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(eerie music) – Hi, I’m Ally Geer and I’m a senior on the Michigan State Golf Team. – I’m Cassius Winston
on the Michigan State’s Men’s Basketball team. – I’m Sarah Carless, I’m a senior on the rowing team. So I have been rowing for
the past four years here at Michigan state. – My name is Caleb Sleeman and I’m on the Michigan State Baseball Team. – I’m Conner George and I’m on the Michigan State Men’s Basketball Team. – The experience here has just
been, I think, so incredible. Each year, I think, has had very special and very different meanings to me. Over the years, it’s been
made up of so many memories, so many incredible opportunities, and so many life long
friendships and relationships that I’ve built here
that it’s really become a special part of my life that I will always hold dear, for sure. – Coming to Michigan State is, you know, basically been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. You know, I don’t regret my
decision coming here at all, whether it be on the court, off the court. I feel like on the
court, I achieved almost everything I could as a player. I grew, I got better, my weaknesses, I made them, you know,
into strengths in a sense. Off the court has been amazing, the way the campus treats me, the way the professors interact with me, the way the students interact with me has been an amazing experience here in my time at Michigan State. – The past four years
has honestly just been a dream come true. My dad went to Michigan
State, so growing up, just coming on the campus has just been a huge dream to be able
to attend this university for both academics and for sport. MSU just has so many
opportunities that we have here to be able to just meet
new people and grow in ourself as a person
as well as different organizations on campus. – You build so many memories with family and coaches and teammates,
your teammates end up becoming like your second family ’cause you spend so much time with them and build great relationships with them. It makes me thankful for
the time that I’ve had here. Part of me feels like I
was robbed of being able to complete something that I started. – Last Thursday, I did
not wake up thinking that my MSU career was gonna
be over, both academically and really, with athletically as well. Being able to transfer to online classes, not being able to meet with professors or my classmates anymore, or being able to practice with my team, it’s
just really unfortunate that I wasn’t able to
even start my season. – We went from one moment
hearing that our one tournament that we were supposed to leave
the next day for was canceled and that was hard because
it was one of all of our favorite tournaments and
then within an hour or so we found out that it was all over. – At the very end, the last
five minutes of practice, they called it and the
word kind of traveled fast in that gym and it was kind of just shock. And everyone was kinda
looking at each other like this could be it. – Coach rounded us up
at the end of practice and said, “Well, based on what
other conferences are doing, right now and halting
travel, we’re not gonna go to Indiana State this weekend.” An hour later, Coach Boss
told everybody that we were gonna have a team meeting
in the locker room. And then we found out at
about 4:30 on Thursday. – All of the years and all of the summers and all of the vacations
that I spent, like, training, just felt like I did it for
like nothing at this point and you know, in my head, like you know, I dream of
lining up at the start line Big 10s and being able to
turn to my best friends in my boat, you know, giving each other like a fist bump and saying, like, “You know, this is our last
race, like, let’s do this.” – It felt like someone was
taking something from you, like an opportunity to
achieve what you’ve been working for, for five years
and a national championship. – Overall, it’s been just
so many mixed emotions all leading up to it all just being over. I think it was, first of all, okay, it’s one tounrament. Okay, it’s maybe until post-season. Okay, it’s all over. And I think it didn’t really hit us all because it all happened so very quickly and it was hard for all of us to process not understanding exactly
what all of it meant. And then just kind of blank,
being like it’s just done. So I think for everyone,
but especially the seniors and we just, there was no closure. – It is tough because at least for me, I felt like I this time
where I was going to be able to prepare for being done. I was talking to Coach
Boss and I said to him, “You know, I didn’t know
last weekend in Pensacola when I took my jersey off
that it was going to be the last time that I take
my jersey off as a Spartan.” (bird chirping) – Being a senior, especially
at Michigan State, you know, at the end of the year, you’re guaranteed two more games. You know, once your regular season’s over, you’re guaranteed two more games. A game in the Big 10, and
a game in the NCAA Tourney. You know your time’s coming to an end, you know one of these games
is gonna be your last. But you know that you got two more. You got a chance to play a
lot more games, you know, that’s a whole other season
if you continue to win. All of the sudden, we
practice hard one day and by the time the end of the practice, the season’s over. You can’t prepare for
something that’s gonna stop just without you knowing. So initially it’s like, you just in shock. – Just instills that idea
of are you giving everything you’ve got, every single time? And I didn’t have that chance. I didn’t get to do a senior day, to walk out with all the seniors and kiss the Spartan head in the outfield. You work for so long for something and then to have that ripped
away from you, it hurts. It hurts a lot. – March time is when you go harder. You get ready to go win the championship and you ready to go to practice. And you literally have nothing to do, there’s nothing for you to do. So it’s just a moment of shock and it’s kinda crazy that things can kinda end so suddenly. – That was probably the hardest part is you go into your senior year and you say okay, you know the events leading
up to everything being done and graduation and you prepare yourself for the time that you’re gonna have to get to that point of graduating and for us to be just kind
of in the very beginning of the craziest part of our season and having everything to look forward to and I, you know, get emotional
even thinking about it that there was just so
much that we wanted to do and so much that we
were looking forward to. So to go from not trying
to think about graduating to then, in one moment,
realizing that it was done. We didn’t get closure in the way that we didn’t really get to
say goodbye to people. You know, we had a bunch of
teammates that had to leave pretty much a couple days
later to try to get home to Spain, or Columbia. So it was just so hard to
try to wrap our minds around what was going on and
then also to have to try to say goodbye to people
and not knowing if I was gonna see them again or what was happening but
understanding their position and knowing that they were
just trying to get home. (bird chirping) – You have to look at the bigger picture and kind of realize that, you know, this isn’t like, it’s not just us that has to go through this. It’s a whole world of
sports that’s getting shut down and everything’s
getting shut down because of this virus. And that’s something that
we need to take seriously. So as devastating as it is,
it had to have been done. So I’m just grateful for the opportunity to play here for five years. – And so even though it’s really hard being able to cope with not being able to finish everything as a senior, because I’m not able to come
back and use that extra year of eligibility, unfortunately. But just really trying to
remember all of the great memories that I’ve been able to have the past four years. MSU has been my dream
place, so just being able to try to finish out here
and just remember everything. – You’re given an amazing platform and there are people all over
the country and the world that would love to be in
the shoes that you’re in. And for all the people
that have come before you and for everybody that
will come after you, you have a legacy to uphold, and a responsibility to
represent the university well. It’s an amazing gift
that not very many people get the opportunity to do or experience. – I hope that in years to come,
like we’re able to look back at this experience and
remember all the good and remember how blessed
that we truly were to be a part of every university that people were playing at. And to be a part of something
just bigger than ourselves and the time that we do
have with our teammates and our university and
the people around us. – The biggest lesson I’ve
learned here during my time is to embrace every moment, you know? Embrace everyday, you know. Don’t try to short cut anything, don’t try to get out of anything, don’t try to look past anything. You know, whatever moment you’re in, whatever you’re doing at that moment, that should be the most
important thing to you. Because it does, it flies by. You know, it flies by. If you blink too fast, you
know, your career could be over just like that so embrace it. Enjoy every step of it, enjoy the journey, the results at the end you
can’t really worry about right now, just try to enjoy
every moment that you’re in. And if you do that, you know
you’re gonna get everything out of the university that you want. – I really hope that
we can look back at it and not just remember
these couple days that have obviously changed all of our lives because there has been so good, so much good, I’m sure for everyone around the world as athletes and as seniors. You can only do the
best with what you have in the moment and I think that’s one thing that I’ll hold onto. I really do feel like
I had a lot left to do but I think I did the best
with the time that I had here and I’m going to miss everybody, I don’t know, you know, what
the future is gonna hold right now, but I can’t wait to watch what my teammates are gonna
be doing and can’t wait to keep supporting them
and keep encouraging them and to still obviously be
a apart of their lives. (groovy band music)

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