POWER of PRAYER – Inspirational & Motivational Video

POWER of PRAYER – Inspirational & Motivational Video

What is prayer? Prayer is not sending God to run on your errands A christian can see more on his knees than he can from his feet. Prayer is not getting God prepared to do your will Prayer is getting you prepared to do God’s will Prayer is the only way to release the supernatural power of God in your life, in your marriage, in your business. To show you great and mighty things that you know not. Prayer is the key that unlocks the gates of heaven and closes the gates of hell. Prayer has the power to cure sickness and disease Prayer can shatter the shackles of misery and habit that are tormenting your life or the life of your son or daughter or the life of your husband or wife. Prayer does not need proof Prayer needs practice Intellectuals are now jabbering that God and heaven are far removed and far away God is as close as your next prayer If your marriage is under attack pray If your children are being tormented by the prince of darkness pray. If your business is failing pray If you’re fighting the deadly disease pray. If you’re lost and without God pray If your life is empty if it’s meaningless if it seems to be hopeless pray pray pray because God answers prayer. A prayer-less Christian is a weak Christian. A prayer-less Christian is a miserable Christian. A prayer-less Christian is a Christian who always lives in defeat. A prayer-less Church is a weak Church A prayer-less nation is a defeated nation. A prayer-less family will be a divided family It has been said and bears saying again the family that prays together stays together God expects you every day of the week to pray for the people in your house somebody prayed for you. Who are you praying for? Why pray because God answers prayer. As powerful as God is God cannot answer prayer until you pray it. The Bible says what you bind on earth I’ll bind in heaven The Book of Isaiah says command ye me This is God speaking to man because in prayer he has given you the authority to launch the initiative quit walking around in circles Wringing your hands saying I wonder when God is going to do something God in heaven is looking down at you and saying I have given you the authority of my name I has given you the power of my word. I have given you the sanctity of my blood When are you Going to use the power that I have given to you to blast the kingdom of hell off at the ground and announce that Jesus Christ is Lord the initiative rests with you Ask him for things that are impossible because with God nothing is impossible Ask him to defeat the Giants in your life because our God is a giant killer Ask him to divide the sea before you and to bury Pharaoh and watch him turn your enemies into fish food Ask him to send fire from heaven as he did for Elisha and he will. Ask him to walk with you in the fire of the fiery furnace and be the fourth man in the fire and he will he said you will walk through the fire and the fire will not burn you he will walk through the water and the water will not drown you. Ask him He’s the God who cannot fail he’s waiting to show you great and mighty things. Pray pray pray God in heaven wants you to have that power Ask according to my infinite power and God is saying I want you to ask big I want you to I want you to make me to slide to the edge of my seat and say wow Wow Listen to what they’re asking for to move mountains to heal incurable diseases to restore dead marriages back to life to send a financial harvest that their minds cannot fathom I want you to know God wants to do that God is in heaven saying what do you need? Do you need healing. Ask in faith believing and I will give it. Do you need supernatural wisdom to make a tough decision Ask of me and I will lead you in paths of righteousness for your name’s sake Do you need peace that surpasses understanding. Ask ask ask for nothing is impossible to those that believe. No good thing will he withhold from those that diligently seek him. Do you need the Impossible then open your mouth open your mouth and faith believing you’re not talking to the President of the United States You’re not talking to Bill Gates. Both of them together can’t control their next breath You’re talking to the creator of heaven and earth. He holds the cattle on a thousand hills. He uses gold for asphalt on the streets of heaven. He moves mountains. He divides seas He’ll give you wells you didn’t dig. Vineyards you didn’t plant. Houses you didn’t build He will make you the head and not the tail because nothing nothing nothing is impossible to you

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  2. Tq, I pray more n more
    In ur prayer plz remember me
    Im in desperation…
    I believe Jesus will answer….


  4. WOW!! I never thought much for John Hagee preaching but this is to me obviously not some talking points to a sermon. This is one of the most POWERFUL Representations of Who God IS.

  5. JESUS I love you, I love jashank joya, I am waiting for jashank joya believing JESUS will bring him to me through prayer and fasting

  6. God and Jesus os everything in my life. I makes prayers every data, every time. I read the Holy Bible and I try to follow It. God has the better for us.

  7. Jean Johnson If you are reading my comment please pray for me I am in financial trouble also if I praying the right way teach me to pray so God can answer me because I need to pay my Debts before the end of the this week Amen


  9. “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Jesus said
    Mathew 11:28

  10. Hello, today I came here for you everybody to pray for my family. Please. We are going though stuff can that lose my house. And I really need hope. My mom said That if we lose the house then she will leave us me and my family and please pray for me and my family I need a miracle.

  11. My faith is constantly being tested these days. I am too weak and is in desperate need of prayer. There were times when I wanted to give up. The spirits of jealousy, lust, and pride are consuming me inside out. Please pray for me mt brothers and sisters so that I can stay true to my faith in Christ.

  12. Thank you for this inspirational message. God keep on blessing all that are hearing this prayer in Jesus name. Amen 🙏🏻

  13. I pray for my husband and child my parents my brothers and family my grandmother tenants neighbors my sister in law who is about to take an operation and every body

  14. Thank you. Thank you for Sharing this. Indeed the Initiative Rests with us. God has already given us all things. Please who's the pastor that made this speech? Any help? Thank you!

  15. I'm Libra, I cry inside my soul with so much pain, and still have faith, I do not cry for me, I cry you, I cry for your pain,, some are choose to by the universe, I show you you what you want to see from me, now my tears of my sould and with all the stars I now have to show you the evil the I control in light…

  16. Prayer is the most powerful force in the world and repentance is our only hope for the kingdom of God.
    In Jesus name Amen 🙏

  17. My name is teja she's name is rani Sir we are both in Jesus we loved each other and ours parents and her parents accept us to marriage with God blessings plz pray for us and my family members

  18. I believe that with all my heart I've been doing a lot of praying it's over here now I found that my two older Sons have Huntington's disease it's terminal ones 38 my other son is 37. And my youngest son I have four boys and my youngest son he's 23 years old and it's like he's giving up and I told him I said you too young to give up he just seems so hopeless I don't know I tried telling him to talk to me but he won't I've been drinking I don't know how to reach him so I've been doing a lot of praying I've been praying and crying and when I cry and I pray it's like the depth of my soul is crying my soul is crying for my children and I'm praying I'm praying I'm praying and praying my family is under so much attack and I don't feel I know we shouldn't go by our feelings but I don't feel Jesus near. I feel so abandoned. I feel like I'm losing faith and I don't want to lose faith. Can you please remember me and my family in prayer I need prayer I need help praying thank you

  19. One can understands God through prayer,meaning we will than knock,seek and ask.All by revelation through the Holy Spirit as we will than what it means to KNOCK,SEEK and ASK.To God be the Glory.

  20. prayer is the way…get to talk with.(God)….Keep prayer he still waiting for ur/my problem to solved it..😘😘😘😘

  21. Hello all, I love this peice if preaching, its so powerful…Can someone please tell me where i can find in the Bible where God talks about giving us the power to heal in his name? (2min 44secs)

  22. ✝️Praise Jesus and to him be all the glory. I've been praying for my son to find a job and to find happiness in this life. I know God will help him.

  23. God i trust you will all my heart..i knw im facing difficulties but i believe and i proclaimed that tomorrow it will be turn into happiness..i love you God with all my heart and my soul

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