Sagittarius 1-15 November 2017 Love & Spirituality reading – THEY ARE COMMING IN FOR THE KILL!

Sagittarius 1-15 November  2017 Love & Spirituality reading - THEY ARE COMMING IN FOR THE KILL!

hello my dear Sagittarius this is your love and spirituality reading for the time between November 1st and November 15 2017 would make Queen of Pop Sturm so I now use the spellcaster star with melanie marquis illustrated by Scott Murphy and I will start shuffling your cards so see here it's upside down like this okay no sorry new deck okay so I called the wrong weird love and light and I called for arc angels in the four corners of the world and I call the six elements earth wind fire water spirit and eager to join us for today and to give us a clear view reading from my dear Sagittarius viewers so I want my dear Sagittarius to have love in their lives and to find themselves loving relationships I also want you to have creative success and to be able to walk on your high spot towards your Heist destiny so I also want to take the chance to tell you that we will have the full moon in Taurus the port of Port of limit yes November and Sun Moon moves from score from Libra – Scorpio on the 22nd of October Mars and Venus will be in Libra after their kiss in Virgo on the 10th of October and Venus is leaving Mars behind and moving into Scorpio November 8th Jupiter and Venus is conjunct on the 15th of November in Scorpio future moved over to Scorpio from Libra 11th of October so that was a big relief for many a big release of energy all also we will have the new moon in Scorpio November 18 so not only the Sun in Scorpio but also the new moon so mercury moves from Scorpio into secretaries on the 5th of November and Sun moves from Scorpio Sagittarius on the 22nd Saturn is moving direct in your sign Sagittarius and we will have a conjunction of Saturn and Mercury on the 28th of November Pluto is moving directing Capricorn Neptune is moving retrograde in Pisces and will station November 23rd move direct again 24th you Reynes is moving right away in Aries okay so I will just tune in for a few seconds so the bell in the beginning is to clear the air before your reading so clear energy in my room before your reading and here my dear Sagittarius we will have your future this is your now and this is your past so the past will probably be October and your present will be the first part of November 2017 approximately and also your future will go into November and December second part of November and December and if it doesn't resonate with you you can come back and check it later also if you to resonate it with you come back and check later first you will get a forecast here and then you can go back when you are in the midst of this and also you can go back when when the period is done to see kind of the conclusion of it all how it all went down if you were able to do the tasks that's what set before you and it's always good to look a little bit in the hind mirror to learn and so you will know what to do next time and something similar occurs so my dear Sagittarius this is your past and here we have a two of sorts to source might mean that some of you are dealing with an air sign and possibly Libra the to source card here is a very has a very beautiful display this is a young person that's going out on an adventure she has accepted a challenge and she she doesn't have the really the skill to know what to do exactly but she has the right kind of mindset to be able to figure it out and she has as her companion the divine masculine in its wild man shaped the wolf it's the symbol for all the swords suit in this deck and it's it's very suitable I think also the winter environment for the swords suit is very good because source people are very intelligent they are also very they have this judgemental scale being able to see things from an overall perspective keeping themselves cool and detached not too evolved involved in emotions and sometimes that's their downfall as well but we can see she has the jane and jiang symbol here on her chest and the tourist source can sometimes be peace negotiation it might have been like a silent time for many of you that has been maybe for a longer period of time that has been silent between two groups or two entities and with the two a source it's sometimes peace negotiation and it doesn't have to be you that reaches out the hand it might be the other person but here they are kind of figuring it out what's their next step and you can see the light here that's the consciousness of the sword suit they have a very great consciousness being able to be fully awake if they are not really disturbed by their thoughts that's the biggest problem for swords people is their thoughts never-ending thinking and it might be the same for you here so the to a source is of course advising you talking about you that you're standing before and you need to keep your head cool and be very logic and collected and also keep your mind clear don't overwhelmed by thinking if you have problem with a lot of thinking you can feel your body instead and you will ground yourself and and probably stop thinking usually the mind can't focus on on many different tasks so if you feel the body from the inside feeling the different Ricans frequency inside your body you will be able to to not think because here the to a source it requires a clear mind ok the next card for you is the tree of cups so the tree of cups is the kind of baptism in in this deck you can see here it's our spiritual card is really connecting to the spiritual side of the three of cups usually when we see the tree or cups were here the tart interprets talking about the three party relationship and this is not that might be with the comes like this but usually the tree of cups is real deep emotions from the bottom of your heart it's those overflowing emotions this unconditional love that you feel for people that you really love and it's kind of the Equality of a person that has this unconditional love that they love also their enemy and so it's a very high form of love and it's also connected to the Trinity like a mother father child or mother father spirit so children are closest to the divine because they are the latest upgrade and they came really recently for the devout from the divine so they are very wise in a spiritual sense so with the three or cups it's probably that you are supposed to do something like an action out of unconditional love or someone did an action towards you out of unconditional love like they feel this super strong connection between you and really wants you to dive deep with this emotions so but of course if we want to use because every new chart interpreter will put new light on the cars like give their interpretation so for some of you it will cause B to a source and three of cups like a person taking a decision when it comes to their relationship like which one will I choose okay so that there's a higher higher thing with this as well and here we have the star card reconnecting to my my first interpretation this with that there's a very special relationship is a very special connection even a divine connection like a connection before time and it's like having a soul contract with a certain person for something that you need to do during this lifetime like you have a mission of healing and healing your past finding solutions to post karma finding solution to post trauma and hurt and so the star card is a very beautiful card and we can see here some is more quick to emerge again in the source and someone takes their time because they wants to do go through the ecosystem of it all so some of you will be more quick and you know find the solutions more quick and the other one will take that time especially with the tool source also represented so they won't be as quick as you to come to a certain conclusion or you want to be as quick as them sometimes it will it can go either way here so I'm just seeing the energy between Sagittarius and and other like there and their partner order they're like a family love situation or work situation or whatever but this is mostly your spiritual past and you will meet on your spiritual part different entities and sometimes you will be the one that's a little bit slow and needs to figure things out and sometimes you will be the one that's finding the solution at once and connecting with a source it's no it's no value in which one do which thing because if we rush back to the source the play of Lilith the game of life will be over so it's good with the detours so if every everyone is an A student we will soon have like the universe going back to the zero point again before Big Bang and then it will be a new one and a new one okay so and here we have the king of cups so some of you are dealing with Scorpio they might have Scorpio as they rising moon or Sun sign and you might also have your rising moon or Sun sign in in Scorpio if you don't you are not to said to chariot Sun or yes you know what I'm talking about here you both those cars talking about healing so this is the divine wants you to heal and this is your reaction you heal so the kudos on you this is really this is really nice reading you have done something and that's coming from the bottom of your heart but being very logic and sharp and divine in the same time like really high consciousness but an awareness but in the same time a very deep love so it might be a very strict love like a fatherly love and not letting your children running around doing crazy things so it's this with some people needs more experience and and you might have like compassion for that but also becoming a little bit strict with them in a loving way because you wants what's best for them or these people wants what's best for you so this is Cardus as I said usually connected with Scorpio but it might be a cancer you have like him not a cancer there but it's um maybe a crab or Pisces as well so it's just a very it's the man of man of hearts like the king of hearts okay like a person that has a capacity for big love it might just be that they need to heal first or you need to heal first because you before you can have this capacity of love so it's talking about the coming young person of sin becoming a person that's healed no one can touch a person that's that's healed they have no wounds so no one can poke them and probe them and like just like this and they will become upset they won't because they have no wounds anymore and of course you will always have wounds but it's a state that you could kind of fake it till you make it okay so there's no hurry into becoming like enlighted anywhere and everything take your time you're here to experience you're here to do mistakes you're here to roll around a little bit in the dirt but for now it seems like you are mostly rolling around in water so it might have been like a very emotional encounter for you and here we have the High Priestess she is one that never lost contact with her with the divine during the the fall like the fall what we have when we fell out of grace and fell out of paradise ik state and that was when we got consciousness as a human race we become being able to think about but what about yesterday what about tomorrow we were able to plan things long ahead and calculate things like why things certain things happen in the future and in the past and how you can avoid it to happen in your future so you see this is to botota to a source to the high priestess so either you are dealing with a person that's very intelligent or you are very intelligent and and being able to connect like with your whole register not just your feelings but also your deep emotions and the high priestess she's all about like connection everywhere okay she has the connection with her fourth she listens to the angel radio she's also listened to her feelings like her connection straight to the source by this vibrating and frequencies she's also getting knowledge from the past like from past experience she also have great visions for the future what she wants to bring into this world and and she sees all the symbols everywhere and she's interpreting them so this is a person becoming weary of aware of what the next step is it's kind of following the divine we'll so but it's also it's like a little bit of a trash hold here so if you had magical encounter with someone in a loving way they might not really show you exactly what they feel or they want like really reveal their their secrets what they know and it's like they're waiting for something or maybe they're trying to convince themselves or you're trying to convince them yourself about something maybe that you if you love or doesn't love a person how much you want to bet on this situation and how much you want to preserve your own inner peace and your own inner calm like what's worth something how much do you want to throw yourself in there and so it's a little bit of a cautious energy in a very self-preserving she was the only one that kept her connection with the total like universe and source when we fell so and she has been looking at people going around a little bit like crazy so and yes she will be a little bit careful or he it might as easily be a he – it's like a person being a little bit they are watching okay so that was in the past and here is your now and so in a now and like the first part of November 2017 we have a knight of cups so we had a king of cups and now the knight of cups Knight of cups is usually Pisces and this person he has got his stuff together you can see this very controlled person he has an armor but he's still like holding the holy grail of love really high and he's writing a fish so that must count for something he doesn't have a weapon and so that's also important he's still very protective of himself like with the two here so it's a person and not wanting to rush into things and get hurt because they feel a little bit fragile so it might be a like person with a little flickering motion you don't really know where you have them one day they love you with the next day they don't because they are very careful and cautious and know most about preserving themselves they are not really there for you they want something out of you because they feel this connection with you or you feel the connection with them and want something with them but you are very cautious and trying to keep things in a very on a certain level you don't want you to be overwhelmed by your own emotions or this person doesn't want you so but it's very loving energies someone reaching out for you you will probably be quoted or you will quote someone and here we have the Empress so someone is current coming and quoting the Divine Feminine so we now have the High Priestess and the Empress in the same reading that's both symbols for the Divine Feminine and the High Priestess she was Lilith like Adams first love but she was not like a person that you could easily you could easily cooperate with because she was kind of my way or the highway because she had this connection with the divine so she didn't want to listen to any Earthlings saying any stupid things so and she was kind of tossed out Adam wanted a wife that was more obedient and then he got Eve and I don't know where they got all these people because it was the first people on earth but well they came somewhere from somewhere the Empress she is very luscious she is nature like the unconditional loving nature just gives and gives and gives and gives there's no ending to how she gives if you have trouble with your mother you will have also problem with receiving and if you haven't been felt the love from your mother or there's some other kind of problem you might have problem to receive because well maybe you haven't received the love that that you needed and therefore there there might have been a little bit here but it seems like this is about to heal like we are about to reconnect with the Divine Feminine here both males and females in this reading are reconnecting with the Divine Feminine like the ability to give and receive to to have and to hold okay and you see it comes underneath the tree here you have three of cups three the Empress so we both have two two three three here so it's it's very much about the Divine Feminine we are restoring like the respect for the feminine for the earth for the mother that gives us life so we have the cow here also representing the Divine Feminine like her out giving qualities giving of her own body to to give us sustenance so it's very very unconditional so here's a person coming and with the Holy Grail so the Holy Grail is kind of the Divine Feminine it's the ace of cups so honoring the Divine Feminine trying to make amends trying to come and get forgiveness maybe from the woman that you love the most or someone is coming to to court a woman that they love the most it doesn't have to be a woman also it might be like a man that has very much this feminine out giving qualities and the woman might have been a little bit more cold and detached so it might be this as well still the Divine Feminine and in the center here underneath the star so we have the four of Wands so the people that were supposed to meet are going to meet it seems like Sagittarius will meet a person that they are destined to meet so kind of soulmate or might even be a twin flame we have the two two here and and is some soulmate more when we think about the High Priestess and and the Empress so we see here four four ones is also it's based in self love and if you try to run around after a person and you know get them to love you you will never achieve this this state of and self-love and you need to build a strong foundation where you love yourself first and it doesn't matter if the person is there or not you will still love yourself unconditionally and respect yourself and and listen to yourself listen to your inner guidance so this is just a reward for you showing yourself that self respecting that self love and so it might come in a person is very obvious that they will come in a person and and give you some kind of offering or you will offer someone something and it might be forgiveness with the knight of cups and the three of cups it might for some of you it will be even be married marrying or may be getting engaged because you have the three or cups and the four wants here both those cars are talking about an engagement or marrying like celebration of the love okay and so that's very beautiful and the four is also connected to the emperor and it comes underneath the star here the Emperor is the very outgoing like directed-energy so it might be like it's the masculine quality in this that's going to do this action okay so the one that's most masculine in this will probably do this action it's very centered here the four wants so someone wants you or you want someone to be like lawful-wedded okay so in here all we have the ace of cups as well and it comes underneath the king of cups so this King is really smitten he's really opening his heart he has gone through this healing and and listened to his himself or herself and like really intuitive trying to find out what is what what is really worth something and what's worth something is love and and like this search for the Holy Grail the connection between humans again so it seems like a really blissful state that you will be in Sagittarius in the amount of beginning of the month of November it seems like you will get a really good offer or you will give someone orally offer Ace of Cups is of course the High Priestess way of connecting with the divine through her emotions and so this is how her whole body vibrates like an antenna like this this might also be getting pregnant for for some of you so if you don't want to get pregnant like with this child entity here you need to be a little bit careful this this beginning of November so beautiful with all these calluses all over here there's a very deep love and a very big expression of love at least someone wants to express it just that they might be a little bit shy and here we have a trio once so I think that the shyness might be over and now we have three or cups three the Empress and and three or one so trio wants it and once it's um masculine is fire it's the road like the path of the hero someone being very outspoken with their love and finally maybe revealing the secrets that they have gotten to know they they are not now convinced that this is what they want that this is what they want for the future this is a person dreaming about the future and and kind of setting it off like now it's the time I'm going to I'm going to start building on my dreams we can also see that this this Hawk here is coming with something I wish I could see it more clearly I don't really know what it is it might be a ball or a sign or is nothing but a sign song sounds good it will come a sign for you some message someone will reach out with a message for you or you will reach out it might be messaging back and forth also but with the three of wants it's very important to remember don't sell yourself off short okay and don't sell yourself because you want something so dearly and now when it's presented here you're almost getting the hiccups because you're getting so excited so you might buy whatever this person is selling and so that's a little bit warning with this too tree here that be awake don't don't let this person put like blue dust in your eyes or don't put on me on your pink glasses so you will see everything in this rose and shimmer because there needs to be like you have fought really hard Sagittarius I've seen this I watch this you have fought really hard to to come to this place so don't sell yourself this close to this finish line and with that I mean you need to be with the person that makes you happy you need to be with the person that shows you love not just tells you this you need to be with the person that makes you feel safe and protected like a person that makes you feel like you are loyal towards one another if there's suspicion if there's like questioning does this does she loves me doesn't she if you are having suspicions that like they might be out with someone else like what this sudden three party thing or that they might have been you need to ask them like communication here is utterly important like sort out all the secrets that might have gone on in the past so you can make also a clean start and if you have never been happy with this person and because this is someone that has four things through a long time so it's probably someone from the past that's returning and and if they never make made you happy then what how can you believe that they are going to make you happy now and so I'm not trying to downsize this offer wait because it's really beautiful and it's probably exactly what you want but if you sell yourself off short you're probably going to have to start on square one again so don't do that now you're so close keep this level of this relationship how you want it don't start to bend your head or bow before this because then it's going to go like that again for you so be clear whether you're like keep yourself logic in logic okay and here we have the magician so that's probably this like going into the second part of November so the magician to a source Nidal cups the magician it's a little bit like oh I would be a little bit I'm feeling a little bit scared now because this is a person that is on top of everything like really really intelligent using their left side brain a lot also in love so it's mercury and and you have mercury and Libre here and Pisces so it's emotions involved but it's also like trying to see things on the very from a very keen level and trying to get what they want and they have a certain agenda it might be a really beautiful agenda and that they have really fought true but they are really it's like the magician is is a little bit my way or the highway kind of entity and he's using whatever means possible to get what he wants but here it seems like he wants to restore and like some past greatness so that's good I guess but now the cops to get it with a magician it can be a person that's just in it for like they want to have you showing them the love and then they feel safe again and then then they can be off again so just showing like ah he's still into me or she is still into me good then I they are storing up their level of energy of love from from you and yes okay this person still miss me she still wants me mmm so be careful don't sell yourself and the next card is the moon so you see it's getting really really chilly in here three of cups three empress and the moon so and don't give things in an unbalanced way and don't give things if you are you're suspecting foul play and still keep up a little bit of a guard like still if even if like if someone comes and wants to give your horse you really need to check that horse in the mouth maybe it's like 33 years old okay hmm so someone is to sell you something that's a lie that's what I'm seeing here it's a lie it's not really a lie because the divine is with them all the way here but it's about control like they might charm you come and show me and say all the things that you want to hear and then they are going back to their old habits and they don't want to be the one that risks something they want to rescue they don't want to risk themselves mmm and this might be the Sagittarius as well mercury and Sagittarius go very well together and I also said that mercury moves from Scorpio Sagittarius the 5th of November and Sun moves from Scorpio Sega shares November 22nd and what will happen me more yes Saturn is moving directly Sagittarius and we'll have a conjunct of Saturn and Mercury on the 28th of November mmm so Saturn is very strict teacher have you learned this by now where are you going to fall into the dream illusionary state again and be fooled by someone that's really just using you as a means to an end I'm not saying that this is how this love relationship is going to end up but if you sell yourself short it's going to because this is kind of a divine test for you if you're keeping your head held high and being in full self respect and not letting yourself be fooled then this might be the love relationship of your life but if you're bending your head you're putting your nails down in the carpet and say step all over me then they will okay and so you're on a threshold the magician is like walking on the fine line between black and white magic so don't let them fall into the black magic so here you also have the domesticated part of the divine masculine and the wild man part mmm for me personally I am I like the wild man part better because if you have the wild man part in the shadow it's rather nasty it's like if they try to if a masculine person tries to show only their domesticated nice and sides and then they are going to have a big shadow because masculine people are strong they are powerful they are warriors there are a lot of those things and if they only playing nice and they might have a big shadow so they can play really nice I we want people to play nice but they need to acknowledge their shadow like I feel right they don't have to display rage but they can say I feel really angry or I don't trust you or huh you know there needs to be communication from both sides like from the sides that's accepted by society and the side that's not that's how you keep things in awareness and you don't drift off into the shadow this can be a person having like great addictions or being sharmee but like just stealing people's energy or going into and it's like a person going in for the kill they are showing you like charming it the pants out of you and then and then they are going to hurt you okay so be careful and moon for me is Scorpio it's often depicted as Pisces you can sometimes see price is also in the moon of this card but here you have scorpion it has to act cross that's for me a very feminine it's kind of the uterus of a feminine person the connection between words worlds the Stargate from which we are or all or all born sorry and the life force that comes from that from the Empress so hmm be careful if someone wants to steal that jewellery okay and here we have the five of swords so the star card the four ones is ending in a power source and it comes from the tuba source and the Empress so someone has like they have a master plan here they have think things – okay this person wants love so I'm going to show them love and then I'm going to win over them because they are weak they need love I don't need love I just need this person's attention and I I need to have access to them I don't really know why so this person hasn't really connected with their love side just yet it's just there like so really there but they don't they want to deny it they it's mmm it's like um if you saw my school of taro that I gave out yesterday its school after all number two so check it out you will hear me talking about the swords people like they are here to teach us how to defend ourselves and they are here to open their heart so this is definitely a swords person here to learn to open their heart but they don't want to open their heart they want to expose yours your heart or you want to expose them if you are the swords person so this is about winning this is not about love and they are just saying the things that you want to hear to to get you back in the situation that you were before so again don't sell yourself and here we have a seminal source so that's a person trying to come in for this steel this is what they want they want your your heart they don't want you to expose their heart because they think it's dangerous it's like a new they need to hang in the encounter like a new energy that they have never they have never had like a win with opening their heart before so this might not be have being a source person from the beginning it might be a person that has been like him and badly treated when they were growing up and never got the love so therefore they closed their heart and they never never ever going to open it again because it's really dangerous so this person will go on they will steal your heart and sneak away so be very careful of this sad story here when everything was going so well but you know this is a big test it wants to keep you like in awareness so you don't do the stupid thing that you have done before like giving away your heart to someone that later sneaks away with it now you know so you know what to do keep yourself like show love for this person show them what love is but also tell them the condition for your love and as soon as they break any of those conditions like any of your boundaries then you say okay thank you but this is not how love should feel I don't feel safe with you so I I I'm really sorry because I love you dearly but I can't trust you and I need to be with someone I can trust and here's death so this is you needing to do a sacrifice like of something that's really dear to your heart like something that you really wanted and you have wished for and you have asked for and you need to show your self worthy by kind of sacrificing it not for sacrificing it for sacrifice like the sake of sacrifice but for the sake of you like for the sake of your self-respect the two High Priestess and the three of Wands here it's all about self-respect so sacrifice whatever you need to sacrifice to keep your self-respect have like have self-control you need to have self-control okay rather sacrifice the other person then yourself in this if they are playing a dirty game you don't try to make them into a better person you say no thank you because if everyone on earth is is treating like people that has a bad again there like this those people with the bad again that they will be left alone out in the cold no one will let them in and they will have to better their ways and they will have to open their hearts so you're actually doing them a favor and you're doing yourself a favor so the advice here for sagittarius is don't ever sell your self-respect okay don't ever do that self-respect first then love because love to yourself is self-respect okay so I'm going to take a few cards from them my astrological kardec to show what kind of thing astrologically you might be dealing with right now so for some of you this source person might be an Aries and it might also be that see here I will just read this card so you'll see this is the goddess within your sacred spirit spiritual center and quite dignity so it's the two High Priestess and the Empress and this is the head this is very masculine so they're kind of a masculine entities so going for the kill they want something from this it's like how you we treat nature these days we just we just rob and steal and empty the mountains we're not like the shamanistic people of the olden days that they just took the gold that that the mountains were giving away from for free like into the rivers and and they were not they were thinking with seven generations ahead this one they just want something for today they are very like they want this quick reward just maybe they want sex with you and they then they are going to be gone so they want to steal the feminine this is not a knight in shining armor this is someone that wants to steal your stuff and leave you bleeding okay so you need to remember this the energy around you is dynamic dynamic and spontaneous crusading impulsive action is likely so this is how this is how you call out the the wild man okay you release the divine masculine either it's in a feminine body or in a masculine body from its shadow by calling it out you need to call the shadow on this person that's coming for the kill here out and say that you are seeing what they are doing okay so we'll also take a card from the Oracle of vision by Sara Marchetti to see a little bit more going on for you Sagittarius okay so here you have this card 42 so it's them it's like you have something that you really want and you probably want it with this person but it's like you need to you need to say no for now because this offer is coming with it's a little bit tainted okay so you just wait your time in the headlight will come but it won't be this time because first you need to prove yourself worthy like doing this balance act between the black and the white so there's there's a but like it's not it's it but it's just it's just a test it's not really the end game what you have been longing for and also I will take a car from vibrational energy oracle cards and here we have it openness so I have a small clue you might have had this before so it's about leaving the golden cage you don't have to be like a victim to someone else's behavior you can set yourself free you have the key to set yourself free from this this Karma it's you that's going to give yourself justice you going to rescue yourself no one else is going to and it's still peace dove so you don't want this to hurt this this Maskelyne entity in its feminine or masculine form like it might have a feminine or masculine body you don't want to hurt them but you want you are going to free them freed yourself from your own from this person like this person just coming and stealing your stuff and leaving you a condom stealing your stuff leaving you coming stealing your stuff leaving you it might be not the same person it can be it also different person's so you really need to you know have boundaries but don't let yourself be locked in by those boundaries so it's also about don't be afraid of this like try again and again and again because in the same time that you're trying to find this love that you want you want this night on the shining armor like either a girl or a boy that's coming like this and really wants what's best for you so don't give up on trying to get this but – the way to get this dream up field is going to be you need to kiss a lot of frogs okay so it's a numbers game and you're going to teach you a lot of people in how to treat you so they will also learn much better how to treat others this is really a miracle sometimes we like with my friends and everything they have had like you know really boy friends from hell okay really like bad boy friends and the next time when you find them when they broke up and you find them with another all this girl is saying like oh he's the best one he's so all wonderful because he has learned he has learned something from the failures so and go out and teach people how they should love you hmm okay so that was all for today secretaries I hope this helped and you're very welcome back for my mid-november reading that actually will come in the beginning of November okay bye bye

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  1. It was exactly like that, me, him, … In May this year I got rid of him. Jeeeezzz I wish could go back but at least I'm here. But you Queen of Cups, you're so good!! Thanks a lot!

  2. I've had difficult experiences with air signs too, I only met some very kind libras, but also dark ones too. Air is a very difficult element for me. Gemini especially, the ones I've met were really dishonest and not up front, sneaky is a good world to describe many of them. Many people are circling in the lower vibrations of their element I think

  3. I knew I was mtg my twin flame this year. I fucking knew it. Ppl laughed at me. Just wait. I'm going to rub it in their face. Bastards. lol

  4. I'm starting to take on my high priestess side. I'm embracing it now. With much love and gratitude towards the heavens. Thank you universe.

  5. Good day to you!

    Thank you for this beautiful reading . It makes me think twice and kind of scared considering that i might be repeating the same scenario. Anyway thank you for the advise. It touches me deeply . I am ready to battle anyone who is going to hurt me in any way.

    But in some way i do believe i will be protected not to get hurt by anyone who has the other intention. Nobody can hide their true nature , once you have a good heart and clear intention . Source will not allow that to happen.

    Once again thank you so very much .

    Be blessed with so many ways and more power to you!


  7. Well. I went in for the kill with my Sag but nothing happening yet. Feeling a bit rejected if I'm honest. Especially after opening up so much to them.

  8. I agree… relationship with libra..4years with a lying, cheating, narcissistic, alcoholic!!!.😲😱😨😭too smart for this shit!!…repeating daddy-issues from childhood!😩

  9. Thanks so much. This is exactly what I am going through with a Taurus. We have a deep connection. His heart is open. The type of connection/relationship we have is new to him. However, I am the one doing all the expressions of love toward him. He says he loves me but seems to be all talk. He says all the right things to get me back/keep me around. I feel as though he loves me because of the way I make him feel but I don't get the same expressions of love. Like you said, it's as if he builds up his love tank and then continues on the way he has always done things. I don't want to sound insecure but I need more than talk

  10. I broke things off with who is just like this. I learned my lesson I assure you, thank you for this xoxo

  11. I have a new love and I believe he is a soulmate. He is a libra. My ex, an Aries is very jealous of this relationship and the last row described our entire relationship and he is wanting me back. This is slightly different than you described but I believe you read my life here.

  12. I love a Virgo but listened to his and now I am freaked out I am the wrong person for him its so confusing!

  13. My god people can be beyond critical. Take everything w a grain of salt! I'm Gemini w Sag rising and Pisces moon. Trust me the same hardships Sag has had is the same Gemini has been going through. Even though were not the same they are sister signs as they are opposite and Saturn being in Sag, it also affects Gemini. So trust me when I say I've also been dealing with this and so fed up w giving but only takers coming towards me. But no more! This speaks so well to me, I'm just understanding how strong my rising energy is and I feel very spiritually inclined and it has changed my perception to all.

  14. 🏆👏🏻thank you for advice. Really open my eyes 👁🦉👁. My heart ❤️⛓🔒. From now on I’ll be the queen 👸 of sword ⚔️ cut off the 🌎 Bull💩😡.

  15. After eleven years of being single, it would be a shame for me to get so excited about a new liaison w/someone from the past and I will deserve every misery that comes along w/such a choice.2nd go around w/Saturn in the past 30 yrs. This time it’s about me, what I want, what makes me happy …and I’m ready to receive (enough w/the constant giving and getting nothing in return, that means anyone ! Friends, family and potential lovers)What they learn from me, in this school of life and love …is their responsibility. Not going to be their teacher. Air signs have been a big part of my life and I find them to be a lot of fun, in many ways but they are not capable of the love I’m looking for and they are not to be trusted for long. They struggle w/truth, they will choose to lie, just about every time and make excuses for it. So come on down …try to break my heart again (any sign) “I will chew you up and spit you out, baby” False bravado maybe ? Coming from a place of fear maybe ? Maybe ! Test me 🙂 Thank you for the warning in this reading …see you half way thru November.

  16. Best description ever I be been trying and trying .I know know clearly. Bless you sister you have saved my life live you love miss Kelly.
    I believe I'm going into a shelter here in Apache junction az say a prayer love you

  17. Its interesting that the Moon card shows in the second half and is numbered 18, as the new moon is also on Nov 18th. ☺️

  18. So true…ive been betrayed by 2 air signs in my life so far…and I'm attracted to another …must break the cycle🤣💖💖

  19. I love water signs 🤷🏽‍♀️♥️ had a Cancer but I wouldn’t mind getting another water sign because they’re going to help me get in tune w my emotional side . Not only that but all other signs SUCKS lol . Never had a Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, or Pisces .

  20. No doubt, one friend sag is already dead RIP , now it’s trying to get me – but I’m drinking greens – they will protect from cancers . No sugars!!!- those kill you fast
    It’s because Saturn is about to leave- it will take away a lot of Sags !!! I’m serious

  21. Thank you for the response Queen Of Cups …you're right I'm ready for it now, I have experienced it too many times in this life time …stops right here …right now My fellow Sages …please don't be afraid of the possibilities …you too are ready ! Walk towards it …not away from it. Get your emotional fists Up …know who you are and what you want …focus and release those arrows ! Believe in you 🦋💌🦋

  22. Omg, The majority of sag readings are SO depressing !! Seems this sign out of ALL is just suffering the most and it's been this way for a few years! When we do hear something semi positive, it's the last 2 minutes or less of a video. Thank you for the information but I don't know 🙈! And ps… Air signs have been nothing but a thorn in my side! Narcissistic, full of ego , prideful and liars. This is my experience so don't tell me sag too!

  23. Hi Q0C thank's again for your reading again resonates with me. about self love & self respect learning so much from u. need your spirituality guidance. thanks again QOC God bless!

  24. Well, this sounds a lot like a scene from AVATAR.

    Neytiri: Now you choose your ikran. This you must feel inside. If he also chooses you, move quick, like I showed. You will have one chance, Jake.
    Jake Sully: How will I know if he chooses me?
    Neytiri: He will try to kill you.
    Jake Sully: Outstanding.

    So, it's a final test from Saturn. Let the show begins 😉

  25. Scarily accurate! Could the sword cards represent gemini? I've let go and blocked a gemini whom was so toxic that I almost lost myself. During late September/early October I met an Aquarius with Aries rising that didn't work out. This whole year I've worked so hard on myself to heal, grow and reconnect with my higher self. I've definitely been tested along this journey and kept my boundaries, dignity, love and self respect. Now I'm petrified to whom from the past is coming back? Aries rising or Gemini? I know I cannot go back to the past nor be trapped there again as it nearly destroyed me.

  26. WOW! I love the new cards!! I love the astrological cloth too!!! Gonna have to check the moon and rising sign as well. This was so detailed…I am curious to see what is going to happen. Thanks so much!!!!

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