Sarah Palin Attacked By Fellow Christians

Sarah Palin Attacked By Fellow Christians

Sarah Palin is being attacked but if not
for Muslims its from her fellow Christians forget to the attack with live show you
why she is being targeted here’s a Sarah Palin’s speaking to NRA
members over the weekend they would obviously have information on
plaque be to carry out here I’m all which can defend them can’t
make them feel uncomfortable not even is wretched well it I were in charge they would know that why 30 is how we baptized here I could not hear more anyway so you know it’s probably see
also United leave the kids at home keeper from the
ball said taking the matter was from my family serves as a walk then to start
picking kids out but I meet them members of society are going to believe
that we know that who live near the funny thing about it is it is but Crabbe
said Christians are attacked her as well I would like to say to my own credit I
predicted on the show two days ago it is offensive to Christians to our
complete baptism with torture turns out some Christians
actually agree with me the group faithful America started a
petition a attacking her by yesterday had 15,000
signatures today it got over 46,000 signatures people were quite often I
love this I think this is great then and I remember we’re originally covered the story I made the
argument that if you are a religious person you’re not fundamental issue non
kooky like Sarah Palin is you should come out and publicly
denounce are you should come out and say hey you know what Sarah Palin does not represent me or my faith in
what I believe in and I like that they’re doing it because it shows you that there are
actually great religious people the country they’re not crazy and they don’t use
religion to yeah you know push their political
agenda she’s an actor on actor they don’t actually know a really bad one and
Yahoo the real believe that occurs is what had
gone to build they don’t live crystallize already know this I’m not
million in this story you guys but so when real people who actually
believe in what they say they believe in the reason it’s a lot I’m scared I think
some the specific amount say this cuz then there’s this right speaking out against maybe someone
spreading the word maybe bring importantly our organization hurting our
own enormous asleep as that on them so much that is that being scary to do something like this but I
really need to take a stand cuz they don’t know what they’re talking about
their lying to me you lies yes for their own power Yahoo love the intro on the idea my also forms are you eligible to things in
here yeah it was speaking to you don’t go to Sigma insulted him a call
were in control or polymer applause 001 ok was he talking
to me what do you think I’m a fucking idiot
one US 0 does faithful America responded exactly then
we are you talking to me yeah I like it and so this is what they
had to say this is what we’ve come to America a former candidate for vice president
ganic week torture and Holy Baptism and where the nation’s most powerful
political lobbies are reps in the cheers and applause lot as usual Palin’s remarks are already
making international headlines once again per train Christianity as a
religion up hatred and violence help get a little bit straight from
their petition for Christians torture is not a joke or a political punch line but a ghastly
reminder of the suffering in Jesus upon the cross by equating it with Holy Baptism the act
by which we are united with Christ in His death and resurrection Sarah Palin’s blasphemous lead which
they are paid no weapon up hatred and violence no media that should cover
her remarks not reporting on how sincere Christians evolve theological and political
persuasions are appalled and so I will I’ll be the first media
outlet to recognize faithful America thank you for standing
for actual Christianity and for recognizing your religion is
being stolen from you by zealots by insane people on the extreme extreme
right and I thank you for trying to get it
back thank you to the priests recently who asked for First Amendment exemptions
to allow them to perform same-sex marriages because they want to practice their
religion which they believe includes those or two marriages thank you
reasonable christians for trying to take back Bihar your

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  1. If she were in charge?? the imbecile can't take charge of her own family! Brawling, drunken hillbillies. certainly not Christ like.

  2. Sareh Palin is a gud mericn cos she were borned in merica. She aint no elletiest tring to snobify merica with all that stuff like reeding and thinkien,   Listen iffen you can do sum hilbelly hog fishen than you can make it in merica

  3. If I was president I would;
    Pull the troops out, cut military spending in half, legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana (and tax that shit), shut down Guantanamo bay, cut foreign aid, demilitarize the police, switch to a government money system instead of a debt money system, tax places of worship (churches, mosques, synagogs) on real estate holdings, try Israel for war crimes (and attacking us twice), raise the minimum wage, get rid of the Patriot act, replace all uranium nuclear reactors with thorium, create a new deal, create a free health care system, and create a free college system (like Switzerland.)  Then I would take the money we made and put it all into education and health care. 

  4. It sends a shudder down my spine to think that americans considered this moron as a suitable candidate for vice president. 

  5. What I really like about Palin is that she is honest. She doesn't hide and tell the people what they wanna hear. well maybe a few like her. But I do value her honesty. People should cheer her for that. She will never be high in the goverment. 

  6. Do you think she was dropped on her head as a kid or something? There has to be some logical explanation to the stupid right? 

  7. Obi Wan Kanobi: ""Who's the more foolish…the fool or the fool who follows him?" All those fools applauding the fool on the stage – it's mind-numbing!

  8. Christianity – the most hypocritical religion in the world. It isn't based on love as they would have us believe – it is based on a threat: Believe or be condemned to an eternity of suffering. What Christ "allegedly" suffered on the cross is a tea party (no pun intended) to the suffering Christianity tells us non-believers will be subjected to.

  9. Yeeeesssss!!! Finally someone understands. We're not all crazy, we're just misrepresented by idiots like Palin. Probably the nicest and most respectful thing I've heard from the Young Turks regarding religious people. 🙂

  10. Harrah! She told the truth. God damn those other fake phony silly dumb ass so called Christians. they can die and go to Hell with the terrorists. You people are enemies of this country. GOD DAMN YOU!!!!

  11. not see why people would be surprised that they cheered her here at the NRA event.  Remember the GOP Prez debated where people cheered about number of executions in Texas. I would guess the Christians that were upset by what she said are the Christians that don't support her anyway.

  12. i'm a ex christian and i can tell you that most christians are just like sarah palin full of bullshit and hate for anything different than them she is a whore and nothing else

  13. Chistians got used in 2000 by the Republicans to get Bush elected.Now they distance themselves from the Latinos by voting against immigration deform.Don't those idiots realize the latinos were the deciding vote in the last two elections?Nt very smart on their part.Ted Cruz,their favored son,will turn out to be almost as bad as Palin.How can you be against immigrants when one of your parents is one!?

  14. Thank you TYT for recognizing there are reasonable Christians and that the bloodthirsty, hypocrites among us don't define Christianity. Christ defines Christianity.

  15. How do people like her and Bush even become politics ? For people with that mindset isn't that nearly impossible to become a politic

  16. "We need members of society that aren't going to kill each other."

    Know if you keep up with crime statistics, that was ironically hilarious, considering the source of the comment.

  17. Did TYT publicly denounce the idiots who wanted to boycott Chik-fil-A and their delicious Waffle fries because they support normal/traditional marriage?  I'm still waiting.  Liberal  phony outrage.

  18. How. O_o This woman is a block of cheese. HOW is she a politician? I know, I know, she's not the only one . . . but how is it even possible that people that dumb are allowed to run for office?

  19. The funniest part of this is that Palin finally graduated with a bachelor degree in Communication after attending 6 different colleges and universities.

  20. All Christians are crazy-its on a continuum. Believing in invisible sky gods who can mind read and judge your thoughts and condemn you to eternal suffering if you don't buy in is the very definition of mental illness. Palin et al just take it to another level by adding psycho pathological elements like torture into the mix

  21. "Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists!" — WHAT is this woman still doing on public podiums?? Shame on the NRA for stooping so low. Just put her in a bathing suit and parade around with the latest and greatest guns — they only invited her to boost attendance (a failed celebrity is still a celebrity).

  22. "Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists…?" And look at this cheering applauding sheeple!!!! Godalmighty!!!!

  23. I'm a Christian Fundamentalist, and politically a "Libertarian" and don't at all believe that Palin is a true Christian, but is a Huckster which panders to the bumkins. I think that she may be somewhat mentally retarded, also.

  24. Is it just me, or do i think the echo from the background on her speech depict inside of sarah palins mind, how empty and vacuous it is?

    And that faitful american petition first paragraph ending with "once again portraying christianity as a religion of hatred and violence", well, it might not be a religion of hatred and violence, but the poeple believing in it in major droves sure seem to be filled with hatred and wanton want for violence.

  25. Can we all please bask in the shade the dark haired woman in the pink shirt at 00:47 is throwing? Sure she's the only audience member not cheering, but Ms. Pink Shirt is side-eyeing Palin so hard I'm still laughing. Just look at her expression, I can almost hear her thinking "this bitch be crazy". And please oh please no one burst my bubble and say she is Palin's biggest supporter or something. I want to believe there are still people out there that recognize ridiculous bullshit even when it comes from one of their heroes.

  26. Let SP speak. She and the idiots who applaud her are better than any comedian we see on stage!

  27. Sarah Palin is a shallow, heartless opportunist, cashing in on the gullibility of the "Heartland" (the guns, gays, abortion hicks who see in her their Joan of Arc). Once her golden goose stops producing golden eggs, Palin just goes home and counts her cash. Palin doesn't give a monkey's crack about anyone but herself. – Anyone who can't see this is a fool.

  28. 0:24 – The crowd is cheering her proper use of the subjunctive mood. Yep. That's it. That's the ticket.

  29. Omg now the Christians know how Muslims feel when people judge Islam based on what IsIS and other terrorist groups do and say. Smh!

  30. Guy Will1 second agoI enjoy the attempt. I enjoy the amusing way Palin wants to try and make a point and simply cannot do so. When she goes off the track even before completing a sentence is wonderful, it is like being a driver's education instructor on a 16 year old's first driving test. She never knows when to use the accelerator or the brake…… Sarah to pieces….

  31. How does she continue to receive paid speaking engagements? If I ever heard of a mystery, that's it. Someone should try to figure out that conspiracy theory.

  32. "If I were incharge……" Twit you're not incharge and never will be due to your stupidity and violent demeanor.

  33. Palin is the reason I have given up on prayer. When you find yourself praying for someone to beat her to a pulp, you know it's time to quit.

  34. Young jerks I hate them.
    Explanation: Terrorize terrorists. But your panel says to use C.P.S. to pick children out because you know better.
    The rate of children being successful from C.P.S., is very low compared to up bringingof conservative parents.

  35. Answer of ISIS: "Beheading is how we circumcise disbelievers."

    This woman is so stupid, I wonder how she's able to live.

  36. Wow! That crowd size is bigger than Donald Chump's! Must be the dumb Chump supporters bored sitting at home so they'll go out to cheer for any nutjob that will give them free entertainment!

  37. How did anyone ever believe she was right for any office? She would be great in MILF porn, thats about it.

  38. Wow!!! She is dangerous. She actually supports torture. This woman is a moron. I actually think that parts of america are getting more and more stupid. I can't believe that people applauded. This is the same kind of talk that terrorists use. She is what she claims she hates.

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