Prayer Step No. 3: Pray and Meditate on Scriptures

Prayer Step No. 3: Pray and Meditate on Scriptures

KENNETH: The way to get to
know Jesus is not for Him to appear to you.
Thank God for that. But the way to get to
know Him is in His Word. (Singing) I know my God
has made the way for me. I know my God has
made the way for me. ANNOUNCER: Don’t
allow anyone or anything to talk out of what God
has promised you! Pray and meditate on the
scriptures. Let the Word be a strong foundation. See yourself
with the answer. Join Kenneth Copeland next, on the
Believer’s Voice of Victory. KENNETH: All right. When we
closed yesterday, we were talking about Daniel and what He
said in the 10th chapter of Daniel. Now, remember II
Corinthians 1:20, “Now the promises of God are in him yes
and Amen.” I John 5:14 and 15, we’ll go back and read that just
for–in just a moment, particularly for those of you
that weren’t with us yesterday. Daniel prayed for 21 days. And
you can tell, from what the angel said that came to him, you
can tell what he was thinking. Thank God he had better sense
than to say it. Verse 12 of the 10th chapter of Daniel, “Then he
said unto me, Fear not, Daniel.” So, I mean, this has been three
full weeks the man’s fasting and praying. If you–and nothing, he
gets nothing. And he’s used to hearing from God all the time.
Amazing man, prophet of God. “Fear not…from the first day
that you did set your heart to understand, and to chasten
thyself before thy God, thy words were heard, and I am come
for your words.” AUDIENCE: Hallelujah. Amen. KENNETH: God
heard. AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: But the devil had to be dealt
with. (Audience Agrees) Well, hey, he didn’t have the name of
Jesus. We do! (Cheers & Applause) But I can promise you,
from the Word of God, you begin to set yourself to pray and seek
God, I mean, principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness
of this world will come at you and do everything they can to
keep you from making contact and–and receiving from God. He
will do everything he can to stop you. If you–but you can
stop him. AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: You can stop him cold
stone in his tracks. (Audience Agrees) How? Because of step
number one, decide what you want from your Father. Prioritize.
Step number two, find the scriptures that promise you
these things, and you’re standing on a firm, solid
foundation. AUDIENCE: Glory! KENNETH: Standing on the rock!
Hallelujah. (Applause) Whew! Hah! Amen. (Audience “Amens”)
Glory be to God! Thank You, Jesus. Now, firmly fix these
Scripture promises not only in your mind, but in your heart.
Pray–yes. Pray in the Spirit, pray in your understanding. Yes.
14th chapter of I Corinthians. “I will pray with my spirit.”
That’s praying in tongues. “I will pray with my
understanding.” “I will sing with my spirit, I will sing with
my understanding.” Supernatural communication with God. Yes,
firmly, yes. But now, pray and meditate those scriptures. The
Hebrew word translated “meditate” also means to mutter
or talk to yourself. Let’s go over there to the book of
Joshua. AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: And we’ll look here in the very
first chapter, Verse 2, “Moses my God–” God is speaking to
Joshua. “Moses my servant is dead; now therefore arise, go
over this Jordan, thou, and all this people, unto the land which
I do give them, even to the children of Israel.” Now, think
about this. He knows war is coming tomorrow. He’s been out
there in this desert for the last 40 years. He’s 80 years
old. Caleb’s 84. The last time they were over there, whoa, they
were the only two out of 10 that said, “We can do this thing. We
can take this place.” The last thing he saw were huge people,
and the wall of the city of Jericho, impenetrable. What’s he
thinking about? Of course, his faith is strong. Of course, it
is. But he’s just like anybody else. You know what the devil is
doing. He is pounding his head. He is trying to make those
giants look bigger than they ever were. He’s trying to tell
them, you know, “They’ve gotten bigger since you’ve been there.
Oh, yeah. You ought to see their offspring now. I mean, you think
that bunch was big now, wait–then–ha-ha. You know
that’s been 40 years ago. You know it’s just been 40 years
ago? They’ve had children and children and children. Whew.
Ain’t no telling how big them people are now.” You know the
devil well enough to know that’s exactly what he’s doing. But
now, I want you to notice what the remedy for that is. Verse 8,
“This book of the law–” where did this book of the law come
from? Moses wrote it. He wrote the first five books of the
Bible, the Pentateuch. He wrote it. And this man lived. He was
there when Moses got it. And he’s just–it’s just so
ingrained into him. He’s–he’s been thinking about this thing
night and day for 40 years. He’s seen some awesome things. But
I’m going to tell you something, miracles don’t cause faith.
Mm-hmm. You remember what happened in the book of Acts,
the man at the Beautiful gate, Peter and John? Great miracle,
went through the temple leaping and praising God. Amen? The
people were filled with wonder and amazement, wondering what
that’s about. If you give the devil very long, he’ll figure
you out a way to discount it. “Well, maybe he wasn’t really
all that crippled, you know.” Of course, he never had walked in
his life, but yeah… AUDIENCE: That’s right. KENNETH: But then,
just keep reading, just keep reading, just keep reading.
Peter stood up and preached. And after that, they believed. Faith
cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God, not
miracles. Now, “This book of the law,” the–” wait. The promises
out of this Book that you’re standing on–huh? That’s the
reason it is so vitally important to have a solid
foundation under your prayer, being specific, knowing what
you’re praying about, expecting that exact thing to come to
pass. AUDIENCE: Yes. Amen. KENNETH: “This book of the law
shall not depart out of your mouth–” You don’t say anything
but this. “–but thou shall meditate therein day and night,
that thou mayest observe,” that you can see–not see with your
natural eye, so that you can see with the eye of faith. You can
see God. (Audience Agrees) AUDIENCE: Yes. Glory. KENNETH:
The way to get to know Jesus is not for Him to appear to you.
Thank God for that. But the way to get to know Him is in His
Word. Just spend night and day with it. Spend time at His feet
with your Bible just laid out there. Look at Him in the book
of Revelation. Hah. That’s what 60 years in the presence of
God’ll do for you. AUDIENCE: Wow. Yeah. This is good. Yes.
KENNETH: Well, maybe not–how many? I think I got my numbers
wrong. Anyway, spent a good time in the Book. (Laughter) From the
time He was resurrected until the time that John saw Him, from
Pentecost to the 10th chapter of the book of Acts, so you can
figure out the times. I’ve forgotten what it was. But there
He is. Look at Him. Look at His gorgeous self. He’s yours. And
He loves you. AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: And there ain’t nothing
you can do to keep Him from loving you. AUDIENCE: Amen.
Hallelujah. KENNETH: You can commit the worst crime in
existence, and He still loves you. You know why? He can’t help
it. AUDIENCE: Hallelujah. KENNETH: He couldn’t not love
you if He tried. AUDIENCE: That’s right. That’s right.
KENNETH: He’s love. AUDIENCE: Amen. That’s right. KENNETH:
That’s–hey– AUDIENCE: Thank You, Father. Thank You, Jesus.
KENNETH: The Lord Jesus told my spiritual father, Oral Roberts,
“If you really want to know Me, read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and
John and the book of Acts on your knees three times in 30
days. That’s a job. Gloria did it in the Amplified Bible.
That’s the reason she’s still smarter than I am. But she’s
always been smarter than me. Amen. Meditate in it night and
day. “–you will observe to do according to all that’s written
therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and
then thou shalt have good success.” The cross-reference
says, “And you will deal wisely in all the affairs of life.”
AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: Whoa. Now, there’s a promise for you.
(Audience Agrees) I mean, hey, what is it Keith Moore says?
“That’s a whopper chum promise right there.” (Laughter) Deal
wisely in all the affairs of life? AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: If
you could–I mean, if you take God at His Word and meditate in
that Word day and night, He’ll tell you what to do with your
money, He’ll tell you what to do with your life. He told Brother
Hagin–He appeared to Brother Hagin, and Brother Hagin said,
this has upended my theology. He said, “I’m not opposed to my
children being rich. I’m opposed to them being covetous.”
AUDIENCE: Yes. All right, man. KENNETH: He said, “If they’ll
inquire of me, I’ll show them what to do with their money and
what to do in their families.” He said, “You tell–you tell my
people that if they need to be operated on, well, don’t go be
operated on without bringing me in on it.” He said, “If
they’ll–if they’ll bring Me in on it,” He said, “I’ll cause
them–” He said, “The doctors will be astounded at how fast
you recover.” (Audience Agrees) AUDIENCE: Thank You, Father.
KENNETH: Amen. (Audience “Amens”) AUDIENCE: Amen.
KENNETH: Oh, that’s good, isn’t it? AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH:
Meditate in His Word. Meditating in it, thinking about it,
muttering, talking to yourself about it. Hallelujah.
Now–now–now, listen to this: Pray, meditate. Now, when? After
you have firmly fixed these Scripture promises in your inner
man, inside your spirit. You–you meditate on them. I–I
remember–now, I’ve been–I’ve been flying airplanes for almost
57 years now. And–and of course, you know, when I started
out, there were no jets for even private companies. Leer was the
first one that ever came to that. Anyway… And, like I
said, you know, I didn’t know their name, new ones.
And–ha-ha-ha–because, you know, everything’s just beyond
my whole deal. But, man, I was walking in the things of God,
glory to God. We–we were moving along good. We had–we had–we
were getting to–the airplanes just kept getting a little
larger and a little better. And–and the ministry was
growing, of course. And–and we started believing for jets.
Cessna airplane company came out with the little Cessna 500. Oh,
man, what a neat airplane. And I wanted one so bad I–(Smacks
Lips) (Laughter) Just bad. And Gloria and I were planning on
this thing, see? And back in those days, if it was a jet of
any kind, I don’t care what it was, you had to have two pilots
to fly it. Now, they later certified them single pilot. But
back there then, I said, “Gloria, I don’t want to hire
somebody else. You need to get rated.” So she finally agreed.
(Laughter) And, whew, she–she didn’t like it at all. She
didn’t care. She wasn’t passionate about it. She wanted
to ride in the back end, you know? But she–hey, she went and
got her private license and–I want to tell you something. I
knew the man that gave her her private pilot’s license, check
ride– AUDIENCE: Yes, sir. KENNETH: –he was a friend of
mine. And he called me in after he gave her her check ride. He
said, “Now, Kenneth, I’m not supposed to show anybody this,”
but he said, “How long you known me?” And I said, “I’ve known you
a long time, Jack. Why?” He said, “Kenneth, now, I’ve
been–” I mean, this man went–trained pilots all the way
through World War II and all that kind of thing. He turned
that application over on the back. Here’s “Unsatisfactory,”
and the different–and you get down to the one that’s marked
“Excellence”–“Excellent.” He said, “In all these years, I
have marked that box less than five times.” And he marked hers
“Excellent.” (Applause) And he said–he said to me–he said,
“Kenneth, that little girl can fly.” (Laughter) Well, she got
into her multi-engine training and retired. (Laughs), She
didn’t want to do it anymore. And I didn’t intend–all I
needed her was to get the rating. She didn’t have to do
the flying. She’d just sit up there like she always had and
hand me charts. AUDIENCE: That’s right. KENNETH: And even then–I
mean, you know, particularly just she and I flying around all
over the country in that little twin Cessna, but she learned how
to read a chart. But this was before she ever took flight
training. She could–knew what charts to hand me and all that.
I just needed the ticket in her purse, and “Forget it, you don’t
ever have to fly again. I just need you to warm that seat with
a license where I can fly this thing without having to hire
somebody else!” Ha-ha-ha-ha. AUDIENCE: That’s good. KENNETH:
Amen. AUDIENCE: Amen. Amen. KENNETH: But she’s always done
everything excellently, so anyway… You–you–you meditate
these things. You think about it, you pray. Now listen to
this. This is part B to step number 3: See yourself with the
answer. I could not see myself in the left seat of my own–or
the ministry’s own jet airplane. Now, I could see myself in that
left seat, flying it for somebody else. I just closed my
eyes, and it just wasn’t there. So what do I need to do? I need
to go back to the Scripture that the Lord gave me to stand on to
believe for jets. “Delight thyself in the Lord, and I will
cause you to ride on the high places of the earth.” (Audience
Agrees) That’s the one we stood on. Well, I knew it was coming.
We took the steps. I knew it was coming. Glory to God. It is
mine. I knew it, but I couldn’t see myself with it. Ha-ha-ha-ha,
you know? Poor boy had to grow up here, I mean, I know. So you
just keep meditating on it, just keep thinking about it, just
seeing yourself with it, just seeing yourself with it. Now,
this gets very, very difficult if the problem is extremely
hard. Been in a wheelchair for a long time, incapacitated some
way that just–you just–you just can’t see yourself any
other way. You’re going to have to spend some time meditating in
these things. I suggest that you get you a vision board,
something you can stick pins in. And get a picture of yourself
before that happened. AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: Or, I mean,
maybe–maybe you’re like the man at the Beautiful gate. Maybe
you’ve been–this condition, whatever it is, has been
there–well, let me just cut–make a shortcut here.
Ha-ha-ha. The Lord started talking to me about that 120.
And–ha-ha-ha-ha–and I was listening to Jerry Savelle’s
daughter, Terri, on BVOVN, talking about that vision board.
And this is absolutely right. You–you remember the cows that
had the stripes, strakes, and the– AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH:
–and so forth and so on, and then they had babies that were,
you know, speckled and so forth. Well, ha-ha-ha, I knew–I knew I
was going–I–I got a picture of this anti-aging thing that I was
interested in. And there was a picture of a guy. This guy is 72
years old, and, man, whew, you ought to have seen him.
AUDIENCE: Ripped. KENNETH: I mean, mm, you know. (Laughter)
And he’s standing there in a pair of jeans looking good.
So–(Laughter) Now, stand up, David. David Weider, he did it.
I didn’t do it. He did it. (Laughs) Yeah, yeah. I told him
to do it. Ha-ha-ha-ha. He took my head and put it on that guy’s
body. (Laughter & Applause) It’s on my treadmill about this big!
(Laughs) Oh, yeah, that’s me. AUDIENCE: That’s right. KENNETH:
I look at–hey, look at this. I mean, hey, it’s happening.
(Laughter) These are the kind of things you must do to get it
over to your mind. (Audience Agrees) Now, don’t you try doing
that without the Bible. AUDIENCE: That’s right. KENNETH:
You can get off into some weird old stuff that you ain’t got any
business getting in because the devil will mess with you. No,
no, no. You’re not–you’re not visualizing people doing what
you want them to do. Listen, that’s witchcraft. AUDIENCE:
That’s right. KENNETH: You don’t need to be messing with that.
You don’t need to be manipulating anybody. AUDIENCE:
That’s right. KENNETH: Not even God. AUDIENCE: Oh, that’s
right. KENNETH: Amen? ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries. And
remember Jesus is Lord.

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  2. Indeed, I Agree, we all need to Receive a closest walk with our ABBA Father God through singing in the Sprit to an appropriate Faith -installing tune.

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