Putin on Christianity and Islam

Putin on Christianity and Islam

I have often talked about it and want to mention it again Russia, from the very start, I want to emphasize that, from the start was created as a multi-religious and multi-national state specifically multi-national and multi-religious You know our Eastern Orthodox Church, our Eastern Christianity And some scholars of Christianity say that it is much closer to Islam (the Russian Orthodox Church) is (closer to Islam) than to the Catholics I don’t want to evaluate how correct this assertion is But overall the co-existence of these main religions was expressed across many centuries and we developed across these centuries not decades, centuries we developed a culture of cooperation We must remember these roots

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  1. Putin is a dictator and the reason why get along with Muslim countries because those countries like Iran and Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan and Turkey is ran by dictatorship

  2. Man. . I have nothing against Mr putin or Russia,he is a great leader, but he showed he knows nothing about religion or history.How could you say orthodoxy is closer to islam ?Orthodoxy fought from the beginning with islam and was the only thing that stoped the islam expansion in Europe.Russians ,Romanians,Serbia,Bulgaria,Greece,Poland all fought for centuries to stop islam 😂😂😂.Makes me laugh.And orthodoxy is closer to Catholicism,i'm sorry to say that.I m orthodox by the way.Anyway …he is a great leader and islam is a wonderful religion …at least it was at the beginning.There is no place for radical islam or any other religion.

  3. We all need to be united and stop looking at the differences because this is what blinds all of us from the truth. We all need to start trusting one another because it's what god would want. Look for the positive in life not the negative and protect yourselves from harm. Don't hate one another . Be patient. Educate yourselves. Books are not always right. Still that doesn't mean you should stop reading. Isn't it better to save a life than to harm it. Some of you have forgotten that. For shame. God is watching. I could say more but i am sure this is what Mr. President Putin and other leaders would want you to know. Respect

  4. Just benefits. Putin doesnt want muslims in caucasia rebel again.if any muslim believes these sayings,they r surely naive

  5. "You will surely find the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers [to be] the Jews and those who associate others with Allah; and you will find the nearest of them in affection to the believers those who say, "We are Christians." That is because among them are priests and monks and because they are not arrogant." Quran chapters 5

  6. No problem, muslims impeached me by christan, to stealed landwide in bets, let christan to support christan or mixed to get what benefits to profits could solves the xfile i want to belive film for both of them.
    +saudiaramco 264704
    Horn film at mbc2 16 /8/2017

  7. sorry there is no coexisting with Islam. Islam will push and push until all other religions (or lack thereof) are wiped out.

  8. I like Putin I happen to have the numbers here with me personally and the US is still a very very white Christian nation …. and growing…

  9. He is working the crowd, doing his thing.. but dont you think for one second, that Putin do not see Islam as a threat. As well as he should.

  10. Islam described in Rev 8 : 13 and 9 : 1 – 12 rise of Islam expansion across North Africa to caliphate at Cordova Spain!
    1041 marks end of the 1st WOE !! 1071 Battle of Manzikert is rise ofSeluks latter the Ottoman Turks. Rev 9 : 13 – 21
    The day is Aug 19, 1071 ! – the month is may 29 , 1453 fall of Constantinople -the year is 1915 Armenian genocide
    And THE HOUR is Sept 11 , 2001 !! The same hour in Rev 9 : 15 and no other!! GWBusheols code name "angel "
    on 9 / 11 he is The Angel of Rev 9 : 11 !! PUTINITUP PUTINITUP the 7 th trump! World WOE 3 ,quickly!!

  11. All u christians on this blog, including the critics, did u gys ever read the authentic gospel of Barnabas??
    U gys change the Bible to suit n satisfy u whims n desires, how on earth can u gys be true christians, u r a fallacy living in a dream world, spearheaded by ignomorous leaders n priests
    Islam Judaism n Christianity r all on the same parallels, u dont have to be a genius to know it, its general knowledge

  12. Putin = the greatest leader.
    Orthodox😘= Islam 😘

    Trump= old rat, Jesuit and every American presidents are terrorists. USA = Union under Satan authority 😂😂😂😂😂

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    generally numbers I.e. offIcer & locatIon I.e. I9OI tu I9O2 may be buIldIng I9 offIcer I tu 2

    so IO 4🕥

  14. Interesant personaju……….pacat ca se exprima in limba rusa care are cuvinte putine comparativ cu engleza.Cu alte cuvinte numai englezii pot emite un rationament care este nedetectabil in alte limbi.Un limbaj codificat al extraterestrilor.hahaha
    Probabil ca bunica lui Putin era foarte bisericoasa.Rusia inainte de comunism era cu siguranta cea mai puternica natiune religioasa.E interesant ca dintr-un anumit ptc. de vedere e ca o inghetare in timp din cauza comunismului.Daca va fi dezghetata acum aceasta energie inmagazinata si conservata de poporul Rus probabil ca am gasi intelepciunea necesara evitarii solutiilor atomice.Multumesc pentru atentie……………………

  15. You peasant americans are fucking retarded. Putin is at this point a pathological liar. For all you who don't know jack shit about russian history, russian

    christians and muslims were never friends. Not only did the cossaks under the tsar hate turks, they fought the chechens and tatars for centuries.
    This southern problem continued into the soviet era. Stalin deported almost all the chechens at the time because they went back on their pact to serve in soviet army and instead fought against the russians with the nazis. They then proceeded to fight future wars as recent as 90s-2000s. The muslims hate christians for being christian and christians hate muslims for being barbarians-simple as that. Russia was a christian nation for millennia. It was never a "multi-confessional" country as faggot ass putin said in this video. Fuck putin and fuck anyone who supports his lying ass. He only cares about power
    like a toddler. I hate libs but I also hate current and past soviet regime

  16. This leader has such wisdom that many world leaders need. To his critics, this is why Putin is respected across a spectrum of nations & people.

  17. No,Islam never likes christianity.Christianity is seen as a twisted version of islam and all christians are seen as infidels.In russia if you convert to islam from christianity nothing happens but if a muslim convert to christianity in saudi arabia,iran etc. he/she is executed.

  18. Orthodox and catholics main source is HOLY BIBLE,muslims main source is Koran,so even i like putin,this statement is as unaccurate as it can be

  19. I don't agree with this statement. The church fathers of the Orthodox faith pointed out that Islam is a Satanic faith.

  20. Zionism is evil, yes, but these Muslims are no brothers to the Christian people like they claim to be. They have genocided millions of our Christian brothers and sisters with no mercy or remorse.

  21. I love what he just said since I am a Muslim my self BUT how many
    Times did the Russian empire and the Ottomans fight 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. He’s not saying they are same in theology or the message. He is saying the orthodox Christians and islam following people have dwelled together alongside each other for centuries.

  23. Christianity is close to Islam hahaha. Quran Chapter 9 verse 29 says "Kill the jews and the christians". Show me where in the Bible it says to kill people etc. 😂. Islam was invented by the pedophile Muhammad who married and had sex with Aisha, a 6 yrs old girl. He also disnt peeform any miracles (0) and did not peophecy anything. Islam is a BIG FAT LIE and I am glad I left Islam.

  24. 5:82) You will surely find the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers [to be] the Jews and those who associate others with Allah; and you will find the nearest of them in affection to the believers those who say, “We are Christians.” That is because among them are priests and monks and because they are not arrogant.

  25. 5:82) You will surely find the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers [to be] the Jews and those who associate others with Allah; and you will find the nearest of them in affection to the believers those who say, “We are Christians.” That is because among them are priests and monks and because they are not arrogant.

  26. Well hes a smart man but Christianity and islam cannot get along. Never. Ever. Im not here to tickle your ears im not here being politically correct. How can light mix with dark? How can sweet mix with bitter?

  27. if Christians actually followed their faith properly, they would realise that they are actually very similar to Islam. For example women are told to cover their skin in both Christianity and Islam. Both religions believe in Jesus but in Islam we see him as a prophet not a god. Both religions say don’t drink alcohol (Christians still do)

  28. Bla bla bla…

    Everything Else Is Of The darkness And Is There To Deceive!

  29. As the first step to world peace and unity Russia should change its alphabet to that of the rest of the western world. The Cyrillic alphabet was devised to be to be divisive, in a bygone age. Otherwise, the ongoing East-West Schism of Catholics may destroy the world.

  30. The only reason the muslim armies stopped is because they were STOPPED!!! thank God! we all have the catholic church to thank for the rise of islam (read any of Dr Alberto Rivera's books). I think Putin knows far more than he will ever speak of.

  31. that statemant is so wrong. The real christianity is in the bible and not by religion (men made) ! The Koran is very different from the bible and thats a whole other teaching!

  32. Russia vetoed UN Resolution on genocide in Bosnia commited by Serbs(orthodox) againsta Bosnians/Bosniak(muslims) just because they are muslims, other than that, Putin respects Islam (I see, some muslim nations more or less).

  33. That's why i consider him like a leader, big and great leader.
    Russian Spirit, nobody else can understand what it is.

  34. In other parts of the world in past times, Christian and Muslim have coexisted peacefully under the same government, for hundreds of years, perhaps millenia

  35. We Christians will not Jeopardized Jesus Christ's community just to follow Muslims because they are close to Us . They just accepted Jesus as prophet just for the sake of destroying Judeo-Chistian relationship, otherwise they all preach Jihad and preach to kill non Muslims, Jews and Christians alike. They even call Jews and Christians brothers. Then if that's how they hate Jews, that that's how they hate Christians. Muslims are playing a wise game of first separating Jews from Christians because they are sure Judeo-Chistian collaboration can't be fight instead to Muslims it committing suicide. Be wise my fellow Christians Muslims are not what they show you in their phases. If their Mohammed was a terrorist who raped and kill women and children,. Ah download Qoran and read and if you can't then don't comment here because you will be writing nonsense

  36. I, truly, respect Mr.Putin because of his honesty, genuity and courage in the face of falsehood! May Allah Pak bless him, Ma Shaa Allah! May Allah Pak bless our beautiful Orthodox Christian brothers and sisters, In Shaa Allah, Ameen! Lots of love and respect from Pakistan, Ameen! And yes! Hagia Sophia belongs to our Orthodox Christian brothers and sisters and those Muslims who are against this, are going to be dealt by Allah Pak, severly, In Shaa Allah, Ameen!

  37. I am Orthodox and from the middle east i do not feel close to islam how can I when we have different beliefs , they deny the divinity of my lord and saviour , his crucifixion and his resurrection from the dead , they say that Jesus is only a prophet while he is the son of God in the Christian belief , I feel close to all my brothers and sisters in Christ no matter what their denomination is .

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