POSITIVE ENERGY mantra for Deep Relaxation – Relax mantra ॐ Relax mantra Meditation Music PM 2019

POSITIVE ENERGY mantra for Deep Relaxation – Relax mantra ॐ Relax mantra Meditation Music PM 2019

Jai Radha Madhava Kunja Bihari Gopī Jana Vallabha Giri Vara Dhari Yaśodā Nandana Braja Jana Ranjana Yamuna Tira Vana Chari Reapiting….

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    ☸ MANTRA For the deepest relaxation and meditation (deep sleep also)

    ● ▬ ☸ The purpose of the #DeepRelaxation mantra music ☸ ▬●
    The main hint of this mantra is the way of singing and playing the melody. Since this is mantra for Krishna and love theme is here – the combination of these 2 factors will lead to the deepest relaxation and will make you more lovable. So in total this mantra is for the deepest relaxation. This mantra sounds are penetrating into the subconscious and making your mind and body to be relax. Good for meditation work and also has the effect of fastest falling asleep. Play better in the evening, 1-2 hours before going to sleep. The best way to listen in 2018 year is:

    in the morning – before work,
    at lunch,.
    in the evening – to listen to for the whole evening quietly (the volume of the mantra is sometimes almost inaudible, because mantras are sound waves of vibration – they work at any volume)! And so every day!

  2. thank you ♡ It is beautiful song.
    It makes me cry when I hear it before I go to bed.
    i think it gives me healing.

  3. El amor es la fuerza y la energía más grande , atrayente y mágica , qué hay,el amor ,por todos los seres,y por todos los humanos, incluso enemigos, puesto qué todos tenemos qué morir alguna vez,y sino sé hizo bien la lección,vuelta a empezar, así a sido,y así será siempre, respeto, aunque no lo tengan los demás por tí,da igual,amor y bondad,y compasión, siempre es la única manera de liberarnos de nuestras cadenas de nuestros errores en vidas pasadas.Namaste .

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