corner
of the screen to let me know so that I don’t waste my time. (laughing) I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. And once again, for
those of y’all who enjoy our River Song fragrance
and our body lotion, our diamond soap, our perfume
oil, that’s what’s in this bar it’s smells so good. It’s also very very strong. Well, I hope you guys had
an absolutely lovely time with me today. The next video is going
to be very, very special. It is a type of video
I’ve never done before and it’s a little more somber than some of our other soap
videos but it’s still going to be very positive. I can’t wait to share
that one with you next and until then be sure
you do something fun for yourself today whether
that is going out on a walk in a crepe dress. Mourning the loss of your WiFi connection. (laughing) I was trying to say that without laughing but I crack myself up. (laughing) Or perhaps crawling out
your deepest thoughts and feelings about the rise of TikTok. Either way do something
that makes you feel happy or gloomy whichever feeling
you prefer the most. And I will see you all
next time, so until then, bye for now. (upbeat music) Lets get her straight, zoom out.

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