Semen Retention: The ULTIMATE KEY To Dopamine Fasting (Detoxing Guide)

Semen Retention: The ULTIMATE KEY To Dopamine Fasting (Detoxing Guide)

Uncle C, back in the office and in this video,
I’m going to be explaining to each and every single man watching this specifically how
semen retention can help you start your journey of dopamine fasting, I’m going to be explaining
what dopamine fasting specifically is, and how those can propel your life forward in
every way, shape and form. Because when it comes to being a man and mastering
your own reality, what you’re going to have to realize is that this goes a lot further
than just the one dimensional problem that you’re running into. There’s a cause and there’s an effect to everything. This is all going to make sense very, very
shortly. And stay until the end of this video because
a few spots have actually opened up for my free one to one console. And if it looks like you’re a good fit to
potentially work with me for this blueprinted program to success, you’re going to want to
stay until the end to actually get the link to figure out where that is. Let’s dive in. Now moving forward into this topic, what you
must realize before We get all deep into these kind of discussions is you must accept the
fact that you have potential to be more you have potential to experience more, you have
to accept the fact that your current reality can actually be changed and be propelled into
something much greater. Your perception can be expanded who you are
as a man can be driven forward, which means that you’re slightly more self aware than
the average everyday human. Now, here’s the thing. semen retention can not only help increase
your productivity, but it can actually strengthen and put your sexual energy more into a positive
format and it can teach you the very first hidden unlock when it comes to specific dopamine
fasting. Now I’m gonna explain what all of these are. So I just want to kind of first give a brief
background on what’s actually going on currently today with men. Now what you’re seeing today, more than ever,
is you’re seeing on ambitious men, okay on ambitious men that are very,
very controlled By just a few key things, the first thing that they’re controlled by
is typically dirty websites. The second is going to be video games, the
third is going to be bad food. And the fourth is going to be alcohol or other
sort of drugs or whatnot like that. This keeps your brain in a constant state
of pleasure. And what happens when you trigger the reward
system of the brain without having to do anything harder without having to sacrifice anything,
you turn into a very low ambitious, almost sloth like man. These are men who oftentimes have issues with
whether that be performance anxiety, dating issues, work, productivity issues, financial
problems. The thing is, is if you keep if you consistently
do what is easy, your life’s going to be extremely hard. If you do what is hard, your life is going
to be extremely easy. The reason for that is because men who do
the work, then who understand what it takes to put in the hours and to put in the time
and the tribulations you now turn into a different type of beast. You’re now able to sacrifice that pleasure
for potential long term joy. Before we get into dopamine fasting or attention,
you have to have an understanding of what’s going on, which is why I’m briefing you know,
the current man today oftentimes prioritizes comfort over risk. Okay? And this is a very non masculine trait. If you say the word masculinity, if you say
the word masculine to an average man, what does that what does that trigger in that man’s
head, oftentimes, he can rattle off many sort of symbols that go along with that, whether
that be strength, drive, passion, or risk taker, dangerous, you know, protective, anything
that goes along with that is oftentimes very risky. Right? It’s a man who is risking himself in the world
for potential strength and potential well being. Now oftentimes, the man today is typically
prioritizing comfort in life. This is a feminine trait, because feminine,
because women typically pair bond with the men who are masculine and taking these types
of risks. Now, what Have you have unambitious men, okay? Because what we’re living in is we’re living
in an essentially a push button life. Push button like everything is easy, quick
access, quick reward centers. And not only that when it’s quick reward centers,
what happens is most guys are not motivated to do a whole hell of a lot. Now what dopamine is dopamine is the pleasure
hormone within your body. This is the pleasure hormone within your brain. And what happens is every time this man is
actually prioritizing, you know, whether that be the alcohol or the dirty websites or anything
like that, what happens is, he gets to light up the pleasure hormone and receive this pleasure
spike in his head without doing anything hard. You see, in the olden days, if a man wanted
to court a woman and pursue her, he would have to go through the process, he would have
to be courageous, he would have to say the right things. It may it may take some time, it may take
weeks before he can actually get to the standpoint of getting into the sheets. Nowadays. What men have to do is they just have to flicked
on the website. And it takes you from A to Z. without all
of the other letters of the alphabet in between. Basically, you skip all of the work. When you light up this pleasure hormone, you
lose your ambition, you lose your masculine drive and you lose your masculine energy. The reason for that is because your brain
no longer has a reason has a need to do hard shit. Your brain does not have a reason to put in
the work. Now your brain has a reason to slough off
and do what is easy. Essentially, your brain is dumb. Your brain wants pleasure, your brain wants
to feel good. Your brain wants to feel joy. And the faster it can get it, the quicker
it’s going to go to the path of least resistance. Now what we have now is we have men not understanding
how to control their dope. I mean, this is literally a hack that can
not only change your dating life, but this can change your business life. This can change how you carry yourself in
social settings, everything in between. Now retention is used to wake up. It’s used to wake up in the world because
What happens is when you realize that before your fantasies of pleasure, we’re not bringing
you joy, you can now consciously flip the switch, to start to put the steps in play
to wake up so that way your subconscious can be reprogrammed to start putting in the work
to start building the man from the ground up, this is a totally different way of looking
at life almost, you know, a totally different paradigm than most men are using. Now, when you do this, what happens is if
you apply this to, let’s say, your sexual energy, for example, you’re now actually on
the search for a true companion. You can no longer just flip open the mac book,
and expect that you can automatically have somebody come to you, what happens is that
you are now actually focused to improve your social skills, improve who you are, as a man,
improve the qualities that you possess. What happens is you turn into a man who is
now human focused, and not necessarily digital age, pleasure, focus. What do we know about pleasure? so far? We know that what is pleasing in the moment,
what feels good is not necessarily good for you. And because oftentimes men cannot find joy
in their lives, they settle for pleasure and it is a nasty loop to go down. Because the reason for that is because most
can never actually escape. Now, when you do this, and you start to retain
the seed that makes you man, because you have to understand that that is what it is. Your seed can procreate and make new life. That is something important. That is something that most men don’t understand. You don’t understand the power of what’s actually
between your legs when you start to realize that your self has power. And that that is something very important. Well, now what happens is you can propel that
energy into more positivity, you have higher self worth, you have higher self awareness. Now, the hope is that you take this retention
to the next level, because oftentimes, you’ve heard me say this a million times in my videos,
I say, now that you’re on the retention, what are you going to do with it? What are you gonna do with it? Because most men, they they start retaining
and they don’t do anything with it. They think that once they start retaining
their whole life is going to change. No.
retention is a vehicle to get the car moving, you still have to drive
the car. Okay? retention is cleaner gas, you still had gas
in the car before but the retention is just a little bit better octane octane, a little
bit more pure. If that makes sense to you, what I want you
to do is I want you to start pushing this retention to the new level. So the steps to dope amine fasting that myself
follows and that I think was very beneficial to the mass majority of men is the first step
is you have to learn how to retain. And the reason for this is because retention
specifically teaches you how to control your sexual energy. The reason why sexual energy is so important
to control is because it is literally the driving factor that determines success in
a man’s life versus failure. And the reason why most men cannot actually
find true success whether that be in their career. In their finances with women, until a later
age is because they never actually learned how to control their sexual energy until they
were a mature adult. This matures the man, this makes you realize
that there is more to life than how fast you can jerk hinges and bust. This is a totally different way of looking
at things. The second step, once you actually have a
control on your sexual energy is to start to control what is going into your mouth,
you have to control your sugar intake. If you look at the majority of men’s diet
and food consumption, extreme overconsumption of carbohydrates, high amounts of sugar, high
amounts of insulin spike. Now we have men with lower testosterone levels
than ever before, that have high amounts of insulin and high amounts of sugar running
through the bloodstream. This is a toxic way of living. Okay, and what I do is I take that a step
further and I now start to detoxify myself I start to remove the alcohol or drugs or
many men smoke weed, anything like that what this is doing is this is actually altering
Your reality, you now have a different perception of what it takes to feel good in the moment,
this whole thing. What’s very, very sad about this is today,
this is normal. Today, this is considered normal behavior. And if you do everything else to this side
of the board, you’re considered different. You’re considered weird. But the fact is that this new normal is what
is keeping everybody stuck. Now, the whole, the whole key to this is that
eventually, when you fast through the dopamine, when you take a break from the pleasure, you
can now actually start to focus on how to be a good human, how to be a man of value,
how to be a man that is attractive by nature, because you do attractive things. Not only that, how to be a man that is valuable,
and you can actually propel your career life and purpose forward. This one hidden hack of controlling your dope,
I mean, can stem into every level of life, but the fact is that if a man cannot control
his sexual energy, what goes into his mouth to actually fuel you every single day and
What you’re using to alter your brain and your reality through different sorts of alcohol
or any other substances, it’s going to be very hard to dopamine fast period. And there are steps to this. Okay? Every man is able to tackle these tasks at
a different phase. Okay, and for somebody, this is going to be
a baby step as far as maybe just removing videogames for the next 30 days, you can break
this down and you can step by step this as low as you can, as easy as manageable as you
can. The key is to not let go. The key is to realize there’s going to be
some minor discomfort here. The key is to realize that all of these things
that are sucking your time, whether it be the dirty websites, whether it be the apps,
whether it be Instagram, your brain is getting a pleasure spike every 30 seconds to a minute
almost today, and you now have people that work. They can’t even focus for a majority of time
during their nine to five. It’s like if we get back to more bare bones
basics. What does it take to be a human? What does it take to be a man? What does it take to be a man on a purpose
and on a mission and how can we work on that only That will give the fulfillment. So fellas, this concludes me to the end of
the video. Now here’s the thing. I’ve opened up a free registration link where
you can potentially book a call to work one on one with me. Now, I want you to be very aware of this because
this is application based coaching only. I’ll put this book a call link at the bottom
of the description, this application based coaching, meaning you have to be a good fit
to work with me, you have to be ready to work with a one on one coach and you have to be
able to commit on the call. If you’re not ready. If you’re not financially capable. If you’re not a person who’s ready to actually
take these next step forward. In actually figuring out your destiny and
handling your dating life and handling your masculinity journey as a whole. That link is not for you if it is for you. I want you to click that and I would love
to potentially work with you like this video, comment and subscribe, start to remove these
substances in these barriers and we will see you in the next one.

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  2. Great video as always, Casey. I’ve gotten a lot of these fundamentals down over the past months.

    One thing I realize that is the hardest part of all of this, is taking action. One thing I’ve realized that you’ve touched on in the past is eliminating distractions is the ultimate way to become ambitious toward something.

    Once you rid of all the distractions, phone, tv, video games, etc, the only thing left to do is either be extremely bored, or pursue your goal or business.

    It would be great to hear another video on your perspective of getting rid of distractions. One thing I’ve also had to realize is limit myself to YouTube. Because while videos like these are very informative and helpful, you can easily get stuck in a loop of feeling accomplished because you watched a video that was about self improvement.


  3. Dude this is what i told that guy to get out of depression remember casey dopamine detox 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

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