Silent Vlog|Sessiz Vlog|Full Day of Healthy Eating and İntermittent Fasting (germ. and turkish subs)

Silent Vlog|Sessiz Vlog|Full Day of Healthy Eating and İntermittent Fasting (germ. and turkish subs)

Hello from a cozy winter day.. it’s very windy outside.. today’s vlog is about what i eat in a day usually i start my day with a shot of apple cider vinegar and a glas of water it has a lot of benefits like improving the digestion, lowering blood sugar level, helping to reduce acne, reducing bloating etc. i’m trying not to skip that on my morning routines after this i wate about 2 hours before i eat breakfast because I’m doing intermittent fasting since one year that means that you have a 8 hours eating window and 16 hours of fasting so most of the time i breakfast about 11 am my last meal of the day is at 7 pm normally i am used to eat the traditional porridge but today i tried a new recipe from Betella an instablogger she blogs about a healthy, no sugar lifestyle recently she has published her very first book about a sugar free life if you have trouble to get away from consuming sugar i’m definetly recommending you to read such book eating clean makes me feel better and energetic i never was the type that ate unhealthy but i ate more unhealthy carbs or fats which i switched with healthy ones and since i changed my habits my body feels more comfortable and i am feeling healthy and productive and if uour doing sports your body needs that good nutrition otherwise you feel weak and can’t reach your goals since we are talking about health it’s time for a snack i for resisting cravings always prepare some healthy snacks so i can reach to something healthy while the cookies are baking, i start preparing my coffee scent of fresh grounded coffee… slowly it’s getting dark outside i make some cornbread with leek for dinner now were are enjoying dinner with my husband the meals that you eat with your loved ones are the most delicious ones i would be very happy if you support my channel by liking and subscribing thank you for watching ..

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  1. Renklere , görüntü kalitesine , özenine hayran kaldımm ✨🥰 tek kelimeyle harikaa bayıldımm. Ellerine sağlıkk 🥰✨

  2. Bu kanal en kisa zamanda keşfedilsin 😍 gerçekten bayılarak izledim 🥰 o kahve öğütücüsünü bende aldım en kısa zamanda deneyeceğim ☺️ açıların görüntü kalitesi herşey o kadar güzeldi ki 🤗🌻

  3. wow the amount of languages you know is incredible! This was such a relaxing video. I agree with you about not 'dieting' and instead being comfortable with eating things that make you feel good. Hope in my food vlogs I can send that message as well

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