Prophetic Training | How to Hear God’s Voice | Part 1

Prophetic Training | How to Hear  God’s Voice | Part 1

going to jump right into that but on my
informational video for the seminar you probably heard a little of my story
for those of you who didn’t see the video I’m going to jump right in here
and sort of tell you what led me or what caused me to want to share this message
here with you today I just went through the probably the biggest trial of my
life I guess whenever we’re going through we always feel like you know
whatever trial were in at the minute is the most terrible thing we’ve ever gone
through and we’re praying for God to deliver us and and you know you know you
know get me out of here this is this fire is hot but you know this last thing
that I went through was probably the biggest trial ever went through in my
life you know when I was a kid I was in a body cast full body cast twice I had
to learn how to walk all over again twice when I grew up my husband
abandoned me with my two-year-old baby that was a trial in and of itself later
on I ended up in jail incarcerated for 40 days for something I didn’t even do
thank god he delivered me from there and redeemed me but it was a major trial but
this last thing I went through to me seemed more consequential because it
wasn’t about material things it wasn’t about physical things I had to make some
decisions spiritually that we’re going to affect potentially my spiritual
growth my spiritual health and you know there’s nothing more important than that
our our life in the spirit our walk in the spirit
it is a paramount importance more important than what we deal with in the
flesh we’re supposed to keep our mind set on the things above not on the
things of this earth amen so we really need to understand you know
the difference when we go through these trials we need to learn first of all the
valuable lessons in the spirit and not be so concerned about those temporal
things and the flesh God’s going to take care of all that he’s interested in us
learning everything that we can so that we can teach others which is what I’m
doing here with you today all right so let’s go ahead and
jump into this you know what I was going through the trial that I just came out
of it was hard because I had people on basically both sides of the fence I was
trying to make this major decision should I stay or should I go and I have
people on both sides of the fence I had one camp who was saying yet you really
need to go I really believe that’s the wisdom of God for you and I had another
camp saying no you really need to stay put I really believe that’s the wisdom
of God for you Wow so what are you going to do then because
both of these groups of people they love God I mean they believe they hear from
God but somebody’s wrong and then they can’t both be right when you have a
black and white decision before you and you have two to two different sides of
Christians telling you two different things they can’t all be right you know
the Bible does say there’s wisdom in the counsel of many right but sometimes you
know all the time you need to take that counsel and you need to pray for it
yourself and you need to have in your heart settled what is the truth for you
in that situation because sometimes the truth for somebody and what they would
do or what would be right for them might not be what’s right for you we have to
be led forth not by man but by the Spirit of God okay so I had to
essentially you know learn from God discover from God for myself you know
what the truth was for me and that’s where this teaching Springs out of today
I want to pray let’s all get into agreement let’s pray because we need the
Holy Spirit I in myself have nothing to offer you
I’ve been through something I can share with you my experience but you know what
without the Holy Spirit without the Word of God without the anointing none of us
are going to be changed so let’s dive right in with some prayer and I want you
to agree with me okay because I need your help I need the help of the Holy
Ghost and we’re all in this together and then so father I just thank you today
for the anointing that’s on your word I think for the anointing of your spirit I
thank you Father that you give me the words to say I thank you Lord that you
helped me to deliver this message to deliver these scriptures to deliver
what says the Spirit of God to the church I think you Lord that many people
will be equipped today to hear the voice of God for themselves I thank you Lord
that that people will not look to me but they would look to you the author and
the finisher of their faith in the name of Jesus and I thank you or that people
will walk away today with a greater understanding of who you are how to hear
your voice how to have a certainty and knowing a confidence that they are
hearing from you so that when they go through the trial they’re in or when
they go through the next trial they’ll be able to go through with with that
knowing and that confidence I think you owed your word says not to cast away our
confidence which is the great recompense of reward so we’ll have confidence in
you today we’ll have confidence in your ability to get through to us God even
when it seems like we can’t hear we know that you’re faithful you’re going to
find a way to get through to us starting today right now
I thank you Lord that you you find a way to get through to us give us ears to
hear what your spirit says in Jesus name everybody said amen and amen all right
are you ready how many of you have been going through a trial how many of you
are going through a trial right now how many of you are going through a trial
right now I know all of you are because I’ve been getting emails from you all
week for the past couple weeks describing some of your situations and
you know I’ve been praying for you that those of you who have reached out to me
I’ve been praying for you and I can relate you know I can relate I can
relate the Bible says that there’s no temptation that’s not common to man so
just first of all know that you know what God is with you he’s never going to
leave you he’s never going to forsake you and he’s going to give you the
answers that you need okay amen and you know what I want to say this before I
even jump into the to the actual lesson don’t let fear of missing it stop you
you know what I was going through this trial I had to make this decision should
I stay or should I go for a couple of weeks I was so scared of missing it I
was so fearful of the consequences of making the wrong decision
I couldn’t hear from God at all you know the Holy Spirit told me you can’t have
faith to hear when you’re walking in fear Amen somebody you can’t have faith
to hear when you’re walking in fear if you’re listening to what the devil says
and all his fearful imaginations it becomes really hard to hear what God is
saying because we prophesy according to our faith we hear everything we do in
the kingdom is according to faith so we’ve got to have faith to hear let me
tell you something faith comes by hearing the word you’re going to hear a
lot of word today you’re going to be confident when you walk out of here
today when you turn the screen off today you’re going to be confident your
ability to hear from God is going to tell you that right now you are going to
have a new confidence to hear from God come on somebody amen
agree alright so how do you hear from God in the midst of a trial how do you
hear God’s voice clearly in the midst of a trial number one you might want to
take notes as you can if you can’t we’ll send you out a recast but if you’ve got
a notebook take some quick notes just jot down some quick lines so that you
can refer back to this without having to watch the whole thing if you’re in the
midst of a trial right now write these scriptures down okay
number one number one expect God to speak to you expect it expect it you’ve
got to expect God’s going to speak to you if you don’t expect it if you don’t
have faith for it again it’s really difficult to receive anything from God
we can’t receive anything from God without faith right so listen John 14
verse 26 says this but the comforter which is the Holy Ghost whom the father
will send in my name he shall teach you all things and bring all things to your
remembrance whatsoever I have said unto you listen the Holy Ghost will teach you
all things listen if you need him to teach you his ways if you need him to
teach you his paths if you need to teach you which way to turn if you need him to
teach you what to say if you need him to give you wisdom the Holy Ghost we have
the comforter we have the spirit of grace we have the spirit of faith we
have this we’ve been fully equipped to hear from God the Spirit of Christ was
in us were baptized in the Holy Spirit the
Spirit of God indwells us we have everything we need to be able to hear
from God we just have to expect to hear from him by faith listen one of the
worst things you can do is run around telling people I can’t hear from God ah
you know I just can’t hear from God and his sister called me on the phone and
some months ago now and she’s like uh you know Jennifer I just I just came
here from God I just I’m like what she’s like I can’t hear from God I’m like what
what what was that just like can’t hear from God I said well what do you expect
you’re running around saying I can’t hear from God that’s your confession
you’ve given the enemy your confession you’re saying you can’t hear from God
you don’t expect to hear from God how do I know that because you’re telling me
that you can’t hear from God so don’t say that even when you’re not hearing
from God even when you’re desperate and you still can’t hear from God don’t say
that out of your mouth look I believe in the power of the tongue
the power of life and death is in the tongue so don’t give that over to the
enemy all right expect to hear from God

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  1. @unsound97 How can I obtain these wonderful gifts? I am Catholic.
    I want the gifts of the Holy Spirit but I don't know how to ask. Can u help me?

  2. @unsound97 Thank you for sharing your story. It means a lot that you would share. I was baptized with the Holy Spirit in 2nd grade. How can I be baptized with fire? Should I ask everyday for the gift? I hear many stories of how people got them and they are different. You clarified it! Do you have any books you would recommend on Gifts?

  3. I have been a prophet for many years. His people hear his voice. Just believe he cares for you and holds nothing against you because you have received Jesus by faith as your Lord. He speaks to you. It is just nice to know when.

  4. @godapproved I haven't found in Scripture where the people of God hold seminars, workshops and/or teachings about "How to hear God's voice" or recognize when He is speaking through events, dreams or otherwise. Like I said, either you do or you don't hear Him in whatever form He chooses to communicate. Read John 10:1-18. BTW, you chose "godapproved" as your name..what are you hiding?

  5. @godapproved -I asked God to tell me He loved me.I knew Jn3:16. I thought I was going to hear a voice from the sky or… During my usual morning commute to work, I got on the Marta train. Normally the train was usually standing room only. But this morning it wasn't. I could close my eyes and choose a seat. The next stop a normal looking man got on and sat facing me as I was reading my Bible. Then he stood to exit the next stop & sd "God Loves You" & the 3rd time he pointed to me. I looked &

  6. There's no problem figuring out how to DISCERN Gods voice cause there's another voice working against him which is the devil which once was an angel of light. Remember one thing saints, Gods voice/prophets message will ALWAYS line up with his word ALWAYS.

  7. My trial is ridiculous right now idk what God wants me to do and why he has allowed my life to go completely downhill

  8. Nobody talks about the man Jesus, but the Son of God "Jesus" or "Yashua" if you like but you better listen to the messages He brought and then judge if He whas in the mids of us for Hisself or for Gods will to save us.
    And if Jesus would be false why would he be able to do God will and forfill the prophets teachings?not one but many more than human possible.
    Immanuel means "God with us" and it whas told to be one of His names called out.Rightfull Counselor is also one, you like to call try God?

  9. There are many ways to here God. He comes to different people in different ways and the fact your trying to teach people how to prophecy is way out there that's not something even Jesus Christ himself didn't teach that. To prophecy is when God shows you things through dreams or visions like Daniel, John.etc its a giddy of the holy spirit. Some people don't prophecy and are prayer warriors etc

  10. We are what we consume. If we listen to people that say prophecy is not for today we will become that …DEAD. If we are open to what God says through His written Word we will see that He still speaks to His people through His Spirit(Holy Spirit) TODAY. He anoints Prophets and Prayer warriors alike. God said through Paul that "we should all prophecy"
    Sheeple = READ THE WORD Holy Spirit will tell you all you need if you learn to listen to the Master's Voice.

  11. I don't know your situation and I try not to judge. Let me share something I have learned. Most trials and trouble we have are from lessons God has tried to teach us and we have not yet learned. Humans are very good at making mistakes and bad judgement calls. We all do. As you choose to follow God and listen to what He tells you to do (in His Word), He will lead you through and out of the fire. God loved you enough to send Jesus. He would not have paid so much if you were not valuable to Him


  13. I really like your videos an I know you have good advice on here, but I'm hearing impared, can you take that cum ball or whatever you have in your mouth out? I can't understand you well enough. Maybe you wrote a book covering your videos. I'll check your web sight.

  14. I have been through a course called "Hearing the Voice of God." Now I do hear the voice of God from time to time.  (I probably hear it a lot more that that and I just don't recognize that it's him speaking.)  To hear the voice of God you absolutely have to be "born again" first.  This is a whole other subject, and I won't go into it here.  Once a person has the testimony of Jesus, he also has the spirit of prophecy (Rev 19:10.)  That doesn't mean he or she automatically discerns God's voice.  Discernment of spirits is the first spiritual gift to ask God for.  Ask for the gift of discernment.  That way you will filter out all the competing voices.  (Satan often pretends to be God.)  Then pray and ask for the gift of prophecy.  It's free.  You don't have to go on a 40-day fast or climb a mountain and meditate first.  We, Christians, have been commanded to ask for this gift (1 Cor 14:5.)  But, I sure wouldn't do it without also asking for the gift of discernment.  Pray and ask God to speak to you.  Sometimes it's only a picture without words.  Whisper what you see or hear.  See if the Holy Spirit witnesses to you that it's him.  If not, then don't say it to anybody else.

  15. Amen , sister ! We need to practice expectation from God , our Heavenly Father … , practice to be still and know He is God …
    Thank you for making this video .

  16. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come. John 16:13 ESV. Don't expect to hear anything from God if you dont meditate on his word day and night. Question? How can the holy spirit bring anything to you remembrance if you don't study to show your self approved. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT A LITTLE LEAVEN WILL MESSUP THE WHOLE LOAF.

  17. The more I watch this video the more angry i become ( righteous anger). People pickup a KJV bible & read his holy perfect word. Faith without works is dead! If you're looking for a voice in your ears its probably the angel of light

  18. I stumbled across your video at 3:15 this morning and I’m so glad I did. Everything happens for a reason. Thank you for sharing your vulnerably. I feel this is a major issue in the Body of Christ today. The unwillingness to share what we’re going through, what we’ve been through and how God brought us through. Blessings to you today…

  19. 7 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 8 So do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord or of me his prisoner. Rather, join with me in suffering for the gospel, by the power of God. 9 He has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time, (2 Timothy 1:7-9 NIV)

  20. you're testing will definitely match your calling. you are definetely chosen (YouTube lady ). ^~^

  21. May God strengthen, lead and guide you to be an awakening voice to many! I enjoy your articles, they feed my spirit and relate to my trials, so I declare to hear from God before I join any organized religious institute. I value the word, God's revelation and the knowing He's the keeper of my soul. I bless Him for peace, deliverance and His divine plan for my life (Jer.29:11-13) The right golden connections for my life, Amen There are sincere, God fearing people.

  22. Trying to discern whether Jennifer is a true prophet? Consider the fact she has a criminal record and history of drug abuse. She also divorced her "Godly" husband. She says in the video she was sent to jail for a crime she did not do, but in court she did not plead innocent; she pled "no contest" which is guilty to us laymen. She claims her husband abandoned her, but he went on a church mission trip. This info comes from her own bio linked to her Facebook page.

  23. Praise God Sister – thank you for your material… I'm going over your blog and watching your video's… really great to hear from a genuine believer in such a personal way…. really important that you keep up this Ministry!

    Prayers in the Name of Jesus!

    God Bless!

  24. bless u sister I'm fasting while I listen to Gods message God is always with us in Jesus name amen

  25. Prayers today , joining you and many for our President Trump. Jesus is Lord! and prayers for the witches as well. ..and for you sister Jennifer. the blood the blood nothing but the blood… Jesus is Lord!

  26. where in the bible does it say we need training to hear from God. no man can train me only the holy spirit. thanks anyway

  27. wow!!! I love this!!! I thought, I have a teacher!!! I also thought, if life and death are in the power of the tongue, how much more powerful are tongues!!! This teaching had a lot of confirmations in it of what I've been hearing lately! Come on Jesus! I do feel more confident in my ability to hear! Bless you, Jennifer (from one Jennifer to another!!!)

  28. After finding out that the spiritual world was right here it affected everything. I will never be the same again, Thank God for his grace, forgiveness and power. Christians are not being taught how to fight in our churches. I learned when I tried to commit suicide and heard the demons as I was slipping into death. Met Jesus on the other side and came back. Painful beyond measure, but praise God he is faithful and totally forgiving and restoring.

  29. Thanks Jennifer your presous and a deep.woman of God I value presous people like you in the Lord painfully trials you have indured. Your faith has been tried in the fire. Of life. Difficulties.. I have great respect for ministries like yours thank thank you.

  30. Please pray that I Am forever Blessed with the Best Anointing Immediately AND Automatically and Permanently THANK YOU. Thank you all for all of your Loving PRAYERS.

  31. Amen thanx a woman of God and I appreciate your soul appreciate your talking everything you put your hands mine Eyes Ears your temple of the higher heaven. Thank you for leading us to delay and thank you for understanding

  32. Thank YOU my LORD FATHER GOD I receive I come in agreement in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST Yes LORD In JESUS name AMEN. I am going through a while Hallelujah AMEN Thank You Jennifer LeClaire Amen I agree

  33. I love your sincerity of spirit, you are so genuine and it shines through your smile. God loves you and He is going to use you for mighty things. God bless you!

  34. I fell down the stairs and jammed my tailbone into my rectal anal area, which makes my buttock muscle and leg muscles intensly itchy that has made me brake chairs pushing down squeezing my muscles, it has caused an anal fistula and I have a ilonidal sinus hole at the Base of my spine which there is a nest of hairs inside the tunnel and has caused nerve damage and my legs burn inside when I walk and lose my balance. And I have widespread nuropathic pain, . I gave up cannabis and tobacco two years ago to give God glory, but I can't give up vaping e cigs which I switched to or cut down on paxil antidepressants or cut down on opioid pain killers, I'm virtually unable to go for a walk I suffer from night terrors and insomnia with remote sleep disorder.

  35. Jennifer do not walk in fear. Walk like Jesus walked. He kept the feast days and the sabbaths and walked out Torah perfectly. Im praying he teach you these things. You could change many lives

  36. Even if you make a wrong decision God can still get you to the right place and make all things work together for good.

  37. sad storys about you don't convince me of gods voice entering your ears or mind….the only way a real voice can..sorry boys and girls prophecy is bullshit.

  38. Father God I’ve seen you work in so many lives around me, now I boldly come to to you for total and complete deliverance!!! Do it for me!!!!!!!!!!

  39. My hell started for me back in September. I made the mistake of listening to something that I thought would help relax me, it’s called Solfleggio tones, if you ever listen to anything like this do not put your phone next to your head because the megahertz in those tones was too high I did not realize that and all of a sudden something in my head I heard it pop and that’s when my anxiety just let loose like a vengeance, I was a mess. The devil just really wanted me to give up, and three different times from September 2018 up until Jan 2019 to commit suicide. I had been using a product other than the antidepressant medication my doctor gave me, I was scared to death to take anything because what do most products do specially in the drug department shut the mind down, my surroundings it was like I was a zombie I didn’t know if I was real anymore. Too afraid to take that item, I did without, it wasn’t till February I found something called mental calmness, way better product than what I originally took which was called GABA, GABA not enough studies were done on it they didn’t believe it crosses the blood brain barrier so I just totally stopped taking that, till I found mental calmness and I started taking that because it does cross the blood barrier and I found it to be way better but I’ll take it if I need. By the grace of God I’ve been praying for complete healing. I was watching Sid Roth on TV and he had a couple of gentlemen on there one of the gentleman said that he was reading in the book of Psalms when the oil’s started to flow from his Bible and so as I was watching that program I felt something come over me and I felt like my anxiety just disappeared now I’m praying for confidence to believe that I am OK.

  40. How do you hear from God at any time. God makes it known to us what ,when,and where. There will be nothing in the way when he speaks. If your heart mind and spirit is on him all will fall in place. He normally speaks in ways where we can easily recognise him . He speaks through people, dreams,messages and he speaks directly to our spirit and sometimes Fire is attached . He sends the Holy Spirit also to speak to us and if that happens there is usally wind involved. He can also show us open visions (while awake )the Bible says to becareful in the signs in heaven and on the earth because the devil has power to do things as well. So Jesus says to decern the ways either they come from him or from Satan.

  41. Trial 🤚. Nothing intense but basically, an important decision I need to make. Yes, feeling that way too, DON'T WANT TO MISS IT?!!!!!

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