Press Conference: Mark Dantonio Steps Down as Michigan State Football Coach

Press Conference: Mark Dantonio Steps Down as Michigan State Football Coach

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  1. Thank you Coach D for everything you have done for Michigan State and putting us back on the college football map šŸ’š Go Green

  2. As a loyal Ohio State Fan, nothing but total respect for Coach Dantonio. I am very sad to see this great man stepping down. Go Spartans from this Buckeye fan. šŸ‘Š

  3. As a Notre Dame fan, much respect for Coach Dantonio and all he has accomplished in East Lansing. He created an institution at Michigan State that is widely recognized and respected in college football. He created a recognizable institution in the same sense that Schembechler, Paterno, Parseghian, Stoops and Saban created for their respective programs His teams played physical, fundamentally sound, tough football, and always seemed to play with a chip on their shoulder. Every year they played blue chip programs like Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, and Notre Dame. Those are the Spartans' rivals. And those were the games they always seemed to play their best. If his teams were ever beat it wasn't because of a coaching disparity. Mark Dantonio should go down as a great man and fantastic coach. He should receive the highest honor a coach can receive which is induction into the Hall of Fame.

  4. Yea whatever,Mark was hiding behind a scandal he couldn't get out of,this was his only option.pride comes before the fall b….

  5. You have carried on and improved a great program sir, thank you for the great competition. I'm glad to hear you'll still be involved and representing the school and the Big10.

  6. With 2 or 3 star players, he has done very well in the BIG-10. He will be dearly missed and I wish him the best. Thanks Coach!!!

  7. As a University of Michigan fan, I applaud Coach Dantonio's effort in making the rivalry viable. He brought MSU something they hadn't had in a long time, respect. I'll miss your commitment, but I won't miss your teams. They were solid. Enjoy the time off.

  8. Even though I'm an OU and MICH man I have tremendous respect for Mark D. I thought he was a wonderful coach and a very good human being!! He helped put MSU football on the map. Enjoy your retirement my friend.

  9. I know there is a lot of speculation as to why Dantonio chose now to retire but the only one I haven't heard is maybe he is depressed. Maybe he has been fighting it for a while now and its come to a head. People who are depressed especially with their job know what I'm talking about.

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