Reply to Zakir Naik on Buddhism

Reply to Zakir Naik on Buddhism

What is the exact belief of the Buddhists?
In one God they are believing or not? Brother asked a question, What
are the teachings of Buddhism? Do they believe in one God? That’s far the question
is. As far as Buddhism is concerned, if you read the teachings of Buddha. Buddha
did not comment on God. Buddhism is an agnostic religion. Agnostic means neither
does the person believe in God neither does he deny God. The person who believes in God is called Theist. Person who does not believe in God is atheist but a
person who’s quiet, is silent on the existence of God. Neither does he say
there is a God neither does he say there’s no God is called an agnostic and Buddhism
is an agnostic religion and the scholars of Buddhism they say that Buddha did not
comment on God because when he came polytheism was very much prevalent and
he thought that if we spoke about the oneness of Almighty God people would not
accept him that is the reason he was silent. Neither did he say there was God
neither did he say there was no God so he was quiet but the scholars say that
actually he believed in one God but did not
preach it because people would not agree with his teachings. This is the basis of
Buddhism. Look, the idea of like a creator
all-powerful all-loving God is totally illogical because if they’re all-powerful
they can’t be all loving if they’re all loving there can’t be all-powerful.
Why? Because there’s suffering. If there is suffering if there was all-powerful and
all-loving why didn’t he do something about it and it’s one of the obvious
concerns and one that which a lot of times people do so faith an all-powerful
all-loving God because you just have cancer you see your mother with dementia
or you have you know see earthquakes you see so tsunamis you see or just the
ordinary pain in in this life. Kids with cancer. Kids dying. So why does that
happen? and they from even this was 1500 years
ago and they said well look if there is a God which is all-powerful
it’s obviously not kind because if it’s all-powerful II could do something but
doesn’t. You know if they are all kind and all-powerful they want to do
something but they can’t. The great little argument! But in Buddhism we put that
aside because that is a person. And as far as the basic teachings are
concerned. Buddha spoke about the Four Great truths.
The first great truth was – There is sorrow and misery in this world. Second
Great Truth – The cause of sorrow and misery is desire. Third Great Truth – sorrow and misery can be removed by removing desire. And the Fourth Great Truth was that desire can be removed by following the Eight-fold Path and the Eight-fold Path is – Do not tell a
lie, do not rob, many of which are same as the
teachings of Islam but if we analyze the four great truths of Buddha the first
one says there is misery and sorrow in this world, which there’s no problem in
accepting. The point number two – The cause of sorrow and misery is desire, no
problem with that. The third says that sorrow and misery
can be removed by removing desire, okay. And the last one says that desire can be
removed by following the Eight fold paths. Now, if we follow all these Four Truths if we
analyze the last two truth – they’re contradicting.The third truth says that
sorrow and misery can be removed by removing desire and the fourth one says
that desire can be removed by following the eight-fold path. Now, once we follow
the Third Great Truth that sorrow and misery can be removed by removing desire.
Now once we remove desire the fourth great truth says that desire can be
removed by following the eight-fold path. To follow the eight-fold path we should have a desire. So the moment you ever a desire to follow the eight-fold part, where is the
question of removing desire? So it’s contradicting. If you analyze
that with logic, the third great truth say that sorrow and misery can be
removed by removing desire. Okay fine, we remove desire. Desire can be removed by
following the eighth-fold path but to all of these Eight-fold Path we should have a desire.
So you have to have a desire to remove desire. This is contradicting.
So therefore, if we analyze analytically, logically, these four great truths cannot
stand on its own. Our sense of the world is dependent on our desires.
Our sense of who we are is also dependent on our desires and what the
Buddha is telling us with the Four Noble Truths is this – you have to look at your desires are
they leading to happiness or are they leading to suffering. Now we all know
that the Buddha said that suffering is based on craving (desire). It’s craving for
sensuality, craving for becoming, craving for not becoming. Sensuality is what I
talked about just now is thinking about sensual pleasures. Our
fascination with planning our next meal, our next trip, our next whatever the
sensual pleasure is going to be. The problem is not the pleasure itself, the
problem is our fascination with thinking about it. Again you can think about
tonight’s meal for the whole hour and make different changes to what you’re
kind of do or where you’re going to eat it. The meal itself is not so much the
problem. It’s the matter of amount of time that’s put into thinking about it. As
for craving for becoming the word “becoming” basically means your sense of
who you are in a particular world of experience. That’s gonna be based on a
desire but again if you have a desire for a pizza
who you are is one the person who will enjoy the pizza and to the person who
has the ability to get the pizza. In other words you as the consumer and you
as the provider that’s your sense of who you are and then the world around you is
what is going to be helpful in getting the pizza and what’s going to be getting
in the way and anything that’s not related to pizza is totally irrelevant
in that world. once you’ve had the pizza then the Mind
wants the next desire okay you have other desires and there’ll be a
different you and a different world. Now sometimes you have
conflicting desires at the same time which is why we think we have conflict
inside and also have conflict in the world outside. Or basically this is what
the Buddha means by the word “becoming” and it’s your sense of who you
want to be in the world do you want to have. That’s a kind of craving
that will lead to suffering then there’s a craving for no becoming, you get into a
particular sense of who you are and you don’t like it, you want to abolish it. In
this way and then that’s craving for it not becoming now the Buddha says we
suffer because of these different kinds of craving but not all craving is bad. Is It?
The craving to gain awakening is actually part of the path, the craving to
get rid of unskillful thoughts in your mind, that the craving to develop skillful
thoughts in your mind, this is all part of right effort which is part of the
path. So what the Buddha is doing is with the Four Noble Truths is teaching us to
look at our desires realizing our desires are going to shape our sense of
who we are the world that we live in and they can go in two very different
directions either leading to happiness or leading to suffering. Now when the
Buddha explained as part of the Four Noble Truths, he came down with the
desire (the crave) the three kinds of craving kill those are the cause the
suffering that comes from the Britain is a result on the other side the desire
that’s part of right effort these two the end of suffering the end of
suffering is the result so you’ve got Four Noble Truths. Now out of those
Four Noble Truths each one has a duty. The duty with regard to suffering
is to comprehend it. In other words to understand it.That’s to understand it so
thoroughly that you finally don’t feel any passion for it anymore.
We don’t think that we’re passionate for suffering but you look how people suffer
again and again they keep going back to things
that make himself suffer there’s a passion there. When the Buddha talks
about clinging is basically talking about our addiction to things
that we’ve suffered from before but we keep going back. So that’s the duty there
is to comprehend that the fact that there really is suffering in that
clinging the things that we hold onto. The duty with regard to the cause is to
abandon it. We see the craving arise we should see it as something we should
get rid of. These are activities that we have to do. Our problem with these two
causes is these two Noble Truths is really getting backwards we think that
suffering is our enemy craving is our friend and as it Ajahn Suwat used to
say no it’s you’ve got it backwards you have to see craving as your enemy and
suffering as your friend. A friend in the sense that you want to get to know it
well to understand it and then when you understand it then it and you can go
beyond it but for most of us we see suffering and we won’t try to get rid of
the suffering right away that’s the wrong duty it’s like going into your
house see your house is full of smoke and you put out the smoke. If you don’t
look for the fire you just keep putting out the smoke, putting out the smoke, it’s
never going to end the the some. Smoke is gonna keep on coming you have to find
the fire that’s what you let go of. You let go of the craving. On the other side
you have the end of suffering and the duty there is to realize that you do
that by developing the path as something you actually have to bring into being. So
these are the four of duties we have with regard to the Four Noble Truths and
when the Buddha taught the three characteristics. One he didn’t call them
three characteristics, he called them perceptions. Ways of looking at things
and the purpose of looking at things in these ways is to help with these duties
for the Four Noble Truths. In other words you see that they’re suffering you want
to see that this is the suffering is something that’s inconstant because
it’s inconstant you want to perceive it as
and when you can perceive it as stressful you realize it’s not worth
holding on to as your self. In other words this is a value judgment it’s not
worth clinging to, it’s not worth holding on to, you should let go of it. Similarly
with the causes of suffering you see looking these things lead to something
bad so we have to see them as inconstant or either undependable they’re stressful
something that you should not identify with. Do you think of your mind like a
committee and that’s you some members of the committee you don’t want to identify
with as for the path you don’t apply the three character or the three perceptions
quite yet you actually trying to develop the path you apply the perceptions two
things that would pull you away from the path for instance part of the path is
virtue and as the Buddha said sometimes we are afraid to follow the
precepts because we think we feel our health will be at stake or our wealth or
our relatives when the Buddha says you have to realize these things are
impermanent. If you break the precepts and then they take you down to hell you
say wait a minute I did this for I broke this precept because of my mother.
I broke this precept so I could make more money and give it to my mother and
what do you think the hell guardians were gonna say? That’s your mother’s
business you’ve got to go to hell. We don’t care how noble your motive was
you broke the precepts. And so to say even in cases like that you have to say
I can’t lie for the sake of my health, I can’t lie for the sake of my wealth
I can’t lie for the sake even of helping my relatives. You have to see these
things as inconstant, impermanent stressful, things that you cannot are not
really yours. Similarly when you’re practicing concentration you apply the
three perceptions to things that would pull you out of concentration. And things that would get in the way
every two sermon so you have to be skillful in how you use these three
perceptions so in basically it’s important that you see could the four
noble truths come first these three perceptions come within the context of
the Four Noble Truths and so instead of just simply accepting things coming and
going the Buddha is saying – look at your desires. There are desires that will
actually lead to the end of suffering. The desire for awakening is a good thing
the belief that you can do this that the Buddha calls actually kind of conceit
like other people who do this Ajahn can do this why can’t I? That’s actually
a skillful form was conceived. Something that you should encourage and
so what we’re doing is they’re not just simply accepting things that was okay
waves are coming in off the shore good waves are coming in bad waves are
are coming it doesn’t matter I’ll just sit here and accept the waves what’s
gonna happen of course is someday the waves are going to cover Bhooh! You’re gone. and who knows where they’re gonna wash
you up again and the image the Buddha gives some of the practice is not just
sitting there accepting things is there’s a dangerous river you have to
cross but you can get across the river and you do that by holding onto the path
and you by making an effort you have to paddle with your hands and your feet you
have to make that effort but there is a place of safety that should get you. If
you get up on the raft and say look I’m not holding on what’s gonna happen ? You
fall off and get swept down the river.
~The End~ Subtitles by – Abhinav Kumar

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  1. Buddhist teachings explain everything more clearly than any other religion. The Buddha taught people for more than double the time in comparison to Jesus or Muhammad . Very conveniently, Dr. Zakir avoided to go into the details to understand the 4 Noble Truth, like when the Buddha said that "You have to look into your desires…" to analyze what kind of desire we are talking about and see if it leads to suffering or not… Only then, you work on removing that desire. Removing all the desires will be extreme, because you are not making any distinction. The Buddha taught about the "Middle Way", just to let us understand to avoid extremes. All that makes even more clear the 4 Noble Truth real meaning. Thank you

  2. He need to focus on understanding his own belief. Islam claims they're a religion of love but they hate and believe in killing innocent people and animals for sacrificing. I'll take the teachings of Buddha any day over any other teachings.

  3. I like a Brazilian and western I prefer follow the teachings of Rasulalah/Prophet Buddha(Selallahu Alahu ua salaam/that Allah blessed him and give him Peace) than Mohamoron….that Ummah of Buddha increase by all the World, Amin…🙏😂😂😂

  4. I fully agree with u sir.. I have found many evidence that he is lier .. promoting and marketing of the one god is not good idea ..

  5. What the Hill
    That Islam leader said ok we removed desire wait what how can we remove desire so easily. I think that desire cannot be removed. Well let's talk about desire in order to remove desire one have to follow the forth
    Which are something like no hate
    No jealousy
    Love toward every one
    And so on well no human can attempt that I mean without hate jealousy and so on. OK if someone eventually was able to do what the forth says he is not human he is close to becoming Buddha. Sorry for poor English

  6. Buddha means love love love love love love love.peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace
    Love love

  7. OK, that first Buddhist man, I am sure he is a good Buddhist, but I have to say this, believing in God is not illogical, it IS illogical to assume the nature of God to say that God can't be all powerful or all knowledgeable. He said "IF" which means an assumption and that assumption is based on subjective reasoning that the individual presumes himself to be all powerful or all knowledgeable.

    You should always question why a scholar would say "if" and then make a proposition based on how he feels himself about God.

    Why place onto God a subjective moral precept, as though you are the one who can understand all moral precepts? We are not the creators of moral precepts, we are the recipients. Should we say it is illogical to believe in human beings so don't believe in human beings because if they were really human beings they wouldn't do wrong things?

    We aren't God, we aren't becoming God and we shall never be God, in our limited and finite experience we can never get the fullness of wisdom and knowledge in our lifetimes. OK, that is all I wanted to say. I need to watch the medical doctor butcher his own religion as well as yours and mine.

  8. Zakir Naik [ZN] is a deceiver just as 3-54, 7-99, 8-30, 10-21 & 13-48 and his argument was highly and desperately rhetorical. The 2nd Noble Truth did not state,the origin of sufferings is DESIRE as primary and 3rd NT is not to get rid of DESIRE. Rather the critical and primary cause of sufferings is IGNORANCE [advidya] just as ZN is ignorant. The RIGHT VIEW and RIGHT ACTION are to modulate Desire, not get rid of desire totally.
    What is advocated is not as a conscious and intentional Desire to follow the 8 Fold Paths, but rather to let the 8FP unfold itself spontaneously without attachment to an ego.
    In contrast theists desire their religion and salvation with an ego [soul], that for some, they will not hesitate to kill anyone who threaten their desire.

  9. Buddhists should not answer Dr.zakirs contradictory comments in a hall… But if they have guts then they should debate him

  10. the Buddhism is the best path of our life…Buddha is the best teacher in the world, no one compare to the lord Buddha, because
    he has explained , no any god control the world, only the nature can control the world, if there is a god , the god can be stop every thing( Killing peoples, smuggling, robbery, child abuse ,drugs, accidents, terrorist attack Etc) but bad thing happened in the world , the god has failed to stop this…it depend on the KARMA ( Karma means if we done or doing the bad thing ,the bad thing follow us in future or present) ..peoples thinks and realise what is the Buddhism…only educated people's can realise ..foolish can't realise….Buddha bless you

  11. You can try to defame my teacher but the truth he spoke will resonate through millenium. I do not need A God to teach me from right and wrong. I am a conscious mind.

  12. I was just wondering how zahir became a doctor.he cant even think logically and he looks like a mentally a therawaada Buddhist in Sri Lanka iwll explain this first comment he says Buddha didn't commented on god.this is dam wrong .what Buddha says that in this magul sakwala(limited area in universe where our planet established eg- milky way) whole organisms can divide in to 31 world' humen is one out of 31.all the animals included to a one call thirisan world.i can't explain every world.and Buddha said there 6 heavens where god's he told about god's and said they are organisms like others but their bodies are a normal eye we can't see them.butbuddha said there is no creator god.everything happens to a cause and effect clearly saheer is a liar

  13. Al-Qur'an is true. Muhammad is the last prophet. Islam can hold this world until the end life.

  14. zakir naik have no knowledge of Buddhism..
    if he studies buddha's teaching, he will definitly become a monk and will preach buddhism is true religion its way to attend nirvana(Liberation) not lustful heaven said in Quran..😅😅

  15. Dear Doctor, You have learn't 0.0001% of the Lord Buddha's teaching… So you can't understand the buddhism well.. No doubt, the Lord Buddha is the greatest human born on earth… He not depended on God. He discovered himself with his own enthusiasm… He dedicated himself more than other greats. His discoveries in 2500 years ago, are confirmed by the scientist after 2000years… That is the uniqueness of Buddhism..Lord buddha said the universal truth… it is mostly on sorrow and desire… People dont like sorrow… they dont ignore desire.. thats why people look on buddhism falsely… But the the truth is in the Buddhism… People dont believe the truth means, world go the dark side… we can see this in this world now… Terroriam, killing, environmental disasters those are the signs of going darkness… Everything is happened according to the Kamma… no other force… But buddhism not said there is no god.. Buddhism says there are God… and there are paranormal lives as well… Due to the Kamma human rebirth as a God or ghost… Buddhism is Extra ordinary philosophy…

  16. Naik can not understand budhist path. It is all practical things. To understand it one must adopt training. Then he can understand.

  17. Dr zakir is bluffing bout the 4 truth of life. 4 truth is birth,illness,old age n death. He is misleading his follower by diverting peak point that he dont want his follower to beleive.

  18. Just see the diffrence in their presentation . When one does in a peacefull way other does the opposite. Its evident in the crimes the islam community is responsible, regarding their narrow mind.

  19. Zakir Naik is not strange to misconstruing arguments. He said that one must have desires to remove it by following the Eightfold path. Is he suggesting that humans could naturally eliminate desires, thus rendering the Eightfold path redundant?

    He got it all wrong.

    Its precisely we cannot rid our desires naturally that we have the Eightfold path to fall back on.

  20. There is always a positive and negative desire to learn for good is positive desire and that's what it means. We can never get away with feelings as long as we are alive that if life but the practice can train us to use it in positive way. There's a lot more than that

  21. The Buddha's Words on Kindness (Metta Sutra
    This is what should be done By one who is skilled in goodness, And who knows the path of peace: Let them be able and upright, Straightforward and gentle in speech. Humble and not conceited, Contented and easily satisfied. Unburdened with duties and frugal in their ways. Peaceful and calm, and wise and skillful, Not proud and demanding in nature. Let them not do the slightest thing That the wise would later reprove. Wishing: In gladness and in saftey, May all beings be at ease. Whateverliving beings there may be; Whether they are weak or strong, omitting none, The great or the mighty, medium, short or small, The seen and the unseen, Those living near and far away, Those born and to-be-born, May all beings be at ease! Let none deceive another, Or despise any being in any state. Let none through anger or ill-will Wish harm upon another. Even as a mother protects with her life Her child, her only child, So with a boundless heart Should one cherish all living beings: Radiating kindness over the entire world Spreading upwards to the skies, And downwards to the depths; Outwards and unbounded, Freed from hatred and ill-will. Whether standing or walking, seated or lying down Free from drowsiness, One should sustain this recollection. This is said to be the sublime abiding. By not holding to fixed views, The pure-hearted one, having clarity of vision, Being freed from all sense desires, Is not born again into this world.

  22. The foundation of Buddhism is the Law of Cause and Effect. Without knowing this deeply, one cannot understand Buddhism or move forward on the path. The Law of Cause and Effect is made up of these three essential guidelines:
    Good deeds bring good results.
    Bad deeds bring bad results.
    Your own deeds bring your own results.

    Every effect has a cause and a condition.
    A cause and a condition combine to make an effect.
    All effects have a cause. All effects have a condition. There are no exceptions.

  23. Say you have a desire to go to New York and if you go to New York, do you still have a desire to go to New York Mr Naik?

  24. Dr zakir, you must know one thing. Budhdha never said god does not exist. Don't speak nonsense without having a proper knowledge about budhdhism.

  25. Buddhist is completely religion of nature and reality of world reality of dharma and it is a huge dharma

  26. He is knowledge about Buddha zero
    How can he understand this much deeper vision
    He blind only
    He have only knowledge about only some books 📚
    He doesn’t have peaceful mind or behavior
    He knows only shouting and forcing close opposite person
    Like this bad attitude person how can feel how can understand universal truth
    Nature never giving chance to see this much clean true like this blind mental illness people
    Again i can say only one ☝️ thing
    Books 📚 knowledge and spiritual enlightenment different
    Like sky 🌌 and land of earth
    He knowledge only helpful collect many benefits in this life and brain 🧠 wash innocent peoples
    Please don’t hate him
    This all karma’s
    It’s not he is mistake
    He is operating he is karma
    Funny 😆 thing
    He told Lord Buddha scared 😱 to say about he is god 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    At least if he study some Buddha vision he never say it
    Because Buddha said about our galaxy about human body and mind exactly A to Z
    So he scared 😱 to say about got 🤭

  27. Anyone who is reading this comment and has a problem with Dr. Zakir Naik can openly come and have polite debate with me at your place in the presence of authentic scriptures and teachings of Buddha
    And then we will stream this debate publicly to let people know the truth
    Have the guts then come on reply me
    It's a challenge open challenge

  28. His argument is totally wrong… he says in 3rd noble truth desire is gone so where's the desire to follow 8 noble path that is the 4th noble truth!…he misunderstood 3rd noble truth which says "desire is the coz of suffering, it can be removed" n 4th noble truth is "the path to get rid of the desire- noble path of 8 limbs"
    Till a human being starts following 8 way noble path, there's obviously desire in him/her of achieving nirvana, then how come in 3rd noble path desire vanish itself without doing anything!! as per his logic…
    now if they ask, following noble path is also a desire so how come its gonna free someone from suffering?
    When someone starts truly practicing the noble path, though with the desire to achieve nirvana, that person will gradually start developing wisdom,i.e, "pradnya" n suffering will start fading away gradually… thenceforth the 8way noble path will become the person n the person will become the 8way noble path!!! then no need of any desire to follow the path!!!

  29. Zakir Naik very intelligent 🧠 person 😂 and zakir Naik world famous person 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Buddhist question repely to zakir Naik very nice Because zakir Naik Muslim and Muslim people is world true Allha is onley one quran 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. This man's understanding of Buddhism is similar to memorising lyrics of a song that's sung in a foreign language, and not knowing a single thing about what they mean.

  31. Zakir Naik is a liar, he is illogical and arrogant…. he hasn't read Buddhism properly and he has no understanding.

  32. Buddha just taught as n lead us….he doesn’t help but he shows the way of what’s good n not….so all u have to do is walk on his way or not !!! U aren’t going to hell for believing him ,u aren’t going to hell for not praying him but u sure is going to hell if have a devil like soul !! I would never criticize other religions I respect all Muslim as well as Christian n so on. I do respect to a person who have a beautiful soul.Even I myself is a Buddhism I know that there are many untrue logic going around our religion so I can feel for others !!! So yeah pls don’t look by cover n judge!!! Life is short !!! As none religions ,just only on my view….we all r human !!! For that I love n respect everyone if they have a beautiful soul.

  33. Who knows nothing about truth of life is saying against the enlightened one. He might not tried meditation at once, his logical reasoning is based on just physical analysis. Jakir ji's knowledge is obtained by reading and not by own experiencing. We need own practical efforts to understand the deep teaching of the Buddha. I don't want to say anything wrong against other religions, no matter what they believe in. All have freedom to follow to understand the phenomenon of the existence. So much patriotism and believing in own religion is dangerous coz it may cause violence by saying "mine is the best, ours is the best" and others are illogical. I understand that we should learn to respect other religions as well so that we can build peaceful world. Thank you Abhinab Kumar ji for making this video.
    May all beings be well and happy!

  34. He read in english translation "desire is the cause of sufferings" 'to remove desire' here the word 'desire' is ambiguous that's why he misunderstood. The original and pure words of the Buddha are in Pali, a renowned ancient indian language during Buddha era, Pali and Sanskrit words are hard to translate exactly in other languages like English. Even the word "Dukkha in Pali, 'Dukh' in Sanskrit is not exact to any word of english "pain, suffering, sorrow, anxiety, etc. no any english word can explain exact meaning of the word "Dukh". That's all.

  35. I am
    Not a fan Zahid Naik, but in this case, I agree with him, Buddha was agnostic in his perspective and did not accept or deny the existence of God. Yet Buddhism even says that Brahma visited Buddha and Mara tempted Buddha. So it seems that Buddhism accepts the concept of dieties. As for the Buddhist monk, he talks about suffering and all powerful God and how both are not compatible. But Buddha himself says that nothing is permanent and thus the world is false and sufffering is due to false identity.. a notion that is held by Hindus too. If that be the case, why then attribute suffering to an almighty God? Didn’t Buddha also teach that suffering is due to karma and and attachment? So why in this case is Ajahn Brahm saying that if there is a God He cannot be all loving and all powerful at the same time? It is a contradiction of Buddhist believe itself.

  36. People wants peace that's why non Muslim's joining the peaceful religion Islam there is No compulsion in islam and we will pray to Allah subhanahu taala show the way to others people who wants peace !!

  37. If God mean Creator, Buddhist doesn't accept. Just God they are same as we human being they have some powers and fortunate that's it. we all are suffering god, human, Animal,

  38. Ha..Ha…Ha well, The matter is can you control your bad desires? And the fear of Allah taala removes the fire and the smoke at the same time. If you are a human you can't tell that you are not sinning. Sometimes you are going against suffering. don't tell me that you are not right because we always suffer. No you are not, because your suffering rule has no perfection because there is not any punisher. So, you can cross the line whenever you want. And If there is punishment of your punisher then he is selfish and very hard on you because he is not almighty, not unlimited all forgiver. How harsh!

  39. Jakir Naik is not a liar because he speaks with reference. But your taught monk haven't given one when he is talking about his own religion and religious book. Your taught monk is a lair and you are spreading those without reading and perfect interpretation of your religious book. Do you know what kind of punishment waiting for a liar? Jakir Naik cannot lie because he is not allowed to do so, even to the other religion.

  40. He does not have any knowledge of Buddhism all he is concerned is how to misinterpreted it and put it closer to Islam. Buddha was completely against the blind following

  41. God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. Yet, we somehow have free will and he failed to predict that Lucifer would go against him — great logic.

  42. i dont like islam at all.
    when i saw muslms comments i just understand that islam is violent,rapist and woman opressings.
    islam is a agresive mans cult.

  43. Please understand the real meaning of desire…it is given in the book Abhidhamma… Desire is not this easy to explain…problem is that only half of buddhist teachings are read and understood, and then, people have started interpolating.

  44. Zakir naik is a lier. He just says lies and stupid stuff to prove his scripture.he uses zero logic.buddhas teachings are pure logic.

  45. Instead of remove desire, why don't we "remove" this zn from earth. He talk to much and acting he know everything. 😂😂

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