Ramen Pizza: Is It Actually Pizza? || Really Dough?

Ramen Pizza: Is It Actually Pizza? || Really Dough?

– [Scott] What does this look like? – [Man] I have no idea. – It’s ramen pizza. My name is Scott and I
live and breath pizza. Most days you can find me
leading pizza tours in New York, but other times I’m
hanging out with old school pizza makers like Mark Iacona. Mark is a pizza purist. – [Mark] It’s not a pizza. It’s not a pizza. I’m about to kick you out. – [Scott] But the game
is changing in New York, so I’m trying to bring him up to speed on the craziest pies I can find. They all claim to be pizza,
but are they “Really Dough?” (playful orchestral music) Mark. – Hey, what’s going on? Good to see you. – What are you doing here? You stalking me? What’s going on? – No, I heard uh, a buddy of
mine called me up this morning. He’s got this pizzeria in
Hoboken and he’s doing this ramen pizza thing and I’m
gonna go check it out. – Ramen pizza? – Instead of a crust,
like the crust is noodle and then all the ramen stuff is on top. – That’s not pizza, Scotty. – I don’t disagree with you,
but I feel like I gotta try it cause it’s like, I want to
broaden my own horizons. – All right, go get me a slice. Let me get inside, it’s freezing. – All right, fair enough, fair enough. I’ll see you later. – [Mark] Ramen pizza. Stalker. (playful orchestral music) – I’m at Tony Boloney’s
in Hoboken right now. I’m going to check out that ramen pizza we’ve been talking
about, see it for myself. Hello Mike. – [Mike] Hey, what’s up? – How’s it going dude? – My man. Scott Wiener, pizza extraordinaire. – [Scott] You know it.
– What’s happening? – I came by because I
heard that you’re doing a ramen kind of thing? – It’s a pizza. – This kind of day, you know,
it’s a little rainy outside. A bowl of ramen sounds good. – Yeah, it’s ramen pizza. – Okay, that’s– – [Mike] Oh, it’s a pizza. – I feel like I shouldn’t
judge it before I eat it, so. – You got a little time? – [Scott] Yeah, I got time, sure. If it’s gonna be good. – —–‘ slamming. Have a seat. I got you. – And while I wait, maybe
I’ll eat some pizza. – Perfect, Bangkok
Patay, Smoked Mozzarella, —- Faced Beer Battered Chicken, – [Scott] That’s weird. French Onion Soup, Escapist Mexican Corn. – Yeah man, you really
get weird with it, but– – Pinky’s Smoked Pepperoni Vodka– – I politely refused these
generous offerings and let Mike get back to work. As I took my usual seat by the window, I began to wonder, would
Mark approve of such an unorthodox pizza? Mark has a fixed set of rules upon which all pizzas are judged. – Sauce, cheese, and dough. You walk into a pizzeria, the smells should punch you in the face. Pizza tastes best served
right out of the oven, 500 degrees across the board. Make it really good. A pizza should look better than it tastes. Those are the rules with no exceptions. – Would Mark approve of
a pizza that has noodles instead of a crust? (upbeat electronic dance music) – All right, so ramen pizza. I use two different kinds of noodles. These are the fresh ramen noodles that we’ve soaked for like four hours. Then good old dried instant
ramen pack o’ noodles, take you back to your college days. Then we’re going to get
into the ingredients. I used to get really high in college and I used to make Buffalo
chicken ramen in a crock pot. I’m not even going to lie, I can’t pronounce half of this —-. and it was the —, everyone loved it. This is a kind of nutty, peanuty. This is like a Japanese hot paste. This, I have no —- idea what this is. Oh my God. Eggs are up. Put them in this ice bath
with a little cold water, let ’em chill. That component is done. Add a little more cheese. Mix these two up. I’m going to coat the pan. Once we put them down, we’re
going to spread them out, nice and even, got to
put it in the corner. And that’s the crust. Mozzarella. Then, soft boiled eggs. You got a little scallions,
sesame seeds, seaweed. Arigato. – [Cameraman] Just say done. – Done. (rain falling) (triumphant orchestral music)
– Oh my God. Seriously? This is like the most
anticipated moment of my year. So, okay, I want to take
a look at this slice. – [Mike] Go for it. – All right, so there’s a clear crust here with clear toppings added
after the crust has been baked. There’s discreet strata,
which I’m always looking for if something’s a pizza. It’s a pizza if I see
discretion among strata, so this is kind of testing my own personal definition of what is a pizza. – I tell people before they eat it, close your eyes, think of
ramen, you want to do that, and then focus on texture. – Okay. (crunching) I’m closing my eyes. – [Mike] Close your eyes. – I’m thinking ramen. I’m focusing, I need to listen. (laughing) When the lights are out,
everything’s a pizza. You know what I mean?
– [Mike] Yeah. So, my whole philosophy
behind this is that, is it a pizza, is it not a pizza? I say, why is it not a pizza? – [Scott] Well, because there’s no dough. – Right, well, there is dough. It’s the noodles that I’ve reconstituted into a dough form. – What is your cheese on top? I know you said there’s cheese
mixed in with the dough, but I see this other layer. – So, it’s a dry aged
Mozzarella that we make with Reyou and Japanese spices. We then let it sit in brick form, shred it and put it on the pizza. – What about sauce though? – So the sauce is a hot sauce. It’s rye, but there’s like
30 different spices in here. There’s a tomato base chile paste. – So you do have tomato in there. What if somebody comes up and says, I’ve never seen boiled eggs on a pizza? – Then clearly you’ve never
been to Tony Boloney’s. (laughing) Clearly you’ve never
been to Tony Boloney’s. That’s okay. – Walking into this, this
was the last thing on Earth I would have called a
pizza, but when I know– (clanging spatula) when you really do the math on it, it’s a pizza. I don’t know if Mark’s going to agree, but we’ll let him decide for himself. (upbeat jazzy music) All right, man. We got it. Check it out, ramen pizza. (dramatic percussion music) – It’s got hard boiled eggs on it. – Like ramen, right? – Where’s the noodles? – Maybe you’ll find that when we eat it. – [Mark] Wow, it’s heavy. – [Scott] Yeah, it’s dense, right? – Come on, get your slice. – [Scott] Oh wait, you know what? Slide the egg into the bite. Get some of the egg in the bite. – This is really good. – What do you taste? – The noodle. The scallion. And the heat, it has fantastic heat too. It’s really, really good. It kind of looks like a pizza, but it’s not pizza. – But hang on a second. – You don’t have an argument on this one. This is not pizza. – Like, when you close
your eyes and bite into it, doesn’t this feel like
a grandma pizza to you? – No, not at all. What are the flavors of ramen? – I don’t know. I just eat it. I don’t know what’s in it. – Point to each element
and tell me what it is. – I have no idea. – It is a wheat noodle though. Is dough not made from wheat flour? – Get out of my pizzeria. (laughing)
Please. – The ramen pizza from Tony
Boloney’s in New Jersey is absolutely delicious. – Fantastic. – [Scott] But technically not a pizza. Try it for yourself at Tony Boloney’s. Thanks for watching Thrillist
and check us out next time on “Really Dough?” Or really noodle,
or really spaghetti. – Macaroni.
(mumbling) – Macaroni, sorry, I keep
calling it spaghetti. My bad. But I’m not finished with
(mumbling) I love it, it’s good. – I love the eggs. – Is this like the spaghetti
pie you grew up with though? – Yep. – Oh come on. You had it with the egg on it? – I’m talking technical like, I’m Jacques Pépin of like the
jailhouse ramen noodles. I don’t think Jacques Pépin
would be too excited or proud of me for this one, but I don’t know. I never went to culinary school and I don’t really give a shit. I never went to culinary school and I don’t really give a -.

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  1. you should have all the pizzerias sign the travel bag with like a silver spray paint marker – auction it off to charity/ nostalgia type of thing

  2. I would call it a pizza maybe a modern day pizza but a pizza all the same the dough is in noodle form but still pizza

  3. A-rigato?
    No… A-Rigato-ni!
    Yes Rigatoni for me… Because I prefer eat any kind pasta, even disgusting creamy American overcooked pasta than taste this abominable mish mash… 🤦😬

  4. A pizza is pure with pizza dough pizza sauce and cheese with some different toppings not something like ramen noodles, I love ramen but in its original from it tastes the best and the same goes for pizza too

  5. I knew I recognized Scott from somewhere, he was on Dana White: Lookin’ for a Fight – Season 2 Ep.4

  6. Mark throws Scott out everytime he gets confused by his own definitions. But that is so much fun to watch.

  7. 2:50 im sorry a pizza should look better than it tastes? so it should taste worse than it looks? thats a terrible rule

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  9. Quella nn e per nulla pizza ma e pasticcio porca putta…. PASTICCIO !!!! ( that is not pizza but it is pasticcio ( another typical italian food that normaly is made with spagetti instead of noodles ))

  10. … Are these people (Mark and Scout) so stupid that they don't understand what the difference between a soft-boiled egg and a hard-boiled egg is?

  11. I’ve been making ramen noodle “pizza” years before this episode. Only difference Is I’m familiar with just letting the ramen noodles sit in a bag in any form or shape, also I don’t use too much water just halfway enough to lock up and blow up. But Tony baloney went to another level and baked it. Really it’s been done in jail/prison for decades wether it is county/city jail to state & federal prison.

  12. At the end they were playing a variation of Clair de la lune by Debussy for all the classical geeks out there

  13. Gordon Ramsay wouldn't approve, you burned the bottom. Ramon pizza sounds like crap, unless you're in prison.

  14. I usually skip everything Scott and go straight to Mark. Basically, I only watch the last minute of the video. 😂😂

  15. He doesn’t even know enough about ramen to make seasoned (usually marinated in soy sauce) eggs. Those would be so much better tasting. This guy is all about the gimmicks.

  16. Awesome Show !!……………….Will you guys ever go to Mack's Pizza some day in Wildwood New-Jersey ,….They are trying to reverse engineer their pizza on the PizzaMakingForum !………And yes it's that good !!

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