Speed Hypnosis Experiment

Speed Hypnosis Experiment

Look into our eyes. We are going to try
to hypnotize each other. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning.
– Boopity boop boop boop! Right off the bat, I’m doing the research
thing, ’cause y’all, (clicks tongue)… – …we’ve done some research.
– Wow. We’ve never gotten into research so
fast. – On (research “boops”)…
– It’s very hasty. …hypnosis. Are you interested in
entering a trance-like state where the subject — I’m asking you and me —
exhibits heightened focus, concentration… – Yes. Yes. Yes.
– …and has an enhanced capacity… – …and response to suggestion?
– Yes, I would like to be suggested. Well then you would like to be hypnotized.
There’s lots of different ways that you can hypnotize people. You don’t just have
to dangle something in front of ’em. – In fact, I don’t think that works at all.
– Well, who are we to say? – I don’t know. We don’t know anything.
– But there are lots of techniques… – …that we’ve discovered.
– But we’re gonna do it. – It’s never stopped us before.
– Right. So there’s two general types of hypnosis that we found. One is just…
I call general hypnosis, – or slow hypnosis. Yeah.
– YOU call it that, huh? Because it’s… It’s called slow hypnosis,
but it’s what I just think of as hypnosis. – Right.
– It’s typically used in therapy sessions, – okay? Yeah or to deal with something
– Get people to stop smoking. in their past, or some habit, or —
I don’t know. I’ve never been under – for that. But there’s also a whole
– Biting your nails. family called speed hypnosis, which I’m
also familiar with. I know you are too. It’s more of the stage performant
(stammering) hypnotic stuff. – (chuckling) Whoa.
– Stage performant hypnotic stuff. – Performance.
– I think that’s the… performant. – I made up that word.
– (Rhett and crew offscreen laughing) – Are you hypnotized right now?
– Yes. You’ve been hypnotized to not be able
to correctly say things. – So you’ve seen it…
– That’s cool. – Yeah, my whole life.
– (laughing) You’ve seen it. There’s a hypnotist on
stage, and he gets someone out of the crowd, and he’s like… You know,
he hypnotizes them and then he’s like, “Hey, dance like an Ewok when I say
the word ‘bubbles.'” – Right. I’ve been there.
– And then like der-der-der… – …and everybody’s laughing at you,
– Seen that. – and then you snap ’em out of it,
– Right. and they don’t know what happened.
They didn’t know they’ve been Ewoked. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Here is a speed hypnosis demonstration video that I found on YouTube. It’s done
in a living room, not on a stage. But this is gonna serve as
inspira-shee-on for us. All right. Follow my fingers with your
eyes. With your head. Your head gets heavy. Your head drops down.
Follow my fingers. Follow my fingers. – Whoa, did he hurt him?
– There he goes. On the count of three, stare at
my finger tip. See how fast he’s doing it? Follow my palm. Follow my palm.
(continued) Fall asleep. (snaps)
Five, four, three, two, one. – What?
– (snaps) Wide awake. On the count of three, there’s a golden,
white light energy ball between your hands. – There is? I don’t see it.
– Right here. Blindingly bright, eyes closing. You get an image in your
mind with your eyes closed. Energy coming together with the magnetism
of the sun, the natural energy attracting. (Link impersonating hypnotist’s accent)
“Enagee bahwl. There’s an enagee bahwl.” – And it keeps us happy and safe.
– Keeps us happy and safe? … – …What are you talking about?
– Least most of all planet Earth. And feeling wonderful, happy, calm, and
free. (snaps) Sleep. – “Drifting into a place of happiness…
– We’re gonna do that to each other. …with the enagee bawl.” Now, we’re not
gonna do any of those, but we have each picked our favorite
two speed hypnosis techniques, and we’re gonna try them on each other. I
don’t know what yours are. You don’t know what mine are. And I’m gonna go first.
here’s my first technique. Are you ready? Yes, let’s get hypnotized! – ♪ (eerie bells) ♪
– (Link) The stiff arm method. – Hello, sir. What’s your name?
– Rhett. Rhett, we just met. Rhett, we just met.
Met, I just, just Rhett. – Good to meet you.
– Yes? – Way to meet you there, Mr. Rhett.
– We’ve known each other a long time. We just met, Rhett. Met, we just Rhett.
Okay. Here we go. Are you ready for this? I just want you to relax. I don’t want you
to analyze anything I’m saying. If you think that there’s any errors, that’s
totally fine. It’s all part of it. I’m gonna grab your arm here, and I’m
gonna raise this thing out here. Solid and rigid like a piece of steel.
Solid and rigid. Solid and rigid and powerful. Then I’m gonna take and I’m
gonna make a fist here. I’m gonna make a solid, powerful fist. Solid and rigid
and powerful. Solid and rigid and powerful. – Look at my elbow.
– Solid and rigid and powerful. Please don’t talk. Just relax.
Don’t look at your elbow. Don’t be self-conscious. Look at me.
Look at me. Look at me. Concentrate on what I’m saying. Solid and rigid and
powerful. Your arm is solid and rigid and powerful, I’m gonna let my hands go.
You’re gonna retain this position of solidity, rigidity, and powerfulness.
Solid and rigid and powerful. Solid and rigid and powerful.
Hold it up. Hold it up there. The more you think about your arm
dropping and your arm bending, the more it stays solid and rigid and
powerful. You’re gonna try to make it bend, and go, and come down,
but it’s not, because it’s solid and rigid and powerful. It is totally solid
and rigid and powerful. And then as you continue to hold that position, I’m
gonna touch you on the forehead. Solid and rigid and powerful. And then
you are gonna fall into a deep sleep. Solid and rigid and powerful. Solid and
rigid and powerful. The more you try to drop it, the more it stays right there.
Solid and rigid and powerful, aaaand Sleep! (crew offscreen laughing) – I’m just kidding. (laughing)
– (laughing) For one little second. – I got you, didn’t I? (laughing)
– You almost broke the table. – For one second.
– I gave it everything I had. – I knew I wasn’t…
– I think that’s what people do at the – shows, man.
– I was trying hard, but I didn’t think – I was being effective.
– (laughing) And so it was like, “Good gosh! Your
head’s heavy.” – (laughing)
– But there was a little moment when – I got a little excited..
– Nah, I was feeling nothing, man. It was just weird. I saw my elbow on
there. How did the skin get like that? – You were distracted. It’s your fault…
– (crew offscreen laughing) – …not my fault.
– It is. Look at that! Something’s wrong with me, y’all. We need to go some do–
It’s ’cause I’m so pointy. – All right, it’s your turn.
– Oh, yes. – ♪ (eerie music) ♪
– (Rhett) The direct gaze method. Okay, I wasn’t hypnotized by your
technique, but I believe you can be – hypnotized by my technique, Link.
– I really want this to work. I want you to fix your gaze right here. I do not want you to speak. I do not
want you to say “Uh-huh,” “Yes,” or how you’re feeling unless I ask you to. Do
you understand? – Uh-huh.
– I didn’t ask you to say that. – I was testing you.
– I know that you understand and hear me just as you know that you hear
and understand me. Don’t smile. (chuckling) I mean, your finger’s
platered to your face. I’m supposed to say that. If you follow my
simple instructions, you will fall into a pleasant, hypnotic state unlink anything
you’ve every experienced. Now, take a deep breath and fill
your lungs. (inhaling) – Exhale. That’s fine.
– (exhaling) Now take a deep breath and fill
your lungs again. – (inhaling)
– Exhale. – (exhaling)
– That’s fine. Inhale. – (inhaling)
– Exhale. – (exhaling)
– That’s fine. – Inhale.
– (inhaling) – Exhale.
– (exhaling) Now I’m gonna begin counting down from
five. Five. And as I begin to count down from five, your eyelids are getting heavy,
very droopy, as if there are weights on them. Four. And you continue to say,
“Oh, my goodness. My eyelids are getting so heavy.” Your eyes being to close.
Three. Oh my goodness, my eyelids are
getting so heavy. You don’t… You’re saying that in your
head. – You said say it.
– Don’t say anything. (crew snickering offscreen) But your eyelids are getting very heavy.
Two. They’re getting so… (Rhett & Link snickering) – You have to go back a little bit.
– Five. I’m counting down from five. And you’re getting
sleepier and sleepier. Four. And your eyelids are getting heavier
and heavier and heavier. Three. Your lip is quivering a little bit. Is that
something that’s supposed to happen? No, it’s not. Three. And now the eyelids
feel as if they are beginning to close. They have weights on them. Two. You’re
beginning to close your eyes. The eyes are so heavy and droopy. They are — One.
Closing, closing, closing… (continued) – Sleep now!
– What? – (everyone on and offscreen laughing)
– What?! – What? “Sleep now?”
– That’s what you’re supposed to do. What are you trying to do? Is that like
a wresting move? That’s what they told me to do in
my research. There was a moment — I swear to you —
before you tried to snatch my head off, – that I was about to fall asleep.
– That’s the last part. And I was grinning like a monkey the
whole time. You come down, you come down, and like
“Sleep now!” And then… But it didn’t work. Sorry.
We still got two more though. – That was scary at the end there.
– (crew laughing offscreen) It was kinda silly at the first part.
Very scary at the end. – Thought it was gonna hurt ya?
– (snaps) Let me try one. – ♪ (eerie bells) ♪
– (Link) The spinning hands method. Okay, Brett. I need you to relax.
Okay? And then I’m just gonna come behind you here, and I’m gonna
grab your arms, and then stay relaxed. And then I’m gonna move them in a
motion like this. – (chuckles)
– And I want you to take over. Moving and spinning and turning.
Moving and spinning and turning. And I want you to keep that relaxed
moving and spinning and turning happening, and I’m gonna let go, and you keep the
motion going. Okay? Moving and spinning and turning. Great. Great.
Great. Keep going with that. Moving and spinning and turning.
Moving faster. Faster. Slower. Moving and spinning and turning.
Faster. Faster. Slower. Moving and spinning and turning.
Moving and spinning and turning. Now I want you to keep that motion
going. And I want you to think about your heart. I want you to think about
how your heart beats automatically to fulfill the needs of your body.
In the same way, your arms move automatically. Moving, spinning, and
turning. Even as your try to stop them from moving and spinning and turning,
they continue to move and spin and turn automatically like beating of your heart
to fulfill the needs of your body. Moving and spinning and turning.
Moving and spinning and turning. Now, when I touch your forehead,
you are gonna start reversing the moving and spinning and turning,
okay? I’m gonna touch your forehead, and reverse. Moving and spinning and
turning. Don’t smile, don’t think, don’t think. Be the heart. Beat to fulfill the
needs of your body. And reverse. Reverse. Moving and spinning and turning.
No laughing. And reverse. Try hard. We really need to make this
happen. Moving and spinning and happening. Moving and spinning and turning.
Moving and spinning and reverse. Okay, and now I’m gonna touch you on
the forehead once more, and this time your right arm is gonna drop, and your
left arm is gonna continue to in motion. Moving and spinning and turning.
Drop. – (Rhett struggling to contain laughter)
– Moving and spinning and turning. Moving and spinning and turning.
This is not funny in any way. (laughing) – (containing laughter)
– Moving and spinning and turning. Now, I’m gonna touch your forehead
one more time and that arm’s gonna go limp and you’re gonna fall into a
deep sleep. Moving and spinning and tu– (laughing) Moving and spinning and
turning. (through laughter) I feel like I’m eating
cereal real fast. – Okay, shh! (laughing)
– (eating noises) Moving and spinning and turning, and… – Sleep.
– (hand thumps on leg) – (everyone on an offscreen laughing)
– Your eyes are watering. – That is a sign of being in a trance.
– I’m in a trance! You’re crying a little bit, (laughing)
and so am I. My eyes are watering a little bit too.
I don’t know why. – Am I in a trance?
– Was there any moment when that felt like there coulda been something
to it. – It’s a good workout.
– (crew offscreen laughing) – My shoulders really…
– “It’s a good workout. I’m about to cry.” – You’ve got one more chance at this.
– Yeah, okay. – ♪ (eerie bells) ♪
– The bionic arm method. So you were just making up some of
that stuff to make me look stupid, right? No. I did not make up any of that.
It was verbatim from… bona fide sources. I didn’t make any of
it up. – Okay. And I haven’t either so far.
– It’s a speed hypnosis test. – And this is a legitimate one.
– Is this one gonna work? This one is intended for children.
So maybe it’s just simpler. I want you – to think like a child for this one.
– Okay. Easy enough. – Have you ever heard of a bionic arm?
– Are you doing that? – Yeah.
– Or are you just making conversation, ’cause that’s a weird starting point for
a conversation. – Be a child. Have you ever heard of
– Okay. – a bionic arm?
– (childlike voice) Yes. I wanna tell you something about the
six-million-dollar man, but I’m kinda afraid if I tell you, you’re just gonna go
tell everybody. – No, tell me.
– Oh, do you wanna know a secret about – the six-million-dollar man’s arm?
– Yeah. Oh. Well, one of these days, the
six-million-dollar man was at home… – ♪ (calming music) ♪
– …listening to music. On his radio. – It’s like this.
– Okay. And he started to notice something very
peculiar about one of his arms. – Can my mom come back in?
– He noticed something very peculiar about – one of his arms. Yes, this arm.
– What? Yes. He started noticing that it got very
stiff. Stiff as a board. – That arm was getting very stiff.
– Yes. And the stiffer it got, he began to close
his eyes… – Oh.
– …and have a very pleasant dream, – because this was his dreaming arm.
– (crew offscreen laughing) – (Rhett) And the — (laughing)
– (laughing) What? The dream only lasted as long as the arm
was up. And every time he brought the stiff arm up, he had a new dream.
Tell me about the dream. I dream that I’m running away. From a creepy man. – I’m running in a wood. A forest.
– Mhm. I’m afraid. – (crew offscreen laughing)
– I’m really afraid. (Link) Oh. – Okay.
– Tell me about the dream. And then I get to a house.
Made of candy. And weapons. – And I take some of the weapons.
– And the dream is over. ♪ (music stops abruptly) ♪ (crew offscreen laughing) – (laughing)
– And what? – You’ve been hypnotized!
– You got that one from a different – website. And that website should be
– (Rhett and crew offscreen laughing) – taken down.
– No, man! That’s the bionic arm method. – Bionic arm method? Like I had to make
– Yeah. – up a story?
– It makes people go back and remember – things. You remembered somethin’.
– Well, note to self: don’t do the bionic arm… thingy on anybody, ever. You
could be arrested for that. Okay. All right. Well, none of those
worked, but maybe it’s ’cause it’s the – first time we’ve tried. We’ll keep trying.
– Yeah, let’s explode the comments with debates about the validity of hypnosis.
Thanks for liking and commenting on – this video.
– You know what time it is. I’m TJ, and I’m from the UK.
And this is my lovely dog, [Mack.] And it’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality! Get your Rhett & Link Good Mythical
Morning bobble heads at rhettandlink.com/store! And thanks to
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Get candid. “Link gets brain surgery while awake.” Hey, man. Whaaaat’s happening? Oooh! You coulda had some anesthetic,
at least. Guh! Now, I just want you to tell me about
a dream you had, and I’m gonna poke on – a certain part of your brain.
– Uhhh… A friend of mine went to a weeeeeeeee-bsite, and then he
had a good idea tooooooooooo ge ge ge ge. – Ugh…
– Is your arm getting stiff? [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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  1. Next time make the other person focus on a light or object and then make them breath in… And breath out calmly and say sleep and click you fingers

  2. I think best friends is prob the hardest way to go. You want someone you cant gauge or read so well. Ha. Idk, but prob.

  3. My grandfather’s brother smoked his whole life and tried every method for quitting. Hypnosis was the only thing that worked. Never smoked a day again the rest of his life. I have no idea how real it is, but I think there is some benefit for some people. I think it’s probably just a method of brainwashing yourself into changing a behavior. But if it works for you, then it works. I just hate that a lot of hypnotists take advantage of people who it doesn’t work for.

  4. You should have a professional come in and hypnotize you 2. I recommend the guy that hypnotized collen ballinger (i know I spelt it wrong)

  5. Children under 7 don't need to be induced since they are already in a 24/7 theta state. They are basically always in hypnosis. This is why it is so crucial to keep them away from television and to be careful what they are exposed to. They are literally sponges for ideas.

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  7. As an actual clinical hypnotherapist, I think they both did a terrible job of hypnotizing each other. Get a real trained hypnotist to hypnotize them and then see what happens.

  8. Hypnosis almost looks like roleplay, or doing what you're told. Are you supposed to resist the instructions given to you by the hypnotist or just go along with it, and if you go along with it is it because you've been hypnotized or you're just following the instructions?

  9. Is it possible to be influenced by someone else being hypnotized? That example video they showed really got to me

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