PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at Weeky Cabinet Meeting – 9/02/2020

PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at Weeky Cabinet Meeting – 9/02/2020

In Washington, on my last visit, we made history. We brought an American plan, according to which the US will recognize our sovereignty over the Jordan Valley, the northern Dead Sea nd communities in Judea and Samaria without exception, large and small, and the area surrounding them. This plan is the result of accelerated and joint work by the staffs, President Trump’s and mine, and of my joint work with President Trump. This brings the main thing, which is American recognition of our sovereignty and of the application of the law to the territories that the plan designates as being part of Israel. This requires precise mapping of these territories, the entire territory. It has a perimeter of 800 kilometer. The work has begun. The Israeli team has begun work. The train is underway and this work will be completed. The US and we have agreed that when the entire process will have been completed, we will bring it to the Cabinet. However, the Americans are saying very clearly: ‘We want to give you the recognition and we will give it to you when the entire process has been completed.’ This recognition is the main point. This is what we have brought; I brought it, after joint work. We do not want to endanger this. We are working responsibly and sagaciously. To all those tweeting from outside and even from within the government, we have done the work. We will complete the work; therefore, the work is underway and I hope it will be completed very soon. We also made history last week in Africa. I met in Uganda with the Chairman of the Sovereignty Council of Sudan, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan. It was a very important meeting. We agreed on cooperation that will lead to normalization between Israel and Sudan. Sudan hosted the Khartoum Conference, with the three no’s, against the existence of Israel, against recognition of Israel and against peace with Israel. Today, there is a tremendous change taking place in the world, which we are leading, to change our relations with Arab and Islamic countries, almost all of them. This process is also reflected in what has happened: Israel has become a global power. Many Islamic and Arab countries want to draw closer to us. Today, I am submitting for Cabinet approval a decision to allocate NIS 35 million for security and civilian resiliency components for the city of Ashkelon and its residents. I thank the Finance Minister, the Interior Minister and the other ministers who gave their assistance here. In the framework of this plan, we will work to immediately refit hundreds of public shelters in the city. We will also expand support treatments for children bring smart systems and special equipment for emergencies. However, I want to make it clear: We will not accept any aggression from Gaza. Only a few weeks ago, we targeted the senior Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza, and I suggest that both Islamic Jihad and Hamas refresh their memories. I will not go into detail about all of our actions and plans for the media, but we are prepared to take devastating action against the terrorist organizations in Gaza. Our actions are very strong and they have not yet ended, to put it mildly. Today, the Cabinet will approve the bringing to Israel of another approximately 400 olim from Ethiopia. I am proud of the fact that as PM, I’ve had the privilege of bringing thousands of our brothers and sisters from Ethiopia, And we intend – of course – to continue doing this. This is an additional step. We are also committed to the full integration of members of the community into Israeli society. We are working for this without respite and we will continue to do so.” Hats off to Avraham Neguise and Dudi because you have been there from the first moment and we are pleased that we are continuing with this. Of course, we will continue to work in the country with full force against expressions of racism, everywhere, and certainly in every part of the government and the public. We are against this; we truly understand the feelings of the sons and daughters of the community. From time to time, every few weeks, I have convened here a meeting of government ministers to deal with all needs but first of all this basic need – to understand how they feel, to change the public approach and to truly take a very clear stand against all expressions of racism in general and against our brothers and sisters in particular. Today, we will submit another important decision for Cabinet approval. We will advance the establishment of a flight data center that will gather information about flights to & from Israel. Of course, this is especially important during diseases or epidemics. This is also vital for the State of Israel in its struggle against terrorism, crime, illegal migration. As I said, it will also assist in maintaining public health. Naturally, all aspects regarding the protection of privacy will be taken into account and will be anchored in legislation. Today, we are joining a series of countries, such as the US, Australia and many European countries who already operate such centers. Since I have touched on our dealing with the Coronavirus, I report to the cabinet that we held another comprehensive, in-depth and thorough discussion in order to operate all arms of the government against the virus. As of now, what we have expected will occur in the end has not happened, the first clearly proven infection in Israel, of Israelis or visitors, of the virus. This is the result of accelerated work by our systems, including our health system.

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  1. He Will Come , He Will Fight for us ADONAI ❤️ YESHUA ! Church Rapture and Peace plan (confirm) we are so so so close 🌍 ! Trump is a Mason , Kushner 666 work for lucifer and Trump ! See you in Heaven (JESUS FAMILY) !

  2. أرى أيتام الشهداء ينعمون بالمستوطنات فأتقنوا الصنع

  3. Bibi wakes up and don't agree to God's Land of Israel to be selling to our enemies! If you reading the Bible please read the Book of Leviticus chapter 25:23, and you can see what our God said about selling the Land!

  4. תודה על כל העבודה וההשקעה בארצינו ארץ הקודש בירושלים ובכל המדינה מקצה לקצה. אין קדוש כאלוקינו!!!! אין כמו ביבי נתניהו.

  5. WWW Putin // William Wales Windsor. Wound of Sword. (W is 6 in hebrew). Read Redemption. Jesus Christ is King on Throne of David!

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  8. ביבעלע בובעלע!!! תמשיך תמשיך ווייטער ווייטער.🦅

  9. Shalom Greetings, to you PM NETANYAHU, our prayers are with you dear Sir, may G-D guide your every footstep as you and Israel move into a NEW SEASON ..

  10. I love Benjamin Netanyahu! The Jews are safe with his leadership. He is cute looking until now. All Jews are so cute! I love their beards.

  11. נתניהו פטריוט אמיתי אוהב ודואג למדינה יותר מכל דבר אחר אז תעשו את ההחלטה החכמה ותצביעו נתניהו

  12. 💔 Don’t let America and the rest of the world divide your land. So many of us think that’s ridiculous and not the right thing to do! Do you come to our country and tell us to give certain states away to the Muslims? Same thing, this is very heart breaking, 💔.

  13. Shalom Israel and Jerusalem!!! Your KING Comes! BEHOLD and LOOK in the clouds!!! JESUS KING Of Glory is Coming!!! Amen. Brothers and sisters!!!


  15. رجو تستمع اللبقرء زدرسها وفهم بتمعن )(ثري كوبره)

  16. נתניהו – "יש שנוי עצום בעולם לקיום יחסים עם ישראל". נכון מאוד, המשיח התגלה במהרה. תודה להשם יתברך, תודה לנשיא טראמפ, תודה לנשיא פוטין, תודה לחברי הליכוד, תודה לבוחרי הליכוד. כולם להצביע מחל. מחל = משיח חייב לבוא. נתניהו עד ביאת המשיח. אמכי"ר.

  17. I love you guys! Keep up the good work 🇮🇱!
    May God bless you all. Bibi! One of these day I will shake your hand and greet you with a hug! I'm happy for the Jews! I'm happy for Israel!

  18. Netanyahou's mon frère je prie pour toi est pour tout israel soyez tous béni Ö Nom de Adonai Elohim Yéashou'a Amen Alléluia vive israel !!!!!!!!

  19. تحيا دولة إسرائيل العظمى الكبرى 💗💕🌹❤️🌷👍💐🌹💗💞❤️

  20. היחיד שלא מושחת כל מי שמאחוריו ומלפניו ומי שמתחבא כולם מושחתים חחח מסכן.
    אם יהיה משפט הוא יהיה דומה למשפט האיטלקי נגד ראש המאפיה שהעיד כנגד כל הבכירים. המשפט היה נראה כמו כלא ענק עם עד אחד שמתווכח עם האנשים אכי מושחתים ומשחיטים ומסוכנים ואכי חזקים באיטליה! וגם הפיל כולם.
    והכל כמבון היה בפיקוח ארצות הברית.

  21. Asserting your soverignty the trritoritories over jordon valley and the dead sea judah and samaria (land as promised by God) is the right direction to secure a permanent and recognisable boders of israel. Who is going to go against God of Israel?. Obey and fear God than man. You will do well for God will bless you and other nations may know him as God Almighty. Let his purpose and will be done through israel. Amen.

  22. Shalom 💕  

    Romiyim-Romans 10:13-15 For“everyone who calls on the Name of YaHuWaH shall be saved.” How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without one proclaiming?And how shall they proclaim if they are not sent? As it has been written, “How pleasant are the feet of those who bring the Good News of peace, who bring the Good News of the good!”

    YaHuWhanon-John 5:43 
    I have come in MY FATHER'S NAME, and you do not accept Me; but if someone else comes in his own name, him you will accept.

    YaHuWhanon-John 17:11-12  
    I will no longer be in the world, but they are in the world, and I am coming to You. QaHduWshaH Father, guard them IN YOUR NAME, THE NAME YOU GAVE ME, so that they may be One as We are One.While I was with them, I guarded them IN YOUR NAME, THE NAME YOU GAVE ME. Not one of them has been lost, except the son of destruction, so that the Scripture would be fulfilled. 

    YaHuWhanon-John 14:6 
    YaHuWaH ha'MashiYaH said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Hai, no one comes to the Father (ha'AbbaH) except through Me. 

    MattithYaHuW-Matthew 7:14 "Because the Gate/Door/Dalet is narrow and the Way is hard pressed which leads to hai, and there are few who find it.

    YaHuWhanon-John 10:9  I am the Door/Dalet, by Me if any man enter in, he shall be saved,  and shall go in and find pasture. 

    TehillaH-Psalm 23:1-2a  YaHuWaH is my Shepherd; I do not lack. He makes me lie down in green pastures. 

    Mal'akiYaHuW-Malachi  4:2
    "But to you who revere My Name the Brilliance of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His Wings. And you shall go out and leap for hedwaH/extreme gladness like calves from the stall.

    YaHshaYaHuW-Isaiah 52:6
    And I will reveal My Name to My people, and they will come to know its Great Power. Then at last they will recognize that I am the One who speaks, "Here I am!" 

    1 Dibrey ha'YaHmim-1 Chronicles 16:10 
    Boast in His QaHduWshaH Name,let the hearts of those seeking Him gilaH/rejoice !

    Piliyim-Philippians 2:8-10
    And being found in appearance as a Man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to death, even to death on the stake. Therefore YaHuWaH exalted Him to the Highest place and gave Him the Name that is above every Name,that at the Name of YaHuWaH every knee should bow, in the shamayim and on earth and under the earth.

    TehillaH-Psalm 148:13 Let them praise the Name of YaHuWaH, for His Name alone is exalted, His splendor is above the earth and shamayim.

    Debarim-Deuteronomy 10:20 
    "Revere YaHuWaH your AHluWaHYm. Serve Him, and cling to Him, and stand firm in His Name.

    True Name of the Savior is YaHuWaH which is the Father's Name  

    MattithYaHuW-Matthew 28:19  "Therefore, go, and instruct all the nations, immersing them in the Name of YaHuWaH ha'AbbaH and of ha' Ben/Son YaHuWaH and of the RuWaḤ  QaḤduWshaḤ YaHuWaH, teaching them to guard all that I have Commanded you. And see, I am with you always, until the end of the age." Ahmein.

    Ma'asaH-Acts 2:38-39 And KaphaH said to them, "Repent, and let each one of you be immersed in the Name of YaHuWaH ha'MashiYaH for the forgiveness of sins. And you shall receive the gift of the RuWaH ha'QaHduWshaH."For The Promise is to you and your children, and to all who are far off, as many as YaHuWaH AHluWaHYm shall call."

    YaHuWhanon-John 3:18 "He who believes in Him is not judged, but he who does not believe is judged already because he has not believed in the Name of the only brought-forth Ben of YaHuWaH. 

    MattithYaHuW-Matthew 10:32-33  "Everyone, therefore who shall confess Me before men, him I shall also confess before My Father who is in the shamayim."But whoever shall deny Me before men, him I shall also deny before My Father/AbbaH who is in the shamayim.

    Ma'asaH-Acts 4:12  "And there is no deliverance in anyone else,  for there is no other Name under the shamaYaHim given among men by which we need to be saved.

    The Sacred Name YaHuWaH explained perfectly   

    1 YaHuWhanon-John 2:12
    I write to you, little children, because your sins have been forgiven on account of His Name. 

    Mishley-Proverbs 18:10  The Name of YaHuWaH is a Strong Tower, the righteous run into it and are safe.

    May YaHuWaH shine His marvelous Light on you : )  aHlaluWYaH!!

    LukaH-Luke 10:16 "He who hears you hears Me,he who rejects you rejects Me, and he who rejects Me rejects Him who sent Me."

  23. Israel will always receive support as a Soverign Nation from me as long as they keep the fake bible apocalypse from happening.

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  26. כאשר הסורג מדברים, אנו יודעים.

    אתה רואה שליטה מלאה על כוח וסמכות.

    אתה מרגיש נועזות ונחישות.

    ואנחנו מבינים את החוכמה שמאחורי החלטותיהם.

    אתה אכן נבחר על ידי אלוהים בזמן הזה, לעמייך ולדורך.

    ואני רוצה להזכיר לך את ראש הממשלה שלי, שאנחנו חלק משלך ונהרגים כל יום על ידי קבוצות איסלאמיסטיות קיצוניות.

    אנא בוא לניגריה והציל את האנשים שלנו, בבקשה ראש הממשלה שלי.

    תודה ואלוהים יברך.


  27. Southern Israel 👉 🇮🇩
    Northern Israel 👉 🇮🇱
    The chest containing the ark of the covenant that the Israelis had carried for forty years to the land was promised with Moses turned out to be hidden by the tribe (israel) of tana toraja on the island of Sulawesi, Moses' stick was in the hands of the Batak tribe on the island of Andalas (Sumatra) remaining ruins solomon temple on the island of Java Indonesia (Nusantara) ??

  28. I'm Descendant Of King David Dynasty Who Ruled Jerusalem To The Jewish People Name Since Thousands Years Before BC According To Genetic And Jewish Genealogy And Chapter 16 Of The International Covenant On Civil And Political Rights
    I say to all Jewish people in Israel and the world
    Since recognition of Mr Hayem Ohana in 2009 that affirms that my dynasty belonged to dynasty of King David according to my DNA
    I stand Mr Netanyahu with the support committee American of president Mr Trump by my DNA for liberate Israel to the Arabic Islamic colonization from separation of the Dom on the Temple that built by my Ancestors with their one money and to drop Jordanian tutelage on Jerusalem as Capital Eternal Of My Jewish People and to drop malicious decision of Qods committee Morocco before international tribunal against me and Israel
    And to give the Autonomy for Baluchtian as solution to the End the conflict between my Jewish People and Arabic Islamic colonialism
    Because my (DNA) biological identity embodied the biological links which is affirms the Juridically ties of my Jewish People of the Jerusalem as Capital Eternal Of Israel according to genetic and Jewish Genealogy
    For this reasons,
    I don't accepted the solution of two state?
    Because I'm first of the other to defend my truth before international tribunal against the enemy of Star David and his History to liberate throne and land of my Ancestors to the Arabic Islamic colonization
    I promise my family and the leader of the Holly Alliance, do not give my Jewish, legal and personal identity to the Moroccan state and his French tutelage as confirmed in my complaint registered of Amnesty international (Morocco) under N° 19/2019 on 09/09/2019 for bring down Moroccan nationality according to genetic and Jewish genealogy
    and my political file n° 34624/04 registered in the statutory period 02/06/2004 of Equity and reconciliation instance for identify my biological identity to my Father David Ben Ibrahim according to genetic with the material and moral compensation of the violations against Moroccan state… And at the time I make all juridical processing to define biological identity to my Father the Moroccan council of human rights falsity the documents,judgments, facts and Moroccan identity card N° H179440 exporting in 2010 for established illegal tutor against me for justify organise crime systematic against me the my childhood to this day to give credibility of the complaint registered before international tribunal against me and Israel for seize my Jewish identity to snatch throne and land of my ancestors the profit the kings of Arabic Islamic colonization…
    because my biological father is still alive as confirmed in the file N° 78/26/2017 of Hebrew Chamber to prove my Jewish Identity to my Mother Zahra Bouzakri one largest Jewish family in Casablanca according to the Jewish Genealogy
    Layla tov my Jewish People

  29. Happy New Year Jerusalem Israel !
    God bless Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his family !
    Peace and Prosperity both ISRAEL and PALESTINE !
    Respect from S.Korea street person
    Everlasting Friendship With Korea !
    (KOREA US Alliance Forever !)
    Your Excellency Thank you so much!

  30. Well if he's the "god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob" then he's clearly not the god of mankind in general, so why should any non-Hebrew care about YHVH or do anything he says? He never commanded mankind in general to do anything, or offer them a contract so they would actually have a motive to follow them. You can't be a privately contracted god and a universal god at the same time. So where exactly did Yahwists get the crazy idea that YHVH was either the Creator or the god of all mankind? The alleged entity's own alleged words contradict that notion. Here. I'll show you, Exodus 6:7, "And I will take you to me for a people, and I will be to you a God: and ye shall know that I am the Lord your God, which bringeth you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians". Where does he say all mankind is his "people"? Did he not just say the exact opposite? Do you not believe him? So your god is a liar, is that it? He's a private god of a small group of Hebrews in one place in the Bible and he's the Creator and god of mankind in others? Do you know the meaning of the word "contradiction"? Why should non-Hebrews follow the Noahide laws when YHVH never promised them a thing? It has to be quid pro quo, just read the shema. Where's the quo for non-Hebrews?

  31. قيسات قير مفهومه )(ثري كوبره )()

  32. Shalom Israel Díos les Bendiga Jerusalén De Díos de Abraham Díos de Isac y Díos De Jacob Ierushalai pueblo hermoso pueblo de Dios os bendecimos en el Nombre de Jesús Cristo Amén Díos te bendiga te amó Israel Belén Dónde nació Jesús Cristo el Salvador del mundo Díos te protege de todo los países enemigos Amén te amó Jerusalén Hermoso eres

  33. אין עליך ביבי יש לך סיעתא דשמיה

  34. “If you do not obey all the words of the law written in this book, and do not be afraid of the lofty and imposing name of your God LORD, 59 LORD will strike you and your lineage with terrible trouble, big and persistent trouble, severe, unhealing diseases.

  35. Elijah the promised Prophet of Israel is already walking on the Earth,The Messiah is coming, let gentile church repent because our hour of visitation is now, after the rupture of the church the Lord is Elijah will be revealed to the nation of Israel the people of the covenant.

  36. The Zionist terrorist state of Israel is a scourge on the world. Most Americans despise the Zionist psycho and sociopaths who rule the fascist state if Israel.

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